Who is Nikos?

It’s almost a year since I came to the wonderful Wroclaw

It’s almost a year since I came to the wonderful Wroclaw. Houses, streets, nature, trees, people – everything impresses me here. Every day I discover for myself something new, like Alice from the well-known story of Carroll Lewis. It is a truly creative environment. If you watch the news feed on Facebook, you can see that every day there are some events:

  • opening art exhibitions,
  • premieres of performances,
  • concerts,
  • culling master classes,
  • language meetings and much more.

Sometimes it seems that all the talented people gathered in one city.

And there are many options, you are sure to find a place where your format is playing.

Particularly happy that there are places in Wocław where you can listen to good music. And there are many options, you are sure to find a place where your format is playing. I really love music, I have a special relationship with it, I sing everywhere in the shower, on the street, singing even in class, when I was at school, somehow even because of this I was kicked out of class. Not to mention that I wanted to become an opera singer, but somehow it did not work out. For that in my environment there are a lot of musicians. All of them are very talented people, constantly experiencing the creative process. It’s not a joke to distinguish notes by ear, like the colors yellow, green, red. Each of them lives in his wonderful world. I can not say that they can boast of good character. People are complex, but unique.

What I’m listening to.

Despite the fact that in my childhood almost every home was cassette tape recorders, then with laser discs. But in my family music was listened to on vinyl records and there were only records in the house with concerts of Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky. That’s why I really like classics and jazz improvisation.

And in this area Wroclaw prepared a surprise for me. Quite by accident, I met a young man with a jumbo in his hands. I do not know if you know that a jumbo has the action of a magnet, you certainly want to take it in your hands. If one of your friends has a jumbo, and he came with this to the party, everything will play on this instrument. Maybe even a cat …
My new friend turned out to be a rapper. Yes, yes it is Nikos. A guy from Wroclaw, a long time lived in England, but returned to his homeland. Very creative person. He himself writes texts and music. Has an extraordinary charisma. Rap in Polish is a little unexpected, it’s very cool. I like. The songs of Nikos have a very deep meaning, bright images, it’s nice that there are no obscene words in the texts. I was at his concert and I did not want to leave, I got a lot of fun.
I never thought that there might be a rap in my playlist. Yes guys, I listen to rap.
Nikos works a lot, writes texts, makes new mixes. I hope the next concert is just around the corner. If you will be able to go to the concert of Nikos do not miss it. I assure you, you will like it!

A new electric scooter rental in Wroclaw

A new electric scooter rental in Wroclaw

A new electric scooter rental in Wroclaw – GoScooter – started from 5 May this year. In total, Wrocław residents can take advantage of 100 scooters located in different parts of the city. A new electric scooter rental in Wroclaw is carried out using a special application. The cost of travel is 49 gr/min (the cost of parking: 9 gr/min).

A new electric scooter rental in Wroclaw

A new electric scooter rental in Wroclaw fits perfectly with the latest trends, filling the gap in collective transport. Wrocław is a city “of young people” value independence and freedom in particular.  Therefore, the rental of electric scooters is the best idea for them.

The new electric scooter rental is reminiscent of the Vozilla city electric rental company, which has been operating in Wrocław for half a year. To use the scooter, first of all download the application and then register your account. Especially relevant is that if we are 18 or older, we do not need a driving license. Next, we top up your account (the minimum amount is PLN 10). Then we look for the nearest free scooter on the map. Later, after make a 15-minute reservation, get into your chosen vehicle. Finally travel around the city.

How it’s working?

At the beginning, we need to download the blinkee.city application. Then register in the system by providing the credit card number and sending a photo of the ID card. The next step is to find the nearest scooter in the application. The vehicles do not have designated places.  That’s why you can find anywhere, but within the designated boundaries of the zone.

After selecting the vehicle, which is interesting for you. You can reserve it remotely for 15 minutes. After reaching it, we unlock it without keys, using the application. Two helmets with hygienic, disposable inserts are waiting in the trunk. What’s important, we can freely travel outside the city with a scooter. Therefore, you must to leave electric scooter within the zone designated by application.

In addition, we can drive an electric scooter with a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Its range on a warm day can reach up to 80 kilometers. We start to rent the scooter by the application. From now on, we have two free minutes to prepare ourselves for driving. At the end of finishing the ride, we finish the loan in the application and hide the helmet.

Wroclaw Juwenalia – students festival

Students festival in Wroclaw

Wroclaw Juwenalia – students festival

Wroclaw Juwenalia – students festival in Poland, usually celebrates in May, before the summer exams or at the beginning of June.

