3 must-see places when experiencing Wroclaw on a budget

must-see places in Wroclaw

Cheap cost, worth to explore.

3 must-see places in Wroclaw that everyone can afford.

If you already collected a number of Dwarfs pictures and stocked up some pierogi into your travel bag then get ready to explore the next 3 must-see places in Wroclaw! These time we will try to find a car your grandpa drove in  Topach Automotive museum, will strike up new acquaintances at Sladova Island and finally, we will take noir style shots at Neon Side.

Topach Automotive museum

The atmosphere of the exposition will dive you into the times when the automotive industry had its own unique character. In this museum, you may find some cars, which these days become a classic and weren’t available to a general public some decades ago.

Now it’s possible for everyone to touch the history of the era of Polish motoring. Pioneer construction of the thirties, such as the legendary Sokół 1000, Fiat 508 from the Polish assembly. And for the luxury lovers – one of the largest collections in Poland of Rolls & Royce and Bentley cars.

This museum is located in the yard of adorable polish castle Topach.

Open hours :

Sat. – Sund. / 10:00 – 17:00

Entrance – 12 zl.

Just simply click to see the way how you can get there

from the Down Town >> The public transport and schedules

The way to the Topach takes approximately 45 min. by 2 buses from Rynek

Slodowa Island

This is small islet on the Oder River. The place is most known by its mystical power to attract a dozen of youngers. People are coming here to take a rest, to eat, to drink something they bring and to meet with their friends. But here even strangers are easily becoming pals while singing together nearby the random guy with a guitar. You should definitely get there. And don’t be shy to strike up a conversation with a good company. Everybody is usually very friendly and open there.

The way to Slodova Island takes approximately 12 min. by walk from Rynek.

Neon Side


And finally, another significant nook is a real godsend for photographers and any kind of neon noir art fans. Historical neons are coming alive in the deep evening. Most noteworthy, that exactly in these yard dozen years ago were existed a company which was producing the unique neon lights for the different business.  Thanks to the enthusiasts and active locals this history is still alive in its luminous words.

In addition some ideas for neo noir photos:

The way to the Neon Side takes approx 7 min. by walk from Rynek











First time in Wrocław – Krzysztof Gonciarz

Krzysztof Gonciarz first time in Wrocław

First time in Wrocław? Check how travellers doing it!

Krzysztof Gonciarz is a polish journalist, traveller and books writer. He is also one of the most popular polish vloger. His main channel on Youtube has more than 700 000 subscribers. At November 2016 he Was for the first time in Wrocław and in this article we can reconstruct his path.

At the begining Krzysztof went to the city centre. He visited market square and university buildings. He was really charmed about architecture in Wrocław, especially the old churches and historical monuments like Hala Targowa, National Museum or Public Library.

National Museum in Wrocław

In Wrocław next to old buildings stands fresh ones like for example National Forum of Music. Krzysztof also noticed this. It’s a consequence of tragic flood in 1997 year which destroyed bigger part of the city. This is why in Wrocław old and new buildings neighbouring.

He didin’t miss cult places like Wrocław’s neons or Ostrów Tumski – historical complex of Christian buildings with traditional lamp which the lightkeeper light up every evening by hand. Unfortunately he was late to bought tickets to see Panorama Racławicka which is the biggest (15 × 114 meter) cycloramic painting in Poland and mandatory object to visit when you are first time in Wrocław.

One thing always attract attention of tourists visiting Wrocław. The Wrocław’s Dwarfs which more than three hundreds are scattered around the city. Try to find each of them and then you can tell you know this city. Maybe some day Krzysztof will accept challenge like this, but he didin’t for his first time in Wrocław. Enjoy the video and necessarily visit Wrocław city!

Luxurious skyscraper Wroclaw’s calling card

Sky Tower – luxurious skyscraper Wroclaw’s calling card

Sky Tower is a modern complex, which functions as a housing, services and merchandising centre. It lies in the heart of Wroclaw and by many is called the new symbol of Wroclaw. One of the buildings is a unique tower, which stands 212 meters tall. The second one is shaped after a sail full of wind. It consists of entertainment estabilishments, shopping mall, many offices and luxurious apartments. The impressive height solidifies Sky Tower’s position as the highest building in Poland. The contruction of Sky Tower started in December 2007, and finished in spring 2012 with official commissioning.

