5 best places to visit in Wroclaw – Weekly boarder approved

5 best places to visit in Wroclaw

You need atraction? Try this 5 best places to visit in Wroclaw

Are you in Wroclaw for a while and you do you want to use your time properly? Weekly boarder recommend you 5 best places to visit in Wroclaw where you can eat like Polish, drink like Polish and have a great time like Polish!

  • Wroclaw’s dwarfs – Let’s go hunting!

The city of Wroclaw is full of dwarfs (Polish: krasnale, krasnoludki). They appeared in the streets in 2005. Since then, their numbers have been continually growing, today we can find out 165 different gnoms in the city center.  For the hunters are offered special brochures with a map and also you can download a mobile application for your Android or iPhone. As of 2015, there are over 350 dwarfs spread all over the city. That is a huge dwarf colony!

Many of them are just in front of coffee shops, restarants and pubs so you can drink or eat some delicious goodies on your hunting trip.

The Dwarfs Festival takes place in Wroclaw every year in September.

  • Pasibus – Hungry at 3 a.m. or 1 p.m.? No worries, we can handle that!

    You never ate burger like this before! I promise. Fresh, tasty, crunchy home-made and so young fast-food chain that sells tremendous beef burgers in the heart of Wroclaw. Beautiful interiors, nice service and that smell inside. Mmmm. You can approximately choose of the 23 burgers made from beef, chicken or cheese and for the hipsters they offer vegan-burger as well. Surely you should add to the order their home-made Pasifrytki or cheeseballs! For the digital maniacs is offered special mobile application for your Android or iPhone nonetheless you have feel the emotions inside the shop. 5 best places to visit in Wroclaw is also hear because they have 5 restaurants!

P.S. They have special offer called “Burger of the Month”! Check this out!

No words needed. Go, eat, never leave.

Where to find: Świdnicka 11, Wrocław
Opening hours: 11:00 – 03:00

  • Rynek Glówny – Market square you can’t miss out!

Visiting historical city? You always imagine the main square, right? In the hearth of the old town, medieval market square in Wrocław called Rynek Glówny is the right place where to go on one day trip. If you looking for everything, literally everything go for a walk through this. Let’s make short checklist:

– Polish cuisine
– Cheap alcohol
– Clubs
– Churche
– Photo place
– Fast food
– Amazing girls
– Point of interests

You can find out all what you need! Day’n’night!

Summary. If you travel to Poland and you want to see at least meaning what it means “Being Polish” follow my advice and follow the check list.

Where to find: szukaj Rynek!

  • Setka – Eat and drink like Polish!

Love it! If I mentioned Rynek, it is my duty to recommend you Setka. West European lifestyle. Typical local two in one. Bar and restaurant under one roof. Epic! So, I will little bit explain you how it is going inside. Walk through the entrance on the corner of street and order some awesome typical polish meal. Eat it! Excellent. As like always someone from your company says something like: “Hey, get some booze!”. Naprawdę nie jest problem. Truly. This beautiful bar offer long list of Polishness. “Glo glo glo”. And then take something to eat and repeat. And repeat.

So, you have an instructions, go for it. If you wasn’t be in Setka, you wasn’t be in Wroclaw! Remember.

Where to find: Leszczyńskiego 4, 53-110

  • University of Wroclaw – See the rich history of more than three centuries!

From 5 best places to visit in Wroclaw Uniwersytet Wrocławski is the best. That lo-o-o-ong building near the river. In the daily light it’s a majestic block next to the Odra river. In the shine of the moon it’s that most lighting building what you see blurred on your ride with the Uber back home. Kididng. Currently one of the largest university in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship which produced 9 Nobel Prize winners. And that architecture of campus! Amazing. Get a wine a enjoy the view. 

Where to find: plac Uniwersytecki 1, 50-137

Wroclaw is the gorgeous city with the amazing people. No excuses to miss that.

Come and get some!

And don’t forget look for “krasnale”!

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

In Wroclaw, there is still a lack of the best places for dogs, which would be welcome in this city. Much more often at the entrance to the store or restaurant you can notice the ban on dogs. Owners of premises usually hide themselves with sanepid. Fortunately, the situation about the best places for dogs in Wroclaw is slowly changing. There are many ideas for creating the best places for dogs in Wroclaw. There are currently 5 specially prepared dog runs, and more are already planned.

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

5 specially prepared dog runs

We have prepared for you a list of the best places for dogs in Wroclaw that are worth visiting with your pet.

1.  A playground for dogs in Park Grabiszyński

Located in the picturesque Grabiszyński Park along Grabiszyńska Street. You will find here some things, which specially prepared for pets. For example a tunnel, obstacles from tires, palisades, wooden obstacles, that a dog can overcome in any way: jump over a mountain or crawl at the bottom.

2. A playground for dogs on the hill Słowiańska

Another the best places for dogs in Wroclaw is located on the hill Słowiańska, at Namysłowska Street. Dogs will definitely have a great time here. At their disposal are, among others, made of wood two equivalents, hurdles for skipping and slalom. All elements are durable and adapted for dogs of different breeds and sizes.

3. The dog runs in Tołpa Park

In Tołpa Park a fairly large dog runs was created this year. Is located at Nowowiejska Street. In the area fenced by double gates there is an obstacle course and a place where you can go out and save your pet. Of course, this place has its own regulations, primarily to keep its dog clean.

4. Park for dogs – Psia Łąka

The Psia Łąka dog park was created as part of the Wrocławski Budżet Obywatelski. Is located at Na Niskie Łąki Street 8. It is the largest dog runs in Wroclaw, fully fenced and safe.

5. La Habana Restaurant

You know that you can go to many restaurants in Wrocław with your pet. He will be a welcome guest there and will often receive a bowl of water. Do you know, that there is also a rather unusual restaurant in our city, where you will find a menu for your dog? Your dog will get here meat dog cigars, main dishes of fish, venison, and even ostrich and quails. Be sure to visit La Habana, which is located in Wroclaw’s Sępolno at 9 Maja Street 86 /1B.

“Pets welcome – Wroclaw meeting city”

The project has been run by the employees of the Biuro Ochrony Przyrody and Klimat Urzędu Miejskiego and editorial office of wrocław.pl, which is gradually introducing new participants to the database. The “Pets welome – Wroclaw meeting city” has been taking place for several years. Its purpose to encourage dog owners to take care of and raise their pets so that they do not pose a problem in public space.

This action is looking for restaurants, shops, offices and other places to go with a pets. There are already over 250 places in this database.

Anyone who wants to spend a nice time with their pet can check where they can go together: HERE

If you want to see how the husky dog ​​is doing in Wroclaw, we invite you to watch a short video.