Fast-food online in Wroclaw is gradually becoming popular, while the conventional restaurant is gradually having low patronage compared to what it used to be in the past. The fast-food generally is expected to grow consistently due to urbanization and the increasingly rapid lifestyles of the people in Wroclaw and Poland in general.


Also, there are lots of fast-food online that are springing up in Wroclaw and the taste of their food is always good just as any good restaurant around. The quick fix modern way of living encourages people to make choice of meal that is made available as quick as possible even at your doorsteps as a result of several online fast foods  now available in Wroclaw.


Moreover, are you in need of online fast-food in Wroclaw that can be delivered to your door step at your convenient time? it is now available where ever part of the city of Wroclaw you are living.


There are quite numbers of fast food in Wroclaw which includes McDonald, Dixy Chicken, Pizza Hut, Subway, Burger King Dominio’s to mention but a few and they were located in different part of the city of Wroclaw, but i want to focus on the restaurants that offers an online food services.


Furthermore, i will like not only to tell you the online fast food in Wroclaw but to also give you basic information that can guide Wroclaw visitors and the residents alike to some of them, which are the followings:


Pinto Peri-Peri & Grill

Do you want afast-food of Portuguese online in Wroclaw?  This is the  best option as it has various categories of delicious meals that could be ordered online at you convenient time, and the contact is


ul. Kotlarska 24Wroclaw 50-120, Poland
+48 736 674 950


This is a Japanese online fast-food in Wroclaw, situated at, ul. Pawla Wlodkowica 12aWroclaw 50-072, Poland


Image may contain: food

This is an American online fast-food in Wroclaw located at Psie Budy 7/8/9Wroclaw 50-080, Poland.



This is an Italian bar and restaurant located at Kazimierza Wielkiego 39Wroclaw 50-077, Poland

There are quite some other restaurants that are having online fast-food services in Wroclaw, such as,






Wroclaw – the city of active people

gilrs at the gym

Gyms and fitness clubs in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is diverse in sport centers. There is a range of fitness clubs to choose from. But which one is the best? Which of them would suit you the best? Here is the list of 5 most popular gyms in Wroclaw. Let’s take a look at their offers. As the deciding factor we consider the location, but also we won’t forget about the offers and gym memberships’ prices.

students in fitness club in wroclaw

Top 5 most popular gyms and fitness clubs in the city

Fitness Club CityFit has 2 subsidiaries in Wroclaw:

The first one, CityFit Wrocław Stare Miasto, is located in the city center at Szewska Street 3a. Another one is CityFit Wroclavia located in the shopping center Wroclavia at Sucha Street 1.

What does the club offer? Both subsidiaries have a lot amount of space, good equipment, BMI and progress measuring devices and free water. Additionally, they are available 24/7 and you don’t need to worry about carrying your gym membership pass – you can simply enter the gym by pressing your finger to the scan.

Wroclaw fintess club

Fitness Club FunFit II

is located in the Municipal Stadium at Aleje Śląskie 1. What can we expect? A lot of space, 100 of weight machines and 100 cardio machines. Martial arts and fitness courses are held in 3 rooms. The first one is reserved for stationary bicycles. Another is equipped with gym mats and boxing bags. The last one is the largest one and it is reserved for various fitness classes. We can visit the club every Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

gilrs fitness class

Fitness club and Dance studio J&D Fitness Dance Studio

can be found at Starogajowa Street 107 on the Stabłowice district. It is not a casual fitness club, it is also a dance club for children and adults. It is the smallest club on the list, thus we can expect the more cosy atmosphere than in the two previous ones. Equipment involves: a training room, personal training gym, playground for children. We can attend for instance dance classes (e.g. for newlyweds), health-promoting classes and fitness classes: flat-belly workout, ABT, fitball, interval training, zumba, crossfit, pilates.

