Outdoor cinemas in Wroclaw

It’s high summer, you’d like to go for a movie, but you’d rather spend your money on drinks and good food than on cinema? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! You can have a good time in one of the many outdoor cinemas running in the city during summer time.

Outdoor cinemas have a very long tradition. First of them arisen not too long after movie theaters, at the beginning of the 20th century. In Australia there’s even one organizing cinema events since 1916 to this very day! It goes by the name ‘Sun Pictures’. It’s the longest running open-air cinema in history.

For years however it wasn’t that popular way of watching movies and it sort off died out. But as we all know, fashion comes back around. The new wave of outdoor cinemas came in the 1980s, with the invention of inflatable screen.

During those times polish people were pretty preoccupied with serious political changes. Trend of establishing outdoor cinemas came back to our country sometime in 2000s. Soon it became a way to enliven the cultural life.

As it comes to Wroclaw, already in the 1960s there was one summer outdoor cinema. It was located on the site of an artificial ice rink Torpiast. But today’s trend was probably started by the first object on our list:

source: Fred Romero/flickr
  • Renoma shopping mall – in 2005-2009 it went through a major modernization. A year after it was reopened, in the summer 2010, an artificial beach was created on its roof. Every Saturday and Sunday in June & July at 9 pm there were free film screenings. Since then this action repeats every year, but without the beach, unfortunately.

    source: HRS Poland – Wrocław
  • Pergola, Centennial Hall – the outdoor cinema situated by the historic building of Centennial Hall and the Wroclaw Fountain – one of the biggest multimedia fountains in Europe. Since 2013 it gives you an opportunity to enjoy a movie in one of a kind place. It has quite different offer every year. This year for example there’s a Drive In Theater. It’s running every Friday at 9 pm in September..
  • Słodowa Island (Malt Island) – place of another outdoor cinema running since 2013. This one is on the island located in the city center. It also happens to be the island of drinking students for many years now. Unfortunately that may cause some inconveniences during screenings, so be prepared. You can join every Friday and Saturday in July.
  • Market Square – for a few years the medieval market square have been a place of screenings during the New Horizons Film Festival organized annually in July. Unfortunately, this year the festival didn’t have any titular sponsor. Because of that the organizers didn’t plan any outside screenings. Let’s just hope it’ll change in the coming years.
  • Zajezdnia History Centre – museum located in a historic bus depot building, opened in 2016 and devoted to the post-war history of the city. It is organizing the screenings in front of the building since last year. This year they were held every Friday in June & July 9.30 pm.

Besides those listed, every year there are many other, smaller open-air cinema events. You can check them on Wroclaw official website, pages like visiwroclaw.eu or dedicate some time to search them on Facebook events section.