Place, where business and commerce meets the everyday life at the highest level

Sky Tower is not only a place to live and work, but it is a great venue to host many different parties. In May 2014 a first edition of Sky Tower took place, whereas 500 volunteers ran straight to the top of Sky Tower using stairs! To satisfy curiosity, the best time among men was 6:22 and 6:45 among women.


Unforgettable view

Moreover, produdly standing above the city Sky Tower holds the highest viewing point, which enables to see whole Wroclaw and it’s surroundings. The elevator takes 1 minute to reach the top 49th floor with tourists inside.


Extraordinary artist statue

According to the plan it exists as a important part of Wroclaw culture. Encouraging to this fact a great sculpture’s casting that stands proud before the entrance – “Profile of Time” by Salvador Dali. One of the greatest artists of last century. Moreover, the art is is wonderful and it adds a big value to the venue. In addition, it is another reason just to visit the place.



Wroclaw it is a place for everyone

Wroclaw it is a place for everyone

Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.

During World War II he was turned into ruins. Thanks to the efforts of conservators, many monuments have managed to restore the former splendor. No wonder that today the capital of Lower Silesia is visited by a lot of tourists not only from the country, but also from abroad.

Wroclaw is a city that is very friendly to memories. It is here that you can find a museum almost completely covered with ivy, here you can leave the house on a Sunday morning and come across people full of passion. Suffice it to say that something is always happening here. With such a market structure, with so many pubs, clubs, galleries and corners – you will always find something for yourself. Wroclaw in which a variety of attractions awaits tourists. It also has an excellent accommodation base, which includes not only expensive and luxurious hotels, but also comfortably furnished rooms in hostels.

Everyone will find something for themselves in Wroclaw

Wrocław is vibrant and is definitely a city of young people. Reserve yourself with three hours to enter each side street and for coffee in a few places, because it’s really worth it to give a look and maybe even get lost in it. Once you look at the market, you can go for a walk along the moat, which is able to calm down the city noise for you. If you want a bit of peace, Park Południowy or the Japanese Garden are perfect for you, where you can rest and regenerate after a hard party. And if you want to have more fun, then in the evening, look at the Niepolda Passage, where the night will certainly consume you. Wroclaw it is a place for everyone.
Places which you must see:
  • Wroclaw market square,
  • Cathedral Island,
  • Grunwald bridge, 
  • National museum,
  • Ossolineum,
  • Wroclaw puppet theater,
  • Cathedral of St. Vincent and St. James
  • Centennial Hall.

Clubbing in Wroclaw

clubbing in Wroclaw

Music in Wroclaw, clubbing in Wroclaw, it does not matter if you’re old or young and what kind of music you listen to. In Wroclaw you will find something for yourself. There are many clubs in Wroclaw for those who like clubbing every weekend and for those who sometimes go out with friends to experience different music, different style of other people.

In all clubbing in Wroclaw clubs

  • Gray Music Club,
  • Vertigo Jazz Club and Restaurant and
  • Mundo 71 Music Club

are worth recommending. In these clubs you can really have fun.

In Gray you can find hip-hop, RNB, Funky, a bit of Drum and Bass, Jungle and Chillout. You must, of course, see what music is played by DJ in a given weekend. You have a good choice in Wroclaw, but if you did not feel like this kind of music, you can come and relax with jazz in the Vertigo club. There is clubbing there, so in this place, in addition to super people, you have the opportunity to blend in to a crazy place. This place has been specially designed by Kuba Michalski, one of the best known designers in Wroclaw. So if you fancy Jazz, just go to Verigo

… and Mundo 71. If you’re serious about having fun and clubbing in Wroclaw, you can not pass this place. It is great. Great people, great music in the 80’s and 90’s. Really one of the best clubs in Wroclaw. A lot of people after the party here have a yo-yo effect – they come back to have fun again, meet other people and forget about the gray of the day.

The most important, however, is security in Wroclaw. Wroclaw is really safe at night and people are nice. They will always help you get to the club or home if you get lost. However, if you do not feel like clubbing in Wroclaw, there are always other options.

