The best beach bars in Wroclaw

Why beach bars are getting more and more popular in Wrocław?

Over the course of the past few years, beach bars have become increasingly popular hangout places. Though started as a novelty, currently they are a staple of pastime activities during the summertime. But why beach bars are so successful in this city? There are a few reasons as to their popularity, notwithstanding the fact that new places are being open every year.


Beach (in most of these places) is the keyword. Located by the water, the bars offer a sandy place where you can sit in the sunbed and enjoy the sun with a cold drink in your hand. A breeze from the river, warmth of the sand under your feet – it all adds up to having a glimpse of the summertime without going away for a weekend.


Beach bars offer a lot of great cultural activities free of charge. DJs, stand-upers, live music bands – all of them love to perform at these places as they give access to people who would not normally show up at their regular spots. During the day, you can hear a nice and smooth DJ set, and when the night comes, feel free to dance like crazy on the sand to the rhythm of heart-pumping beats – everything what the local (and not only) Wroclaw scene has to offer.


Though beach bars are perceived sometimes as places for the youth, in the past couple of years there are new additions to the beach bar family which provide a more family-friendly vibe. New places have been established in more remote locations in order to attract a local crowd, not only your hipster buddy who keeps mentioning he’s been there before it was cool.

The goods:

Beach bars are far from ye olde days of seaside booths serving only store-bought, washed-down, corporate beers. Thanks to the beer revolution in Wroclaw, beach bars are swarmed with nice, high-quality beverages where your taste buds can experience new dimensions.

But if you don’t care for any of that and you just want a beer, they got you too.
Furthermore,other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be easily found. Be that a lemonade, a wine cooler or some fancy drink – they have it all. A wide selection of snacks and proper meals is also available in most of these places.
We have listed five solid choices to start the beach bar exploration. But we highly recommend grabbing your Indiana Jones hat (not only for protection from the sun), and start finding your new favourite hangout spot on your own.


Located behind the Zoo (hence the name), the bar provides a great atmosphere, good music and nice drinks. It can be overcrowded but being next to Wrocław University of Science and Technology should explain the reason why. Besides, if it were empty, you would think there’s something fishy going on, wouldn’t you?


This beach bar, placed next to the Millenial Bridge (Most Milenijny), has something to be proud of. Turns out, it has a biggest artificial beach in Poland, so if you are looking to have some space of your own during the summertime madness/sadness, don’t think twice.

Słodowa Beach Bar

If you’re in the city for a little while, you must have heard the name Słodowa. If you haven’t, I’m sure you will eventually. The isle has become the city’s capital of student gatherings, heavy parties and occasional tickets from the police if you haven’t hidden your beer bottle fast enough. If you prefer to drink legally there for a change, feel free to drop off at Słodowa Beach Bar next to Park Plaza hotel. Good drinks, live music and food trucks in the area should be enough to stick even for a little while.

Forma Płynna

This one is, what we would call, an outcast. Instead of chairs and sunbeds, you have hammocks. You won’t find sand in there, but you’ll enjoy a freshly cut grass under your feet. It’s not your usual run-of-the-mill beach bar, so if you’re looking for something different in these places, look no more. Or look more, but check them out first.

Prosto Z Mostu

Though it had a bit of a rocky start, since its opening a few weeks back, this beach bar is now a shining star in the local landscape. Plenty of space to sit/meet/chill out where you can find a quiet corner for yourself, young and vibrant staff, great drinks and pizza – all adds up to a solid choice for your lazy afternoon.