Best VR cafés in Wrocław

It’s Saturday and you’re wondering what to do with your friends. Going to the movies just doesn’t cut it, and drinking before noon is pretty much passe. In a world where we’re constantly surrounded by technology, why not give VR cafés a try? They’ve been sprouting up all over Poland and for many, it’s an experience they don’t easily forget.

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Hidden in an old brick building in the western part of Wrocław is VRhalla with it’s cutting edge virtual reality technology. Unlike many other VR cafés, they use custom made technology powered by Samsung Odyssey goggles that pushes the limits of virtual reality entertainment. Aiming to blend simulation and reality they offer a custom-built arena that matches what you see in the game, so be prepared to feel everything you see in the VR world. With high availability, affordable prices and support for up to four players in one game VRhalla seems like a perfect place to spend your time with friends.

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Imaginarium, advertising itself as Wrocław’s center of virtual reality, promises unforgettable experiences thanks to the vast array of games and virtual reality devices available at your disposal. Consisting of over a hundred games Imaginarium’s game library will cater to the taste of even the fussiest customers. There is also no need to worry about spending too much time finding the perfect game. A personal assistant assigned to you will swiftly help you make the right choice. While only one of you can play at a given time, others can enjoy a comfortable couch and watch their friend’s efforts on the big screen. Accessible to both adults and children Imaginarium is a great place to spend a family afternoon.


Strefa VR

Located in the western part of Wrocław Strefa VR tempts its clientele with a state of the art virtual reality lounge that doesn’t stop at just games. If you feel like exploring the earth from previously unknown perspectives, fighting your fear of heights on top of an eighty story building or you simply want to enjoy a movie placed in the center of the action, Strefa VR might be a perfect place for you. They offer a wide range of games, movies and unforgettable experiences right at your fingertips. While booking a ticket there may not be the simplest thing you’ve done this week, the memories will be worth a little trouble.

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Last but not least is Wrocław’s best known virtual reality arena called MagicVR. Located right in the heart of the city it’s one of its biggest VR lounges. Based on proven HTC Vive technology MagicVR allows you to enjoy a selection of custom games created exclusively for them. Most games allow you to play in cooperation with friends and if you are not sure if you want to fight off hordes of zombies or race through tropical landscapes you can always book a mixed ticket and try a bit of every game. And if your friends are still hungover after yesterday’s party you can always go and enjoy MagicVR solo.

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3 pubs for gamers in Wroclaw

3 pubs for gamers in Wrocław

There are 3 pubs for gamers in Wroclaw, that I know of. If you are a gamer and want to spend quality time in a geeky place with your friends, Wroclaw has some very interesting options for you. Whether you want to organize a big meeting or just spontaneously go to a nerdy place, these are the places you can check out:

Padbar – the first pub for gamers in Poland

Padbar was founded in 2011. In time, it branched to three other cities. You can play here on an Xbox in beat’em ups and play FIFA with your friends, try the wide range of drinks and play board games for free. There’s also a Padbar Club. For 30 zlotys you can buy a membership card and gain points. For every 5 zł that you spend you gain points, that you can exchange for free drinks. I’ts good to make a reservation ahead of time, because of the sheer popularity of this place.

Location: Kazimierza Wielkiego Street 1 in  Time’s building


Cybermachina – franchise nerd pub

Cybermachina was opened in back in 2015. It’s the largest chain of pubs for geeks in Poland, it has a total of 8 locations in the country. There’s a wide variety of drinks, that reference pop culture. They have Czech and regional beer, you can also eat some snacks and toasts. There are many consoles, arcade games and board games free of charge.

Cybermachina has game tournaments, as well as regular sporting events (such as football matches on TV). Sometimes they also organize small meetings for people working in the gaming industry in Wroclaw. They are called Pog(R)adajmy and you have to check their Facebook page for more details. You have keep in mind that they close fairly early. Usually opening hours span from 2 pm to 1 am.

Location: Szczytnicka Street 52

Facebook page:

Hex – cafe mixed with pub for the board games enthusiasts

Hex’s origins are a cafe with board games in Cracow. Their second coffeehouse mixed with a bar was openend in Wroclaw in 2014. Since then they have presented about 400 different board games to their guests. Hex host board game competitions, they also have card games. On the occasions they organize Hearthstone tournaments – but you have to bring your own Smartphone or laptop to play. Sometimes they have special workshops for people interested in learning how to play board games. Also you can check out prototypes, that upcoming creators bring to the cafe. They even have their own game, called “Tawerna Hex”. You can also drink some niche beer and eat different meals. Hex is usually open to guests from 3 pm to midnight, but you have check whether they have spare seats before, because of the various events.

Location: Dubois Street 33/35b

Facebook page:






4 places for gamers in Wrocław

4 places for gamers in Wrocław

Looking for attraction? Try this 4 places for gamers in Wrocław

Wrocław is a beautiful city in Poland. It is a capital of Lower Silesia voivodeship also known as The Meeting Place. Every day thousands of tourists from whole world are visiting this spectacular, old city. They can find here a lot of attractions, amazing architecture, more than hundred bridges, many cultural and entertainment events, great food and really friendly people. Also if you are a video games lover, you have a lot to see. Especially this 4 places for gamers in Wrocław.

MagicVR – where the magic happens!

MagicVR - biggest virtual reality arena in Poland

MagicVR is a startup from Wrocław which use innovatie technology of Virtual Reality. This brand have virtual reality arena with 750m2 – first and sole place like this in Poland (and only few in the world). You can play there vr games designed to cooperation with team of your own friends (4 players) in realtime with full communication between you. The most important part of this company is a experienced game developers team which produce authorial games specially designed for vr arena and necessary hardware like controler Beretta Rifle or platform GraviDeck. For now they made three incredibly good games:

  • zombieVRsquad – brilliant shooter which is favorite game of people who are visiting this place
  • VRdrivers – great racing game with authorial routes
  • GalaxyRace – the newest game produced by this studio with innovative steering control mechanics

Museum Games and Computers of the Era

wolfenstein 3d on amiga 600 computer

It is great place for all video games and computers lovers who wants to go back to the time when they were kids and they had his first gaming experciences. In the Museum you can find equipment from brands like Amiga, Commodore, Apple or polish Elwro. Not only computers, but also old game consoles like PlastationOne, Gameboy, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and many more. However the Museum it’s not only for adults. Offen you can meet there parents who will show thier children classic games like Super Sonic, Metal Slug, Arkanoid, Wolfenstein 3D etc. I think it’s awesome place which connecting different generations of gamers and really everyone can find something interesting there.

PadBar – evening entertainmen

Padbar localisation

Another of 4 places for gamers in Wrocławis the Padbar. It’s one of the hundreds locals in this city where you can meet with friends and spend lovely evening. But it’s not a typical bar. Of course you can order some snacks and drinks, but the main subject of this place are games. Room is well equipped with games and consoles like Playstation and Xbox. So choose the game and have fun!

CEX – your games supplier

cex store logotype

CEX is a worldwide chain of stores selling second hand games, consoles, controlers, gaming accesories, mobile phones, and electronic devices. You can buy there some really cheap games or even exchange yours old games to the titles which you don’t play yet. If you want check accessibility or prices of particular game you can do this in thier official website – here!