Zięta’s sculpture in Wroclaw

The name of the island, “Wyspa Daliowa”, hardly rings a bell with the majority of Wroclaw’s residents, notwithstanding its central location. It is located near other islands such as Wyspa Piasek and Wyspa Słodowa, in the immediate vicinity of the Piaskowy Bridge (to reach Wyspa Daliowa you need to turn left past the Piaskowy Bridge and cross a wooden bridge). The first stage in the area’s regeneration process was to install a large sculpture by Wroclaw-based designer Oskar Zięta. A bionic sculpture fill in the empty space of the island.

The NAWA sculpture is a part of the European Capital of Culture 2016 celebrations, whose main slogan is “metamorphoses of culture”, i.e. shifts occurring in the domain of culture, communities and the city itself. The idea of metamorphosis itself also underlies the NAWA sculpture.

Oskar Zieta‘s NAWA sculpture creates a dynamic cultural experience for its viewers, and revitalizes the neglected space of Daliowa Island in Wrocław. The installation consists of a series of 35 polished, steel arches, that together, form a gate-like passageway. even though the material’s reflective surface emphasizes its bionic form, the organic curve of its arches mimic the natural landscape and surrounding river. The overall sculpture seems to emerge from the ground — creating a sense of ‘organic unity.’

The design, together with its execution, transport and installation costed 1 million 300 thousand PLN. Additional expenses was to be incurred to regenerate the island. The large-format sculpture is seeing from ul Grodzka and is quite one of the modern symbols of the city. Oskar Zięta was convinced that innovative architecture attracts new visitors.

One of the main reasons behind sculpture’s creation was to give the island a new life. The opening proved “we’ve reached this goal” says Zięta team. Nawa caught eye of many visitors, even the youngest ones. As the first city sculpture made in innovative FiDU technology, Nawa is the highlight of the renewed island.

Online Rental Services in Wroclaw

Wroclaw Rental Services

Wroclaw Rental Services

Today, Wroclaw Rental Services and Apps are a great alternative to public transportation in Wroclaw. Thus, using the application downloaded from Google Play or App Store, you can rent a car, a bike or a scooter anywhere in the city to reach your destination point with the minimum time and costs.

Wroclaw City Bike

Of course, before you rent your first bike, you need to register in the WMR system. To do this, please visit Nextbike official website and follow the instructions. A minimum deposit of 10 zl activates the user’s account.

Thanks so electronic locks using by the rental system, it’s quite easy to rent a bike you like. Just enter your Nextbike App and press “Rent this bike”! Keep in mind that you have 20 FREE MINUTES to travel wherever you want. To return the bicycle, find the nearest bike station and insert it into the e-lock.

Electric Scooters

Expats in Wroclaw have the opportunity to hire one of the 75 double scooters. Download the app from http://blinkee.city and enjoy 45 km/h driving, even if you don’t have a driver’s license. But keep in mind that you must be over 21 years old and ready to show your ID. The scooters are available for hire on a minute-by-minute basis, just like City Bike.

You will not find specially equipped stations for this kind of Wroclaw Rental Services so in order to detect a scooter in the city, just browse the map in the App and reserve the nearest vehicle for 15 minutes. When you reach your e-scooter, unlock it without keys but with the App. You can also travel outside the city, but the necessary condition will be to leave the vehicle within the operational zone in Wroclaw.

Car Hire Apps

Online Wroclaw rental services for cars are represented by 2 market leaders:

The fleet of Traficar consists of 150 Clio Renault cars. Users pay for each kilometer driven and for each started minute of use. Cars are waiting in the streets and at some Orlen stations. To become a user, you need to register in the system by providing your personal data, credit card information, and driving license scan. The car can be hired through the application. The user checks whether the vehicles are available in the given area at the moment, chooses the nearest one, and reserves it for 15 minutes. When you reach the car, you scan the QR code from the windshield. The key card is waiting inside. The cost of travel is PLN 0.80 for each kilometer plus PLN 0.50 for every minute of use. A minute of parking costs 0.10 zl.

