Sports Arenas that are worth visiting In Wrocław.

In Wroclaw there are many attractions that you can see. Undoubtedly, they include sports arenas, of which there are plenty in Wroclaw. I would like to introduce three of them.

Horse Racing Track on Partynice

The facility is open 7 days a week from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm There is a lot of green recreational areas, ideal for a summer barbecue. Around the horse racing track a 3.5 km long walking and running path was marked out. You can go for walks, jogging, Nordic walking or cycling. On paddocks, we can daily look closely at horses resting outdoors. Horse races take place on Sunday. It’s an amazing opportunity to feel the unique atmosphere on the track, adrenaline and excitement when your favorite wins!

Olympic stadium

The facility is available for games, training sessions and mass and recreational events, full-size pitch, speedway, stands for about 30,000 people. Speedway riders and American football players play their league games here. If you are a fan of any of these sports, you must seeing this arena from the center. I recommend during one of the sporting events when the stadium is filled with fans.

The Wrocław Stadium

The Wrocław Stadium is located in the southwestern part of the city. Access to the facility is possible by public transport or by car. This place can be visited every day without Saturday. It is possible to visit the facility with a guide, but it is not a necessity. The Śląsk Wrocław football team plays their matches at this stadium. One of the largest karting tracks in Poland is at the stadium. A track measuring over 900 m, a straight length of 100 m, on which you will develop the maximum speed of go-karts. Over 40 go-karts from the renowned Sodi Kart company are available. For adults, adolescents and children from 4 years old + tandems (two-person go-karts). It is a great way of spending free time for the whole family.

If you are a fan of sports and sports arenas, it is worth seeing and visiting these three facilities especially when sports competitions take place.

Where can you eat ramen in Wroclaw?

There are few places in Wroclaw where it is worth eating ramen. So if you want to try a soup from Far East, you should visit at least two restaurants, which are located close to each other.

Number one is “PANda Ramen”, obviously. It is placed at Białoskórnicza Street and opened: Monday-Friday 11 A.M.-10 P.M., on Saturdays and Sundays 12 P.M.-10 P.M. This is a small chamber place so you should book a table first before visiting. This place is crowded because of its food quality, especially at lunch hours and at weekends.

PANda Ramen offers:

Four soups every day:


small 19 zł big 29 zł


small 21 zł big 31 zł


small 21zł big 29 zł


small 17zł big 28zł

and three more on particular days:

PANda NA GRZYBACH (tue/wed)

small 22 zł big 29 zł

PANda LUBI RYBY (thu/fri)

small 24 zł big 32 zł

TŁUSTA PANda (sat/sun)

small 23 zł big 31 zł

While you are ordering a kind of ramen, you can choose up to three free extra ingredients. Every additional one costs you extra 2 zloty. Moreover, PANda Ramen offers more than just soups. You can order lunch boxes, gyoza dumplings, hot and cold drinks.

My second recommendation is “Orientuj się” – a restaurant where a quite good ramen is made. It is placed at Saint Claus Street and opened Monday-Friday 12 P.M.-11 P.M. and on Saturdays and Sundays 1 P.M. – 11 P.M. This place is also small and often visited as the first one. 

You can eat two kind of ramen there: an ordinary ramen costs 25 zlotys and Godzilla Ramen costs 35 zlotys. What is more, the restaurant offers another soups, meat, seafood, pasta, fried rice, children’s boxes and drinks.

I highly recommend visit both places, if you want to eat big amount of delicious and relatively cheap food.

Best VR cafés in Wrocław

It’s Saturday and you’re wondering what to do with your friends. Going to the movies just doesn’t cut it, and drinking before noon is pretty much passe. In a world where we’re constantly surrounded by technology, why not give VR cafés a try? They’ve been sprouting up all over Poland and for many, it’s an experience they don’t easily forget.

Source: Private photo


Hidden in an old brick building in the western part of Wrocław is VRhalla with it’s cutting edge virtual reality technology. Unlike many other VR cafés, they use custom made technology powered by Samsung Odyssey goggles that pushes the limits of virtual reality entertainment. Aiming to blend simulation and reality they offer a custom-built arena that matches what you see in the game, so be prepared to feel everything you see in the VR world. With high availability, affordable prices and support for up to four players in one game VRhalla seems like a perfect place to spend your time with friends.