Wroclaw – the meeting place for everyone

Wroclaw - the meeting place

Wroclaw – the meeting place, for science, business and culture

This movie is a great piece of work. It was made by AEKH, which stands for the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub. It is a great, established facility. The facility was has been established with the generous money support of the City authorities and the Mayor of Wroclaw. They are providing the Academia with a certain degree of focus for future endeavors and high-level Academic tasks. The main goal is to strengthen the bonds between Academic Communities between European universities. The Hub will develop a wide array of high-end multi-national activities such as:

  • conferences
  • summer schools
  • workshops.

It is providing a great support to European scholarship across multiple disciplines. The opening of this facility is considered as a decisive step towards maintaining unity and cooperation between different academic bodies. Academia Europea aims to provide true pan-European interdisciplinary academic dimension. It strives to fill in the gaps between different countries.  They are working to connect nationally recognized university in Europe in effort to provide better learning opportunities. It also aims to provide equal chances to all students.

Why Wroclaw – the meeting place?

What’s more, Wroclaw hosts the office for the Central and East European region. It supports scholars, establishes and consolidates relations between foreign and domestic researchers. Especially relevant,  Wroclaw is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland. It is thriving city and a true center of innovation. Furthermore,  Academia’s current membership count is around 3500 and it supports people from all around the globe. Consequently,  With a common effort they made a grand movie to promote this beautiful city, capitol of Lower Silesia.

The movie

First of all, you can see the movie in High Definition. It allows you to admire the beauty of Wroclaw – the meeting place. Furthermore, the shots are with vision and imagination. You can see Wroclaw from the perspective not accessible otherwise. Second of all, in the video you can see most of the points of interest.  Finally, creators used some advanced graphic post-production, which is quite breathtaking.  Furthermore, I can recommend the movie to anyone remotely interested in Wroclaw. Many Poles move to Wroclaw because of it’s greatness. In addition, Wroclaw has the most foreigners of all polish cities, except maybe Warsaw.

Takeaway soup in Wroclaw for vegan and vegetarian

takeaway soup in Wroclaw

Soupculture – the unusual option for takeaway soup in Wroclaw

Where is the best takeaway soup in Wroclaw and why it is worth trying? A few months ago (October, 2017) a new tiny café appeared in the center of Wroclaw.  It is located at Swidnicka 43, near Arkady Capitol Theatre, just next to public transport stop.  The place is serving takeaway soup in Wroclaw as only few people could stand there at once.

Actually, the café is so called mono meal one. The main item in the menu is soup. Moreover, it is vegetable cream-soup. No meat, no fancy ingredients, no chemical substitutes or nutrients. The range of the soups is truly vegetarian: cheese, onion, spinach, Mexican, beet-root, potato, tomato, lentil, mushroom, broccoli, celery, etc. Every day you could choose one takeaway soup out of four available.

takeaway soup in Wroclaw

Unless it is nothing special in offering the vegetable takeaway soup, the main feature of the place is an edible cup where soup is served. The cups are made on a daily basis. The know-how is in unique equipment for baking these cups. The machine stands inside the place and you could even observe the whole process on your own. The dough receipt is simple, without any yeast and eggs, but there were quite a number of experiments behind the solution.  The cups vary by color: yellow, pink, green, brown – depends on natural component added inside, like turmeric, beet-root, spinach, wholegrain flour and others.

Soupculture siuts the best for:

– takeaway soup lovers, of course;

– those who aim to eat healthy and tasty food;

– curious people interested in know-how solutions in food industry;

– busy ones who are in hurry, but would like to keep warm;

– vegans and vegetarians;

– children whose moms are trying to feed them with vegetable soup-puree;

– those who like to feel eco, green and nature-friendly.

How to find cheap accomodation in Wroclaw

cheap accomodation in Wroclaw

Cheap accomodation in Wroclaw

Hello guys. I am a part-time student in Wroclaw and I thought I am going to share my experience with you on how to find a cheap accomodation in Wroclaw.

You might need this knowledge:

  •   if  you want to stay in Wroclaw for a night or two in cheap accomodation in Wroclaw,
  • if you like travelling and meeting new people from all over the world.

There are called hostels and the cost for a night start from around 20 zlotych.

There are a lot of websites which are specialising in searching for accomodation. There is a filter on this website on which you can tick opion:  hostels and  seach results by the price.