active people in Wroclaw

Personal trainings in Fit & Dreams

is the club located at Strzegomska Street 204 on the first floor. It is an exclusive fitness club for women. If you feel embarrassed to exercise without make-up or to be tired and sweaty, this place will build your self-confidence. The club offers a range of massages and personal trainings. Appointments are made individually. The club is open on:

Monday              9:00 – 10:00       15:00 – 22:00

Tuesday              15:00 – 22:00

Wednesday       9:00 – 10:00       15:00 – 22:00

Thursday            15:00 – 22:00

Friday                  9:00 – 10:00       15:00 – 22:00

Saturday             10:00 – 15:00

Sunday               Closed

gym in wroclaw

Fitness Club Fitness Academy Korona

is located in Korona Shopping Center at Bolesław Krzywousty Street 126. The club is open from Monday to Friday: 6 a.m.- 11 p.m., Saturday: 8 a.m.- 9 p.m, Sunday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. The offer includes: cardio exercises zone, functional training zone, weightlifting equipment, Fitness studio with TRX, Indoor Cycling studio, Race Walking / Body & Mind studio. Additionally, we can relax in the Finish saunas while our children can spend time with a babysitter in a playroom. Fitness Academy accepts Multisport Plus and BeActive cards.

workout gym fitness in wroclaw

In Wroclaw you will find what you are looking for: gym, fitness club, dance studio, personal trainings, massage

This brief overview alone shows how diverse offer of clubs is in Wroclaw, thus it is easy to choose the one which matches our expectations the most. In order to fully enjoy the fitness clubs offers, the opening hours and location must not interupt our daily routine. We hope you find our article helpful. Share your opinion with us – what do you think about fitness clubs in Wroclaw? Which one do you go to? Which one do you recommend?

fit fitness workout active

Best regards 🙂

How to survive a weekend in Wroclaw – my recipe

Now You have started to read this text, right? Right. So it is very probably, that You may have a reason to visit Wroclaw. Any reason is good to do it. I, for example, come here to study extramural and really enjoy every weekend in the capital of Lower Silesia. I had never been there before I started my studies, so I had to find solution how to survive, because I didn’t know anybody there. Continue reading “How to survive a weekend in Wroclaw – my recipe”

Best things to visit in Wroclaw

Best things to visit in Wroclaw


If you want to arrange a trip and you’re thinking about Poland you really have to put on your travel list one of the most beautiful cities of this central European country. Which one? Of course, Wroclaw. Wroclaw, is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship and what is interesting about this place? It’s important history but also it’s charming beauty. So this is a helpful guide to find some best things to visit in Wroclaw.

Market square

The main Market square was founded in the 13th century and it has been one of the most beautiful in all Europe.It was almost totally destroyed in 1945. But today the townhouses and the restaurants with the vivid colors are more than magical,just like a fairytale.

Town Hall 

Wroclaw’s Town Hall stands in the middle of the main square from the beginning of 13th century.It’s impressive gothic architecture will make you feel the medieval vibe.Interesting to admire this stunning building both under the sunlight and moonlight.There  is also the opportunity to enter the exhibitions of the Town Hall. If you want to see best things to visit in Wroclaw – town hall this is it!


Cathedral island (Ostrow Tumski)

  One of the most romantic and pictureque places in Wroclaw is the Cathedral island.Cathedral of St.John the Baptist is the dominant landmark and also there are 3 more churches,2 monasteries and one palace. You sould not let yourself miss the opportunity to visit the highlight of this Cathedral which is it’s panoramic view from one of it’s towers. It will only cost 7 zloti and from Mondays to Sundays will you have the unique chance to see this beautiful city from above. Also one of the best things to visit in Wroclaw is Tumski Bridge across the Oder river.Just like in other European cities couples have the opportunity to attach padlocks on the bridge and throw the key on the river in order to ensure eternal love.

Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall or Hala Stulecia in polish is one of the sightseeings that consisted in the list of Unesco’s World Heritage in 2006. It’s significance starts from the fact that is one of the greatest architectural monument.It was built in 1913 by Max Berg.Nowadays it is used for cultural or sport events and also for exhibitions and concerts. In this area it is also possesed the Pavillon.Last but not least, you should not forget to stay and admire the amazing shows which takes place especially on weekends on the Multimedia Fountain which is near the Centennial Hall.