Source: Google Maps


Imaginarium, advertising itself as Wrocław’s center of virtual reality, promises unforgettable experiences thanks to the vast array of games and virtual reality devices available at your disposal. Consisting of over a hundred games Imaginarium’s game library will cater to the taste of even the fussiest customers. There is also no need to worry about spending too much time finding the perfect game. A personal assistant assigned to you will swiftly help you make the right choice. While only one of you can play at a given time, others can enjoy a comfortable couch and watch their friend’s efforts on the big screen. Accessible to both adults and children Imaginarium is a great place to spend a family afternoon.


Strefa VR

Located in the western part of Wrocław Strefa VR tempts its clientele with a state of the art virtual reality lounge that doesn’t stop at just games. If you feel like exploring the earth from previously unknown perspectives, fighting your fear of heights on top of an eighty story building or you simply want to enjoy a movie placed in the center of the action, Strefa VR might be a perfect place for you. They offer a wide range of games, movies and unforgettable experiences right at your fingertips. While booking a ticket there may not be the simplest thing you’ve done this week, the memories will be worth a little trouble.

Image result for magicvr


Last but not least is Wrocław’s best known virtual reality arena called MagicVR. Located right in the heart of the city it’s one of its biggest VR lounges. Based on proven HTC Vive technology MagicVR allows you to enjoy a selection of custom games created exclusively for them. Most games allow you to play in cooperation with friends and if you are not sure if you want to fight off hordes of zombies or race through tropical landscapes you can always book a mixed ticket and try a bit of every game. And if your friends are still hungover after yesterday’s party you can always go and enjoy MagicVR solo.

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Music in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is one of the best developing cities in Poland. As a result, more and more people come to our city in search of a job, studying or looking for adventure in one of the largest Polish cities. It can be said that in Wrocław, you can live a small “American Dream”. People living here have many interests, and one of them is music. Nothing relaxes after a hard week’s work like meeting friends over a good coffee or drink and even better live music. There are many interesting places, however, 3 places deserve special attention. The A2 Concert Center, the Firlej Club and Café, and the Old Monastery.

A2 concert center

The A2 concert center is located on Góralska Street, and is special because it has a concert hall with an area of over 1000m2. Mass events take place there and stars from all over the world, who play various kinds of music, are invited here. You can listen to reggae, pop, metal, disco, techno and many others. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Old Monastery

The Old Monastery is a unique place because of its history. In the past it used to be a Dominican monastery, and now it hosts live concerts. In the cellars of the monastery there is a jam session once a week where music lovers can try their hand at music. On the ground floor there is a restaurant with a small stage on which musicians perform and are organized various events such as Open Mic – Stand Up, reading literature or card games. On the first floor there is a gothic hall, where larger musical events take place. The hall can accommodate several thousand people, and the gothic atmosphere adds character to every concert, which can be watched from the stage or balcony with seats. It is really worth to go to the Old Monastery.

Firlej club-café

The Firlej club-café is a place of less commercial importance than the other two. However, it is more focused on one kind of music, namely jazz. For connoisseurs of the genre, this is a great place, and for laymen, a place where you can listen to live music, have a delicious coffee and play board games. The concert hall can accommodate 350 people, so you don’t have to wait 2 hours in line waiting for the concert.

There are still many places in Wroclaw that I haven’t mentioned, but these 3 places deserve to be the top places on the cultural map of Wroclaw. 

What are the best running routes in Wroclaw?

Trasa biegowa w parku Leśnickim 

It is about 2 km long and almost entirely runs through parked, paved alleys. The only obstacle is several hundred-meter sections of asphalt and ankle, which must be overcome. In the park there are ponds, the Bystrzyca River flows nearby, but the biggest attraction is the historic castle, which currently houses the cultural centre. In my opinion, an ideal place for runners in terms of surrounding trees.