First students festival

Juwenalia was celebrated  in the 15th century in Cracow. Juwenalia  celebrates in all colleges in Poland.

There are different names depending on a school or a city:

  • Medical Academies, they are called Medykalia
  • Academies of Economy – Ekonomalia
  • the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn called “Kortowiada”
  • the University of Opole called Piastonalia
  • the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice – Igry
  • the Gdansk University – Neptunalia
  • the University of Zielona Góra – Bachanalia

Students festival is a great fun

Wroclaw Juvenalia – students festival is a huge event! The whole week of entertainment from Friday to Friday. In Wroclaw there are six universities which take a part in organization of the festival:

  •  Wroclaw University of Technology
  • University of Wroclaw
  • University of Life Sciences
  • AWF
  • Academy of Land Forces
  • Wroclaw School of Banking

Juwenalia – parade

Juwenalia start with a triumphant parade of colorfully dressed students. The participants march from a colleges campus to city main square. In a symbolic gesture, the mayor of a city hands keys to the city gate to the students.

Students took power in the city for a week. The Mayor of Wroclaw gave the student royal couple the key to the city gates and to the city treasury. Wroclaw belongs to you – announced to several thousand young people who gathered on the square of Freedom on the morning.

Where you can find students festival?

Procession route of the Wroclaw Juwenalia – student festival led through the Dominican Square and the Grunwaldzki Bridge to the Wroclaw University of Technology campus.

In a colorful crowd you could meet witches and soldiers, a group dressed as a forest and characters from fairytales, fantasy films.

A lot of people are wearing department T-shirts from all six universities. Universities are organizing Juwenalia together. The three days are free from lectures. These days are full with concerts, parties, sports events as well as beer drinking.

Main events of the Juwenalia

Wittigalia in Wroclaw University of Technology traditionally starts at the “Teki” campus! Here, on 11th May, the university’s festival always begins. It include traditional items:

  • P.I.W.O. project
  • Breakfast with the Rector
  • the Great Barbecue
  • Qlturalia
  • Technikalia and many other students projects

From 14th May, the Wroclaw University of Technology team up with other universities to organize more concerts and events.

Who will have fun?

Students of the University of Technology, the University of Wroclaw, the Medical University, the University of Environmental and Life Sciences, the Land Forces Military Academy and the WSB University will enjoy the festival together.

Mutual parties are on Mars Fields.  Wroclaw Juwenalia – student festival is great time to have fun.



Fashion meeting in Wroclaw


Fashion meeting in Wroclaw – history and events

Wroclaw is a city that requires dressing stylishly and remarkably, which is why it’s worth getting to know the latest, passionate collections of Polish designers.

Fashion Meeting established in 2012 as one of the first events promoting Polish designers and fashion in Poland. Since then, fashion events have been visited by nearly a million guests.



Cyclical fashion events by Fashion meeting

Ogólnopolskie Targi mody niezależnej – Polska Szafa

A cyclical fashion fair for Polish designers taking place in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow and Lodz in the shopping malls.

Cloth, jewelry, handbags, as well as accessories for men and women available at the Polska Szafa. All collections created in short series, which gives them uniqueness.

The organizers did not forget about the youngest fashion lovers and they invited children’s fashion designers to participate in the event. During Polska Szafa parents will be able to buy sweatshirts and trousers, colorful skirts and blouses, caps, chimneys and accessories children.



Aleja projektantów

Independent fashion fair, gathering selected designers of women’s, men’s and children’s collections: clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories. Event held in Aleja Bielany.



Fashion meeting style

Special editions of the fair, also include women’s and men’s clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes,cosmetics, gifts for women and men, delicacies and wine.

Fashion Meeting Style it is not only for shopping and observation, but also for consultation, exchange of insights. Throughout the stylish shopping weekend, whose leading theme is fashion and beauty, there will also be workshops, presentations and lectures, coffee making workshops run by award-winning baristas.








Plants in Wroclaw – Tour around Wroclaw for plants enthusiassts

plants in Wroclaw

 If you’re a fan of plants I invite you for non-obvious trip.
There is nothing more inseparable from humanity than nature. Nowadays, plants are becoming a very strong trend in fashion and indoor design; but today I want to pull you out of couch and make you go outside. I’d like to show you some places in Wroclav, where you can admire different kinds of plants.

