How to find an interactive English speaking community in Wroclaw


An interactive English speaking community in Wroclaw is not really difficult to locate, it is a known fact that there are many groups and different congregations and communities of various nationalities in Wroclaw, out of which a visitor or tourist English speaker would be more comfortable and finds fulfillment in the midst of an English speaking community.


Not withstanding, if you are new in town or you are looking for an interactive English congregation in Wroclaw, where you can feel at home,  then you will be glad to visit “The Redeemed Christian Church of God” RCCG, Divine Favour Arena Wroclaw.


A like-minded community is known by various names such as a peer support group, meet-up group, accountability partners, inner circle, mastermind group or even a club. Meeting with like minded people of English community can improve your spoken and understanding of English language.


They offer assistance, guidance and advice in language you understand.

Many people get discouraged whether it’s because of lack of understanding of a new environment or things are not going as planned or we’ve experienced something unexpected. Being able to reach to someone or a group of people and get a different perspective on a challenge or issue we may be facing is extremely valuable because at times, when we’re in the middle of something, it can be challenging to see different alternatives or options when you can not speak or understand the main language of the people.



Step 1: How to get from Wroclaw airport to the city centre?

Most people from abroad (probably You too) visit Wroclaw by plane.

It means, that the first question you ask yourself, right after leaving the Wroclaw airport building, is: “How do  i get to the city centre?” Well, you can always order an Uber 🙂 But what, if you’re out of money?

Don’t worry – Wroclaw airport is not the end of the world 🙂

Wroclaw airport is quite well communicated with the city center. Only two bus lines run at the airport – 106 during the day and 206 at night. Each of them will take you to the main railway station, from where you can get almost anywhere, and from where you can take a walk to the Market Square (10 min on foot).

How to buy a ticket (& what kind of ticket) at the Wroclaw airport?

You can buy a ticket in special machines (our drivers do not sell them). You can find the machine at the bus stop next to Wroclaw Airport or on the bus (on the bus – only by card!). The machines have a menu in Polish, but also English, German and French. If you have a student or school ID, you can choose cheaper tickets. Remember also that if you want to stay in Wroclaw a little longer, you can choose – instead of a one-off ticket – one of the time tickets, eg for a day, two days or a week, so that you will not have to buy more tickets later.

Here You can find more info about public transport in Wroclaw.

If you prefer to see instead of reading, a short film below for You:

PS.: You must remember that from March 2018 our ticket machines will look a bit different!


You can also choose Wrocław Airport Express  – it is a bus dedicated to people visiting Wrocław for the first time. It drive you directly to the city center (Pl. Dominikański or Main Railway Station), it will take a little less time than ordinary communication (30min vs 50-55 min), but it cost more, and when you arrive, it often turns out that you still need to buy a time ticket.

Choice is yours 🙂 Have a nice trip 🙂

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw

Japanese Garden as a nice trip for sunny weekend

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw as a nice trip for sunny weekend

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is located in Park Szczytnicki close to Hala Stulecia.

Highly recommended, created in 1902-1912 by Fritz von Hochberg and renovated several times became at once substitute of eastern culture in our city.

Thanks to the work of Japanese specialists all elements of the garden in the smallest details are consistent with the original Japanese art garden. For a while we can admire unique architecture and style totally different from our culture – you will be surprised for sure.

We can distinguish huge amount of plants imported from Japan and inserted into few floors of greenery. Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is one of the best art place.


Japanese Garden in Wroclaw – good way for relax

The park is the perfect place for deep relaxation appreciated each season by thousands of visitors. Especially in the spring and summer, we are feeling harmony with nature when all flowers and plants start to blossom.  Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is amazing and unforgettable!


Buy ticket and visit

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is open every day from 1 of April till 31 of October ( 9.00 a.m – 07.00 p.m). The prices aren’t high – full-price ticket is for 4 zloty, reduced ticket- 2 zloty.  It is worth to buy admission card – for a year is only 20 zloty. There is always opportunity to organize some photo shoot ex. concerning wedding and the permission costs 100 zloty. The easiest way to go to Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is to take the tram 1, 2, 4, 10 bus stop “Hala Stulecia”


Views are so stunning – don’t forget to take your camera and make some pics!


Good film in Wroclaw

7 tips if you want to see good film in Wroclaw

If you just arrived in Wroclaw and you are thirsty to see the most interesting and good film or meet independent film makers – you are in probably the best place in Poland to do it.

