Where to ski near Wroclaw?

Where to ski near Wroclaw
Want to have some fun? Bored in the city? Find closest place to Wrolcaw where you can ski. Transport to the resort, discounts and more. This article is for you! Enjoy!


Where to ski near Wroclaw?

There are a lot of places where to ski near Wroclaw but the nearest is Zieleniec. Its located in near Duszniki-Zdroj. Zieleniec Ski Arena is the capital of alpine skiing in the Kłodzko region. This is mainly due to 22 kilometres of beautifully situated and picturesque ski slopes, varying in length and, in particular, in the level of proficiency. Its very good for beginners !


So, how to get to this place?

Easiest way to reach- is use the car. You should take route nr 8 and drive straight to Duszniki-Zdroj . It will take arround 1h20min. Along they way you will have beautiful views such a mountains and old cities

Dont have a car? Use SkiBus!

Safe, comfortable and fast way to reach the slope was never be so easy! Zieleniec have they own buses. Every Saturday and Sunday from  Wroclavia Shopping Centre, stand 6 at 6:35, and arrive at 9:03 in Zieleniec. On the back way at 16:20 from Zieleniec be back in Wrocław at 18:40. It costs only 23 zl in one way. You will also get 15% off from skipass if you will use SkiBus!





The Wroclaw Opera surprises its viewers with spectacular show programs

Have you ever been to the Wroclaw Opera?  

There in Wroclaw Opera you can:

The Wroclaw Opera  -- cultural and historical building

Not far from the bustling city market in the historical part of Wroclaw, on Svidnicka Street.  From 1841 there is a theater building designed by the famous German architect Karl Ferdinand Langgans. The building, sustained in the style of classicism. It is a valuable architectural object,  this building is the oldest of the existing opera houses in Poland.

The names of such outstanding masters associate with the Wroclaw opera:

  • R. Strauss
  • V. Furtwängler
  • N. Paganini
  • A. Rubinshtein
  • G. Wieniawski
  • F. List and many others

Today the Wroclaw Opera House is head by Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski.
The artist conducts lively concert activities, collaborating with leading opera theaters and philharmonic orchestras in the country. He also performs on many stages of the world -- in the USA, Great Britain, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium and Portugal.

Modern Wroclaw Opera House often surprises its viewers with spectacular show programs, which take place with the participation of over a hundred performers in monumental decorations or in the open air, with special effects. A vivid example of such an event is the opera “Gioconda”, which was staged on the River Odre in the summer of 2003.

Meetings for Expats in Wroclaw

Meetings for Expats in Wroclaw

Meetings for Expats in Wroclaw? What is purpose? Why is worth to be here?

Are you feeling alone in Wroclaw? Not so many people understand from where are you from? Are you feeling depressed by this fact?

If yes – I’m sure you are ready for meet interesting people (expats, citizen of Wroclove) speaking many languages from different countries in one place!

Meetings for Expats in Wroclaw as the best way to practise for FREE your skills and get to know wonderful friends sometimes for the rest of your life!

Here we are!

Do you love Wroclove?


1. La Serata Italiana

You’re all invited to Italian meeting called “La Serata Italiana” where everybody can practice Italian language in festive atmosphere with many gentle italian language lovers like a pro.

The meeting is for free, we are open-minded, every level of language is welcome, sometimes we mix polish and italian for better understanding 🙂

Come!!! Huge opportunity to drink good quality wine and eat some pasta, pizza, insalata together like in Italy! Don’t be afraid, take your friends and we see each other! Worth to be here!


When? – on Wednesday at 7 pm!

Where? – Deli by Bułka z Masłem! Address: P. Włodkowica 8a, 50-072 Wroclaw

2. French Meeting/Soirée Francophone

Crazy meetings destinated for fracophiles people! All French-speaking and lovers of this language, regardless of their level of familiarity, are welcome to take part in those meetings for expats in Wroclaw! You can easily practise your french skills with open-minded and friendly guys –  of course entry for free!


When? on Saturday at 7 pm!

