Karts – extreme entertainment

There are many entertainment options available here in Wrocław. One of them is the card. For several years, go-karts have become an increasingly popular form of spending free time in our city.

         If you are a fan of adrenaline and fun, you will have the opportunity to combine these two things and take a chance to try this adventure! The availability of this karting tracks allows everyone to challenge their friends in the kart race and have a lots of fun during that. However, before you will try it’s worth knowing the basics of this sport. Literally the word ‘go-cart’ means a wheelchair (go-kart). Go-karts are small four-wheeled vehicles powered by a motor with a capacity of 60 to 120 cm six. There are also other types of karts like for example  electric motors, kids cards or double carts. The variety of choice allows you every time to get new experiences. The race take a place on specially prepared tracks build from tires which are permanently attached to the ground. Go-kart driving normally takes 5-10 minutes but its not a rule. It’s depends how much you will pay for it because the price depends on the time of entertainment. A go-cart are suitable for amateur, kids, families and everyone in fact if you just  meet the requirements of the karting track.

How much its cost ?

Price list:

Adults and adolescents from 16 years of age

  • 10 minutes – PLN 39
  • 20 min. – PLN 70
  • 30 minutes. – PLN 99

Children from 4 years and young people up to 16 years of age

10 minutes – PLN 30

  • 20 min. – PLN 54
  • 30 minutes. – PLN 76

Tandem (double go-cart)

  • 10 minutes – PLN 45

How to dress up with go-carts?

Cloths – you should have comfortable cloths, they should be tight. You should not wear a skirt, dresses or other type of no sport cloths.

Helmet – Almost you need wear a helmet but you can always get it at the racing track.

Shoes – Sport shoes only ! girls should forget about high heels

Gloves – it is unnecessary but should have some also you can get them on spot

Hair – Always should have pinned up hair and hide them under helmet

What speed do go karts achieve?

The power of a standard type varies from 4.5 to 13 hp. Recreational driving reach speeds of up to 60 km / h Sport type of Go-karts are accelerates up to 180 km / h!

Do you need a driving license for karts?

No you don’t need to have any documents you can drive go-cart without license. Even kids can drive it if the go-cart have less power.

Go-cart driving technique, or how to drive go-karting effectively?

You move from the outside to the inner side of the track to overcome the shortest possible route. Before the bend, you should slow down to don’t put the kart into a slip, because every squeaking of the tires is equal to the lost of seconds.

The sooner you make a turn, the faster you leave it, which gives you full speed right after you make a corner.

Rules on the karting track?

  • Always sit in your go-cart don’t leave your vehicles
  • Always listen the stuff and follow the instruction
  • Look at flags which stuff show to you
  • Keep focus on track
  • Don’t hit into another go-cart
  • Don’t hit into tires


  1. Stadion – Le mans
  2. Buforowa – Go Kart Racing Center Wroclaw
  3. Czekoladowa- Le Mans