Botanical Garden

This colorfoul Votanical garden was created in 1811.It’s close to Ostrow Tumski.You can find 11.500 different species of flora.It’s perfect for a walk in the afternoon especially on the spring.Keep in mind that that it’s accesible from March to October every day.


Japanese Garden  

Do you want a smll taste of Japan when you’re in Wroclaw?So you have to visit Japanese Garden, which is located in the north part of Centennial Hall. Relaxing walks in the beautiful landscape and near the small pond which includs different species of fish.


National Museum

The National Museum has really interesting exhibitions not only inside but also outside.If you visit this museum on the spring you will be charmed by the blooming vines.





Did you know that Wroclaw it is also called “The city of dwarfs” ? If you make a walk around the city will you find out in every corner small dwarfs in different shapes and sizes.It’s an amusing game trying to find all the hidden dwarfs and you can also find a map with all of them in the tourist information center at central square of Wroclaw.


The Best Tea Gardens in Wroclaw



I want to talk about very nice tea gardens in Wroclaw. When you walking around this beautiful city, you can give a small tea break in these places. In article I would like to talk about two of them.

The first place I would like to mention is “Herbaciarnia Czajownia”, which is my favorite among the others. When you get off at Rynek or świdnicka stop, it is in a fairly central location that you can reach in just five minutes on foot. From the moment you step into this tea garden, orientalist decorations, kinds of music and fruity shisha smell mixed with the aroma of a thousand kinds of tea will fascinate you.

Whether you can sit in the traditional seats on inside. If you are in the city during the spring or summer months, I can recommend you to sit in the evening under dim lighting in the garden. Very nice pictures and kilims hanging on the walls have strengthened the atmosphere of the environment.


Czajownia has a strong menu that you can find more than hundred different varieties and different teas from each region.your orders usually come with a teapot and you can drink at least four glasses. You can also drink shisha, anindispensable part of Eastern culture.



My choice was “Masala”. Masala tea, an Indian drink, means mixed spicy tea. Masala tea is one of the most special blends of Indian cultivars.This tea, which has been widely used in Asian regions in the past, has a slightly different taste and structure than other teas with its preparation and content. I liked it, ıf you like spicy tastes It can be great to drink especially in winter.

The second place I will talk about is “Herbaciarnia Targowa”. It was established in October 2015 at Hala Targowa, which its long opening hours. Tea or coffee in Targowa can be drunk from 8 am a week! Only on Sundays opening hours are a bit later because the door opens only at 11:00. In turn, they close at 22:00.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wrocław, I will say that the Herbaciarnia Targowa has located a considerable distance from the Railway Station, although still in the center of Wrocław. Nevertheless, if there is no traffic, you will get there quickly. I recommend public transportation because finding a parking space can be difficult. Old wroclaw photos on the wall add a nice atmosphere to the cafe.

This place have a powerful menu including teas and more, which can be ordered. There are both classic and flavored teas.  Coffee lovers will also find something for themselves. In addition to drinks, you can also order something sweet.In Targowa everyone will find something for themselves. In addition to being a tea garden, you can shoping tea and tea accessories on Targowa.

You can give a tea break here when you visit this beautiful city  or if you want to try something different on a weekend, you can visit Czajownia or Herbaciarnia Targowa and enjoy different tastes when have fun with your loved ones.

Bon Appetit!

Second Hand Sundays in Wroclaw

Second Hand Bazaars of Wrocław; Młyn Sułkowice and Świebodzki

In the early Sunday mornings, you can see some unusual crowd with bags and wheelbarrows. If you follow them, you reach the lively alternative places of Wroclaw: second hand bazaars!  In this article I want to introduce two of them. My first visit was in a very cold day on February 2018. I remember that my frozen feet didn’t allow me to having fun. However with warm weather everything has changed. Visiting these bazaars become my favorite activity on Sundays.