It is located between the Warszawskie and Trzebnickimi bridges. Its length is 3.5 km. It is led along flood embankments on the Oder. The signs are located every half a kilometre. This makes it easier to check your progress without professional equipment. This is the route I choose most often. In the evenings it is full of runners, which just makes us happy that there are many more.

From older people to younger people. Also, the terrain is fixed by a pavement slab, allowing a calm and relaxing run.

Park Grabiszyński

Its length is 5 km 320 m. It leads from Górka Oporowska. The route is very attractive. One of the most often chosen by runners in Wrocław. From morning to evening you can meet runners there. It is well marked, which allows the initial runners to control the distance travelled, unfortunately, does not have adequate lighting. That’s why running late in the day is a huge obstacle for me. The biggest advantage of the route is planting trees that create perfect protection from the sun.

There are also many opportunities for running in Wroclaw. A calendar of running events is available at

Finally, I would like to share some important advice: when running, do not forget not only about proper clothing and protection from the sun but also about proper hydration. It is an absolute attitude of good training and avoiding serious injuries.

5 places in Wroclaw that have a vibe!

A romantic date? A refreshing breakfast outside? Meeting with friends in a cool atmosphere? Here are 5 places, perfect for such occasions.

Tęczowa Night Market (Nocny Targ Tęczowa)

From Thursday to Sunday, this place is open from 17:00. Good alcohol, food and music – you’ll love this place and you will come back here. The market is divided into several zones. Especially noteworthy is the relaxation area where you can relax in peace with your friends.

OPEN: at 17:00 (Thursday-Sunday)

ADRESS: ul. Tęczowa 65

Breakfast Park (Park Śniadaniowy)

Green grass, Sunday morning, delicious breakfast… dream combination! Every Sunday in this park you can gain energy for the whole week eating fresh products and enjoying the beautiful weather. Healthy, tasty and convenient. Every Sunday there are also games for children, face painting, bubbles, yoga workshops and cooking courses. Requirements? Blanket and good mood.

OPEN: 10:00 – 17:00 (Sunday)

ADRESS: ul. Kamienna 75

Urban Garden

Relaxing among the greenery on the roof in the city center? Why not. On the roof of the Renoma gallery there was an interesting complex where you can meet your friends in an amazing atmosphere. The eighth floor is amazing views, especially at sunset. In Urban Garden, there will be over 200 seats on the surface of over 500 m2. You’ll find everything you need to relax there!

OPEN: from may to spetember 12:00-22:00 (Friday and Sunday 12:00 – 24:00)

ADRESS: ul. Świdnicka 40

Travel (Podróż)

Feel the atmosphere of the post-industrial part of the city! Surrounded by factories that once functioned, you will find a climate space. From June it attracts crowds of young people. You can dance, listen, eat, drink and have fun. Music will also take us back in time, Boney M hits, Whitney Houston, Queen and many more will make you feel really oldschool.

OPEN: Mon – Wed, 18:00 – 23:45, Thurs, 18:00 – 3:00 , Fri, 18:00 – 5:00 , Sat, 15:00 – 5:00

ADRESS: ul. Robotnicza 5

Cafe Museum

A cafe on the roof of the Contemporary Museum. You will eat a delicious home-made cake and drink the perfect coffee. The taste sensations are complemented by beautiful views. If you like to meet in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere – this place is definitely for you. You can choose inside and outside.

OPEN: everyday from 12:00 to 22:00

ADRESS: Plac Strzegomski 2

4 great watering places near Wroclaw.

It’s holiday time! The temperatures outside are like tropical heat, so it would be nice to cool off somewhere. 

But the question is: where, if the queue to the aquapark every day has 2km?

Fortunately not far from Wroclaw there are many nice lakes. Just have a driver’s license and car or know someone who has.  Nothing easier. 

Here is a list of 4 lakes that are worth visiting:

  1. Kamieniołomy in Sobótka – Road is Easy, nice and pleasant. Only 37km from Wroclaw. There is crystal clear water waiting for you and cliffs for the brave if someone like to jump. The beaches are quite small and wild so you can easily avoid the crowd of tourists.