Users have 200 ELECRTIC cars available, including 190 Nissan Leaf and 10 VAN cars. This car hire service is quite similar to the previous one and operates on similar terms as Traficar. You only pay for 1 minute of drive, which is 1 zl. At the same time, a minute of a stop would cost you 10 groszy. For example, to reach Aquapark Wroclaw from the city center, you should prepare about 10 zl. Vozilla cars can be used outside Wroclaw but should be returned within the city limits, otherwise, the user pays an additional fee.

Trends in the beauty industry in Wroclaw

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Trends in the beauty industry in Wroclaw

beauty trends

The cosmetics market in Poland has come a long way. From state-owned cooperatives, where customers forced to a limited offer of services, often had to agree to low quality, to great equipped SPA salonsaesthetic medicine and the latest technologies offered by salons, where the customer is the source and purpose of all activities.

Not without significance the western trends and solutions tested on the US and Great markets remain and remain here Britain or Germany.

The most frequently used business model in Wrocław is a salon offering a wide range of treatments, instead of one profiled activity.

Hence the frequent situation of combining a beauty salon with services hairdressers either under the name of one owner or on the principles of mutual recommendation and team work.

The main services in Wroclaw include: face care treatments, mainly cleansing, massages, small services like eyebrows, hennawax depilation. Trends that become more and more popular epilation using IPL rays.

It is interesting that a frequent way of operating beauty salons is to expand the offer by hairdressing services either in the form of separate posts in the salon, or on the basis of cooperation and the hairdressing salon recommendation, usually located in the immediate vicinity of the salon cosmetic.

Trends in Wroclaw

trends in Massages

trends in beauty

We can say that the prospect of warmer days is one of the determinants of what salon customers choose. It’s about Ayurveda or Lomi Lomi. The latter is a massage which popularity grows mainly through so-called word of mouth, or more expertly termed word-of-mouth marketing. When someone tries once Lomi treatment offered by us, returns for more. For popular body treatments they support slimming or body shape modeling, eg LPG endermology. This operation it is simply highly effective and is still very popular.

trends in natural cosmetics


Fashion for “naturalness” trend is becoming more and more visible also in the cosmetics category. All kinds of natural products fair and fair trade attract many interested people, who count on the fact that during such events cosmetics are sold at a lower price.

That was the case during the Natural Beauty Fair, which took place in Wroclaw. On 7-8 April this year in the Zajezdnia Dąbie.  People was able to familiarize with the offer of dozens of exhibitors from all over Poland. To producers and creators of natural cosmetics, the fair was attended by cosmetologists, make-up artists, stylists, health and beauty experts as well as representatives of beauty salons and SPA hotels. source.

The Natural Beauty fair has already been held twice in Wroclaw:

1. http://www.poradnikhandlowca.com.pl/wydarzenia/wroclaw-trend-na-naturalne-kosmetyki-przyciaga-odwiedzajacych-targi

2. https://www.wroclaw.pl/go/wydarzenia/inne/1263988-targi-kosmetykow-naturalnych-natural-beauty-1

the organizer’s page: http://www.targinaturalbeauty.pl/

Trends in Therapies

Vibrationssoundsmusiclight and colors. Salons can be very attractive a place where the senses will be able to rest from the excess of stimuli.

More calm, conducive to reflections of sensation, quiet rooms, with skillfully chosen intensity They will appeal to many visitors of beauty salons.

“Claws” trends vs natural nails trends

Wroclaw nails

“Sparkling beauty” is becoming more and more popular. This is visible in a flashy manicure, eg with Swarovski crystals or creative hairstyles. Some places promote professional makeup without having to arranging, and the lounges at the airports encourage a 10-minute manicure. On the one hand, there is a return to the stylization associated with “glittering” and “dazzling”.

The return to naturalness is also observed. An offer that will focus on emphasizing natural beauty and simplicity may be tempting alternative for some

In conclusion, the cosmetics and SPA services industry is strictly subject dynamic changes. It is also an extremely innovative industry in which more and more appear new products,.