First one is located in Młyn Sułkowice.  When you see the old tiled building with flue from the bus’s window, you can understand that it is the right place.  You can follow the crowd to reach the entrance.

In the bazaar, florists and grocers welcome you first. They sell beautiful plants, fresh vegetables, fruits for reasonable prices. After that there are some benches with first hand products, such as clothes, shoes, repairing tools, etc. Then the main second hand sellers started to be seen. If the things are small enough, they use cardboard boxes. Generally kitchen tools, toys, frames, photo albums and vinyls are sold with this way. You should search for the deep parts of the dusty boxes to reach your treasure. Some people bring plastic gloves for this job.  Kitchen tools prices are very cheap. You can barrow nice wine glass for only 1 zloty.  Other than these, there are sellers with pick-ups. They sell everything that can be found in home such as ski set, baby cradle, bicycle, grass mower etc.

While you are spending hours in the bazaar, you may get hungry. Don’t worry! You can buy sweet and salty Polish foods from different sellers. Also there is a small restaurant which sells meat and bear.  If you think that it is too early for meat and bear, there is also mobile coffee pick-up. They sell various coffees. Other than these, you can do shopping for your house. There is a Turkish market that sells local olives, cheese ,tea and Turkish coffee. There is also a place which sells different types of bread. Interestingly, Junk foods are also sold for cheaper prices than markets. Chocolates, cookies and jelly tots will dazzle you. However don’t forget to check the date of expiry.

If you are reading this article, you are probably like “old”. In this bazaar you can find old memories of people. Ownerless photographs, letters, postcards and bills may whisper you something about Wroclaw’s history. Follow them! If you still have the energy, take the bus which is going old railway station.

Let’s look at the second place that I introduce in this article. It is  Świebodzki.  It is located in old railway station. First is first it is much more bigger than Młyn Sułkowice  so you should be patient. It starts from the station and continues through railways. In this bazaar ordinary people are also selling their unnecessary products in the beginning of market. After that first hand seller are seen. They sell generally cheap clothes for both male and female, first hand kitchen tools and shoes. There are also grocery and florist like the other one. Coffee and bear pick-ups and fast food are also in this road.   After you walk for 25 minutes non-stop you can reach second hand part of the bazaar. Don’t expect the order like the previous one. People generally put staff over sheets; there is not box system here. So you can feel more like in the treasure hunt.  You should check more carefully to find interesting objects. Doing a bargain can also save some money.  If you compare with the previous one, second bazaar has more books, magazines and photograph and less kitchen tools, foods, bicycles.

To conclude, these alternative places make your day with unexpected objects. If you are student it is also advisable to take your kitchen tools for very cheap prices. Other than this recycling helps both your pocket and environment.  Reaching the bazar at 8-9 am is advisable because of the weather and closing time. In summer time you should pay attention to sun lights. Huts and sun care creams are your friends. Also sellers prefer to leave there in afternoon.

The dishes from the furnace in Wroclaw restaurant

Kociołek – is a place, where they are doing most of the dishes in the furnace.

It is located in Wroclaw and you can find Kociołek in the northern edge of Rynek on the street Nożownicza 4.wroclaw, rynek

You can see directly on the map, maybe you’ve already missed this wonderful place while walking around the Rynek!

Even the sign of the restaurant  “Dania prosto z pecia” means Dishes made in the

It has a beautiful but simple design, very cheerful waiters, and surprisingly polish people. They are working there and are very confident in English, so for you, as a foreigner, there will be no problem to ask the ingredients that they put in the dish or anything else that is bothering

The prices at Kociołek are pretty decent…but! And this is a very big but. You are ordering a portion that is not that small as you got used in any other restaurant. For my personal experience, I ordered just a starter – a plate of nuggets served with BBQ sauce. I didn’t expect that already from a starter I would be full, and this is only the beginning. Every other dish is also very tasty and for that price, you are getting enough, to be satisfied.

