Great Polish references in different disciplines throughout history:

Throughout history there have been many people who have made history worldwide to excel in their work and lead an exemplary life.
Many of them are of Polish origin:


In Art:   Stanisław Wyspiański

Stanisław Wyspiański (January 15, 1869, Kraków – November 28, 1907, Kraków), was one of the most versatile and outstanding artists of his time, in Europe, as this painter, architect and cabinetmaker, was also a playwright Polish very influential.


Born in Krakow, Stanisław Wyspiański was the son of Franciszek Wyspiański and Maria Rogowska (who died of tuberculosis in 1876). His father was a sculptor without reputation, of bourgeois origin, with problems of alcoholism, and it is not known if he promoted the first steps of his son. Of course, Stanisław, when adopted by Joanna Stankiewiczowa and her husband, who had contacts with artists, was able to study painting, literature and history with important figures of Krakow’s life.


Sport: Robert Lewandowski


Born in Krakow, Stanisław Wyspiański was the son of Franciszek Wyspiański and Maria Rogowska (who died of tuberculosis in 1876). His father was a sculptor without reputation, of bourgeois origin, with problems of alcoholism, and it is not known if he promoted the first steps of his son. Of course, Stanisław, when adopted by Joanna Stankiewiczowa and her husband, who had contacts with artists, was able to study painting, literature and history with important figures of Krakow’s life.

After being the top scorer of the third and second division of Polish football with the Znicz Pruszków, he moved to the First Division Lech Poznań team, where he won the Ekstraklasa 2009-10 and was also the top scorer of the maximum Polish soccer category .

In 2010, he was transferred to the German Borussia Dortmund run by Jürgen Klopp for 4.5 million euros, where he won several titles including two consecutive Bundesliga. Before the start of the 2014-15 season, he signed for what had been a direct rival for Dortmund in recent seasons, Bayern Munich, with which he won the Bundesliga 2014-15 in his first season.


Music: Chopin


Frédéric Chopin was born in the village of Żelazowa Wola, in the voivodeship of Mazovia, 60 kilometers from Warsaw in central Poland, on a small estate owned by Count Skarbek, who was part of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. He received the name of Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin.

He was a Polish composer and virtuous considered one of the most important in history and one of the greatest representatives of musical Romanticism. His perfect technique, his stylistic refinement and his harmonic elaboration have been compared historically, for his lasting influence in the music of later times, with those of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms or Franz Liszt.


in Religion: Juan Pablo II

John Paul II (in Latin: Ioannes Paulus II), 4 of secular name Karol Józef Wojtyła5 (Wadowice, Poland, May 18, 1920-Vatican City, April 2, 2005), was Pope 264 of the Church Catholic and sovereign of the Vatican City from October 16, 1978 until his death in 2005. He was canonized in 2014, during the pontificate of Francisco.

Having been auxiliary bishop (since 1958) and archbishop of Krakow (since 1962), he became the first Polish pope in history, and in the first non-Italian since 1523. His pontificate of almost 27 years was the third longest in the history of the Catholic Church, after that of St. Peter (it is believed that between 34 and 37 years, although its exact duration is difficult to determine) and that of Pius IX (31 years). John Paul II was hailed as one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century, remembered especially for being one of the main symbols of anti-communism, 8 and for his fight against the expansion of Marxism in places like Latin America, where he fought energetically to the known movement as the theology of liberation, with the help of his right hand and ultimately his successor, Joseph Ratzinger.






How to survive a weekend in Wroclaw – my recipe

Now You have started to read this text, right? Right. So it is very probably, that You may have a reason to visit Wroclaw. Any reason is good to do it. I, for example, come here to study extramural and really enjoy every weekend in the capital of Lower Silesia. I had never been there before I started my studies, so I had to find solution how to survive, because I didn’t know anybody there. Continue reading “How to survive a weekend in Wroclaw – my recipe”

Italian food in Wrocław

Italian food in Wrocław

Despite what you might think, the city of Wrocław has seen an exponential growth just in the last decade. Nowadays it’s very easy to start your own activity, thanks to low taxation economical facilitations. People from all over Europe have decided to move here and give it a shot: some of them are Italians, who’ve gradually built what we can call a “Little Italy” (Mała Italia) in Wrocław, promoting Italian traditions, culture and – of course – good food. Here are the best Restaurants and Pizzerias offering Italian food in Wrocław.

Galeria Italiana

Situated to the North of Rynek – the main place – in ul. Więzienna 21, the Galeria Italiana is a quite peculiar place: from the outside, the building looks like nothing special, but the inside… well it’s quite a surprise. You’ll be driven through a long hallway, at which sides you’ll see all kinds of Italian restaurants  and pizzerias. At the end of it there’s Tralalala bar, in case you need a good coffee. If you feel like it, they also  have icecream in a huge amount of flavors.
And if you need a place to stay, you can also rent an apartment here, even though it’s not so cheap.

