Breakfast in Wroclaw

Breakfast in Wroclaw

Breakfast is THE meal

The one that can make your day better already at the beginnig. Ususally, we eat breakfast at home, in our kitchen with our favourite coffee or tea. But sometimes you find yourself with nothing to eat and in a new city, Wroclaw. And here come the pressing question, where to eat my breakfast in Wroclaw?

As a new citizen of Wroclaw I found myself in this situation, more than once. Thanks to my friends, I found few places for a breakfast in Wroclaw. I will present them to you now, as a personal guide to your breakfast in Wroclaw!

w kontakcie

You enjoy hummus? The vegeterian restaurant offers a lot of variations of the hummus, which can help you enjoy your Breakfast in Wroclaw in style, with nice homish decor. Spending time with your friends, trying out as many kinds of hummus as you can definitely can make your day better ūüôā¬† They use local bio food, preparing your meal with heart and trying to make it not only delicious but healthy and as good for you as they can!

One of the best places to enjoy your Breakfast in Wroclaw and the beginnig of your day!

buŇāka z masŇāem

Original decor, feeling as if you were eating your breakfast in intimate and private place, while being in public restaurant? BuŇāka z masŇāem is your place for Breakfast in Wroclaw! I adore their creative ideas for decor, using fresh fruits in aesthetically pleasing wooden boxes. You can chill on comfortable and homish armchairs and chairs, not worrying about anything but having the best Breakfast in Wroclaw.

They offer not only breakfast menu, and if you miss the hours for it, you can choose something for early dinner/lunch. Everything I tried was delicious and fresh.


Breakfast in Wroclaw: other places:

  • Vivian Restaurant
  • Di Cafe Deli
  • Dinette
  • Etno cafe OVO
  • Giselle French Bakery Cafe
  • Central Cafe


Takeaway soup in Wroclaw for vegan and vegetarian

takeaway soup in Wroclaw

Soupculture ‚Äď the unusual option for takeaway soup in Wroclaw

Where is the best takeaway soup in Wroclaw and why it is worth trying? A few months ago (October, 2017) a new tiny café appeared in the center of Wroclaw.  It is located at Swidnicka 43, near Arkady Capitol Theatre, just next to public transport stop.  The place is serving takeaway soup in Wroclaw as only few people could stand there at once.

Actually, the café is so called mono meal one. The main item in the menu is soup. Moreover, it is vegetable cream-soup. No meat, no fancy ingredients, no chemical substitutes or nutrients. The range of the soups is truly vegetarian: cheese, onion, spinach, Mexican, beet-root, potato, tomato, lentil, mushroom, broccoli, celery, etc. Every day you could choose one takeaway soup out of four available.

takeaway soup in Wroclaw

Unless it is nothing special in offering the vegetable takeaway soup, the main feature of the place is an edible cup where soup is served. The cups are made on a daily basis. The know-how is in unique equipment for baking these cups. The machine stands inside the place and you could even observe the whole process on your own. The dough receipt is simple, without any yeast and eggs, but there were quite a number of experiments behind the solution.  The cups vary by color: yellow, pink, green, brown Рdepends on natural component added inside, like turmeric, beet-root, spinach, wholegrain flour and others.

Soupculture siuts the best for:

– takeaway soup lovers, of course;

– those who aim to eat healthy and tasty food;

– curious people interested in know-how solutions in food industry;

– busy ones who are in hurry, but would like to keep warm;

– vegans and vegetarians;

– children whose moms are trying to feed them with vegetable soup-puree;

– those who like to feel eco, green and nature-friendly.

Wroclaw winter for Newbies

Wroclaw winter for Newbies

“Winter is here, and for those who are tropical aliens like me, be prepared. A totally new¬†experience is waiting for you”.

The enemy(ies)

Could you imagine which is going to be your worst winter enemy?

It’s not the cold!

As one might¬†guess, if you have never been in this part of Europe, the first¬†thing coming to your mind as you read Wroclaw¬†winter for Newbies is cold and snow. You probably can imagine kids¬†throwing snowballs and people making snowmen¬†in every yard. I am so sorry, but this is not entirely¬†true.The weather in WrocŇāaw is not as harsh as one can imagine. And unfortunately, here you will not see the picture of snowflakes falling down the sky.

Shorter days,  lack of sunlight and get glued in house arrest are the real nightmares. So get ready, here are some tips.

1. Be prepared for the war!

Wroclaw is amazing but is not too cold, but its enough to keep you inside of your house for a longer time. But do not worry!  No more winter depression. Modern times reach us and technology are watching your back. So be prepared and call your new friends: Netflix and polish vodka, best winter combo ever!  But if you are not in the mood of spending all your time on the couch, a gym subscription can be your deal, use the free time to build the summer body you always wanted. Wroclaw winter for Newbies (strongest and fittest newbies).

2. Xmas mood ON!

If you decide to fully enjoy Wroclaw winter, should go to the Christmas¬†market. This is a festive place with incredible small charming shop stops. Here you can find typical polish cuisine as goŇāabki, pierogi, kiszona kapusta and the famous keŇābasa. You might end up weighing a few extra pounds after eating some of this delicious local dishes.

3. Travel! Travel!

If you are adventurous and love the mountains, repeat after me: Z-A-K-O-P-A-N-E. That’s¬†right! Right in the Polish border with Slovakia, you can find this awesome place. Hiking, snowboarding and Instagram¬†photos are just the entries. The menu is full of options in this popular destination. It is easy to reach and affordable for a weekend.

4. Enjoy the local pubs!

If you wonder how to survive Wroclaw winter for Newbies, this is the answear. Wroclaw has an amazing nightlife.  Weekends are for dancing and grabbing beers with friends, after all, there are just one life and so many kinds of beers out there, right?

Here an important advice from¬†¬†Wrolaw¬†winter for Newbies. Learn the next word: BogusŇāawskiego street,¬† the party street. I know! is hard to read, just follow the music.

Finally, the basics: Dress like an onion, watch your steps on frozen roads,¬† eat a lot and find fun¬†ways to keep you warm. Hint: beautiful¬†girls around here ūüėČ