Vozilla Electric Cars Rental in Wrocław

Background of cars usage

In western Europe the number of cars has increased by 130% in the last 40 years. 100% increase took place in the 20 years between 1980 and 2000. Now the rate of increase is lower, sign that saturation is nearing, but trips are becoming longer and more frequent.

In developing economies, the rate of increase of the number of cars is often close to 10% per annum, which means a doubling every 7–8 years. It seems that we are witnessing a collective infatuation for cars that borders with addiction. Indeed, they are the most convenient (for the user) means of transportation ever devised, but the social cost associated is huge.


Every car need to be parked at either side of their trip. European cities are struggling to fulfill this need – and here is a field for companies to improve this situation.


So here we have initiatives like Vozilla in Wrocław which is offering short term (by minutes) rental of electric cars (over 200 cars in Wroclaw) which can be parked in special areas in city centre (green envelope mark). The charge is 1PLN per minute of the rental service.

The first thing the customer has to do is download a special app and register in the service. The app is necessary for you to find the closest vehicle and book it with your smartphone. Then you may access the car where the previous user or the operator have left it. The rental service is provided across the entire administrative area of Wrocław. Users are allowed to leave Wrocław. However, to return the car you are also obliged to return to the city. You can leave your car at any generally accessible car park.

Additionally, Vozilla’s cars are similar to cabs in that they are authorized to access bus lanes and zones with restricted access for combustion engine vehicles. Vozilla cars are authorised to use the following bus lanes: ul Reymonta/Pomorska, Podwale, Trzebnicka, Piłsudskiego, pl Teatralny, św Jadwigi, Traugutta, Jedności Narodowej, Szewska, Robotnicza.

3 pubs for gamers in Wroclaw

3 pubs for gamers in Wrocław

There are 3 pubs for gamers in Wroclaw, that I know of. If you are a gamer and want to spend quality time in a geeky place with your friends, Wroclaw has some very interesting options for you. Whether you want to organize a big meeting or just spontaneously go to a nerdy place, these are the places you can check out:

Padbar – the first pub for gamers in Poland

Padbar was founded in 2011. In time, it branched to three other cities. You can play here on an Xbox in beat’em ups and play FIFA with your friends, try the wide range of drinks and play board games for free. There’s also a Padbar Club. For 30 zlotys you can buy a membership card and gain points. For every 5 zł that you spend you gain points, that you can exchange for free drinks. I’ts good to make a reservation ahead of time, because of the sheer popularity of this place.

Location: Kazimierza Wielkiego Street 1 in  Time’s building

Site: http://wroclaw.padbar.pl/kontakt/

Cybermachina – franchise nerd pub

Cybermachina was opened in back in 2015. It’s the largest chain of pubs for geeks in Poland, it has a total of 8 locations in the country. There’s a wide variety of drinks, that reference pop culture. They have Czech and regional beer, you can also eat some snacks and toasts. There are many consoles, arcade games and board games free of charge.

Cybermachina has game tournaments, as well as regular sporting events (such as football matches on TV). Sometimes they also organize small meetings for people working in the gaming industry in Wroclaw. They are called Pog(R)adajmy and you have to check their Facebook page for more details. You have keep in mind that they close fairly early. Usually opening hours span from 2 pm to 1 am.

Location: Szczytnicka Street 52

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CybermachinaWroclaw/

Hex – cafe mixed with pub for the board games enthusiasts

Hex’s origins are a cafe with board games in Cracow. Their second coffeehouse mixed with a bar was openend in Wroclaw in 2014. Since then they have presented about 400 different board games to their guests. Hex host board game competitions, they also have card games. On the occasions they organize Hearthstone tournaments – but you have to bring your own Smartphone or laptop to play. Sometimes they have special workshops for people interested in learning how to play board games. Also you can check out prototypes, that upcoming creators bring to the cafe. They even have their own game, called “Tawerna Hex”. You can also drink some niche beer and eat different meals. Hex is usually open to guests from 3 pm to midnight, but you have check whether they have spare seats before, because of the various events.