Sidenote:  just outside the building, there’s a quite interesting Gnome statue. With Chianti flask in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other, it’s riding an iconic Vespa 125. Oh, and don’t forget about the coffe machine, on the back of the bike. Italy in a nutshell, you would say.

(“The Gnomes of Wrocław”:

Aroma restaurant

Don’t let the location deceive you. Aroma is definetly one of the best  Italian restaurants in the area. It’s located in Ślęza, ul. Szyszkowa 6, just outside the city. It offers a variegated menu and a nice atmosphere. The pricing is not so low, but neither high; totally worth the money. Oh, and if you’re vegetarian or vegan, there’s a specific section of the menu all for you.

Ragu Pastabar (Ragu Pracownia Makaronu)

If your looking for the nice old taste of traditional Italian pasta, this is the place for you. You can choose from a wide range of home made pasta, whose preparation can be seen through the open kitchen. The staff is kind and professional. Ragu Pastabar is not exactly next to the usual turistic area, but totally worth the effort. It’s near the Botanic Garden, to the North-East of Rynek, in Sienkiewicza 34A.

Vivere Italiano

Small, cozy, confortable… and of course Italian. Vivere Italiano is a nice place, the staff is welcoming and almost everybody speaks Italian. It feels like a family. They have an impressive selection of wines, and a refined menu. It’s just below the Rynek, in Ofiar Oświęcimskich 21.
A booking is required most of the time, if not always. But it’s a different experience from the usual crowded restaurant. Give it a try, you will not regret it.

Pizzeria Margherita

Talking about pizza a quite delicate matter. Each recipe is different, and so are  the traditions related to it. The one that best summarize this idea is undoubtly Margherita (Krupnicza 10). It looks exactly like one of the small pizzerias you could find in Italy. And the quality is the Italian one: it’s the more authentic you can get in the city. Luciano Passeri (owner and chef) imports all ingredients from Italy, to prepare the best pizza possible, following his phylosophy.

Other pizzerias

But of course, there are many other pizzerias in town. Pizzeria Bube, with two different restaurants and – again – fresh ingredients, it’s the second on the list.
Also Casa della Pizza is a good alternative, in case you’re living far from the city centre. And if you’ll get hungry after a walk in the park, you could stop at Pizza nel Parco, which will let you eat outside. The pizza is not the most Italian one, but still a good one. And it’s huge, for it’s price!

Best dance classes in Wroclaw

Street Dance Academy

If you want to take some dance classes, there’s no better place than Street Dance Academy. It’s a perfect way of activity. The variety of styles and levels gives everyone opportunity to train, both beginners and advanced dancers.

About school:

Street Dance Academy is a place with good energy, Dance teachers are full of passion and talent. They have huge knowledge about dance. They are taking classes from the best dancers from all over the warld e.g. people who dance for Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Janet Jeckson etc. Many of thetm took part in music videos, danced with singers etc. It’s a good place to learn some new moves.

What styles can you take? 

  • Jazz
  • New Age
  • Dancehall
  • Ragga
  • Hip Hop
  • Poping
  • House
  • Vogue
  • Contemporary
  • New Style Hustle
  • High Hells

There are also closed dance groups that you can join in.

If you have never danced before I would recommend you to take beginners classes or first step.

If you are advance dancer I would recommend you to take some master classes. It takes 1,5h and level is really high.

What’s the price?

  • One class (1h) – 20zł
  • Four classes – 65zł
  • One month – no limit classes – 135zł

They also accept:

  • Multi Sport
  • Ok System
  • Fix Profit
  • Fit Flex
How to get there?

Address: Nabycińska 19, 11-400 Wrocław



Sports in Wroclaw

Do you believe that it is the time to find sports in Wroclaw and  the best way to exercise yourself? Here i will present some very nice places to visit in Wroclaw in order to become fit.

Water sports in Wroclaw

Beggining with, i would like to talk about some very important activities that they are connected with water sports. If you like kayaking you can find more than one placein th city to enjoy it. The most famous places that you can rent a kayak or a water bicycle are 1. Zazzou beach and 2. Panorama area close to the islands.



On the other hand, if you want a more exciting sport like basketball they are a lot of places to play. You can find basketball courts around the city like behind Galeria Dominikanska and between Plac Grundwalski and the dormitory Kredka. So, if you interested in playing basketball you have to come to find us in those places because a lot of people are gathering for that including myself.


Moreover,  if you are a gym fan, Wroclaw provides many new and fully equiped gym places. You can find many in thew city centre like Mc Fit and City Fit or in many shopping malls like Pasaz Grundwalski. The prices are very good if you think that you pay only 50 zloty for a whole month.

World Cup

To close with, i would like to recommend you aa very nice palce that you can see football. This month the World Cup is taking place in Russia and in Wroclaw you can find a great place to watch the football games. In Hala Stulecia, you will enjoy the matches in a very big screen and feel the magic of football.