Where? Macondo => Address: Pomorska, 19, 50-216 Wroclaw


Tasty food and good quality wine during meeting

3. Russian meeting

As winter is finally coming, we have also something special for our eastern neighbours lovers! In the city we have more and more emigrants from Ukraine and Russia (not only students from Erasmus project, but also expats looking for a job, better quality of life etc.), so it shows there is huge need to organise and take part in such meetings!

We can discuss every topics, starting from lovely dishes, history, culture, drinking vodka – than even, as shown the past – build successful network related to our future career.


When? on Sunday at 8 pm!

Where? Kocia Kołyska => Address: Rynek 5, 50-102 Wrocław

4. Spanish meeting

Do you speak Spanish? Or do you want to learn this beautiful language? Come to Spanish Meeting! Beautiful opportunity to feel spanish flow, mentality and will to live! Promise – after that meeting nothing won’t be the same in your life! I’m sure even this year you will visit Spain for make some siesta! Unforgettable atmosphere, tasty wine, churros and energy! We are waiting for you!


Tasty wine on Russian meeting 🙂


When? every Friday at 7 pm!

Where? Księgarnia Hiszpańska Wroclaw La Librería Española de Wrocław, Address: Szajnochy 5, 50-076 Wrocław

5. Pilates in English

Event destinated for English language lovers who wanna stay active, wanna spend time with other expats or need just to repair their stressed body and mind after long hours spent in corporation.

Professional Pilates studio located in Krzyki invites for cosy sessions. Come and try – maybe is the best way to put all stress away!  Good mood guaranteed!


When? on Thursdays at 6 PM

Where? Fizjopilates Studio, Address: Januszowicka 7, 53-125 Wrocław

6. Friday Travel Meeting – best meetings for Expats in Wroclaw!

If you want to start new adventure in your life:  meet new people focused on travelling, get to know different cultures, practice soft and languages skills by sharing and showing your travel expertise – we are waiting for you!

The meeting is destinated for travelers, Erasmus students,  crazy adventure lovers. We meet to talk about our life experience, travel plans, we are playing games, discussing, laughing . Bring your travel stories and good mood for your future friends!


When? every Friday, start from 9 pm!

Where? Korba Kuchnia Dzień, Address: Świętego Mikołaja 18-20, 50-134 Wrocław


*** Pages to recommend on fb where you can check all updates on incoming  events and current topics discussed by our expats :

Language Exchange Club Wroclaw – https://www.facebook.com/groups/lecwroclaw/ – language tandems, daily topics, life in Wrocław from expats point of vue – concerts, events, law, administration, free time

Wroclaw Language Cafe – International Meetings – https://www.facebook.com/WroclawLanguageCafe/ – non-profit project for language and culture exchange nights, meetings for Expats in Wroclaw -tandems, meetings, multiple cultural events

Learning Chinese in Wroclaw

learning Chinese

There are many reasons for learning Chinese:

  • Chinese is the most rapidly growing language,
  • China has a powerful economy,
  • China is a great destination for traveling, studying and working and so on.

And, of course, there are opportunities for learning Chinese in Wroclaw as well.

Why I am interested in learning Chinese?

Before entering the Big Data program in DSW, I graduated with a Specialist degree in Chinese philology in Ukraine, spent one year in China studying in one of the best universities  – Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. Later worked several months at the Chinese factory as an interpreter. But after coming back to Ukraine I changed many jobs that were not connected with the knowledge of Chinese. That’s is why I changed my career path and started teaching Chinese via Skype and decided to create an online language course.

As I arrived to Wroclaw I started looking into the market of  learning Chinese here. There are several specialized language schools that offer Chinese language courses. For example, Szkoła Języka Chińskiego NIHAO or Akademia Języka Chińskiego Wushi. There is also a Confucius Institute in Wroclaw.

Confucius Institute – the best opportunity for learning Chinese

Confucius Institute is a non-profit organization which promotes Chinese language and culture all over the world. At the moment there are almost 500 Confucius Institutes on 6 continents. Chinese government funds all of the institutes, all the teachers are Chinese native speakers. The payment for the courses is usually low in comparison to other language schools.