Location: Dubois Street 33/35b

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Hex.wroclaw/






Natural life in Wroclaw

Natural life in Wroclaw

Natural life in Wroclaw

When i came to Wroclaw for the first time, the temperatures did’nt let me to enjoy all the possibilities that this city offers. I started an “inside life” during the firsts weeks, which i enjoyed, but i needed something else. Because of that and with the arrival of good temperatures, i discovered all the things i was missing out during the frists days.

I can say that the Natural life in Wroclaw make the city a perfect place for everyone that loves to scape from the busy city life by enjoying the natural atmosphere that not all the big cities can show us. So for anyone who wants to come to this incredible city, there is some places that are a “must” to visit here.

One of the most improtant natural places to visit here is Szczytnicki Park. This park is one of the most diverse terrains in terms of nature. Here grow 350 species of trees from Europe, Asia, America and live here many species of animals: foxes, martens, 70 species of birds. More than one hundred hectares stretch between Różyckiego, Paderewskiego, Kopernika and Olszewskiego streets. In 1783, L. Hohenlohe, commander of the garrison of Wroclaw, founded the first park in this place, in the area of ​​the old village Szczytniki.

Secondly we can find another park in the neighborhood of Krzyki: Poludniowy Park. Natural life in Wroclaw this is it! In 1877, a wealthy merchant and philanthropist Julius Schöttlander donated 25 hectares to the city in an elegant district of Wroclaw.

A few years were enough to create a beautiful landscaped park, with a large pond and meadows. The Poudniowy Park is one of the favorite places of leisure of the Krzyki neighborhood, in which the inhabitants enjoy the walking paths. In the wide fields there are playgrounds, obstacle courses for children and suitable places to play petanque or badminton.

Apart of those two, there is another natural life in Wroclaw which i’d say is one of the most extravagant place of this city.

The Japanese garden is one of the most popular places for walks. In addition to hundreds of species of plants, trees, shrubs and original flowers, in the park there are also interesting Japanese elements such as the entrance door, the pavilion One of the attractive elements is a huge pond with carp and other species of fish. In the garden, presentations of the tea ceremony, concerts, outdoor events are often organized.

Apart from these, there are more natural places to visit that make Wroclaw a city where you can choose the way you can enjoy it, however, these three parks are the ones i like the most or the ones i found more interesting. As a final conclusion, Wroclaw offers an infinity of natural stuff that everyone should visit during their stay in the city.

3 polish films for expats

These 9 months living in Wroclaw as a Erasmus student have been the perfect opportunity to become closer to polish cinema. Today, I would like to recomend you 3 polish films for expats. These 3 films are: “The double life of Veronique”, “In the name of” and “Edi”. I would like to talk about them deeply, instead of just explaining what the plot is about.

Firstly, we are going to talk about “The double life of Veronique”, a Krzysztof Kieślowski film released in 1991.

“The double life of Veronique” is structured in two parts: the one corresponding to the character of Weronika, which covers the first third of the film, more or less and the one that concerns Véronique, which covers the rest.

Weronika is a girl who lives in Poland, who has a short career as a singer and more than that, she suffers from a serious heart disease. Véronique, her twin, lives in France. The parallel between the lifes of one and the other, beyond the name and the face, are very obvious. Both are dedicated to music (Weronika as a lyrics singer and Véronique as a teacher in a conservatory). Moreover, they have the same scar, their mothers are dead, they share the same disease and they do not know of the existence of the other one. Both, in spite of the millions of kilometers that separate them, are capable of feeling that they are not alone. Their existences seem to be, in some way, interconnected. “I feel like I’m not alone”, Weronika tells to her father after waking from a dream. Later, Véronique makes a confession to her lover: “Throughout my life I had the impression of being here and far away.” It is clear that both feel each other. It could be said that they are two bodies that live the same soul.