Sport places in Wroclaw

Sport places in Wroclaw

Sport places in Wroclaw,  It all starts when you step your leg out of Wroclaw airport, you take a deep breath and then start your Wroclaw journey and adventure. You feel energetic and want do activities, you think it’s not easy to find, but you will find your way out to find your enjoyable places for activities and sport. Most sport places in Wroclaw and activities that was figured out it will be handled in the article. Let’s staaaaart 😊.


As currently we are in world cup 2018 and its one of my favorite sports, I mention it first. So where can you find pitches to play? In winter there is not a lot of options for playing football as there is not a lot of closed pitches. The most famous football pitch is in stadion olimpijski. The price for the whole two teams around 25 euros (150 zloty) which means each will pay around 4 euros. As you can see in the below pictures the pitch is under a big balloon which I was amazed by, its water, snow, wind proof that makes you play no matter the weather conditions are. If I will recomend you best sport places in Wroclaw – it will be there.



In Summer you can play in a lot of outdoors pitches, mostly every Sunday internationals at early morning go to a pitch near Galleria Dominikanska and play there, the good thing also in Wroclaw in summer the night is  short, so you have the whole day with you to play football in any of the outdoor pitches, just open google maps, change the view to terrain or satellite and look for the nearest pitch beside your place. The photos below shows the places I go to play football there, 6×6 and 8×8 pitches.



Squash and Badminton:

Not a lot in my international friends know or like Squash, but in my country (Egypt) its so popular as Egypt has a lot of famous internationally players. They are considered the best players in the world for achieving a lot of prizes and as mentioned also in famous websites (ex. Wikipedia). By coincidence I found a very good place when I had physical education class with my university called “Hasta La vista”.
Hasta La vista is all in one sports place; it has Gym, Squash, Aerobics, Badminton and Ping Pong. The Gym doesn’t have machines that make a gym perfect in my point of view. It has the basic necessary machines for all the muscles in the body. It has around 8 pitches badminton, around 10 pitches squash, around 6 tables ping pong and rooms for aerobics.

I hope you enjoyed my sport places in Wroclaw tour. Wait for my next article for GYMs, beaches, running places, pools and street workout areas. For more info, feel free to send me at


Polish cinema for expats

Polish cinema for expats

Polish movies took another turn after the end of communism

If we take a closer look at the films, we can notice a sense of liberation from the prejudices and freedom of speech. The film makers were deeply rooted in the historical context, trying to create a strong connection between death, gender, role-models, politics, ethnicity and sexuality. Here’s a look at five of the most appreciated Polish movies in the contemporary period. 

1. Papusza

A movie about gender, ethnicity and how to be alone in a place full of known people wrapped in an artistic cover. This is how the movie can be described in just one sentence. The monochrome tones and the way the elements are situated in the scenario create the impression that the main action is happening at the end of the Second World War, when Poland was on the verge of its maturity, trying to figure out how the society should survive. However, the rhythmical sounds of the Romani orchestra lives up the immensely pensive mood and makes the sharp black and white palette colorful, passing through the melancholic, somber tone.

2. Golasy

The movie is an intriguing experiment for the viewers’ eyes, as it does not show an astonishing plot, full of action and breathtaking moments, but has a linear narration, without any culminant point. At a first glance, one can say that the movie is dull and unworthy, depending on one’s experiences in life.
The movie reveals the metaphor used by Charles Baudelaire as well in his poems, especially in Fleurs du mal, aesthetics of ugliness. The human body is used to create a world in which the canons of beauty don’t exist and every part of the human body is a remark which can help the spectator to know better the character.
3. My Nikifor

My Nikifor is a spare yet affecting cinematic portrait of the Polish “outsider” artist Nikifor Krynicki, who’s played in a remarkable piece of trans-gender acting by the late female thespian Krystyna Feldman. Writer/director Krzysztof Krauze sensibly concentrates on just the last few years of his illiterate subject’s impoverished existence in 1960s Communist Poland, focussing on his unlikely friendship with the party-funded painter Marian Wlosinski, who becomes his devoted protector.

4. The double life of Veronika

Unique. This is the word that comes to my mind when I am thinking about Kieślowski’s movie. The lights, the music, the story itself unfolds in front of the spectators a masterpiece, where every scene is a hint that help us reveal the scenarios. Why using the word scenarios and not the singular form of it? In my opinion, looking at other Kieślowski’s works and comparing them, I can say that there is never just one side of the story, but just little elements that can be used in different combinations depending on the spectator experiences in life to give a personal significance to the movie.

5. Wolyn

The movie shows an excessive cruelty of the people, who think that every human being is their enemy. They believe that through torture, they can conquer the lands. The director wants its spectators to feel the pain of the victims, by showing the acts in their primary state. In the central picture, it is Zosia, a young Polish girl, from  Volhynia’s village, settled by Ukrainians, Poles and Jews.