Confucius institute at Wroclaw university not only organizes language courses, it also trains teachers, holds the HSK examination (Chinese proficiency test). But what is more important – it gives the opportunity to get a scholarship and study in China from 6 months to 2 years.

Chinese Language Meetings – practice your spoken Chinese

There is also a possibility for those who already started learning Chinese and want to practice spoken language. It is a new initiative organized by Stanislaw Chao from Taiwan. Chinese language lovers meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. in some cozy place in the city center to speak Chinese on different topics in a friendly atmosphere.

All the details about our next meetings are on the Chinese Language Meeting–How do you learn Chinese? Facebook page. We would be glad to meet more interested people and help each other in learning Chinese.

Wroclaw the European Capital of Culture 2016

Wroclaw the European Capital of Culture 2016

Wroclaw the European Capital of Culture 2016

Wroclaw -- the administrative capital of the Lower Silesian Region, has sat on the banks of the River Oder for more than a thousand  of years. This beautiful and interesting city in 2016 became The European Capital of Culture.

Wroclaw was designated by the European Union for a period of one calendar year. It organized a lot of cultural events. Wroclaw has magnificent manor houses and university. A lot of them received the Nobel Prize.

Best place for tourists

The Old Town is the focal point of city life. The Centennial Hall was constructed out of reinforced concrete and it is a groundbreaking masterpiece in the history of world architecture.

An amazing attraction is the Raclawice Panorama. It is monumental cycloramic painting showing the 1794 battle between Poles and Russians.

Amazing place for everyone

Wroclaw the European Capital of Culture 2016 created open and friendly spaces with culture and art for everyone. The city proved that civilization can’t develop without culture.

2016 was the year of the culture -- it was telling the story about past, present and future.

What Wroclaw the European Capital of City 2016 accomplished:

  • Citizens co-created culture and they had benefit from its variety without limits.
  • They had easier access to both cultural and educational programmes.
  • The city developed with culture and through culture.
  • Wroclaw organizations and partners from around Poland worked closer and developed cooperation in the area of culture.
  • Wroclaw and the region was more recognizable within Poland and across Europe. More and more people started to talk about Wroclaw.
  • Citizens were more aware of the cultural heritage of Lower Silesia, and prouder of it.
  • The number of tourists visiting Wroclaw was double.
  • The private sector was more involved in supporting cultural initiatives.

SOURCE: Wrocław 2016: Europejskiej Stolicy Kultury


Stay in Wroclaw

Stay in Wroclaw

 Intercultural dialogue in Wroclaw

The video shows permanent expats from around the world and how they stay in Wroclaw explaining what they do in Wrocław and why they love city.  Expats in this video speak in Polish.

The video contains short interviews from different people.  Such a sportsman, mother of children,  student, director of theatre, and others, who explains why the chose Wroclaw city. People describing their own life stories and how they moved in for stay in Wroclaw. What they do here and what makes Wroclaw special for them, such as polsih culture, cuisine and environment.

The video “stay in Wroclaw” also shows the amount of foreigners increasing from year to year. Nowadays 1 in 7 every people in Wroclaw is from abroad.

Lower Silesia is second in Poland of the number of applications for residence, especially it related to people staiy in Wroclaw. Wrocław’s foreign has over 120 different nationalities, while there are about 4,700 foreign students.

Well, above everything, staying in Wroclaw for expats is really reasonable and attractive. You have a great geographical location, in one hour you can get Czech Republic, Germany, and other east European counties, moreover, Wroclaw surrounded by plenty of mountains with great resorts and sky tracks.

5 reasons to visit Aquapark Wroclaw

Aquapark Wroclaw is the best place not only for tourists

5 reasons to visit Aquapark Wroclaw

If you are on vacation in Wroclaw, the Polish City Of Meetings, do not miss the opportunity to explore Aquapark Wroclaw.  In this article you will find 5 reasons to visit it.

Recreational Zone

Here you’ll find a lot of attractions including numerous water slides, Lazy River, jacuzzis, and warm (even in winter time!) recreational outdoor pools. It’s the main zone of Aquapark Wroclaw welcoming visitors once they enter the park.


