More and more Wroclaw’s citizens run and you cannot miss it

More and more Wroclaw’s citizens run and you cannot miss it

Nowadays many people want to take care of their health and condition properly. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. It’s hard to change your lifestyle to a healthier and better one, but the easiest way to begin is to start jogging.

Running is the easiest, most natural form of activity, which can positively affect our health. It gives the quickest results and what’s important it doesn’t cost much. Thanks to jogging you will reduce the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases, lose weight, shape your figure, but also improve the intelligence and the look of your skin.

People who run regularly, less often get sick, are less likely to succumb to colds and infections, but if they do, they process them mildly, especially when they run outside in the fresh air, regardless of the weather. Regular running immunizes the body, tempers it and increases tolerance to rapid changes in atmospheric pressure. Thanks to this, the susceptibility to depression and malaise, caused by changes in the weather, is reduced. Running slows down aging processes and enables you to gain a youthful figure and efficiency. As shown by numerous tests, jogging since young age ,makes our bodies biologically younger than our peers’ who don’t make any sport, by 10-17 years, because biological age does not always coincide with a metric one.

People who start their running adventure can be divided into three groups.
1. People who want to lose weight and improve their physical condition.
2. People for whom jogging becomes a lifestyle.
3. Third group consists of people who have sports ambitions and a desire to compete in street running

What gives regular running?
1. Increases endurance
2. Oxygen the brain
3. Teaches time management
4. It makes pattern to follow
5. Provide a premium in the form of a extended life
6. Counteracts depression

Where can you run in Wroclaw?
• West Park – section about 1900m, most of the gravel route
• East Park – 2900m of a picturesque gravel road with sections over the Oława river
• Kleciński Park – a loop about 1500 m long with paved alleys, a few gentle runs and fugitives,
• Grabiszyński Park – a marked gravel road with a length of 5320m. Sheltered mostly with trees that protect from sun and wind.
• Running route between the Jagielloński bridges and the Swojczycki bridge is 5900m long. The route is covered with gravel, therefore it is suitable for both recreational and professional running. Each kilometer is marked.

Take the challenge, start running

Wroclaw inhabitants rest active, there are many smaller and larger events for runners. (Many of them are also charitable.)

Wroclaw – the city of active people

gilrs at the gym

Gyms and fitness clubs in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is diverse in sport centers. There is a range of fitness clubs to choose from. But which one is the best? Which of them would suit you the best? Here is the list of 5 most popular gyms in Wroclaw. Let’s take a look at their offers. As the deciding factor we consider the location, but also we won’t forget about the offers and gym memberships’ prices.

students in fitness club in wroclaw

Top 5 most popular gyms and fitness clubs in the city

Fitness Club CityFit has 2 subsidiaries in Wroclaw:

The first one, CityFit Wrocław Stare Miasto, is located in the city center at Szewska Street 3a. Another one is CityFit Wroclavia located in the shopping center Wroclavia at Sucha Street 1.

What does the club offer? Both subsidiaries have a lot amount of space, good equipment, BMI and progress measuring devices and free water. Additionally, they are available 24/7 and you don’t need to worry about carrying your gym membership pass – you can simply enter the gym by pressing your finger to the scan.

Wroclaw fintess club

Fitness Club FunFit II

is located in the Municipal Stadium at Aleje Śląskie 1. What can we expect? A lot of space, 100 of weight machines and 100 cardio machines. Martial arts and fitness courses are held in 3 rooms. The first one is reserved for stationary bicycles. Another is equipped with gym mats and boxing bags. The last one is the largest one and it is reserved for various fitness classes. We can visit the club every Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

gilrs fitness class

Fitness club and Dance studio J&D Fitness Dance Studio

can be found at Starogajowa Street 107 on the Stabłowice district. It is not a casual fitness club, it is also a dance club for children and adults. It is the smallest club on the list, thus we can expect the more cosy atmosphere than in the two previous ones. Equipment involves: a training room, personal training gym, playground for children. We can attend for instance dance classes (e.g. for newlyweds), health-promoting classes and fitness classes: flat-belly workout, ABT, fitball, interval training, zumba, crossfit, pilates.