The existence of a double stranger is a very common topic in Universal Literature and serves as a premise to the Polish filmmaker to give life to this suggestive, mysterious and poetic story full of explicit scenes.

The strength of the film resides precisely in the bond between these two women who resemble each other, feel the emotions of the other one and, even if they have never met. The film is placed between the awakening and the dreams. The silence, the emotions, the memories that seemed to have vanished, but also the permanent bewilderment fed the connection between Weronika and Véronique.

The film reaches its maximum splendor with the history of the puppets. We can consider this scene a metaphor for the bond that unites the twins. But this is not the only relationship we can establish. The fact that a twin is Polish and the other French seems to point to the relationship between Poland and the rest of Europe at that time.

In what concerns the audiovisual quality, we can say that “The double life of Veronique” is a film with a careful, original and sensitive visual aspect. The scenes have a certain warm tone, almost touching the sepia shade, which contributes to the beauty of the feelings.

As a conclusion, we can say that “The double life of Veronique” will make you fantasize about the possibility of having a doppleganger in another part of the world, capable of trapping you in a story full of mixed feelings.

In order to continue with this list of 3 polish films for expats I would like to talk about “In the name of…”. It was directed by Małgorzata Szumowska and released in 2014. It shows the life of a closeted middle-aged gay priest (Adam) who lives in a rural town. He tries to straighten young delinquents and reinsert them into society. At all times he hides his sexual orientation. Despite being aware of his attraction to men, Adam decided to become an active part of the Catholic community to escape from his sexuality. When he met Lukasz, one of the young guys he tries to help, that “bandage of sexuality” that he has over his eyes became more difficult to wear.

I think it’s one of the movies we’ve seen in class that has generated more controversy. This is due to the relationship established between the church (and Catholicism in general) and homosexuality. For centuries the church has been labeled homophobic and the truth is that sometimes it deserves that label. I am heterosexual, Christian, Catholic and a practitioner but I think there should be a renewal of Catholicism. Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you”, at no time specified the gender of that ”another”. In Spain, unlike Poland, marriage between persons of the same sex is permitted but judicially, not ecclesiastically. I believe that this should change and that homosexual marriage should be approved by the Church. In spite of everything, today we can see small flashes of light of that renewal. The current pope has repeatedly mentioned phrases such as: “If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and is willing to do so, who am I to judge?” or “People should not be defined only by their sexual tendencies: let us not forget that God loves all his creatures and that we are destined to receive his infinite love.” The church has been involved on several occasions in scandals related to pedophilia and child abuse. Obviously they are isolated cases and measures have always been taken but it is ironic how these “servants of God” judge homosexuals and the LGTBIQ + community in general at the same time that they commit those crimes.

Going back to the movie, the boys try to show their masculinity continuously. They address each other with “insults” such as “you are a pussy.” They intend to continue the role of man that the current society imposes seeking authority and respect. We can find not only a gesture of “supposed masculinity” but also an apology to sexism. With these comments it seems that women are inferior to men.

There is one scene that has caught my attention: Adam masturbating in the bathtub. The director wants to show us how a priest can sin of thought and deed. If we analyze the scene more deeply we can consider water as a symbol. Water is often related to purity and it seems that Adam purifies himself of his sins instantly. But this is not the only scene in which Adam sins, there is also an explicit sex scene between Adam and Lukazs where you can see two people loving each other, beyond the genre, religion or any other social conception.

The end of the movie was quite surprising to me. Lukasz decided to join the school of priests, but it does not seem that he did so because he had received the call of God, actually he did not want to be separeted from his true love: Adam. Despite being an impossible love they will fight for their union in hiding.

As a final contribution, I consider it a very necessary film for the Polish society, given the existing conception of homosexuals in this country. The film may have helped the LGTBIQ + community to normalize their situation. I hope that within a few years this community can be treated with absolute respect.