Botanical Garden
First point on our tour map is Botanical Garden with Green House inside. The object is open between 2nd of April and 12th of November. During a few months, we can observe plants and flowers daily. And a ticket for student cost 10 PLN. Garden is located near well-known, historical Ostrów Tumski.

In Wroclav’s Garden you can admire cacti and other succulents in a historic Cactus House, as well as in two greenhouses where succulents of Africa and of Mexico are presented. Under the greenhouse’s roofs there is an impressive collection of exotic plants originating from warmer climatic zones. This is the best place to make “tropical” photos and breathe fresh air in the middle of the city.

Flower Shop

Leaving the Garden, we go to the newly opened place on the map of Wroclav. rośliny.  is a modern and minimalistic store. Here, the plants are in the spotlight. We can gain knowledge of how to take care about different types of plants and buy a beautiful seedling, too. I also recomand  you to find them on Instagram. They’re amazing.

Planty Mural
Next place we’re going to visit is a beautiful mural, located near Galeria Dominikańska. It has been painted on one of Wierzbowa Street’s walls, surrounded by modern office buildings.
Read more about murals.

Maze at Brochów
The last stop on the track is the Labyrinth at Wroclaw Brochów. The labyrinth that you will find in the park, today is a hornbeam labyrinth designed in the 1990s as part of a revitalization project. A walk through the maze is a game; it might give you some adrenalin. Having a long walk in the tunnel, after another turn you may come across a wall and have to turn back.

I hope you will enjoy my tips for spending your “green” day in Wroclaw!

3 must-see places when experiencing Wroclaw on a budget

must-see places in Wroclaw

Cheap cost, worth to explore.

3 must-see places in Wroclaw that everyone can afford.

If you already collected a number of Dwarfs pictures and stocked up some pierogi into your travel bag then get ready to explore the next 3 must-see places in Wroclaw! These time we will try to find a car your grandpa drove in  Topach Automotive museum, will strike up new acquaintances at Sladova Island and finally, we will take noir style shots at Neon Side.

Topach Automotive museum

The atmosphere of the exposition will dive you into the times when the automotive industry had its own unique character. In this museum, you may find some cars, which these days become a classic and weren’t available to a general public some decades ago.

Now it’s possible for everyone to touch the history of the era of Polish motoring. Pioneer construction of the thirties, such as the legendary Sokół 1000, Fiat 508 from the Polish assembly. And for the luxury lovers – one of the largest collections in Poland of Rolls & Royce and Bentley cars.

This museum is located in the yard of adorable polish castle Topach.

Open hours :

Sat. – Sund. / 10:00 – 17:00

Entrance – 12 zl.

Just simply click to see the way how you can get there

from the Down Town >> The public transport and schedules

The way to the Topach takes approximately 45 min. by 2 buses from Rynek

Slodowa Island

This is small islet on the Oder River. The place is most known by its mystical power to attract a dozen of youngers. People are coming here to take a rest, to eat, to drink something they bring and to meet with their friends. But here even strangers are easily becoming pals while singing together nearby the random guy with a guitar. You should definitely get there. And don’t be shy to strike up a conversation with a good company. Everybody is usually very friendly and open there.

The way to Slodova Island takes approximately 12 min. by walk from Rynek.

Neon Side


And finally, another significant nook is a real godsend for photographers and any kind of neon noir art fans. Historical neons are coming alive in the deep evening. Most noteworthy, that exactly in these yard dozen years ago were existed a company which was producing the unique neon lights for the different business.  Thanks to the enthusiasts and active locals this history is still alive in its luminous words.

In addition some ideas for neo noir photos:

The way to the Neon Side takes approx 7 min. by walk from Rynek











How to find an interactive English speaking community in Wroclaw


An interactive English speaking community in Wroclaw is not really difficult to locate, it is a known fact that there are many groups and different congregations and communities of various nationalities in Wroclaw, out of which a visitor or tourist English speaker would be more comfortable and finds fulfillment in the midst of an English speaking community.


Not withstanding, if you are new in town or you are looking for an interactive English congregation in Wroclaw, where you can feel at home,  then you will be glad to visit “The Redeemed Christian Church of God” RCCG, Divine Favour Arena Wroclaw.


A like-minded community is known by various names such as a peer support group, meet-up group, accountability partners, inner circle, mastermind group or even a club. Meeting with like minded people of English community can improve your spoken and understanding of English language.


They offer assistance, guidance and advice in language you understand.