active people in Wroclaw

Personal trainings in Fit & Dreams

is the club located at Strzegomska Street 204 on the first floor. It is an exclusive fitness club for women. If you feel embarrassed to exercise without make-up or to be tired and sweaty, this place will build your self-confidence. The club offers a range of massages and personal trainings. Appointments are made individually. The club is open on:

Monday              9:00 – 10:00       15:00 – 22:00

Tuesday              15:00 – 22:00

Wednesday       9:00 – 10:00       15:00 – 22:00

Thursday            15:00 – 22:00

Friday                  9:00 – 10:00       15:00 – 22:00

Saturday             10:00 – 15:00

Sunday               Closed

gym in wroclaw

Fitness Club Fitness Academy Korona

is located in Korona Shopping Center at Bolesław Krzywousty Street 126. The club is open from Monday to Friday: 6 a.m.- 11 p.m., Saturday: 8 a.m.- 9 p.m, Sunday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. The offer includes: cardio exercises zone, functional training zone, weightlifting equipment, Fitness studio with TRX, Indoor Cycling studio, Race Walking / Body & Mind studio. Additionally, we can relax in the Finish saunas while our children can spend time with a babysitter in a playroom. Fitness Academy accepts Multisport Plus and BeActive cards.

workout gym fitness in wroclaw

In Wroclaw you will find what you are looking for: gym, fitness club, dance studio, personal trainings, massage

This brief overview alone shows how diverse offer of clubs is in Wroclaw, thus it is easy to choose the one which matches our expectations the most. In order to fully enjoy the fitness clubs offers, the opening hours and location must not interupt our daily routine. We hope you find our article helpful. Share your opinion with us – what do you think about fitness clubs in Wroclaw? Which one do you go to? Which one do you recommend?

fit fitness workout active

Best regards 🙂

Marathon running in Wroclaw: a new trend

Marathon running in Wroclaw

Today it seems that everyone is running in Poland. Thus, the growth of popularity of marathon races among the population of different countries over the past six years has increased by 300%.  If a couple of years ago the main sports trend was yoga, now this place, no doubt, took running. This summer, marathon running in Wroclaw will be much more popular than parties in nightclubs and other fashion events. So what is marathon running in Wroclaw: a new trend or a momentary tribute to fashion today? 

Ffirst, let’s look upon the pros and cons of the marathon running.

Pro: motivation

Training to run a marathon is a great tool to keep you motivated to exercise.

Con: risk for health

The training requirements can lead to muscle, bone and joint pain.

Pro: sense of accomplishment

Being able to say that you ran 42 kilometres is something you can be proud of.

Con: time

Training to run a marathon is a lengthy time commitment.

Pro: low cost activity

You only need a quality pair of athletic shoes for marathon.

Con: potential to get expensive

GPS watches, compression sleeves, running hats, sports sunglasses, and special foods and drinks, all have the potential to make marathon running more expensive.

So, you’ve considered all the pros and cons and are ready for the challenge, the next information you must know is where to train for a marathon running in Wroclaw. Well, I’ll give you a tip, and make the list of the running routes:

Skowroni Park  – 1,9 km
Tysiąclecia Park  – 4 km
Grabiszyński Park  – 5,3 km
Zachodni Park  – 7,5 km
Pasterska alley – 2 km
East Park (Park Wschodni) – 2.9 km
Park Południowy – 2 km.
Park Kleciński – 1.9 km

Finally, the most inportant information – marathon running in Wroclaw:

  • Wrocław Night Half-Marathon 16 June 2018, 10 pm; Olympic Stadium Complex
  • Wrocław Marathon 9 September 2018, 9 am; Olympic Stadium Complex
  • Survival Race Wrocław, from 1-2 September 2018, Morskie Oko bathing beach
Marathon running in Wroclaw: a new trend 2018
Marathon running: a new trend 2018