The last polish film I am going to talk about is “Edi”, directed by the Polish Piotr Trzaskalski and carried out by Henryk Golebiewski. This film tells the story of two homeless who sell metal scraps in order to earn some cash. Thanks to that money they will buy alcohol to avoid the problems they have around. Shortly later Edi will be immersed in a series of problems after accepting the proposition of some gansters, which will turn him into an adoptive father.

In this first part of the film you can see the vice that Edi and his homeless mate had with alcohol. This is a social problem that can be seen day after day in any society in the world. Thanks to it they reach an utopian state that distances them from the real problems they had, with which they count, making them catch an easy path of life where the complications seem to be minimal.

On the other hand, in this film it is possible to observe values of great importance as the support. Edi, having no material values such as a house, vehicle or even money, focuses its social capital on relationships with others. At all times he shows a strong empathic position as he always offers everything for others without expecting anything in return. Thanks to these acts he feels alive and with vitality to go forward. With this fact I have been able to learn that material goods are not the ones that give vitality to life but social relationships and experiences with others are those which make you feel alive and full of energy.

Likewise the film shows the real life as it is because it does not look for perfect and happy endings. It is important to add that it does not focus on a single genre but it mixes romance, drama, certain moments of suspense and even terror. Life itself is that, the combination of different types of moments, that make us grow as humans.

One of the concepts that I liked the most about the film was the famous “Carpe Diem” lifestyle. Edi is a person who focuses on his day by day, making every day special. As the protagonist says every day can be Christmas since you are the one who chooses how to feel, live and even manage that day.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that in today’s society the idea that men are more violent than women is really ingrained. However the film breaks with this gender, sexuality, ethnicity and disability in Poland topic since as it shown all men do not comply with that idea. It is the case of the protagonist who in spite of being in adverse situations he does not resort to violence. In my opinion I think the term masculine is not well defined because there are no concrete roles for the male or female gender, but everyone is capable of doing everything. In the case of Edi, despite the fact that he is a man, he is able to raise and to get by a baby. This role is associated with women so the film again breaks with stereotypes marked by society.

I hope you liked these 3 recommendations of polish films for expats. If you watch them let me know by social media @SergioSMacias.

Thank you for your attention!


Hotel Spa in Wroclaw

Hotel Spa in Wroclaw

I recommend taking advantage of the Wroclaw Hotel Spa in Wroclaw give you a lot of fun and pleasure


The Hotel Monopol, built in 1892 in the Neo-baroque style, is the first hotel worthy of attention with an interesting spa offer. This 5-star hotel is located at Modrzewska Street in Wroclaw. It delights with many issues in terms of its appearance.  Modernly arranged rooms will make you feel special. The price of a hotel for a room for two is from PLN 450 per night. Hotel Spa in Wroclaw – this is the best pleace. For entering the wellness area, you have to pay PLN 80 for an adult, and PLN 50 for a child – the prices cover your entire stay. It includes a swimming pool with jacuzzi, a gym with modern equipment for various types of exercise, a dry sauna, a steam bath, as well as a salt and iodine grotto. The price of stay in the wellness area also includes a towel and drinking water.

The hotel also has an interesting spa offer.

A remarkable treatment at the hotel’s spa is a “vitamin glow” – anti-ageing facial treatment with vitamin C – it will make your skin nourished and brightened. The price of such treatment is 280 PLN for 75 minutes. Noteworthy surgery for the body is the “Asian Cruise” treatment – a cleansing treatment for the body with a mixture of three types of teas and algae, it also has relaxing and calming effect. The price of such treatment is 400 PLN/120min.

It is also worth taking advantage of the classical massage, which will allow you to relax, stimulate blood circulation and significantly improve well-being. Massage price 30 min/PLN 150. If we are talking about hotel Spa in Wroclaw – you find right pleace here.

The hotel also has an offer of hand and nail stylization.


The second hotel that has a distinctive spa offer is the Platinum Palace Hotel. A 5-star hotel located next to the beautiful South Park, just a quarter of an hour from the centre of Wroclaw. The hotel building is a restored residence of the Schoeller family, finished in a modern style.