First of all we have one of the bigest arthouse cinemas in central Europe – Nowe Horyzonty. The place was created by Gutek Film founder: Roman Gutek and strongly supported by city itself.  In this cinema you can not only see really good film, but also attend  two amazing festivals: New Horizons Film Festival, American Film Festival. Whole year is full of movie review of Asian, German, Australia cinema. You can also see some Polish movies for begginers. If you want become an expert in film of world or Polish cinema you can enroll to special film „University”. If you can’t attend screenings ther you always have antother option. Because for second we have Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe as a „competitor” of Nowe Horyzonty with all great non convecial films. The place is located near main train station, so is easy to reach and visit.

DCF film center best place in Wroclaw
On this picture we see entrance to DCF with one of the screening places.

How to use the most of film experience and see good film in Wroclaw?

1. Visit Nowe Horyzonty cinema at Kazimierza Wielkiego street and feel the increadible film atmosphere.

2. Install Nowe Horyzonty app to see film plan and incoming events.

3. Follow the Nowe Horyzonty in Social media and subscribe thier newsletter.

4. Go to Piłsudskiego street and visit Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe.

5. Follow DCF on Social Media subscribe thier newsletter.

6. Subscribe to PIK Wrocław.

7. Join Wrocław film group.

You can also set your own film group and enjoy the cinematic paradise 🙂
It’s really easy to see a good film in Wrocław.

Polish Cinema for Beginners and Expat

Wroclaw cheap dormitories

What you can learn from Polish films as an expat?

How can you see Polish culture and society in films? What Do You Know About Polish Cinema? Have you heard about Polish Cinema for Beginners and Expat?

Using Adam Kruk words: Polish Cinema for Beginners and expat – a series of film screenings and discussions.  For five years to date has been presenting the most interesting works of Polish cinema to the residents of Wrocław, no matter where they are coming from. 

If you are an expat and want to know more about Polish cinema you should catch up with series  Polish Cinema for Beginners.

People from all over the world are offered to watch Polish classics at the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema. It really important that they have English subtitles. These are films worth a discussion for cosmopolitan audience. So you as an expat can really benefit from Polish Cinema for Beginners project.

Polish Cinema for Beginners and Expat film list:

  • Danton by Andrzej Wajda
  • The Ghost Writer by Roman Polański
  • Strange Heaven by : Dariusz Gajewski
  • Imagine by Andrzej Jakimowski
  • Gospel According to Harry by Lech Majewski

Why project Polish Cinema for Beginners and Expat?

This short videos will quickly explain it to you. Polish Cinema for Beginners is a great project that helps you be better in disscusion about Polish cinema. It will also helps you to know more about Poland history, culture or society.


Partners of Polish Cinema for Beginners are  for example:  Nowe Horyzonty, Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa, Gazeta Wyborcza,

The team:

1. Agata Polak | coordinator/marketing
2. Alicja Kania | social media / www
3. Paweł Kosuń | foundation president/founder
4. Lech Moliński | foundation vice-president/founder
5. Kuba Żary | public relations/contact with partners
6. Marcin Rosiński | graphic designer
7. Adam Kruk | events programer & host

Ladies day Wroclaw conference for women 2018

If you are woman, who is looking for fun, inspiration, new social contacts. If you like to meeting other valuable women and combine pleasant with useful, rather than feel live resignation.

I found something special for you:  Ladies Day Wroclaw conference.

500 entrepreneurial, creative women in one place:

The largest feminine event “Ladies day” takes place 17 march 2018 in Lower Silesia, Wroclaw (Hotel Terminal, Rakietowa 33 street). This meeting is organized by Magdalena Szewczuk. She was recognized as the personality of 2017 in the business category in the plebiscite of the Wroclaw newspaper.

Speakers are:

  • Aleksandra Budzyńska a Lady of Time (Pani Swojego Czasu). She is not only expert, but great enterprenau also.
  • Monika Zygmunt-Jakuć company owner “Without Wrapping” (Bez Owijania). The winner of the Polish Businesswoman Awards 2017 in the category “Leader of coaches for business women”.
  • Katarzyna Pawluś author of the book “One in a million or back and forth”. She is suffering from an incurable and unknown disease. 

They all are equally great personality.