2. Trzy Stawy Chrząstawy – It is so nice to be on nature side only 25km from Wrocław. There is 3 lakes so You have a lot of place for chilling. You can booking bungalow there and stay for few days. Just rest, stay calm and empty of leafing dullness of rapid routine. Touch the sky by your eye. See the vivid colours of surrounding. Trzy Stawy… maybe and even for sure it is not the most beautiful spot on earth but try use what is close to you to feel calm. Nothing special but just glance at sparkle surface of lake, feel the breeze and breath deep. So simple, not spectacular sourrounding is just 10 minutes away. Go tell if you could see wht I saw.

3. Zalew Mietkowski – This lake is only 38km from Wrocław – 40minutes by car – its still less than time what u should spend in queue to Aquapark. If somone asked me someday, what is the most beautiful place closest to Marcinowiczki. I would tell with no doubt, faster than blink of eye, directly from my still wondering heart: Zalew Mietków. Thanks God, we have that beautiful piece of nature so close to us. If you haven’t been here yet, just throw away your duties and come, come as fast as your legs can run. You will be moved by beauty of that magical place. It is not just great place to take your beloved family and rest. That place will give you full and rich spectrum of best what Mother Nature can offer us. Trees, water and that exlusive feel of freedom. No words to write down everything what you will get from there.

4. Wały koło Brzegu Dolnego -A quiet, little known place where you can rest and recreation in 100%. There is a volleyball court if You like to play. 34km from Wrocław – 40min by car. In the lake, the water is very clean, In the lake the water is very clean, and around you can find many wild beaches, which further adds to the charm of this place. My favorite destination that summer! 

How to move in Wroclaw for free

It is not without reason that Wroclaw is the city of the meeting. This is even one of the slogans that advertise the city. Every day, crowds of people pass each other during a race in appointed places. How not to get lost in the crowd, how to get where you want in time? In the below mentioned article you will learn tips and tricks for free transport.

1. Go on foot.

Especially in spring and summer, a walk through the city may turn out to be one of the faster and more pleasants form of transport. However- we do not always have the time, the willingness and the strength to traverse a city that is located on the surface of 292.82 km². In case you do not have time for hiking, go to solution number two.

2. Take the bicycle, for example a city bike.

Of course, we realize that not everyone is a happy owner of a bike, which is why Wroclaw offers a solution – city bike rental. Users can use 1000 bikes located in 100 different stations throughout Wrocław. And now a quick instruction and patent for a free ride.

Register and ride

To use the WRM website, you must create an account. Fill out the registration form, accept the regulations and pay the initial payment. It’s a good investment – you pay 10 pln for the start, and then you can drive around for free, avoiding the rest of the paymant as obstacles on the bike path. How to do it? Nothing easier. The first 20 minutes of cycling is free. In order not to pay, you must change your bike before the end of the free ride. Available a large number of available stations have no problem with this mission. I want to ride my bicycle- as if it was said Freddie Mercury.

3. Public transport.

By definition, public transport is not a free form of travel. On the other hand, we rarely get anything for free. And here comes another solution for alternative free journeys. Be careful and follow the instructions. At least once a week, a list is displayed on the Wroclaw city website with a list of lines on which the inspections will take place. Every day, MPK Wroclaw inspectors work in other parts of the city and on various bus and tram lines. Thanks to the list, you can see where the inspections are planned in the coming days. Although users get a list of controlled bus and tram lines once a week, this does not exclude control in other places. So, it’s best to take a seat in the middle and be ready to run away.

As you can see, there is nothing for free. What seems seemingly free also costs us something – in this case nerves. Use the tips and enjoy the beauty of Wroclaw.

Stay tuned

Forests in Wroclaw. Relax in the bosom of nature.

