National Forum of Music in Wroclaw – good quality of music

The National Forum of Music is a music venue with good quality of music.

National Forum of Music offers wonderful time for all music lovers. The main hall is very beautiful and has fantastic accoustics. There are couple of small halls as well. Whole building looks great: a modern, comfortable and beautiful music hall.   Location is great – easy walk from historic centre.

Presently, the National Forum of Music organizes the following national and international festivals and events:
  • Wratislawia Cantans International Festival of Music,
  • Jazztopad,
  • Musica Polonica Nova,
  • Musica Electronica Nova,
  • Forum Musicum,
  • Leo Festival,
  • NFM New Year Festival,
  • Early Music Festival.

Wratislavia Cantans, also referred to as the International Festival of Oratorio and Cantata Music, is held every September in Wrocław.  In 1978 Wratislavia Cantans was put on the list by the European Association of Music Festivals in Geneva, and thus officially earned the status of an international festival, although in fact, the Festival had hosted foreign artists since its very beginning.

The NFM also organized a lot of interesting concerts with artists like a Patricia Kaas is a French singer and actress; American jazz musician Charles Lloyd or Herbie Hancock. Herbie Hancock  is an American pianist, keyboardist, bandleader, composer and actor.

NFM also organizes a wide range of educational projects for children such as Choir Academy, Singing Europe, Family Philharmonic, Philharmonic for Youngsters.

Tickets for the concerts of National Forum of Music are sold in the box office open Monday through Friday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm (break 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm).

Starting at 60 minutes before the concert and at the concert venue, the box office sells only tickets to this particular concert.

The sales of entrance tickets begins after all numbered seats have been sold.

Internet sales:

Make sure you find something to see and hear here.

So if you are a music lover just book tickets in advance and visit this fantastic place!

Biggest Polish Indoor Trampoline Park – Here in Wroclaw! Jump in to Find out More!

People need to play- it is a demand of our body.  And staying active doesn’t have to mean a daily ten-mile jog or “living” in a gym. Indoor trampoline park GOjump is true fun for everybody, where the rules of gravity no longer apply!
GOjump as a way to explore youself

Opened on May 2016 GOjump become a place to gather with friends, family, and your community.

Trampoline park is located in the East part of Wroclaw at 59/75 Jana Długosza St.  It has easy acces from every part of the city. Also GOjump will take care of your car or bicycle while having fun inside.

Gojump as a place to improve your extreme skills

If you want to practice some tricks without pain- soft landing is a key. GOjump Indoor Trampoline Park built additional area for it- GOslide. There you will find 3 kickers with different angles of descent. Thanks to soft landing and professional trainers you will feel more stable in “real circumstances”. Profit!

Payment options and opening hours

GOjump Indoor Trampoline Park is opened 7 days in the week from 10 AM till 10PM.  There is 2 ways to get the ticket: online or on site. To avoid lines and safe some money  I suggest to buy tickets online.  Choosing the online method you will also aible to check congestion and get 4zl discount from each ticket

Slodowa Island / Malt Island

If you stay in Wroclaw for more than few days, you have to see Slodowa Island.

It is located in the center of Wroclaw. Slodowa Island is not associated with any major historical event. From the fifteenth century there were malt houses (“malt” in polish means “słód” – this is why this island is called, obviously, “Malt Island”), but now there are not even their remains. You can ask: So why should I go there?

The answer is: Slodowa Island is a cult meeting place (mainly for students) in Wroclaw.

From October to mid-March the island is calm and is mainly used for walking, running or cycling – if you don’t believe me, there are some pictures :).

One of brigdes leading to Slodowa Island Family walk on Slodowa Island 

However, since March it is full of young people laughing, playing the guitar, singing and playing games. Every year, March 21 (first day of spring, but also: truant day), young people gather on Slodowa Island to inaugurate the new season of evening meetings in this place.

From this day until the first cold nights, the island is full of laughter, singing, beer (important information below!) and games every evening.

People on Slodowa Island play mainly:

  • freesbee
  • badminton
  • football tricks
  • flanks (oh, you HAVE to try flanks 😉 ).

Słodowa Island is also a place where many concerts take place.

The biggest music event organized here is “Majówka” (1-3 May), during which there are the biggest stars of Polish rock. A few times there was also beaten “Guinness Guitar Record” in the number of people playing the same song on the guitar at the same time.

I can write about the island for a long time, but the most important thing is: you should see it with your own eyes and feel the atmosphere there 🙂


Let’s face it: full of people likes to drink some beer on Slodowa Island. IS THIS LEGAL? Well, for several years you can’t drink alcohol in public places in Poland. However, student self-governments negotiate with the city authorities every year that they can exclude the Malt Island from this ban. Remember: you are opening beer at your own risk! 🙂

Clubbing in Wroclaw

clubbing in Wroclaw

Music in Wroclaw, clubbing in Wroclaw, it does not matter if you’re old or young and what kind of music you listen to. In Wroclaw you will find something for yourself. There are many clubs in Wroclaw for those who like clubbing every weekend and for those who sometimes go out with friends to experience different music, different style of other people.