This is how the real salad looks in this restaurantfood

There is also one surprise for those, who are interested in trying pierogi in Wroclaw. Actually, you can go to the special places called “Pierogarnia” but they cannot offer you what they’re making in Kociołek.  food

Maybe you think: “probably it is not that big, maybe like half of my palm”. Forget about those thoughts, you will be more than surprised when you are going to see this polish monster!


So my advice for every person who plans to try something new. Having a dinner together with friends in a nice atmosphere – you’ve found a place that you won’t regret your decision of visiting it.

Art Hotel Wroclaw – good accomodation in the city center

Art Hotel Wroclaw - Great localization in the very heart of Wrocław, a few dozen meters from the Market Square

Delicious, family and classy in Wroclaw

Art Hotel Wroclaw is the perfect place for people that want to discover this beautiful city. Great localization:

  • in the very heart of Wrocław,
  • a few dozen meters from the Market Square,
  • next to the beautiful street Kiełbaśnicza
  • and the historic gallery Jatki.
  • Close to city hall, various institutions and business.

Both public opinion and guests give it great recognition. That’s why Art Hotel was given the title of Travelers Choice.

Art Hotel Wroclaw also incloudes the Art Restaurant and Café with unimaginably delicious food. Located just next to the Market Square, in a beautiful, Renaissance tenement from the 16th century, it constantly enraptures guests with butiful insides  and unique menus.

– We believe that the unique visual setting creates the perfect scenery for tasting dishes and desserts served by us, taken mainly from Polish cuisine. We also use the richhness and taste of regional and traditional products, offering culinary memories from Dolnego Śląska – they say about themselves.

A unique interior in Art Hotel Wroclaw

The friendly atmosphere is created by a carefully arranged, subtle in colors interior decor – in the Flemish-style main halls, in the Garden Hall in the style of the Italian courtyard. It is here that you can admire the original stone portal and antique door from 1520, as well as painting on boards from the eighteenth century.

Delicious cuisine 

A unique advantage of the menu in the Art Restaurant are regional products. It is worth knowing that the kitchen belongs to the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage. I especially recommend the dish from Kłodzko trout, which is certified as ” Dziedzictwo Kulinarne Dolny Śląsk”. Homemade pasta and dumplings “jak u mamy”, in this kitchen are used modern culinary techniques that provide a wealth of natural flavors. In Art Restaurant you can try dishes made in the sous vide technique.

A glass of wine to taste

Selected wines from the wine list can also be ordered by the glass. For regular customers, their favorite wines are ordered, even if they do not appear on the wine list. And if you have your favorite wine, or you got a unique bottle as a gift? Take it with you and enjoy the taste of culinary Art Restaurant specialties. For opening your own wine, you will only be charged 20 PLN per bottle. IT’S NOT EVERYTHING!

Plan time with your family

Art Restauracja i Kawiarnia also includes: Free WiFi, unique sweet pastries from our own confectionery, diet menu, for example gluten-free (after previous order), summer garden, additional children’s menu card, children’s chair, bibs, special cutlery, crayons and coloring books.

New Horizons Festival in Wroclaw

New horizons Festival in Wroclaw
The New Horizons Festival is definitely the trend of Wroclaw. This is a festival of film visionaries, uncompromising artists, who have the courage to follow their own path despite the prevailing fashions and tell about the most important things in their unique language. If you love movies you should be there.

From among hundreds of films shown every year at world festivals and among those sent for selection. The ones chosen are those that, due to their unusual form and their power of expression, do not allow themselves to be forgotten. They arouse extreme reactions and emotions, give rise to polemics and discussions, evoke delights and protests. But it is these films that most often set the latest trends in the world cinema. The main competition is the fulfillment of the idea of the “New Horizon” cinema.


The festival is visited annually by several dozen directors from around the world – from debutants to undisputed champions.

An important mission of the festival is the presentation of the work of the rebellious masters of cinema.  Discovering the achievements of lesser-known artists. For the creators of the festival is extremely important.