There is many places to spend a free day with activities in Wroclaw, go for a long walk with family or friends or just explore. If you are in the mood to be far away from urbans noises and spend a time in a bosom of nature, you can go to the one of forests in Wroclaw arouding the capital of Lower Silesia.

osobowicki forest
  • Osobowicki Forest

The forest is located in the north side of Wroclaw, at the right side Odra river. The Osobowicki forest is not much far away from the metropolis and we can easly ride here with the public transport (tram nr 24,14 or bus nr 118). This forest has not much expanded infrastructure. I think it is a perfect object for a longer walks. The hinking trail starts from the small parking and along of the road you can find a seats and rest a little. On the eastern part of forest is a small chapel, where eucharist is taking place every Sunday. Going to the heart of this forest we can find some remains of ruins from 4500-1800 year bc. After that we can find here an archery range and fireplaces. I think it’s  the most mysterious place from all forests in Wroclaw.

  • Pilczycki Forest

This complex you can find at the west side of Wroclaw, close to Kozanow and Pilczyce neighborhood. It’s really easy to go on foot. Whole Plczycki area including leas and waters is on the particular protection. Pilczycki forest is in the neighborhood of plot gardens. It’s one of the smallests forests in Wroclaw,  flat terrain all around the forest. There are no fireplaces inside the forest. If you like to relax, for example you can burn some grill and rest in nature almost in the middle of the city.

enter to Pilczycki forest
  • Mokrzanski Forest

Mokrzanski forest is the biggest forest in Wroclaw. You can find it at the east part of the city. There are a lot of hills inside the forest, including the highest hill in Wroclaw (148 m). Mokrzanski forest float to the neighboor of Lesnica and there you should go with a public transport if you wanna visit this place. (tram nr 3,20) For instance In the forest we can find hiking trails for bikes and walks. Walking on this misterius area you can find a remains of war trenches and nameless graves. However in the Mokrzanski forest you need to be really careful. You can meet deers.

  • Soltysowicki forest

One of the most beautiful forests in Wroclaw. It’s not one of the biggest forests for sure. There is a lot of fish farms, moates, even a camp locations. Going through the forest near to the edge of the river we can find a memorial stones, beautiful bridges and we can visit the antique building museum with the remains of the borough from XII and XIV centuries. On the area we can find a interesting objects and wooden monuments. I recommend Soltysowicki forest escpecially for people who prefer short walks and rest on the nature.

Im sure Forests in Wroclaw are amazing idea for less or more active spend a free time in the bottom of nature. We are the guests on the wild animals area. Therefore most importantly is to remember that those are areas with a special protection and care.

way to Osobowicki forest

Where to offer of marriage in Wroclaw? The best places

Love is all around us. I think that everyone of us are dreaming about being together with his or her love to the end of our life. If you have a girlfriend and you are thinking about your wedding day you have to remeber that firstly you have to offer marriage for her. I have a top 5 best places to ask her: would you marry me?

  1. There are a lot of beautiful bridges in Wroclaw

    If you don’t have a lot of money to take your girlfriend to Venice or another popular romantic places in the world, you can go with her for walking around the Wroclaw. At the and of that you can take her for one of the pretty bridges in the city, for example: Most Redzinski. Let’s imagine, beautiful evening, city lights and river`s sound. You can’t forget about flowers and ring and about the most important question.
  2. Multimedia Fountain

    If you are affraid about too much cars on the bridges but you want to take you girlfriend near water you cant choose w Multimedia Fountain in Szczytnicki Park.
    A romantic atmosphere guaranteed. There are a lot of beautiful lights and inspirational music.
  3. Rynek – Old city

    If you are brave and don’t affraid about her answer for the most important question of our topic you can choose Rynek. This is one of the most crazy idea becouse there are a lot fo people always. The people can stay and watching you at that moment. If you are sure, that her answer will be “yes”, you can do that and impress for her. A lot of girls want a brave husbands.

    When you are a lot of meters abouve the ground everytime you feel like at another wolrd. The view from the 49th floor is impressive. You can take your girlfriend to the skytower and ask her about your common future. If you are sure that she has not fear of heights of course.
  5. Japanese Garden

    Every women like a flowers and your bouquet can be not enough for her. At that situation you have to take her to Japanese Garden in Szczytnicki Park. There a lot of beautiful flowers. Colors, smell and your love… it must be a story with happy end.