Prices per night as per this hotel standard are not too high, and they start form PLN 319 per night. The 2+2 offer was created specially for holidays, that is for two adults and two children, and the prices are from PLN 379 per night. The hotel price also includes free use of sauna, jacuzzi or gyms. The advantage of staying in the hotel is also the possibility of late check-out.

Spa & Wellness

Platinum Palace has an excellent Spa&Wellness offer for you that will allow you to take care of both health and spirit. The offer of the Spa&Wellness hotel zone includes treatment packages as well as individual treatments and massages. A noteworthy package is “Classically for two” [“Klasycznie we dwoje”] – a massage with hot oils for two by candlelight, a jacuzzi bath with a glass of wine and sweets for two. The price for 120 minutes is PLN 330.

I recommend you single treatments, such as: Explosion of youth [Eksplozja młodości] – a lifting treatment, the price of which is PLN 230 per one hour, Male Relax [Męski Relaks] – a beauty and nourishing treatment, the price of which is PLN 230 for 60 minutes.

You can try a spine massage for PLN 150/30 minutes.


The third spa hotel in Wroclaw worth a visit is the three-star Sofia hotel located near the railway station in Wroclaw. The convenient location will make sightseeing of  Wroclaw easy and pleasant.  For a night in a room for two people we will pay about PLN 332. Classically arranged rooms in this hotel will make your stay pleasant and friendly.

The hotel also has an interesting wellness & spa zone at very favourable prices. For a classic massage you have to pay only 90 PLN for 60 minutes. A package of “Relax” treatments is also worth your attention; it includes a body relaxation massage, peeling and reflexotherapy. The price of such a series of treatments is PLN 290. Try also a series of treatments “Sea breeze” – with a mask of algae and salt peeling for only PLN 220. The spa offer also includes regenerative treatments for feet and hands for only PLN 50, which is a great bargain.

Therefore, when coming to Wroclaw do benefit from the offer of Wroclaw hotels offering a spa & wellness zone, so that your stay can be not only comfortable, but will also have a positive impact on your body and spirit.

Healthy diet catering – new trend for active people

Trend, healthy diet catering, active people in Wroclaw

Wroclaw city of expats gives people new trand – healthy diet catering

Wroclaw is utmost modern city in Poland permanently filling by expats from throughout the world. Therefore proved and modern trends in Wroclaw spreading fast and work on people needs pretty well, as seem around. People here are quet demanding in quality of life, in services and especcially regarding food and healthy lifestyle. So, what is it healthy diet catering?

When it comes up to quality food and saving time we may seeing quite demanding trand in Wroclaw.  Among active people who has not enough time due to busy daily tasks the solution could be daily meals catering. One of them what I have heard from my friends is “ActiveFit” food service.

Have a look inside to how healthy diet catering works and what is the benefits. 

That service provide list of balanced daily diets depend on your healthy lifestyle. Yet, they deliver your daily pack wherever you need.

The prices for healthy diet catering strating from 47 zl for 5 meals per day, (breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and supper). Delivery is free, by the way.

We may chose among 8 diets and set up pretty precisly what meals should include, which grossery, how many callories must be into your daily meals. Take a look below.

Trend: sport diet

  • Standard diet.  Standard from 1200 kcal – 52 PLN / day up to standard 2500 kcal – 65 PLN / day. 
Proteins: 10-20%
Carbohydrates: 55-60%
Fat: 25-30%
  •  Vegan diet. Vegan from 1200 kcal – 52 PLN / day up to vegan 2500 kcal – 65 PLN / day

Proteins: 10-20%
Carbohydrates: 50-55%
Fat: 25-35%

  • Vegetarian diet. Healthy diet catering Vegetarian 1200 kcal – 48 PLN / day up to vegetarian 2500 kcal – 61 PLN / day

Proteins: 10-20%
Carbohydrates: 50-55%
Fat: 25-35%

  • Diet for weight loss.  Weight loss  1200 kcal – 47 PLN / day up to weight loss 2500 kcal – 60 PLN / day