It’s a zone of complete relax. Here everybody can purify his/her mind and gain strenghts for the next travellings. Do not hesitate to take off your clothes -- this is a nude zone where everyone can feel closer to nature and enjoy the pleasurable moments of freedom.

Take into account that it’s better to leave your children in the Recreational Zone, since this part of Aquapark Wroclaw is ONLY FOR ADULTS.

Fitness and Gym

A gym, which covers almost 700 sq.m., is the main space of the Fitness Aquapark Wroclaw. It is one of the best equipped halls of this type in Poland, and has been designed to provide the top comfort and wellbeing of clients in Aquapark Wroclaw.

Sports Pool

Sports swimming pools is our proposition for those who prefer playing in water or just swimming. A wide and safe sports pool is available to anyone who wants to feel the real joy of swimming. It is also a place where organized classes of aqua aerobics and hydrocycling are held.


Aquapark Wroclaw has a very attractive and flexible price policy, which includes many special offers for:

  • children,
  • seniors,
  • students,
  • disabled persons.

Any age group is welcomed here every day, at every time, at low prices, even by Polish standards.

Please visit the water park’s official page to get more useful information!

What is the best in Aquapark Wroclaw?

  • low prices,
  • great saunas,
  • service,
  • location,
  • slides,
  • space,
  • atmosphere.

Running routes in Wroclaw – beautiful place for jogging

Running routes in Wroclaw

Running routes in Wroclaw? There is a lot of places!

Spring is coming in Wroclaw ! Runners can be in Wroclaw too in the winter. If you just starting jogging, you’re looking for the best places. Where can you run  in Wroclaw ?Running routes in Wroclaw?  Everywhere! Below we have prepared good Running route for start. There you will meet other runners.


Wroclaw City Centre  Running Route

The running routes in Wroclaw City is 5 km. The loop extends between three Bridges: Szczytnicki Bridge, Jagiellonian Bridge and Warsaw Bridge. The whole od the route runs along the floodbank. The route is flat and surfaces, making in very well suited to beginners.

East Park (Park Wschodni) Running Route

The running routes in Wroclaw- East Park (Park Wschodni) is a loop of a lenght of 3 km. The route is extremely picturesque, with long sections beside a river Olawa. The route is not markes. It is recommends  for recreational runs for only beginning their running adventure.

Between the Bridges

The running routes in Wroclaw- between the Jagiellonian Bridges (mosty jagiellońskie) and Swojczyce Bridge (most swojczycki) is 6 km. Is ideally suited for both recreational, professional running. Each kilometr eis markes, useful in measuring running speed.

Tumski Running Route

Tumski running route measures around 3 km. This is urban rout which runs through the city centre along the Odra. The route commends itself to all runners who like monument, unique atmosphere of the oldest part of the city.

The running route in Grabiszyn Park (Park Grabiszyński)

This route measures 5,3 km. It is perfect suites for both recreational, professional running.

Route in Szczytniki Park (park szczytnicki)

The running route measures 1km. This ‘kilometre’ can be used for recreational running and advanced training. The route passes the wooden church of St John of Nepomuk. The church dates from the run of the 17th century.





Living as a student in Wroclaw

Sunset in Wroclaw

Living as a student in Wroclaw

Firstly, the aim of the video is showing how the student life is in Wroclaw and meanwhile making introduction film about Wroclaw in a most natural way. You can see how it would be living as a student in Wroclaw. As you can see the camera is the first person. It feels like you are the guy in the movie and seeing all the things through his eyes.

After he wakes up, he washes his face, makes a coffee wears clothes. But the important thing starts with these daily activities. He opens the door and boom; we see the Rynek, people are happy and riding a bicycle, then he goes to tram station and by that he introduces the transportation system in Wroclaw to us then we see the boat tour, some buildings and finally he walks into the school. We see the friendship, foods, people are helping him and stairs for blind people.

All these things emphasize that Wroclaw is a great city for living as a student. And, I think, it’s a very clever way to show it rather than regular introduction movie but it could be better if the video was more long.