Public transport in Wroclaw – how to travel around the city

Public transport in Wroclaw

 Public transport in Wroclaw is easy- just try!

There are over 60 days of bus lines and several night bus routes in Wroclaw. There are also over 20 tram lines here. When driving a car in Wroclaw, you need to remember that many streets in the centre proper are pedestrian precincts or one-way streets. Licensed taxis need to have a roof top sign with the word “taxi” and the word “Wroclaw” plus the side number on the side doors and the price-list stuck to the window. They need to be quipped with a taximeter and a fiscal cash register.

Public transport

For example tram which is moving everyday on more than 20 of rail way. Buses operative about 50 roads. First buses and trams you can see at 4 o’clock in the morning but the last about the midnight. During the night you can choose one of 15 bus roads which is drive away every single hour from every stop.

How can you buy a ticket?

If you want travel by public transport in Wroclaw you must buy a ticket. One time ticket or long term ticket. For students the best option is choosing semester discounter ticket. Short term ticket you can get in ticket machine which is in every single tram. The cost of it is 3.4 zl/ discounter ticket for half price but you can pay only by the card. If you want bay it by a coins you should go to a small shops which they usually are at the bus stop. For a ticket also you can pay by phone application. If your traveling in Wroclaw will by systematically the best way is to bay urbancard. To get this go on website: then fll up an application, pot your photo face and wait about two weeks .
Helpful is the application  JAKDOJADE.

If you like bicycle…

If you like healthy life and you don’t like Public transport in Wroclaw you can drive by public car. Yours urbancard can help you. First 20 minutes on the public bike- you pay nothing. Bike station are available in more than 30 places. I send website where you find more information in English language about public bikes. If you like more comfortable life you can moving by the car. By electric car I must pay 0.75 zl pre mint. License driving is requirement. Every one who won’t to use vozilla must login to the system. Renting a cars is very easy. In you application is a map which you can find car and reserve it for 15 minutes. Then you can drive. If you are on your destination place you leave your car in comfortable place for you. Next way to moving in Wroclaw is TAXI. According to the rules of Wroclaw taxi is 6zl per first kilometer . Maximum payment during the day is 3 zl per km.

Public transport Wroclaw Tram

The most popular is:

  • Ryba Taxi 2,50 zł/1km tel. 713067067
  • Taxi Grosz 2,50 zł/1km tel. 796 000 666/728 985 662
  • Wicar Taxi 2,40 zł/1 km tel. 725 71 71 71/ 71 34 20 777
  • Taxi Play 2,40 zł/ 1 km tel.  713 82 82 82

In Wroclaw like in whole world works UBER. For more information check website about UBER.

3 best cultural places in Wroclaw

3 best cultural places in wroclaw

Make sure you find something to see and hear here. So if you are a music and art lover and plan to come to Wroclaw, book tickets in advance and visit this fantastic places! This is my list of 3 best cultural places in Wroclaw.

Location is great – easy walk from historic centre and pedestrianised so strolling up to it is fine.

National Music Forum. First in 3 best cultural places in Wroclaw

NMF is one one of the most modern  concert halls in Europe.  It has six floors and three underground levels.

There are a recording studio, conference rooms, a library, rehearsal rooms, cafes and bookstores. The building is distinguished by thin horizontal lines of glass windows. In 4 concert halls can accommodate more than 2500 people.

NMF held 9 international festivals: Musica Polonica Nova,  Jazztopad, Wratislavia Cantans etc.

plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław


Wroclaw Opera.  Second in 3 best cultural places in Wroclaw

Nowdays the Wroclaw Opera House is considered one of the best in Poland. Every year it becomes a venue for the Polish Opera Festival.

Going to the opera is a highlight in Poland so you can see it in the dresses and the suits of the visitors.

Świdnicka 35, 50-066 Wrocław

National Museum.  Third in 3 best cultural places in Wroclaw

The National Museum in Wroclaw is one of the largest museums in Wrocław. The museum is not far from the city centre, and can be easily reached on foot. By the way, when you book your entrance to the Panorama, the same ticket entitles you to visit a couple of other museums, one of which is this one.

The permanent exposition is located on several floors and divided into various historical epochs. First is the “Silesian Art of the 12th to the 16th Century” showing the most valuable works of Gothic art.

Second part is “Silesian art from the 16th to the 19th century”: sculpture, painting from the Renaissance to romanticism. Third is “Polish Art of the 17th-19th Centuries”:  portraits, a collection of glass and porcelain. And, finally, “Polish contemporary art from the beginning of the 20th century”, so can see the works of Tadeusz Makovsky, Stanislav Vitkevich, Vladislav Strzeminsky, Jozef Shine and many others.


plac Powstańców Warszawy 5, 50-153 Wrocław

Hydropolis – museum of water in Wroclaw

Hydropolis is the best place for learning and rest

Hydropolis shows water in all its diversity and from different perspectives with the help of multimedia technology, models and exhibits.  Open to visitors since 2016. This is one of the few places of this kind in Europe.  Interesting both for adults and kids.

Everyone will find something for themselves here.

Interesting and interactive about water

There are eight zones in the Hydroolis . These are the sea depths, different water conditions, the history of water structures and much more.

According to the creators of the museum, its placement in the reservoir is very symbolic. It turns out that the reservoir of knowledge is in a reservoir for water, which for nearly 100 years has been the main source of drinking water in Wroclaw.

The Center has information materials in German, English and Polish.  Also there are master classes for groups.

The creators of the museum recall that water is of great importance for our planet.

