If my memory is right, in 2016 there was a vote for new ideas that would improve various aspects of Wroclaw. The list included renovations of courtyards, skate parks, renewal of school fields and dog parks. Personally, I voted for the zone for dogs, because I’m having one. I knew that it would be a perfect place for everyday fun for him.

Dog parks finally became very popular and attracted the attention of many people, which of course helped to increase their number in Wroclaw. As a result, there are eleven dog parks today, spread around the city. The parks are located on Nadodrze, Ołbin, Srodmiescie, Niske Laki, Bartoszowice, Krzyki, Gaj, Zakrzow and Grabiszynska. Dog park are nothing more than a field surrounded by a fence, with two entrances. It’s usually covered with sand. The area contains ramps and obstacles for dogs and benches for their owners. The dog park is also equipped with special waste bins, because it’s very important to keep the place clean.



The main advantage of the park is the ability to let the dog off a leash. We no longer have to worry about the possible escape of our dog or the dissatisfaction of other passers-by, because they are in locked park. It is also the perfect place for a dogs meeting! Thanks to the dog parks, we can satisfy the needs of our pet in dealing with other dogs. We also have the opportunity to meet and talk to the owners of these dogs with whom we have so much in common – so this place is available to everyone, without exception!

from Property Design


Rules for the use of parks for dogs are the same for each facility and written at each entrance. There are no workers in the place who would check whether they are respected. So users have to watch over their dog and their safety. The main idea of ​​the park is to have fun! That’s why observing dog behavior is so important. It is advised not to feed other dogs, keep them on a leash or bring toys that may not always be good for other pets. A dog park is a PUBLIC place! So everyone has the right to come with their dog, but the consequences will be drawn from the owner if the dog’s behavior is inadequate.


Places were we can find a dog park:

  • ul. Kaszubska Wroclaw 50-214
  • ul. Wyszynskiego Wroclaw 50-318
  • Plac Strzelecki Wroclaw 50-224
  • Słowianska Wroclaw 50-235
  • Plac Staszica Wroclaw 50-221
  • ul. Na Niskich Lakach Wroclaw 50-422
  • ul. Sztabowa Wroclaw 53-321
  • ul. Orzechowa Wroclaw 80-540
  • ul. Grabiszynska Wroclaw 52-420
  • ul. Marcelego Bacciarellego Wroclaw 51-661
  • ul. Krolewska Wroclaw 50-001

Friendly places for pets in Wroclaw

Wrocław has currently over 350 animal-friendly places. You can take your friends to many restaurants, galleries, museums and shops. You don’t have to leave your dog at home anymore. But spend your afternoons and weekends with him. All branches can be found in the Internet by entering the password: Wrocław Pets Welcome.


In Pasaż Grunwaldzki in Wrocław you can enter with dogs to about 104 shops for over 2 years. Owners with pets can enter shops, eat meals in the restaurant area and bowls with water can be found in front of the gallery building. This is the first animal friendly gallery in Wroclaw friendly to animals. Dogs over 10 kg need to have a muzzle only, and all animals must be on a leash.

Two other galleries followed the Grunwaldzki Passage. “Renoma” and “Galeria Dominikańska” are also animal-friendly. The same rules prevail in them as in the pioneer shopping centre.

Galeria Wroclavia, despite its proximity to the PKP and PKS, is not so conciliatory. Animals can only enter if they are guide dogs or animals that are very small and can be carried on their hands. However, not all stores allow to visit them with animals. Permission must be issued by the tenants of individual stores.


Some time ago, the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław granted permission to introduce animals. The institution changed its regulations due to an incident that happened in their museum. Museum staff found a homeless dog at the entrance to the Museum. Since then, the Institution has become friendly to pets.


In Wroclaw you can also take your pet to playgrounds – created especially for dogs. The number one is a playground for dogs in Grabiszyński Park. It is the largest playground for tetrapods and the square is 1000 square meters. In the square there are various obstacles that will help to spice up the fun, and will serve as a good basie for learning tricks. The place is free-of-charge and the park is opened all year round.

Good playgrounds for animals are also the squares in Tołpa Park and on Górka Słowiańska.

If you are planning to come to Wroclaw, don’t hesitate and take your pet-friend with you. Wrocław has become a friendly place for animals.

Jatki for artists, vegans and animal lovers

Jatki for artists, vegans and animal lovers is an unique and interesting street in Wroclaw.

It was formerly a street lined up with butchers. You can still see the channel where the blood of animals slaughtered for their meat. This is perfect destination for animal lovers who fight for animal rights.

Polish artists have installed the bronze statue of a pig, a goose, a goat and a rabbit in honour of the million animals who died there since the middle ages.

Jatki are situated just a short walk from Rynek . it is worth taking a few moments to visit here.

This is architecturally different to other streets in the city. The first floor juts out over the ground floor. The shops are all craft related. Also several specialising in glass and similar ornaments.

Let,s see the most interestong and well-known places worth to visit in Jatki.

  • BB Gallery, ul. Jatki 3-6

It promotes and sells Polish applied and decorativd art, design as well as sculpture, painting and graphics. Moreover, it cooperate pernamently with over 80 Polish artists. The gallery has completed over 100 exhibitions. It runs artistic workshops in ceramics, glass and stained glass. Beside this,  works mainly with young artists.

  • Artists Club , ul. Jatki 1-2

Nightclub that breathes a real, artistic atmosphere. The initiation of organizational , cultural activities and spiritual care is exercised by Stanislaw Wolski, known to Wroclawers from his vigor and good manners.

  • M Gallery at Sare Jatki 10

Organise exhibitions with focus on painting, sculpture, glass and ceramic arts. Moreover it publishes visual materials such as catalogues, cards, invitations and calendars. Also it runs activities such as interior design workshops.

  • Tkacka Gallery at Jatki 9/13

The exhibitions in this gallery are devoted to the art of fiber. There is also sale of works of art, artistic clothing, souveneirs, weaving and knitting articles. Organised artistic weaving courses and international weaving looms. This is the only gallery of this type in Poland.

  • Wroclaw Gallery, ul. Jatki 11

This gallery presents nd sells works related to Wroclaw. These are: graphics, watercolors, oil paintings, stained glass windows, photographs.

  • Na Jatkach Galleries, ul. Stare Jatki

A group of several galleries located on Old Jatki street. This street is situated between  Odrzanska Street and Kielbasnicza Street.

  • Association of Polish Artists- Painters

This association conducts statutory activities for its members ans widely understood fine arts. First of all it deals with promotion, exhibition. Moreover organisation of open air exhibitions and other artistic events. Finally there are galleries that run independent business and artistic activities.

  • Na Jatkach Shop, ul. Jatki 16

 Artistic shop for the begginers and experienced artists.

  • Na Jatkach Club, ul. Swietej Elzbiety 3 / 4

Nightclub which has been rewarded to be the best club in Wroclaw. This is thanks to the atmosphere, service and decoration.