Hala Targowa Wroclaw shopping center

Hala Targowa is a traditional a place of trade and meetings of residents.

A traditional place for shopping Hala Targowa (Wroclaw) – designed by Richard Plüddemann and Heinrich Küster.

Hala Targowa was built in 1908 and it is a valuable engineering monument. The design was very modern, the construction was supported on reinforced concrete arches, what gave the building a high durability. The external elevation is partly made of bricks, whereas from the south it is plastered. The window frames were made of steel. The building has two towers and a clock. The building has 4 floors, the most important is the main hall and the gallery surrounding it. In the cellars there are freezers and butchers’ rooms where there is quartered the meat. The hall towers are unfortunately not available for tourists. Many architectural elements of the Hala Targowa have been written in the list of the monuments. Starting from the main portals made of sandstone in the art nouveau style, through bas-reliefs, urban coat of arms, clocks. Ending with balustrades, stairs and even crates of meat stands also made in the art nouveau style.

Now Hala Targowa is a traditional a place of trade and meetings of residents.

After entering the main hall on the left side, you can find a few very large stands with fruits and vegetables, on the right there are meat, bakeries and dairy products. There are several stands with traditional products from Spain and Portugal. You can buy not only regional products but also high quality Spanish hams or feta cheese. You can buy here bread baked on natural sourdough, spelt buns, soy mingers, cold pressed oils, herbs and spices, birch juice. In the further part there are many stands with flowers and floristic accessories. There is a cash machine at the entrance, but for the majority of stands there is a possibility you to pay by a card. Apart from shopping, there are a few cheap bars and cafes in the hall, and a restaurant with  a craft beer in front of the entrance. In the hall gallery there are stands with chemical and household articles. In front of the building there is a tram stop (lines 8,7,17,9,23) next to it there are a few parking places, however, it is the best to walk on this part of the city.


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food truck – from car to professional restaurant

Have you ever dreamed about you own business? Restaurant and travelling at the same time? It’s more possible than you ever wondered! The answer is easy, two words, nine letters: food truck!

And when you look around gastronomy world in Wrocław you will see some businesses which started exacly with food truck. It is an upward trend in the city and it is growing.

Let me give you some examples:


They are the most famous burger reastaurant in Wrocław. Started from one food truck in 2013 which was standing vis a vis shopping mall Arkady Wrocławskie. In really short time information about yummy burgers circled the entire city. Right now they have four food trucks, nine reastaurants (in Wrocław, Warsaw and Gdańsk) and own-production place.


This is real mexican food! They have started from food truck in 2014. After big succes (big as their big-ass burrito) Panczo became bigger. Through collaboration with craft beer pub 4Hops, to own location – mexican tex-mex reastaurant with fancy drinks and craftbeer. One week ago they have opened Panczo Breakfast Place – new point on Wrocław gastronomy map situated on Wita Stwosza street.

osiem misek

Interesting concept about asia-fusion cuisine. The most famous dish – pulled pork butter bao is know and loving in whole Poland. Their food truck is standing on Borowska street, local was opened two years after on Włodkowica 27. They also opened production place and started with breakfast offer. Can we predict that the other location will be open soon?


Do you want something sweet for a dessert? Krasnolód is known as the bestice-cream place in whole city! Their little food truck with craft flavours (like prosecco with coconut or stout-beer sorbet) have just stolen our hearts totally. Their first location was opened one year ago on Komuny Paryskiej street and from the second half on July they are also on Włodkowica street.

Is it a trend in our city?

Food trucks are really strong trend in Wrocław. Also it is good way to start your own company with small financial outlay. According to examples you can see that they could be succesfull and became an icons in gastro world. So, are you planning to open one?

Italian food in Wrocław

Italian food in Wrocław

Despite what you might think, the city of Wrocław has seen an exponential growth just in the last decade. Nowadays it’s very easy to start your own activity, thanks to low taxation economical facilitations. People from all over Europe have decided to move here and give it a shot: some of them are Italians, who’ve gradually built what we can call a “Little Italy” (Mała Italia) in Wrocław, promoting Italian traditions, culture and – of course – good food. Here are the best Restaurants and Pizzerias offering Italian food in Wrocław.

Galeria Italiana

Situated to the North of Rynek – the main place – in ul. Więzienna 21, the Galeria Italiana is a quite peculiar place: from the outside, the building looks like nothing special, but the inside… well it’s quite a surprise. You’ll be driven through a long hallway, at which sides you’ll see all kinds of Italian restaurants  and pizzerias. At the end of it there’s Tralalala bar, in case you need a good coffee. If you feel like it, they also  have icecream in a huge amount of flavors.
And if you need a place to stay, you can also rent an apartment here, even though it’s not so cheap.

Sidenote:  just outside the building, there’s a quite interesting Gnome statue. With Chianti flask in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other, it’s riding an iconic Vespa 125. Oh, and don’t forget about the coffe machine, on the back of the bike. Italy in a nutshell, you would say.

(“The Gnomes of Wrocław”:  https://www.timetravelturtle.com/gnomes-dwarves-wroclaw/)

Aroma restaurant

Don’t let the location deceive you. Aroma is definetly one of the best  Italian restaurants in the area. It’s located in Ślęza, ul. Szyszkowa 6, just outside the city. It offers a variegated menu and a nice atmosphere. The pricing is not so low, but neither high; totally worth the money. Oh, and if you’re vegetarian or vegan, there’s a specific section of the menu all for you.

Ragu Pastabar (Ragu Pracownia Makaronu)

If your looking for the nice old taste of traditional Italian pasta, this is the place for you. You can choose from a wide range of home made pasta, whose preparation can be seen through the open kitchen. The staff is kind and professional. Ragu Pastabar is not exactly next to the usual turistic area, but totally worth the effort. It’s near the Botanic Garden, to the North-East of Rynek, in Sienkiewicza 34A.

Vivere Italiano

Small, cozy, confortable… and of course Italian. Vivere Italiano is a nice place, the staff is welcoming and almost everybody speaks Italian. It feels like a family. They have an impressive selection of wines, and a refined menu. It’s just below the Rynek, in Ofiar Oświęcimskich 21.
A booking is required most of the time, if not always. But it’s a different experience from the usual crowded restaurant. Give it a try, you will not regret it.

Pizzeria Margherita

Talking about pizza a quite delicate matter. Each recipe is different, and so are  the traditions related to it. The one that best summarize this idea is undoubtly Margherita (Krupnicza 10). It looks exactly like one of the small pizzerias you could find in Italy. And the quality is the Italian one: it’s the more authentic you can get in the city. Luciano Passeri (owner and chef) imports all ingredients from Italy, to prepare the best pizza possible, following his phylosophy.

Other pizzerias

But of course, there are many other pizzerias in town. Pizzeria Bube, with two different restaurants and – again – fresh ingredients, it’s the second on the list.
Also Casa della Pizza is a good alternative, in case you’re living far from the city centre. And if you’ll get hungry after a walk in the park, you could stop at Pizza nel Parco, which will let you eat outside. The pizza is not the most Italian one, but still a good one. And it’s huge, for it’s price!