Event VIP partners: Toyota Nowakowski Bielany Wroclaw, Akademia Urody (Beauty Academy) and Blue Nature and

Charity goal:

Event is not only a fun but also charity help. Every ticket supports association “Mówimy nieborakowi” (we talk no to cancer). Moreover they collect money to make a wigs for children with a cancer disease. 

The price for one member is about 200 -250 polish zlotych. 

Attractions and opportunities:

  • motivation and knowledge of experienced business practitioners
  • support and inspiration,
  • succesfull stories, even adversity
  • joy of the moment, great emotions, valuable time for yourself
  • new friendships
  • artistic surprises and musical ending also.

Is this Ladies Day Wroclaw advertisment?

No! I am young woman, who loves to learn new things from other. I appreciate contact with people who have passion, energy and have changed the world for better with using own talents, individual predisposition. Can not to mention, looking for my way also. I think, that this event is great opportunity to be a part of bigger group with same point of view.

Know a lot about Ola Budzyńska, because I participated in her online course “Organize yourself in 21 days”. Have read her book “How to become the Lady of Your Time? Time management for women “. Watched a lot lives in facebook group also. As a matter of fact her content is very usefull. Finally I am better organized and can recommend her by all my heart.

Let’s  meet in capital od Lower Silesia. Take part in Ladies Day Wroclaw together and send positive energy to our places too!

 In summary, for more information go to:

LADIES DAY | 17.03.2018

Maybe you are interested in short movie from previous event also:

Ladies Day | 18.03.2017

18 marca we Wrocławiu odbyła się największa organizowana przez nas konferencja – Ladies Day. 👠 Jak było? Sprawdźcie same! 🔥🔥🔥Bardzo dziękujemy firmie Torskee films za stworzenie tego filmu!

Opublikowany przez Czerwona Szpilka na 1 czerwca 2017

Taekwondo in Wroclaw

Taekwondo in Wroclaw

Check out with school of Taekwondo in Wroclaw I reccomand!

Taekwon-Do one of the oldest forms of Self-Defense in the world originated in Korea, there are 2 known organisations WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) and ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation).
I used to train with WTF in Morocco amd  here in Wroclaw I started with ITF the diffrence  is that in addition I can use my hands wich almost not possible with WTF.  Continue reading “Taekwondo in Wroclaw”

Saunas in Wroclaw – check my top 3 places to get warm 🔥!

Saunas in Wroclaw

Spending time in sauna is profitable for you. It’s very good for your beauty and health, its helps with curing  cardiovascular or lung diseases. It brings relief with many other ailments, such as: rheumatic pain, stress or depression. . Check my 3 favourite plases with saunas in Wroclaw (and all of them accept multisport card without addictional payiment).

Continue reading “Saunas in Wroclaw – check my top 3 places to get warm 🔥!”

Breakfast in Wroclaw

Breakfast in Wroclaw

Breakfast is THE meal

The one that can make your day better already at the beginnig. Ususally, we eat breakfast at home, in our kitchen with our favourite coffee or tea. But sometimes you find yourself with nothing to eat and in a new city, Wroclaw. And here come the pressing question, where to eat my breakfast in Wroclaw?

As a new citizen of Wroclaw I found myself in this situation, more than once. Thanks to my friends, I found few places for a breakfast in Wroclaw. I will present them to you now, as a personal guide to your breakfast in Wroclaw!

w kontakcie

You enjoy hummus? The vegeterian restaurant offers a lot of variations of the hummus, which can help you enjoy your Breakfast in Wroclaw in style, with nice homish decor. Spending time with your friends, trying out as many kinds of hummus as you can definitely can make your day better 🙂  They use local bio food, preparing your meal with heart and trying to make it not only delicious but healthy and as good for you as they can!

One of the best places to enjoy your Breakfast in Wroclaw and the beginnig of your day!

bułka z masłem

Original decor, feeling as if you were eating your breakfast in intimate and private place, while being in public restaurant? Bułka z masłem is your place for Breakfast in Wroclaw! I adore their creative ideas for decor, using fresh fruits in aesthetically pleasing wooden boxes. You can chill on comfortable and homish armchairs and chairs, not worrying about anything but having the best Breakfast in Wroclaw.

They offer not only breakfast menu, and if you miss the hours for it, you can choose something for early dinner/lunch. Everything I tried was delicious and fresh.


Breakfast in Wroclaw: other places:

  • Vivian Restaurant
  • Di Cafe Deli
  • Dinette
  • Etno cafe OVO
  • Giselle French Bakery Cafe
  • Central Cafe