Who is Nikos?

It’s almost a year since I came to the wonderful Wroclaw

It’s almost a year since I came to the wonderful Wroclaw. Houses, streets, nature, trees, people – everything impresses me here. Every day I discover for myself something new, like Alice from the well-known story of Carroll Lewis. It is a truly creative environment. If you watch the news feed on Facebook, you can see that every day there are some events:

  • opening art exhibitions,
  • premieres of performances,
  • concerts,
  • culling master classes,
  • language meetings and much more.

Sometimes it seems that all the talented people gathered in one city.

And there are many options, you are sure to find a place where your format is playing.

Particularly happy that there are places in Wocław where you can listen to good music. And there are many options, you are sure to find a place where your format is playing. I really love music, I have a special relationship with it, I sing everywhere in the shower, on the street, singing even in class, when I was at school, somehow even because of this I was kicked out of class. Not to mention that I wanted to become an opera singer, but somehow it did not work out. For that in my environment there are a lot of musicians. All of them are very talented people, constantly experiencing the creative process. It’s not a joke to distinguish notes by ear, like the colors yellow, green, red. Each of them lives in his wonderful world. I can not say that they can boast of good character. People are complex, but unique.

What I’m listening to.

Despite the fact that in my childhood almost every home was cassette tape recorders, then with laser discs. But in my family music was listened to on vinyl records and there were only records in the house with concerts of Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky. That’s why I really like classics and jazz improvisation.

And in this area Wroclaw prepared a surprise for me. Quite by accident, I met a young man with a jumbo in his hands. I do not know if you know that a jumbo has the action of a magnet, you certainly want to take it in your hands. If one of your friends has a jumbo, and he came with this to the party, everything will play on this instrument. Maybe even a cat …
My new friend turned out to be a rapper. Yes, yes it is Nikos. A guy from Wroclaw, a long time lived in England, but returned to his homeland. Very creative person. He himself writes texts and music. Has an extraordinary charisma. Rap in Polish is a little unexpected, it’s very cool. I like. The songs of Nikos have a very deep meaning, bright images, it’s nice that there are no obscene words in the texts. I was at his concert and I did not want to leave, I got a lot of fun.
I never thought that there might be a rap in my playlist. Yes guys, I listen to rap.
Nikos works a lot, writes texts, makes new mixes. I hope the next concert is just around the corner. If you will be able to go to the concert of Nikos do not miss it. I assure you, you will like it!