Many people get discouraged whether it’s because of lack of understanding of a new environment or things are not going as planned or we’ve experienced something unexpected. Being able to reach to someone or a group of people and get a different perspective on a challenge or issue we may be facing is extremely valuable because at times, when we’re in the middle of something, it can be challenging to see different alternatives or options when you can not speak or understand the main language of the people.



First time in Wrocław – Krzysztof Gonciarz

Krzysztof Gonciarz first time in Wrocław

First time in Wrocław? Check how travellers doing it!

Krzysztof Gonciarz is a polish journalist, traveller and books writer. He is also one of the most popular polish vloger. His main channel on Youtube has more than 700 000 subscribers. At November 2016 he Was for the first time in Wrocław and in this article we can reconstruct his path.

At the begining Krzysztof went to the city centre. He visited market square and university buildings. He was really charmed about architecture in Wrocław, especially the old churches and historical monuments like Hala Targowa, National Museum or Public Library.

National Museum in Wrocław

In Wrocław next to old buildings stands fresh ones like for example National Forum of Music. Krzysztof also noticed this. It’s a consequence of tragic flood in 1997 year which destroyed bigger part of the city. This is why in Wrocław old and new buildings neighbouring.

He didin’t miss cult places like Wrocław’s neons or Ostrów Tumski – historical complex of Christian buildings with traditional lamp which the lightkeeper light up every evening by hand. Unfortunately he was late to bought tickets to see Panorama Racławicka which is the biggest (15 × 114 meter) cycloramic painting in Poland and mandatory object to visit when you are first time in Wrocław.

One thing always attract attention of tourists visiting Wrocław. The Wrocław’s Dwarfs which more than three hundreds are scattered around the city. Try to find each of them and then you can tell you know this city. Maybe some day Krzysztof will accept challenge like this, but he didin’t for his first time in Wrocław. Enjoy the video and necessarily visit Wrocław city!

4 places for gamers in Wrocław

4 places for gamers in Wrocław

Looking for attraction? Try this 4 places for gamers in Wrocław

Wrocław is a beautiful city in Poland. It is a capital of Lower Silesia voivodeship also known as The Meeting Place. Every day thousands of tourists from whole world are visiting this spectacular, old city. They can find here a lot of attractions, amazing architecture, more than hundred bridges, many cultural and entertainment events, great food and really friendly people. Also if you are a video games lover, you have a lot to see. Especially this 4 places for gamers in Wrocław.

MagicVR – where the magic happens!

MagicVR - biggest virtual reality arena in Poland

MagicVR is a startup from Wrocław which use innovatie technology of Virtual Reality. This brand have virtual reality arena with 750m2 – first and sole place like this in Poland (and only few in the world). You can play there vr games designed to cooperation with team of your own friends (4 players) in realtime with full communication between you. The most important part of this company is a experienced game developers team which produce authorial games specially designed for vr arena and necessary hardware like controler Beretta Rifle or platform GraviDeck. For now they made three incredibly good games:

  • zombieVRsquad – brilliant shooter which is favorite game of people who are visiting this place
  • VRdrivers – great racing game with authorial routes
  • GalaxyRace – the newest game produced by this studio with innovative steering control mechanics

Museum Games and Computers of the Era

wolfenstein 3d on amiga 600 computer

It is great place for all video games and computers lovers who wants to go back to the time when they were kids and they had his first gaming experciences. In the Museum you can find equipment from brands like Amiga, Commodore, Apple or polish Elwro. Not only computers, but also old game consoles like PlastationOne, Gameboy, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and many more. However the Museum it’s not only for adults. Offen you can meet there parents who will show thier children classic games like Super Sonic, Metal Slug, Arkanoid, Wolfenstein 3D etc. I think it’s awesome place which connecting different generations of gamers and really everyone can find something interesting there.

PadBar – evening entertainmen

Padbar localisation

Another of 4 places for gamers in Wrocławis the Padbar. It’s one of the hundreds locals in this city where you can meet with friends and spend lovely evening. But it’s not a typical bar. Of course you can order some snacks and drinks, but the main subject of this place are games. Room is well equipped with games and consoles like Playstation and Xbox. So choose the game and have fun!

CEX – your games supplier

cex store logotype

CEX is a worldwide chain of stores selling second hand games, consoles, controlers, gaming accesories, mobile phones, and electronic devices. You can buy there some really cheap games or even exchange yours old games to the titles which you don’t play yet. If you want check accessibility or prices of particular game you can do this in thier official website – here!