In all clubbing in Wroclaw clubs

  • Gray Music Club,
  • Vertigo Jazz Club and Restaurant and
  • Mundo 71 Music Club

are worth recommending. In these clubs you can really have fun.

In Gray you can find hip-hop, RNB, Funky, a bit of Drum and Bass, Jungle and Chillout. You must, of course, see what music is played by DJ in a given weekend. You have a good choice in Wroclaw, but if you did not feel like this kind of music, you can come and relax with jazz in the Vertigo club. There is clubbing there, so in this place, in addition to super people, you have the opportunity to blend in to a crazy place. This place has been specially designed by Kuba Michalski, one of the best known designers in Wroclaw. So if you fancy Jazz, just go to Verigo

… and Mundo 71. If you’re serious about having fun and clubbing in Wroclaw, you can not pass this place. It is great. Great people, great music in the 80’s and 90’s. Really one of the best clubs in Wroclaw. A lot of people after the party here have a yo-yo effect – they come back to have fun again, meet other people and forget about the gray of the day.

The most important, however, is security in Wroclaw. Wroclaw is really safe at night and people are nice. They will always help you get to the club or home if you get lost. However, if you do not feel like clubbing in Wroclaw, there are always other options.

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw

Japanese Garden as a nice trip for sunny weekend

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw as a nice trip for sunny weekend

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is located in Park Szczytnicki close to Hala Stulecia.

Highly recommended, created in 1902-1912 by Fritz von Hochberg and renovated several times became at once substitute of eastern culture in our city.

Thanks to the work of Japanese specialists all elements of the garden in the smallest details are consistent with the original Japanese art garden. For a while we can admire unique architecture and style totally different from our culture – you will be surprised for sure.

We can distinguish huge amount of plants imported from Japan and inserted into few floors of greenery. Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is one of the best art place.


Japanese Garden in Wroclaw – good way for relax

The park is the perfect place for deep relaxation appreciated each season by thousands of visitors. Especially in the spring and summer, we are feeling harmony with nature when all flowers and plants start to blossom.  Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is amazing and unforgettable!


Buy ticket and visit

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is open every day from 1 of April till 31 of October ( 9.00 a.m – 07.00 p.m). The prices aren’t high – full-price ticket is for 4 zloty, reduced ticket- 2 zloty.  It is worth to buy admission card – for a year is only 20 zloty. There is always opportunity to organize some photo shoot ex. concerning wedding and the permission costs 100 zloty. The easiest way to go to Japanese Garden in Wroclaw is to take the tram 1, 2, 4, 10 bus stop “Hala Stulecia”


Views are so stunning – don’t forget to take your camera and make some pics!


Good film in Wroclaw

7 tips if you want to see good film in Wroclaw

If you just arrived in Wroclaw and you are thirsty to see the most interesting and good film or meet independent film makers – you are in probably the best place in Poland to do it.

First of all we have one of the bigest arthouse cinemas in central Europe – Nowe Horyzonty. The place was created by Gutek Film founder: Roman Gutek and strongly supported by city itself.  In this cinema you can not only see really good film, but also attend  two amazing festivals: New Horizons Film Festival, American Film Festival. Whole year is full of movie review of Asian, German, Australia cinema. You can also see some Polish movies for begginers. If you want become an expert in film of world or Polish cinema you can enroll to special film „University”. If you can’t attend screenings ther you always have antother option. Because for second we have Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe as a „competitor” of Nowe Horyzonty with all great non convecial films. The place is located near main train station, so is easy to reach and visit.

DCF film center best place in Wroclaw
On this picture we see entrance to DCF with one of the screening places.

How to use the most of film experience and see good film in Wroclaw?

1. Visit Nowe Horyzonty cinema at Kazimierza Wielkiego street and feel the increadible film atmosphere.

2. Install Nowe Horyzonty app to see film plan and incoming events.

3. Follow the Nowe Horyzonty in Social media and subscribe thier newsletter.

4. Go to Piłsudskiego street and visit Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe.

5. Follow DCF on Social Media subscribe thier newsletter.

6. Subscribe to PIK Wrocław.

7. Join Wrocław film group.

You can also set your own film group and enjoy the cinematic paradise 🙂
It’s really easy to see a good film in Wrocław.

Where to get best mead in Wrocław

mead in Wrocław

Best mead in Wrocław

If you ask me, the best pub in Wrocław is definitely Miodosytnia. It stands out among others because their main specialty is honey. You can either add it to a regular beer or preferably order a plain mead in forms of Dwójniak, Trójniak, or Półtorak. If those names don’t ring a bell yet, then you should definitely visit the pub located in Wrocław on Kiełbaśnicza 6.

