Ideas for unique DIY presents in Wroclaw

DIY presents in Wroclaw

Some smart tips and locations for DIY presents in Wroclaw.

When it comes to ideas for unique DIY presents in Wroclaw for your closest ones, it is always hard to quickly find a solution. You probably had heard when you were a child that the best gift is made by your own. OK, but how to create the present which won’t look creepy and keep your soul inside and dedicated efforts at the same time?

Hopefully this tiny review might help to manage this.


At MaluMika you could paint your own ceramic masterpiece. There is a wide range of different ceramic plates, cups, mugs, figures etc. you are able to chose from and paint it as you wish. You could write some words and dates on them if needed. Brushes, paints, stencils and a lot of advice about the techniques are provided. Sometimes they have pottery workshops, so it is possible to create your DIY present literally from scratch. Then paint it and pick up after the ceramic is burned in the oven (usually, in 2-3- days).

Zielona Wrona

Nowadays, it is trendy to be eco, green and closer to nature. At Zielona Wrona you could combine this trend with creation of unique DIY present. You could visit one of their creative workshop and learn how to create the biosphere in the jar. Isn’t it special to give a piece of the forest? Moreover, you would know how to balance your biosphere that way it won’t require any treatment from you or the person owning the gift. Just enjoy your self-sustaining peace of a nature.

Paper Concept

If you are a really craft-person the best shop you could imagine for these purposes is definitely Paper Concept. There are different kinds of paper, carton, envelopes and ribbons. Moreover, you could also find a ready-to-use craft kits and a lot of things you have never known exist. So only your fantasy and imagination are the limit for your DIY presents.

Fashion meeting in Wroclaw


Fashion meeting in Wroclaw – history and events

Wroclaw is a city that requires dressing stylishly and remarkably, which is why it’s worth getting to know the latest, passionate collections of Polish designers.

Fashion Meeting established in 2012 as one of the first events promoting Polish designers and fashion in Poland. Since then, fashion events have been visited by nearly a million guests.


Cyclical fashion events by Fashion meeting

Ogólnopolskie Targi mody niezależnej – Polska Szafa

A cyclical fashion fair for Polish designers taking place in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow and Lodz in the shopping malls.

Cloth, jewelry, handbags, as well as accessories for men and women available at the Polska Szafa. All collections created in short series, which gives them uniqueness.

The organizers did not forget about the youngest fashion lovers and they invited children’s fashion designers to participate in the event. During Polska Szafa parents will be able to buy sweatshirts and trousers, colorful skirts and blouses, caps, chimneys and accessories children.


Aleja projektantów

Independent fashion fair, gathering selected designers of women’s, men’s and children’s collections: clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories. Event held in Aleja Bielany.


Fashion meeting style

Special editions of the fair, also include women’s and men’s clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes,cosmetics, gifts for women and men, delicacies and wine.

Fashion Meeting Style it is not only for shopping and observation, but also for consultation, exchange of insights. Throughout the stylish shopping weekend, whose leading theme is fashion and beauty, there will also be workshops, presentations and lectures, coffee making workshops run by award-winning baristas.