Now you are ready, but to run or not to run, that’s the question…

Tattoo trends in Wroclaw

Tattoo trend shows up throughout the history of mankind. It had a lot of meanings and functions. In ancient cultures it was protection against evil charms and powers – was associated with magic practitioners. People also used tattoos as a marks of prostitutes, prisoners or slaves. Until recently it wasn’t socially accepted. It was hard to find a job or even make contact with other people. Tattoos aroused fear, insecurity or disguise. But it slowly changing – from religion and “marking” meaning it beaming a real art. Painters and graphic instead of paper, canvas and walls are using human skin. And numbers of those, who are decorating their body in this way is significantly increased. Now you can see tattooed people everywhere – you passing them by your way home, seeing at work and restaurants.

Wroclaw is no exception. During past few years many professional tattoo studios were created. And “professional” mean individually designed, original patterns made in a characteristic style for a given person, using all the rules of health, safety and hygiene. In each studio clients can find artists specialized in different style and techniques.

Redberry tattoo studio

Redberry is one of the most recognizable Wroclaw tattoo studio. On fecebook it have three hundred and fifteen opinions which average is 4,9 stars. And profile is fallowed by over forty-two thousand people.

The “face” of the studio is one of the most famous (not only in Poland, but also in world) artist – Timur Lysenko. His artistic visions are combine of realism and graphic, that are creating surrealistic, mostly dark and disquieting effect. He can move reality to a skin and embellish it with colors and elements that making crazy but harmonic composition.

Timur also has a “second face” which is nahujnada. Works posted under this nick are even more disturbing and have a strong message. Despite the fact that this tattoos and graphics seem simple and uncomplicated they emanating huge imagination, irony and sarcasm.

But Redberry is not only about tattoos – their promoting products like cups and socks with their most recognizable pattern – graphic, ethnic flyovers. And for underage and not so brave adults the can offered washable tattoos, which is a good way to check hove design is going look on skin.

Kos Tattoo

Koss Tattoo is studio assumed in 2016 by Bartek Kos – artist specialized in mixing neotraditional, illustration and comic style, which gives colorful, funny and interesting effect. Under his care there were several talented artists who now form the next pillars of the studio.

Anna Szejdewik aka Coxie – painter and illustrator whose work, including tattoos, often refer many important issues, such as feminism or animal rights. Her designing may seem disturbing and dark, but looking more deeply into them, can find second bottom of issue – not only interesting painting.

hand, black tatto, Julia Marczukiewicz, Kos Tattoo
Julia Marczukiewicz, Kos tattoo, hand

Julia Marczukiewicz – an graduate of Krakowska Akademia Sztuk Pięknych (Krakow Academy of Fine Arts). Her works are positive and colorful. Especially suits for women and young people, but she always he takes individual attention for each project.

Aleksandra Wieczorkiewicz – her works are inspired by nature and vintage style, and her favorite techniques are dot- and line-work, which gives really interesting graphic result. Her tattoos are mostly black and gray, less with same detail in color.

Dżo Lama

Under this nickname is hiding Joanna – a founder of Nasza Przestrzeń Kosmiczna (Our Space) – place where is created alternative word of art, including tattoos.

Her favorite technique is freehand, which allows better fit project to body anatomy. Doż’s tattoos are positive, bit psychedelic and colorful. She is the most inspired by nature, her design are full of flowers, plants, animals and also human silhouette.

She opens registration for tattoos twice in a year – at autumn and spring, so it’s really hard to get one, and of course client need to be really decided and determinate.

Dżo Lama is also a brand. In an Internet store clients can find designed by her clothing and prints, which will add variety to each individual style.

Not only tattoos

   With tattoo lifestyle are connected other trends like piercing. In almost every tattoo studio clients can find experienced piercer, witch individually find the best place on body and matching “decoration”.

