Wrocław means ecology!

ecological vozilla cars

Ecology and pollution of environment is one of the biggest issue on the world right now. Humanity have a huge problem with excesive quantity of rubbish which we are producing. Tones of plastic are swimming in Oceans. Another kinds of animals are dying irretrievably. Most of polish cities also are struggling with this problem, espcially when we are talking about SMOG and air condition. We are destroying our planet day, by day. But there is still a great number of people, who can’t raconcile with this fact, and the inhabitants of Wrocław are also in this group. A trend of being eco and living in harmony with nature is becoming more, and more visible everywhere around the globe. This trend is also great chance for all sort of brands to promote themselves. Check how it looks in Wrocław.

ecological vozilla cars

Vozilla – environment-friendly electric cars for rent

Sharing is now a very popular trend. It also applies in ecology. This is known by Vozilla, an electric car rental company operating in Wrocław. Only in the last year Wrocław residents have rented Vozilla cars over 300,000 times, which significantly reduced the number of cars driving on city streets, and thus significantly contributed to the reduction of emissions and exhaust fumes.

nextbike bicycle rental

Nextbike – take care of your and city’s condition

From March to October, Wrocław residents take care of their own form, but also reduce pollution in the city. All thanks to another rental company, which has been serving the city residents since 2011. Nextbike, an urban bicycle rental, is an inseparable element of the city today. The company offers cyclists a few dozen stations and several hundred bikes throughout the city. This is another example of how companies can efficiently join to the environmental protection trend, so that customers will be happy to use their services.

Fitness World poster

Fitness World – Your ecological gym in Wroclaw

The Fitness World fitness center operating in Wrocław meets the expectations of its clients and shows that it is possible to care for the environment regardless of the type of activity. The brand is promoted with posters informing how choosing the right materials and cleaning agents positively affects ecology. Thanks to the use of paper produced by Econatural and Fiberpack, they managed to process over 115,000 beverage cartons, reduce CO2 emissions by over 3000 kg and save nearly 50 trees.

The green race is just accelerating

As you can see, brands are already actively involved in the trend of ecological life, and customers only encourage them to use their services. I think that with time more companies will appear with new ideas. After all, we are all well aware of how much ecology still needs to be done in Poland.

Why to develop your professional career in Wroclaw?

Let’s say that want to move abroad to build your career path. Take in consideration to develop your professional career in Wrocław.
In this article I will share with you some information regarding moving to Wrocław for working.

Nice to meet you Wrocław!
Let’s start with a short introduction.

Wroclaw Rynek View

Wrocław is the capital city of the Lower Silesia region in Poland. The population count is around 638.000 people and the territory covers 292.92 km2.
Called also the city of 100 bridges Wrocław is certainly one of the most beautiful cities of Poland.
By walking around the city you can enjoy the wonderful Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture or the amazing party of colours in the main square (Rynek).
If would like to admire the colours of the architecture in Wrocław Book a tour for you and your friends

Cool atmosphere
The positive mood of the city.

Wroclaw Bridge View

The atmosphere in Wrocław is really interesting. Polish people are very kind and generally very positive – it might be the result of a huge amount of green places, the romantic atmosphere given by the rivers and the bridges (Discover more information about Bridges in Wrocław) and the big amount of art pieces that you can find around the city.

Monument People City Wrocław Poland Street
Monument People City Wrocław Poland Street

Above all, let’s not forget also about the good public transport service that gives you the possibility to reach all these awesome things.

Wroclaw Renoma Tram n. 20 view

The MPK (Public transport company) has available trams and busses and the services cover morning/night hours. As a result, the service is very efficient so you can easily move from one side of the city to another.

Amazing lifestyle
Feeling of freedom.

Holy Festival Wroclaw
Photo by Maciek Lulko

Living your daily life in Wrocław makes you discover many interesting events that the city offers to the people.
In 2016 Wrocław has been the European Capital of Culture with 100+ events (Art, Music, Film Shows, Sport, etc.) organized only in 2016.