Mead degustation in Miodosytnia
Mead degustation

Apart from great meads, you’ll be positively by their interior design. Hexagonal shapes on the walls and dominant yellow color resemble beehives.
It’s a great place for expats as well. If you want to try some characteristic polish cuisine, you shouldn’t limit yourself to dumplings and bigos. Mead was one of the most popular drinks in polish manor houses. Nobility with the golden drink in their hands was frequently described in the works of Mickiewicz or Sienkiewicz.

Apart from that, Miodosytnia is a pub with board games. Whether on a date or a larger party with friends, you will find something suitable and entertaining. Their quality is still good and there’s a quite wide selection of titles.

So if you ever ask yourself: “where can I drink mead in Wrocław?”, you already know the answer.
See you there!


There are no other pubs dedicated strictly to serving this delicious drink in Wrocław. Nevertheless, you can still purchase it in stores or pubs.


  • K2
  • Las
  • Dwór Polski


  • Feniks
  • Carrefour
  • Piotr i Paweł

Have you been to other places, which serve mead in Wrocław?
Include them in the comments and share your opinion about them!

Polish Cinema for Beginners and Expat

Wroclaw cheap dormitories

What you can learn from Polish films as an expat?

How can you see Polish culture and society in films? What Do You Know About Polish Cinema? Have you heard about Polish Cinema for Beginners and Expat?

Using Adam Kruk words: Polish Cinema for Beginners and expat – a series of film screenings and discussions.  For five years to date has been presenting the most interesting works of Polish cinema to the residents of Wrocław, no matter where they are coming from. 

If you are an expat and want to know more about Polish cinema you should catch up with series  Polish Cinema for Beginners.

People from all over the world are offered to watch Polish classics at the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema. It really important that they have English subtitles. These are films worth a discussion for cosmopolitan audience. So you as an expat can really benefit from Polish Cinema for Beginners project.

Polish Cinema for Beginners and Expat film list:

  • Danton by Andrzej Wajda
  • The Ghost Writer by Roman Polański
  • Strange Heaven by : Dariusz Gajewski
  • Imagine by Andrzej Jakimowski
  • Gospel According to Harry by Lech Majewski

Why project Polish Cinema for Beginners and Expat?

This short videos will quickly explain it to you. Polish Cinema for Beginners is a great project that helps you be better in disscusion about Polish cinema. It will also helps you to know more about Poland history, culture or society.


Partners of Polish Cinema for Beginners are  for example:  Nowe Horyzonty, Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa, Gazeta Wyborcza,

The team:

1. Agata Polak | coordinator/marketing
2. Alicja Kania | social media / www
3. Paweł Kosuń | foundation president/founder
4. Lech Moliński | foundation vice-president/founder
5. Kuba Żary | public relations/contact with partners
6. Marcin Rosiński | graphic designer
7. Adam Kruk | events programer & host

Bridges in Wroclaw city

Bridges in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is forth largest city in Poland. Wroclaw is also one of the most stunning place in Poland. A thriving multicultural centre, Wroclaw is home to a growing student with a student population of over 130.000. Wrocław is a university city  making it one of the most youthful cities in the country. Main focus of this article is to point that bridges in Wroclaw are most characteristic to the city.

Before World War II, there were 303 footbridges and bridges in Wroclaw. Now there is much less but still the city have the larger number bridges in Poland. Wroclaw is situated on 12 islands connected by 112 bridges – is often referred to as ‘’Lower Silesian Venice.’’ Nowadays taking into account modern criteria i.e. all the river bridges, canal bridges, footbridges over the railway tracks and the streets, there are about 220 of them. In this post I would like to bring it closer three bridges which are interesting for me.

Będziński – one of the bridges in Wroclaw

Rędziński bridge is longest and highest bridge in Wroclaw and also in Poland. The bridge is 612 meters long and 122 meters high. Prof. Jan Biliszczuk was the main constructor of the bridge – lecturer at the Wrocław University of Technology. The first cars crossed the bridge in the summer 2011.

Grunwaldzki Bridge in Wroclaw

most Grunwaldzki
photo of Most Grunwaldzki by Peter Balcerzak

The Grunwaldzki bridge is the most famous bridge in Wroclaw. The bridge was created in the years 1908-1910 and was designed by Richard Pluddemann. The bridge is 112,5 meters long and 18 meters wide. A new technology was used in its construction. The ceremonial opening of the bridge took place in 1910.

Milenijny Bridge in Wroclaw

The bridge was build in 2002-2004. The author of the bridge design is Piotr Wanecki and the leading designer Marek Jagiełło. The Bridge is 25,12 meters wide and 923,5 meters long.