Place to remote working in Wroclaw

Everyone sometimes need to work outside of office. In Wroclaw are many friendly places to remote working. All of them  characterized by peace, comfortable and good coffee.


It’s a multimedia library. Space is full of books, multimedia and modern desks to work. In Mediateka you can work on your own computer or use computers that are avaliabe in library. The main advantage is working alone or with your friends or employees. If you work alone and you need to ask for advice, you can meet there very helpful people or use library resources. The atmosphere is favorable to remote working, lerning or just relax.

Location: Plac Teatralny 5

Opening hours : Monday – Friday 10-19, Saturday 10-15


Reception is very intresting place. During the day Reception is a space to remotley work, spend time with creativ people and carry out projects. In the evening Reception changes in something like a club where you can meet with friends. It’s place adapted to coworking, there is a big and comfortable  table.  Unoqe styl of Reception is full of original and inspirational  picures and green plants. There you can calm down and work with cup of good coffee.

Location: Ruska 46a

Opening hours: 9:00 – to close

Green Caffe Nero

Green Caffe Nero is chain of caffee shop. In Wroclaw are three cafes. Work in caffee shop can be productive. This cefe distinguished by big space, comfortable sofas and propitious mood to work. Each of cafes is diffrent, each of cafes has diffrent furniture and inside. If you need to meet with the client it is perfectly place. Do you need a new place to remote work? Just come to cafe, order coffee and work with pleasure.

Location:  plac Kościuszki 1, Galeria Dominikańska, Sucha 1 (Wroclawia)


Caffee shop and bookstore in one? It is Nalanda. Silence, antiqe climate and big choice od cake and dinner. The inside is very cozy. Shelves are full of books. Nalada is place where you can create, working and have business meeting. During the break you can read books, eat delicious cakes or site outside and relax.

Location: Plac Kościuszki 12

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 20:00

Sunday  11:00-20:00

IT industry in Wroclaw

IT industry is a big piece of Wroclaw economy

Wroc-love IT industry

The IT industry in Wroclaw needs more and more people. Many companies, thanks to low costs and well-qualified employees, have decided to open a business in Poland. Wroclaw is a city that is very friendly to employees in the IT industry.

How to get a job in the IT industry in Wroclaw

In Poland, we have a so-called “employee market”. This means that employees have no major problems finding a job. Employers must themselves seek for an employee. In the IT industry in Wroclaw, this is particularly evident because many IT companies have chosen this place for their headquarters. In addition, many older people are afraid of working in the IT industry. This has meant that some companies, such as NOKIA, have created their own programming program – they invite their new employees to it and pay them for learning during the first two months of work!

How to start?

Well, it’s best if you already have experience in the IT industry. If this case, you can probably start working immediately in a position that you know the most about. The IT industry in Wrocław is looking for many front-developers and end-developers as well as IT specialists to maintain systems. If you do not know much about programming or fiber optics, do not worry :). You don’t have to study for 5 years at the Polytechnic to find employment in the IT industry. Often IT companies will teach you everything themselves. If you want to increase your chances of recruitment, it is worth signing up for a monthly, intensive course of one of the programming languages. The IT industry in Wroclaw is looking for specialists who know C ++, Java, Python, SQL. Such courses can often be found on online platforms (Coursera, Futurelearn etc.).

Not only the biggest ones

The IT industry in Wroclaw is a lot of big companies, but also small ones, sometimes one-person ones. They often start like my friend’s story: She had a good idea, she wanted to create a small application. She hasn’t any IT experience, so she decided to meet an IT worker. He helped her to create a new application for the phone, and now both can collect profits.

The IT industry in Wroclaw is also responsible for the fact that many companies from other industries are largely automated. It’s not only about aviation, automotive, but also, for example, law firms. Thanks to which they can bring higher profits. The IT market is constantly growing, and more people from the IT industry moving to Wroclaw have no problem finding a well-paid job.