Hala Stulecia

Wrocław can offer events for every taste and every age.
Besides a part the official events organized by the city, there is also a huge amount of social events organized through the social groups. Therefore you can take part in Language exchange meetings, Live drawings meetings, Yoga meetings and more.
Events in Wrocław link 1 Events in Wrocław link 2

General Business Information
Develop your professional career in Wrocław

Develop your professional career in Wrocław

Worclaw has 100+ BPO Centres with over 30.000 employees.
As a result you have a big number of job opportunities in fields as:
Administration, Financial, IT, Medical industry, logistic and more.
Which companies are in Wroclaw?

Benefits Companie Wroclaw

Most of the companies are offering also different benefits as health coverage, Multisport card, professional trainings, language courses, additional insurance, vouchers for cultural events and entertainment, meals and recognition vouchers(prize for good operativity).


Develop your professional career in Wroclaw

Develop your professional career in Wroclaw

IT industry in Wroclaw

IT industry is a big piece of Wroclaw economy

Wroc-love IT industry

The IT industry in Wroclaw needs more and more people. Many companies, thanks to low costs and well-qualified employees, have decided to open a business in Poland. Wroclaw is a city that is very friendly to employees in the IT industry.

How to get a job in the IT industry in Wroclaw

In Poland, we have a so-called “employee market”. This means that employees have no major problems finding a job. Employers must themselves seek for an employee. In the IT industry in Wroclaw, this is particularly evident because many IT companies have chosen this place for their headquarters. In addition, many older people are afraid of working in the IT industry. This has meant that some companies, such as NOKIA, have created their own programming program – they invite their new employees to it and pay them for learning during the first two months of work!

How to start?

Well, it’s best if you already have experience in the IT industry. If this case, you can probably start working immediately in a position that you know the most about. The IT industry in Wrocław is looking for many front-developers and end-developers as well as IT specialists to maintain systems. If you do not know much about programming or fiber optics, do not worry :). You don’t have to study for 5 years at the Polytechnic to find employment in the IT industry. Often IT companies will teach you everything themselves. If you want to increase your chances of recruitment, it is worth signing up for a monthly, intensive course of one of the programming languages. The IT industry in Wroclaw is looking for specialists who know C ++, Java, Python, SQL. Such courses can often be found on online platforms (Coursera, Futurelearn etc.).

Not only the biggest ones

The IT industry in Wroclaw is a lot of big companies, but also small ones, sometimes one-person ones. They often start like my friend’s story: She had a good idea, she wanted to create a small application. She hasn’t any IT experience, so she decided to meet an IT worker. He helped her to create a new application for the phone, and now both can collect profits.

The IT industry in Wroclaw is also responsible for the fact that many companies from other industries are largely automated. It’s not only about aviation, automotive, but also, for example, law firms. Thanks to which they can bring higher profits. The IT market is constantly growing, and more people from the IT industry moving to Wroclaw have no problem finding a well-paid job.

Wroclavia Shopping Centre – information for newcomers

Wroclavia is a newly built shopping center which is located in the heart of Wroclaw. It is filled with many activities for both young people and adults.

Right next to the mall is Wroclaw’s main train station, and Wroclavia itself houses the city’s biggest bus terminal, which is located in the second undergroun level. It is also located near many bus and tram stations. For visitors, there’s 2200 parking spaces available and also 400 for bicycles.

One of the main features of the mall is the Cinema City, which has 20 screening rooms, including one with the IMAX system installed (a huge screen, great picture quality, clean sound), a Skoda 4DX room (smell, moving seats) and 3 VIP rooms (with an open buffet and adjustable seats).


Apart from the cinema and bus station, Wroclavia is home to:

– 159 stores from the categories: home appliances, accessories, interior design, culture and multimedia, fashion, sport, a supermarket, utilities, toys and games, health and beauty

– 28 restaurants and Cafes (including a Grand Kitchen food section)

– A 24h fitness club (CityFit)

– A playroom for children (Fikołki)

– An all-year-round garden area (a green area between the shopping area and the office area and a terrace by one of the restaurants)


Wroclavia has been rated with a 4-star quality rating. It received it because of the availability of:

– Customer Loyalty Cards

– Gift Cards

– The availability of a stylist (which is available for free)

– Smart Park

– Services for families with small children

– Free Wi-Fi access

– A free area where you can charge your computer or phone

– Dressing rooms

– A professional reception area/help desk

– A charging station for electric cars and scooters


Wroclavia is also a place where you can find a job. Currently they are looking for: shopkeepers, shopkeeper’s assistants, waiters, baristas, customer advisors.