The festival also introduces the most interesting places on the film world map, revealing cinematographies rarely present in regular distribution. In recent years, they have brought closer the cinema of New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Greece, Sweden, Mexico, Lithuania and Norway. In 2017, the festival presented the latest cinema from Israel.


Experimental films and works of creators exploring the non-fiction area. The film program is accompanied by multimedia projects. In the urban and gallery space as well as exhibitions, exploring historical and contemporary relationships of cinema and art. For example, the annual Midnight Show. The festival program is rich in accompanying events – concerts, exhibitions, installations, and operas.

New Horizons in Wroclaw over the years has become the most visited festival in Poland. One of the most popular in this part of Europe (over 100,000 viewers each year) and because of the great developing events such as Polish Days and Studio Nowe Horyzonty. Also an important meeting place for the international film industry.



Food sharing in Wroclaw

Food sharing

Tons of food goes to the trash! What to do to avoid a huge waste of food? Food sharing is one of the answers!

Data shows that about 9 million tons of food is wasted annually in Poland. The value of this food is probably about PLN 50 for each Pole every month. 35% of the food go for disposal. That’s why we should try food sharing.


Sharing is a new trend.
Economics based on sharing is a relatively new trend in the economy and society. It involves the direct exchange of goods and services between consumers who mainly communicate via special websites or social media. With the help of this term, the entire spectrum of online businesses have the potential to revolutionize the global market for the exchange of goods and services. Also it can be both non-profit and profitable. However is about exchanging between one man and another. In this Expats in Wroclaw article. I want to focused on NON PROFIT form.

How does it starts?
The first Food Sharing point was opened in May 2016 in Warsaw. Therefore Torun, Cracow, Wroclaw and Poznan followed the idea. Other cities followed them consequently. Social refrigerators in Wroclaw are mostly grow due to the idea of ​​the group WeźPomóż.pl, which promotes the idea of ​​sharing food in Lower Silesia. Anyone who wants can bring food to the fridge. Food will be available in the fridge for those in need. Food sharing points are for everyone – the material status of people who visit it is not checked here. The whole system finally works freely.

What can you put in a shared fridge?
The basic rule: bring what you would eat by yourself.  Home products such as cake or soup must be packed in disposable, sealed containers with the exact date of preparation and description on packaging. Furthermore you can put dry products on special shelf. 

What can you not bring?
Products that contain raw meat, raw eggs, unpainted milk products (unless they are vacuum-packed and have a valid shelf-life) can not be accepted; open canned food or jars with preserves; products that have exceeded the shelf-life date; products with signs of breakage. The rules for products are posted on the front door of the refrigerator too.

Volunteers, companies and food rescuers
All sharing food points function because of volunteers. They are usually young people who, using social media – mainly Facebook – are trying to buy refrigerators, shelves, social signs and also make sure that the place is working properly. In addition volunteers check in this points cleanliness standards, wash it, if there’s a need, bring food or throw out expired products.

Food sharing
What to do to avoid a huge waste of food?

Where are the Refrigerators in Wroclaw?  We have seven of them in Wroclaw!

  • ul. Ludwika Rydygiera 25a (Nadodrze)
  • ul. Osobowicka 129 (Osobowice) – A point at the church of St. Teresa of the Baby Jesus
  • ul. Zachodnia 1 (Szczepin) – Point at the Council of the Szczepin
  • ul. Okulickiego 2 (Zakrzów) Point next to Stanisław Jabłonka’s Friendly Home Foundation and with the help of Take Pom Pom)
  • ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 31-33 (Old Town)
  • ul. Grabiszyńska 56 (Grabiszyn) next to coffeehouse Neighborly
  • ul. Gajowicka 96a

Positive impact.

In addition, this type of idea strengthens mutual trust, fills a need for convenience and it gives meaning of belonging to community. It seems like it has positive impact on the environment.

If you want to find more food sharing places in Poland, check this link