More advices

If you want to pay 20 zlotych or so you do not  need to be prepared that you have to share the room with 8 or even 12 people.

I was a bit concerned at the beggining when decided to try  cheap accomodation in Wroclaw becouse I though it will be very loud, everyone is partying there or the rooms are dirty and full of strange people ( what is surely the case in some places) but I have tried 5 different random places already and all of them were all right.

following the research, opinions from my friends and my own experience I decided to share with you my knowledge on good and cheap accomodation in Wroclaw

Big City Hostel

54 Teczowa Street

I have chosen this cheap accomodation in Wroclaw  because I have been there many times already and I always been very satisfied.

  • The stuff is very friendly and helpfull,
  • the rooms, bathrooms and the kitchen as well as living room have always been clean, quiet and easily accessable.
  • I had a fresh towel and bed covers every day,
  • access to hairdrayer,
  • free wifii,
  • in the kitchen: cafe and tea, microwafe, cuttlery, dishes.

I haven never been waiting in the quee to anywhere. the people were of different ages, mainly single students or tourists. so you maight meet some new friends from all over the world.

The price per person rank from 30 zlotych in room shared among 8 people and if you are regular visitor you can have 5 zlotych discount of each visit.

Dormitory GOGA

83 Kamienna Street

This is a very good  cheap accomodation in Wroclaw for people who do not like sleeping in a place with many other people. Rooms are shared by two or three people only and costs around 25 zlotych per person per night.  Rooms are clean and quiet.

  • You must arrive at the dormitory before 10 pm, because the main entrance is closed after this time.
  • You also have to book the room in advance.
  • There also is an option of having meals for addictional price.

My friend has been there and highly recommend it. I this it is worth consider it and I am going to try it out myself soon and write you an update on this

IBIS Budget Wroclaw Stadion

151 Lotnicza Street

IBIS Budget Wroclaw Poludnie

35a Wyscigowa Street

Best cheap accomodation in Wroclaw for a single  room  only, but needs to be booked  a few weeks in advance. The price starts from 39 złotych.

There are animals allowed in the room with additional price of 20 złotych per night.  I have never been there myself yet but my friends hightly reccomend it so worth to consider to try it.

I will update you on cheap accomodation in Wroclaw once I try any other ones which are worth to point out. would be great if you also add any information and opinions from your side  on cheap accomodation in Wroclaw.

The best place for spending family time in Wroclaw

The best place for spending family time in Wroclaw

The best place for spending family time in Wroclaw?

Do you ever wonder how to spend time with Your family? It doesn’t matter if you live in Wrocław or not. If You are one of animal lovers as much as me, then you will find out that… The best place for spending family time in Wroclaw is ZOO Wroclaw.

Short information about the zoo

Did you know that the ZOO Wroclaw is the oldest but also the most famous one in whole Poland? Impressive, right? It was opened on 10th of July in 1865.
Today it contains around 12 000 animals which represent 1  100 kinds of them. Moreover, it owns the biggest collection of amphibians and reptiles in Europe.
Its surface is around 33 hectars. Next to many animals, You also have a chance to see some monumental constructions. It all makes it one of the best zoos in Europe. The best place for spending family time in Wroclaw



Who can You meet over there?

  • lama
  • parrots and another kind of birdsThe best place for spending family time in Wrocław
  • fish for example pirahna
  • hippopotamus
  • kangaroo
  • lion
  • zebra
  • apes
  • bear
  • elephant
  • aurochs
  • butterflies
  • small panda
  • and many, many more

Afrykanarium, what’s that?

It’s a combination of words like Afrika and aquarium. It represents the undersea life of anmials and fish of Africa. We can find there 21 pools and aquariums,
containing around 250 kinds of fish and 15 000 000 liters of water. Its surface contains 1,5 hectars. You will be amazed of watching jellyfish in a cool,
pink light, swimming sharks and penguins. There is also a tunnel made of special glass, thanks to it, You will be able to see fish and animals from all sites,
even over Your head. There are also some places to sit, where You can admire the beauty of the nautre as an animal lover and just relax. Moreover, even if it’s a rainy day, you don’t need to worry, it’s still the best place for spending family time in Wroclaw.