In Wroclaw city we can find so many beach bars.
In summer, near the Oder, in almost every part of Wrocław, we can relax in the beach bar. However, which beach bar is the best in Wroclaw city? Which one to choose? Why this one? Below I present the best beach bars in Wroclaw city.


The largest beach in Wroclaw-The tons of sand located at the Milenium bridge invite not only adults, but also children.

Beach bar in Wroclaw

Why should you choose a Hot Spot?

  • live concerts
  • huge beach
  • animations for children
  • kids corner
  • interview with known people / bloggers
  • shisha bar
  • foodtrucks and ice cream
  • yoga classes
  • you can come with animals
  • volleyball court
  • skimboard
  • you can chill on hammock
  • near the indoor swimming pool and swimming pool
  • away from noise and real estate

    Hot Spot


This place is located (as the name suggests) at the back of the zoological garden. This the best beach bar in Wroclaw city.

Why should you choose  Zazoo?

  • live concerts
  • wine bar
  • trampolines for children
  • volleyball court
  • poufs, hammocks, umbrellas
  • location right by the river, in the middle of nature
  • animations for children
  • Yoga lessons
  • and many others

More and more beach bars are coming. It’s the perfect entertainment for young people as well as children. Many beach bars in Wroclaw concentrate not only young people, but also families with children. Unfortunately, such places also have their drawbacks, and which ones?

Beach bar

Beach bars are open only seasonally due to high temperature differences. Reluctantly, people would like to come in winter in warm jackets and drink cold drinks on cold and wet sand in addition to the cold air from the Odra river.

Beach bar in Wroclaw

This are the best beach bars in Wroclaw city. You should visit both places, and why? Convince yourself and feel the unique climate of beach bars in Summer!


food truck – from car to professional restaurant

Have you ever dreamed about you own business? Restaurant and travelling at the same time? It’s more possible than you ever wondered! The answer is easy, two words, nine letters: food truck!

And when you look around gastronomy world in Wrocław you will see some businesses which started exacly with food truck. It is an upward trend in the city and it is growing.

Let me give you some examples:


They are the most famous burger reastaurant in Wrocław. Started from one food truck in 2013 which was standing vis a vis shopping mall Arkady Wrocławskie. In really short time information about yummy burgers circled the entire city. Right now they have four food trucks, nine reastaurants (in Wrocław, Warsaw and Gdańsk) and own-production place.


This is real mexican food! They have started from food truck in 2014. After big succes (big as their big-ass burrito) Panczo became bigger. Through collaboration with craft beer pub 4Hops, to own location – mexican tex-mex reastaurant with fancy drinks and craftbeer. One week ago they have opened Panczo Breakfast Place – new point on Wrocław gastronomy map situated on Wita Stwosza street.

osiem misek

Interesting concept about asia-fusion cuisine. The most famous dish – pulled pork butter bao is know and loving in whole Poland. Their food truck is standing on Borowska street, local was opened two years after on Włodkowica 27. They also opened production place and started with breakfast offer. Can we predict that the other location will be open soon?


Do you want something sweet for a dessert? Krasnolód is known as the bestice-cream place in whole city! Their little food truck with craft flavours (like prosecco with coconut or stout-beer sorbet) have just stolen our hearts totally. Their first location was opened one year ago on Komuny Paryskiej street and from the second half on July they are also on Włodkowica street.

Is it a trend in our city?

Food trucks are really strong trend in Wrocław. Also it is good way to start your own company with small financial outlay. According to examples you can see that they could be succesfull and became an icons in gastro world. So, are you planning to open one?

Coffee Manufacture in Wroclaw

coffee manufacture in Wroclaw

Czarny Deszcz: The #1 coffee manufacture in Wroclaw.

Some days, the only thing you need to get you out of bed is a good coffee. However, we often swap excellent products for something more convenient. In this article, I will talk about the coffee Czarny Deszcz, a local brand which provides quality beverages, for low prices.

What is Czarny Deszcz?

Czarny Deszcz (en. Black Rain) is a Wroclaw coffee project that sells espresso coffee and alternatives. They also offer barista training and specialty accessory distribution. Founded in 2014, this company has its main headquarters on Stanislawa Pilata street. Czarny Deszcz distributes their products in more than 10 locations in town. This brand’s esteemed values are quality, freshness and responsibility.

What products do they offer?

This manufacture provides a wide variety of products. Their single specialty beans, designed for espresso coffees, are roasted and smoked with different unique flavors. The beans are imported from Brazil, as well as Nicaragua and Ethiopia. All the blends can be ordered from the brand’s website or picked up from the following distributors in Wroclaw: Concept Stu Mostów, Cocofli, Natural Bazaar, Cerubinowy Wedrowiec, Piekarnia Kumin.

But what places serve this coffee?

If you’re a student who spends their entire day on the run, you most likely don’t have the time or means to press and brew your own coffee beans. Luckily, you can find these caffeinated beverages in more than 10 different locations in Wrocław, listed bellow:

Cofee Shops & bakeries
  • Vinyl Cafe
  • Kawiarnia Karamel
  • Kawalerka
  • Cocofli
  • FC Cafe
  • Piekarnia Kumin
  • Cerubinowy Wedrowiec

Restaurants & breweries
  • Baszta
  • Browar Stu Mostow

Therefore, next time you’re on the lookout for a good cup of coffee in Wrocław, maybe you’ll be more inclined to give this local brand a try and let their amazing coffee make your day better.