Construction of Wroclavia started in 2014. The official opening was on the 18th of October 2017.



Sucha 1, Wroclaw

Opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday 9am – 9pm

Friday – Saturday 9am – 10pm


Coworking Spaces in Wroclaw

coworking spaces

Nowadays more and more people start working online and remotely. Coworking spaces were created to serve the needs of remote workers. It is a new trend in organizational structure of companies which is gaining momentum worldwide. Wroclaw is not an exception.

What coworking spaces are

Coworking spaces are fully equipped spaces for work which can be rented by anyone for some period of time – day, week, month, several months, etc. Who are the clients of coworking spaces? They are usually people who work remotely or are freelancers (programmers, translators, designers, etc.). They use common office space for their activities.

Coworking is something between using a separate office and working at home. Coworking centers have all the furniture necessary for work and rest. There are

  • computers (although coworkers more often bring their own laptops) connected to high-speed Internet,
  • office equipment, e.g. printer, scanner,
  • the kitchen with a dispenser, a microwave oven and a coffee machine.

It has a friendly working atmosphere, that’s why a lot of people start working in coworking spaces and coworking spaces are getting popular.

Advantages and disadvantages of coworking spaces

I will start with advantages:

Working atmosphere. It is easier to be focused on work and not to be distracted in comparison to working from home.

Networking. You can find contacts with new people who are experts in their fields. You are surrounded by people who are here on business, unlike visitors of other places (cafes, parks, etc.). It’s possible to make new interesting acquaintances while working in a mixed office.

Meeting with clients. It’s possible to have official meetings in coworking spaces whereas it wouldn’t be very convenient at home.

Personal and professional development possibilities. Coworking centers often organize different workshops, seminars and lectures.

As for disadvantages, they are:

  • Rental payments. Although renting a working place in a coworking space is cheaper than renting a separate office, but it is still more expensive then working from home.
  • Contacts with people. I listed networking as an advantage, but it can be a disadvantage as well because you can just spend the whole day talking to people instead of working.
  • Information security. You have to be aware that in coworking spaces it’s easy to still your ideas, so it’s necessary to take preventive measures while working there.

Coworking spaces in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is full of live, it has a lot to offer for foreigners – architecture, history, nature. That’s why it attracts a lot of freelancers as well. Freelancers prefer to work in coworking spaces, because there they can meet new people, exchange their ideas, create new projects. Coworking spaces are a new trend in organizing work in the world and Wroclaw doesn’t stay aside.

Here are several coworking centers in Wroclaw:

Idea Place

Address: pl. Solny 15, Wrocław


IdeaPlace as a professional coworking space offers 21 work places, 6 microbiots for 4-8 person teams, 3 training rooms and one room for business meetings. As part of the services provided, it offers the possibility of registering the company under the prestigious address pl. Solny 15, correspondence service, document preparation, assistant services, consultancy in setting up a company.

Virtual office from 200 zł/month

Workspace from 50 zł/day

Meeting place from 65 zł/hour


Address: ul. W. Łokietka 12C, Wrocław


CO12 was created for small businesses and people representing free professions, such as IT specialists, architects, translators, etc. CO12 organizes workshops, as well as common time for coworkers, uniting them in this way. At their disposal there are coworking space with a comfortable, individual place at a large desk, a virtual office, an office for rent and a meeting room.

Virtual office from 150 zł/month

Instant office from 990 zł/month

Coworking from 40 zł/day

Meeting room from 40 zł/hour

BLW Corp

Address: ul. Księcia Witolda 49/15, Wrocław


BLW offers a virtual office, a conference room and a desk for rent in an attractive location in Wrocław. In the new, elegant office building, many different companies have their headquarters. There is a free car park nearby.

Virtual office from 49 zł/month

Desk from 19 zł/hour

Conference room from 50 zł/hour

There are about 15 coworking spaces now in Wroclaw. So, you can easily find the best suitable for you according to location, price and services. Here you can find more information about every coworking center.