Where to buy Yerba Mate in Wroclaw?

Certainly drinking Yerba Mate gives a lot of benefits. First of all it boosts energy, improves mental focus, enhances psychical performance and protects from infections. Therefore this tea has strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea and joy of chocolate.

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Special places in Wroclaw

Above all, drinking Yerba Mate is a tradition and a ceremony. If you are in Wroclaw, there are a lot of places where you can try this special tea. You can prepare it with bombilla, matero or yerbomos, which you can take anywhere you want. You can try making Yerba Mate by yourself – indoors, between pillows and blankets with loved ones. There are places in Wroclaw, where you can buy traditional dried tea.


Situated in Nadodrze, on Kurkowa 37, near downtown. It is a little shop but with huge assortment and a nice staff. The company has a stationary shop. In addition you can order teas online. In the store you can buy Yerba Mate, bimballas, starter sets, thermos and many other things. They are open from 10 AM till 6 PM, from Monday to Friday.



Also situated in the middle of the heart of Wroclaw, on Plac Grunwaldzki 22, Pasaz Gunwaldzki with a big selection of teas and herbs from all over the world. Light and soft smell of your favorite Yerba Mate will make you fell relaxed and happy. Above all things, there is a stand with teas, which can be tried by customers encouraging you to go to this shop.


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Czajownia is a brand of high quality clear teas, according to the native origins. Situated on Bialoskornicza 7. Licensed by Society of Tea Lovers. Furthermore, it’s also a network of professional shops with teas, ceramics and accessories. However, you can buy here not only dried teas, but also try them in this shop. After that you can enjoy your tea by yourself or with your friends.