Is Wroclaw an example of smart city?

Wroclaw is a city that undoubtedly develops in the flashlight! A city which is full of smiling people who draw energy from it and are happy to be its inhabitants. A city that attracts many foreigners. The proof of this is receiving many awards, among others, the last, prestigious award European Best Destination 2018! Have you ever wondered why Wroclaw is such a very desirable city? Let’s check it! 

Is Wroclaw an example of smart city?

Natalia Hatalska from the Institute of Forecasting Trends Infuture created the Trend Map 2018 . One of these trends was to be a sustainable city. Let’s analyze exactly if Wroclaw meets the requirements of being a smart city! Perhaps this is the reason why we live here so well. The essence of the smart city best describes the words of Natalia Hatalska: “The idea of an intelligent city can not consist solely on implementing solutions in the area of new technologies. These issues are important, but an intelligent city can not be built without considering the needs of its inhabitants. “

Needs fulfillment.

The first point to analyze is the satisfaction of the residents and checking if their needs are met.  When you wan to be happy, all you is to have a good job. And also a stable financial situation. According to research carried out by the Michael Page, in the second quarter of 2018, 67 percent of Lower Silesians positively assess their current professional situation and the domestic labor market. In the previous quarter such opinion was expressed by 65.4 percent of the surveyed inhabitants of the region. The Lower Silesians are also the most satisfied with their salaries in the country. Undoubtedly, from these studies we can read that Wroclaw in economic terms does not stand out from other Polish cities. Wroclaw also provides stable situations in the local labor market, which undoubtedly testifies to its being a balanced city.

Modern technologies.

This is another point without the city can not bear the title of sustainable. The authorities of Wroclaw are constantly striving to modernize the city’s infrastructure. They want to provide the best quality of services to the residents of Wroclaw. The last spectacular example of such a change was the replacement of devices for the purchase of tickets in transport.  And introduction of the possibility to save the purchased ticket on a payment card. The whole investment was introduced in Wroclaw as one of the first investments of this type in Europe. This example shows that the authorities of Wroclaw undoubtedly  go with the times. They are infidelity not afraid about modern technologies.

More than technology.

Technology is important but you can not also forget about culture and art. City has to fulfill the spiritual needs of residents. Wroclaw as a student city has a rich offer of cultural events that attract people not only from all over Poland, but also from all over Europe. The fact that Wroclaw became the European Capital of Culture shows that the city provides all cultural needs.

Smart enough?

All of the mentioned requirements show us that Wroclaw undoubtedly is being a sustainable city. Requirements, reports, statistics is one thing. However, the most important is that going to the street of this beautiful city you can meet smiling, kind people. They are the best example that the city flourishes and develops all needs. Let it be as long and as good as possible in our beautiful city!

Things to avoid, when you are in Wrocław.

There are thousands of reasons to visit Poland. For example Poland is home to 14 Unesco World Heritage Sites. The food is incredible and the history is gripping. One of the most interesting places in this country is Wrocław, which is full of history and great architecture.

It is really beautifull, and you should visit this city, but there is few things that you have to aviod, when you are in Wrocław (or in Poland). Let’s check them out.

Number one: Don’t jaywalk!

In some countries they may not be that big deal to cross the street anywhere it seems convenient, but in Poland you can even pay a fine. So if you don’t want to pay even 500 złoty, which is about 130$, for walking across the streat, you should be careful.

Number two: Don’t wear shoes inside a Polish home.

It changes, but when you see, that youre host doesn’t wear shoes, you should do that too, you shouldn’t wear youre shoes in the house, because it can be rude that way. It is like an old tradition and a lot of young people chenges their mind about that, but it is still really popular to not wear shoes at home. So you have to be careful about that.

Number three: Don’t skip out on learning few words in Polish.

It is not necessary but the thing is, that we like, when you know even a few words in our language, it really opens the door. We learn a lot of languages, to help tourist, and we thing, that is really sweet, when people from abroad, try to speak polish, even it is only something like dziękuje. And be calm, you don’t have to be perfect. We are kinda shy people, so this is what’s really open us up.

Number four: Don’t worry about the money.

Poland is extremely affordable country so you shouldn’t be worry that you can spend too much money. It is not expencive pleace to be, that means that you can do anything, eat anything you like, go anywhere you like and anjoy Wrocław’s atractions and I can swear to you, that you don’t spend too much money. Also, going to the museum, is really affordable, as well and we have them a lot, so you should try them all! So it is nice pleace to check out.

Number five: Don’t drink in public places.

You can even get arrested or pay a fine for drinking in public places. You can eat and drink at the restaurant and at the bar, no problem. But if you wanna take some alcohol and go to a park and drink trere, with youre friends, you can get in troubles with the cops, so make sure, you do not drink in publicly.

Number six: Don’t forget to tip.

Usually it is about ten percent of this, what you pay. Ten or fifteen.But you should look at the menu and some restaurants already put that ten percent in there and it is already included. But like I said before, it is kinda cheap place, so don’t be scared, that you will pay a lot for all dinner. And don’t forget, when you pay by cash, you should put youre money, in that little thing in which you get youre receipt and leave tip in there. You also should say thank you or keep the change.

Number seven: Don’t be late.

The Poles are really on time kinda people. If you are gonna be late make sure you are gonna call or send a message, to wont make your friend angry. It is kinda rude, to be late with saying nothing. So make sure, that you are on time.

And last but not least! You should came to Wrocław to check this city out.

Europa na Widelcu

Europa na Widelcu

Europa na Widelcu

Culinary celebration of freedom. Europa na Widelcu is a culinary festival which is organized every year, traditionally in Wrocław. The culinary festival was for the first time in the Market Square in 2009.

Europa na Widelcu arrange regional products

on tables alongside dishes from the UK, Croatia, Ukraine, Spain, France and Germany. We invite Wrocław residents and tourists to take part in the festival.

Every year, Europa na Widelcu consists of several basic events.

We will see the festival’s ambassadors – Robert Makłowicz and Piotr Bikont. They are great, very popular in Poland master chefs. We are arranging a new program of the festival.

Europa na Widelcu’s menu is a harbinger of what we will eat during the climactic point of the program.

The European feast is our idea to celebrate the anniversary of the so-called June elections. This vote also enabled us to enter the European Union later on, Europe, regions and cities. The official organizer is the Wrocław City and Tourism Promotion Office.

Wrocław went to emphasize its culinary potential by Europa na Widelcu

Project makes it possible to exhibit these trends in a nutshell. Local restaurant-owners cook for thousands of visitors and residents at the Market Square every year. The festival has its fans in Wrocław. People wait for this event all year. They want to try something new and discover new delicious dishes. This is where the true value lies.

Recently, Wroclaw has become a culinary power. The city is filled with fantastic restaurants, culinary events also become more popular. For example gourmet markets and food truck conventions, breakfast markets, fresh food fairs. Anyone can find something they really like. The City Hall is also feeding the youngest residents of Wrocław city. Its activities include training courses and modernising kitchens at nurseries and schools.