Three minutes away from Wyspa Słodowa there is Pierce of Cake – professional piercing studio which contains also stationary (and online) shop. Cooperating with the studio Agnieszka Czech has many years experience, and was learning from one of the best piercer in Poland. She is specializing in standard piercing, surface, microdermal and women’s intimate.

Product that they are offering are always in high quality and most importantly, they have a wide range of different earrings, in many different styles for each part of the body, so everyone can find something for themselves.

One of the controversial trend connected with tattoo is body modification. With the current knowledge of human anatomy, technological possibilities and unlimited imagination almost every “upgrade” of body is possible.

This subject specialization is well known to Body Extreme Tattoo and Piercing Wrocław. Their making not only piercing and microdermals, but also things like scaryfication, really popular tongue spliting, aubdermal implants, transdermal implants and body suspension, which is also used in many kinds of alternative shows, connected with dance, performance and music.

Not so scary, like it looks like

Tottoo lifestyle is not only connected with pain and blood. Many studios are cooperating with project Tatuaże Zamiast Futra (tattoos instead of fur) – campaign born from the cooperation of Otware Klatki (Open Frames) and tattooists and piercers. The leitmotif says that tattoos are a better decoration than a fur and no animal needs to die. Income from shares is allocated for statutory purposes and is also connected with vege – festivals. Last event like this was in 2017 but it shows in Wroclaw regularly, so everyone can help. And make a good tattoo for a good purpose.

Another Wroclaw tattoo studio – Voice of Ink – organized a charity sale for almost three months. Their artist made original prints, and each zloty spent will be donated to the Children’s Homes organization on June 1 – on the occasion of the child’s day.

Wroclaw division of Rock and Roll Tattoo Studio on the 31thj of December organized through the facebook social network awareness raising campaign calling for not using firecrackers in New’s Year Eve. And everything to prevent this night’s traumatic experience that affects animals that hear more than people.

Place for everyone

Tattoo Convention is the most recognizable festival of alternative art in Poland. It is organized in five, famous cities – Poznań, Gdańsk, Katowice, Łódź and – for seventh time – in Wrocław. In this this year’s edition 68 exhibitors from all over Poland came forward. Participants were hosted by 19th-century interior and atmosphere of Zaklęte Rewiry. Sponsorship for the entire event included brands such as Medicine, Kwadron, Radio Eska, Tattoofest Magazine and Wyborcza newspaper.

During two days of convention organizers prepared many attractions. On music scene showed up bands like hardcore punk Spider Crew, Hardcore/Metal/Punk Only Attitude Counts, the veterans of hardcore scene 1125 and punk/ska band Podwórkowi Chuligani.

An interesting event during the convention is “Dziarka w ciemno” – which means not knowing the design you gonna have on your body and you not even allowed to see whole tattooing process.

On main stage, beside competitions among tattoo artists, presents many talented people from whole word. This year guest could see collective Bandit Queen Circus with “Weird gastro show” and “Twisted madness” – performance full of fire and spicy positions. An inherent element of the program is also the burlesque show and pole dance.

bananana ink, tattoo, black tattoo, tattoo konwent
Banana Ink on Wroclaw Tattoo Konwent

A lot of people visiting Zaklęte Rewiry witch their children. And for them is same attraction – deeply connected with TattooConvention – Banana Ink. Under the care of a specialist, it is possible to do a tattoo on a banana skin, which is a real adventure for the youngest visitors.

graphic tattoo, matrioszka, Marianos, Nasza Przestrzeń Kosmiczna
Competition – Graphic/geometrical tattoo

But of course tattoos are the most important issue during the convention. Competitions are organized on many topics – big black-gray tattoo, graphic tattoo, neotradicional tattoo, classic or realistic tattoo.

If  you are a big fan of tattoos or tattoo lifestyle, Wroclaw is for you. A large choice between specialized salons, festivals, piercings and music, and above all, positive people.

First Day of Tattoo Konwent