Beer in Wroclaw

Beer in Wroclaw

According to the results of the research, it follows that in the eyes of both women and men, the image of beer is positive (86%), while the authors of positive characteristics are most often men (88%) than women (82%). Respondents of the two sexes, describing beer, raise a number of terms that carry a positive emotional charge – in their opinion, beer is primarily “friendliness” (62%), “fun” (53%), and “approaches any situation “(50%),

But for the people which look for the real quality, here are…

Top 5 Best Pubs in Wroclaw

1. Coctail Bar Max & Dom Whisky

Definitely one of the best institution in Wroclaw for whiskey lovers, and not only! Well-equipped Cigar Room impresses with the lack of smell of cigar smoke that is very important if you are a non-smoker in the company!

2. Cocktail Bar by Incognito

A non-trivial place in the center of the city where people like to make cocktails. Beautiful feed. There are several branded cocktails according to their own recipes.

3. AleBrowar

Good craft beers and excellent service also in English, and before ordering that you can try a beer. In addition, the interior is simple, but the point is really different beer. Looks pretty good, anyway.

4. Nietota

This place has this ethno / tribe atmosphere with its wall drawings and live music. Excellent gin tonic served with pepper

5. Lamus Pub

A wonderful place to have a good beer. first of all – about eight varieties of beer. It is very inexpensive. It is better to arrive early – closer to the evening there is not pushed, the place is extremely popular with the local residents. Good location near the main train station.


Cafe Targowa – trend place

Cafe Targowa

Cafe Targowa 

The best trend place for coffee in the morning. Coffee in the morning is a necessity, moreover the second and the next one during the day also.

From early morning, Cafe Targowa invites its guests.
In Targowa Market Hall, Cafe Targowa draws its attention from the entrance. The extremely original trap placed in front of the hall makes an impression.

Cafe Targowa

It’s easy to get here

Cafe Targowa is stand number 11 to the left of the main entrance behind all the stands. The restaurant is probably too big word to describe this small cafe.Cafe Targowa

A bar, a table top and three chairs around it. Interior is from the wood, in total probably from 12 square meters. The most important thing, however, is that a few meters earlier there is a brilliant aroma of coffee. Which does not allow you to avoid this place. The small size of the café is for making contacts.

The service is very nice, you can get the impression that everyone is treated like a family member.

At Cafe Targowa

Without a moment’s thought, I order an espresso. There would also be a sandwich for coffee.

Even though it was early, only one was left – vegetarian, which I quickly take from the basket on the counter. Such a set is only PLN 11.50.

  • The sandwich is large,
  • very light,
  • with red lentils paste, paprika, cucumber, tomatoes, chives and lettuce.

All the vegetables are fresh, the baguette is crispy and the whole is perfectly smeared. Thanks to which it is not too dry.

Very tasty item in the morning, as well as aromatic and expressive coffee.

Cafe Targowa

If you decide to go inside Cafe Targowa

You will find a cozy interior full of climate trinkets. You can choose a book from the shelf and spend time in an interesting way waiting for your order.
Cafe Targowa is a great place for a quick coffee in the morning.,3189197,art,t,id,tm.html

Cafe with kimate, great for a quick sandwich in the morning and for a business meeting.

Cafe Targowa

Europa na Widelcu

Europa na Widelcu

Europa na Widelcu

Culinary celebration of freedom. Europa na Widelcu is a culinary festival which is organized every year, traditionally in Wrocław. The culinary festival was for the first time in the Market Square in 2009.

Europa na Widelcu arrange regional products

on tables alongside dishes from the UK, Croatia, Ukraine, Spain, France and Germany. We invite Wrocław residents and tourists to take part in the festival.

Every year, Europa na Widelcu consists of several basic events.

We will see the festival’s ambassadors – Robert Makłowicz and Piotr Bikont. They are great, very popular in Poland master chefs. We are arranging a new program of the festival.

Europa na Widelcu’s menu is a harbinger of what we will eat during the climactic point of the program.

The European feast is our idea to celebrate the anniversary of the so-called June elections. This vote also enabled us to enter the European Union later on, Europe, regions and cities. The official organizer is the Wrocław City and Tourism Promotion Office.

Wrocław went to emphasize its culinary potential by Europa na Widelcu

Project makes it possible to exhibit these trends in a nutshell. Local restaurant-owners cook for thousands of visitors and residents at the Market Square every year. The festival has its fans in Wrocław. People wait for this event all year. They want to try something new and discover new delicious dishes. This is where the true value lies.

Recently, Wroclaw has become a culinary power. The city is filled with fantastic restaurants, culinary events also become more popular. For example gourmet markets and food truck conventions, breakfast markets, fresh food fairs. Anyone can find something they really like. The City Hall is also feeding the youngest residents of Wrocław city. Its activities include training courses and modernising kitchens at nurseries and schools.