The biggest Multimedia Fountain in Poland

A Multimedia Fountain in Wroclaw is the biggest fountain in Poland and probably one on the biggest in Europe.

Wrocław Multimedia Fountain was initiated on 4th June 2009.  Located in the beautiful Szczytnicki Park, near the Centennial Hall and Wrocław Congress Centre, attracts many Polish and foreign tourists.

The basing of Pergola has 300 water jets, which water mists, create geysers, spurts and many other shapes. The water is synchronised with 800 lights and water with music together create spectacular shows.

The shows take place every hour, everyday, and vary in length. Many of them show the important events from the history of the city and Poland. On the occasion of EURO 2012 the pictures showed the greatest successes of the Polish national team.

About Wroclaw:

Wroclaw has been eagerly waiting on its guests for centuries (as a city of trade it has done very well from the hospitality business) and from as early as the seventeenth century, a quiz was written to encourage visitors to explore its many attractions.

Instead of a quiz, we have put together ten walking trails that lead you through both popular places as well as those almost forgotten. Places that you would likely find in elegant albums as well as those to which only true explorers venture.

Because more and more foreign tourists are coming to Wroclaw we want to make a lasting impression and convince them to return. Families, friends, acquaintances, exchange students, business people and visiting artists. You may all follow in the footsteps of seasoned travellers of years gone by.

Giacomo Casanova, the famous master of seduction, was himself seduced by the city. The capital of Silesia gave him three things that he “valued most in the world”: wonderful company, an excellent library and exquisite cuisine. Lewis Carroll, author of “Alice in Wonderland”, climbed the tall towers of churches to see the city from up high and listened with admiration to concerts organised at elite garden parties. Winston Churchill wanted to dress in a leopard skin parade uniform of the Queen’s Royal Hussars to make a good impression.

Today, a ceremonial costume won’t be needed, but prepare to be enchanted and be sure to ascend towers wherever you may find them. Wroclaw will reveal the rest.