Protein: 20-30%
Carbohydrates: 30-45%
Fat: 30-35%

  • Samurai diet.  Samurai 1800 kcal – 53 PLN / day up to samuraja 3000 kcal – 65 PLN / day

Protein: 25-35%
Carbohydrates: 40-50%
Fat: 25-30%

  • Paleo diet. Paleo 1200 kcal – 52 PLN / day up to paleo 2500 kcal – 65 PLN / day

Protein: 19-35%
Carbohydrates: 22-40%
Fat: 28-47%

  • Sport diet for reduction.  Sport 1200 kcal – 52 PLN / day up to sport 2500 kcal – 65 PLN / day

Protein: 25-30%
Carbohydrates: 40-45%
Fat: 25-30%

  • Sport diet on mass. Mass 1800 kcal – 53 PLN / day up to mass 3000 kcal – 65 PLN / day

Protein: 25-30%
Carbohydrates: 40-55%
Fat: 25-30%

In terms of order daily meals for more than 14 days there are discount 5%, and more than 30 days 10%, surely they should somehow encourage clients.

Yet, from my personal point of view that approach to eating may really save a time for thus who count, and let fills our bodies fresh and healthy food permanently without concernings about ingredients and quality. And I’m happy to see that trands in Wroclaw could be so helpful to keep healthy lifestyle on that high level.

Digital Nomads. The trend!

digital nomad

What is a digital nomad? Workers, but not any worker. Those who often work remotely with the help of tech.

Digital nomads are workers, Those who often work remotely with the help of tech. Such workers often work at home, coffee shops or even at the beach. Some would say the sky is the limit. But, for working nomads, the WiFi is the limit, this is a career path that allows location independence, as far as they connect to a good WiFi signal.

Why remote work make sense today?

Today,  the physical barriers no longer exist, the reason why the managerial models tend to be more flexible.

One common fear,  by managers, when considering whether to hire remote team members,  is that quality and productivity suffer when teammates are physically distant.

For some managers, the obligatory presence in an office is still a must. They need to see to believe. Managers don’t like surprises and may feel that they’d have a tougher time keeping track of employees. Without the formal check-ins that characterize an in-person environment, some could managers feel lost.

Fortunately, the picture is different in Wroclaw, those days, if you make a quick skim of the job offers that the companies allocated in Wroclaw, some of them are offering as a perk the opportunity to have some days of remote work. A trend that may sound appealing for an expat who wants the flexibility to enjoy a more complete experience of living abroad.

Pracuj.,pl is one of the most popular job sites in Poland.
A remote Job offer. Site pracuj.pl

Why remote work makes sense in Wroclaw?

I want to start by saying that Wroclaw is underrated. Typically when people book their first trip to Europe they instantly think of countries such as France, Spain or Italy. However, Poland and specially Wroclaw is the best European destination 2018, Wroclaw in my opinion soon will be heading in the direction of a “go-to” destination in Europe. And quick!

Last year, this city has been awarded as one of the best cities in europe
Wroclaw, the Best European Destination 2018

Most People Speak English, the language barrier is not a problem in this city, another big plus, if you are a remote worker, wanted to visit Poland.

Good news! In Wroclaw, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the language barrier, as most people also speak English. In addition, most restaurants will offer an English menu. If you are ever stuck reading a sign, label or maybe have to face a Polish menu, just download Google Translate app. You can simply take a picture of what you want to be translated and it will translate it. It’s that easy

Menus are translated into english
Polish Menu. Pasibus restaurant

In summary,  if you love adventure, and flexibility is in your heart and remote work is in your core belief system,  the idea of making  Wroclaw your home for some weeks or months is a great idea.

Wroclaw a cultural destination and offers the possibility to travel to other near cities to enjoy new cultures. But,  as beautiful as this city is you need to keep your security at the forefront of your mind.

Even if you are familiar with Poland, some places are just tougher to foreigners than others;  Wroclaw is a friendly city, but it is still important to get into good habits regardless.