Oceans, ships, sewage, rivers, ice, marine life, hydroengineering, water in art, snow

The authors tried to do everything possible to make the exhibitions truly interesting, and therefore the visitors find themselves in a unique atmosphere surrounding them from all sides, and for each zone, the effects, animation, sounds and other elements that make the exhibition interesting for adults, and for the youngest visitors.

According to the results of the National Geographic competition “7 New Wonders of Poland” in 2016, Hydropolis took second place.


Important: book tickets

There is a limited number of visitors in Hydropolis, which is why tickets for a given hour are often missing and basically the entrance “from the street” is impossible.

Parking next to Hydropolis is reserved for groups only; all the others should look for places for the car themselves – there are quite a few of them near the museum.

The Center has 2 cafes and a gift shop. The cost of tickets for children – 18 zl, for adults – 27 zl.

Hydropolis is open seven days a week:  Sat

Na Grobli 19-21, 50-421 Wrocław

Public transport in Wroclaw city

The public transport in Wroclaw

Public transport in Wroclaw by:

  • municipal transport
  • bike

Municipal transport

In Wrocław over 60 day lines and about 20 night bus line. There are also more than 20 tram lines here.

Day buses and trams are active from 5.00 to 23.00 and on weekends and holidays till 22.00.  Night buses travel from 23.30 to 5.00.

Ticket prices

Exemplary ticket prices in municipal public transport in Wroclaw:

  • Single-ride tickets (R – regular / RF – reduced-fare):
  • Regular and suburban lines: R – 3.40 / RF – 1.70
  • Fast and night lines: R – 3.60 / RF – 1.80
  • Transport of luggage or a pet: 1.70

You can buy a ticket in bus or tram in special terminal only by card. On bus and tram station by card and by cash.

Also you can do a Urban card. The Wrocław Urban card is a comfortable, multipurpose carrier of electronic services and products in a prepaid card format.


Here you can prepare your URBANCARD application and buy tickets.

  • Wroclaw, st. Trzebnicka 31 – Mon-Fri 07.00 – 15.00
  • Wroclaw, st. Joannitów 13 every day  6.00 – 22.00
  • Wroclaw,  Sienkiewicza /Piastowska square  Mon – Sat 10.00-18.00


It is more faster to travel in Wroclaw by bicycle.

You may rent bicycles at over 34 stations. Using the application of “nextbike” you can check the number of available bike in the bike station in your town and also to see a map with this bike. During first 20 minutes, you may ride a Wroclaw Municipal Bicycle for free, but you need to be registered in the system of Nextbike – the company which managed Wroclaw Municipal Bicycles.

Nextbike bicycle rental use in Warsaw, Poznań, Wroclaw, Opole, Katowice.

Public transport in Wroclaw very easy if use mobile application”JakDojade”.

Thanks to app you always can check the schedule of bus or tram, choose the way where you need to go. And the most important – you find final destination.


Wroclaw best place to find the love

Are your hands freezing? 

When you are a citizen of Wroclove it will be really easy to warm them up and find the love of your live!

I will show you how to achieve this in 5  simple steps! Are you ready?

Go outside!Wroclaw best place to find the love

The easiest way to find someone is to  get out of your house, leave your comfort zone  behind and just flirt. In Wroclove people are really open-minded and easy-going so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to find someone special.  Now you can use so many opportunites, e.g. cultural events, trainigs on a gym or walking with the dog. Come on and give us a feedback how it was!

Speed dating

Wrocław offers singles meetings in  form of speed dating. What is that? Dating for singles in the city center of Wroclaw, great fun and an idea for a nice evening in good company. During these meetings, singles will experience a dozen of 5-minute quick dates during which you can talk to very interesting people. Who knows maybe among them you will find the love of your life?If you want more information you should definitely check this website:

Wrocław language Cafe

Recently a great initiative has been created that unites people from all over the world! Wrocław Language Cafe is a non-profit project for language and culture exchange nights. During this event you can meet new people and new cultures, but of course also improve your skills in foreign languages. Visit their Facebook profile and do not waste your chance!

Groups on Facebook

There are a lot of groups on Facebook, where foreigners exchange their experiences about their life in Wroclaw. Why would not you try and find the love of your life right there. Make an appointment and exchange not only experiences!


We do not need to present anyone this application. Tinder also operates in Wrocław and has a mass of engaged users. Perhaps that’s where the love of life awaits you, who knows? If you do not try, you will not find out! With this funny accent, we bustle with you and wish you success in looking for love in your lives. Let us know in the comments how the search is going and whether our advice was helpful.  May the force be with you!

Let your hands never freeze this winter again!

Documents for expats in Poland: the first steps

Documents for expats in Poland

Documents for expats in Poland? How to get?

If you’re thinking about moving to Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw or any other multicultural Polish city, you will probably need some useful information about Documents for expats in Poland the local government requires for a legal stay. The first and most important step for a foreigner is to determine the purpose of your visit.

Work in Poland – simple way

For example, if you’re not interested in studies and want to use your professional skills, you should get a Polish working wisa. A prerequisite for obtaining this type of visa is an invitation from the Polish employer, which determines the period of your stay in the country:

  • 6 months,
  • 1 year and more,
  • depending on your skills and country.

However, if you’re a EU-resident, you don’t need any documents for expats in Poland or permits – feel free to explore the Republic of Poland!

Study in Poland

Want to get a EU-diploma? It’s no secret that Polish universities are ready to provide all foreigners with quality educational services for very attractive fees. You can even choose studies in English in Warsaw or any other big city.

Besides that, low prices for accommodation and food (by Europeans standarts, of course) create a perfect environment for young people who are allowed to combine study with work in Poland (since 2015 for all full-time university students!). All you need to get a job is a student ID (Legitimacja) and a Polish student wisa!

How to stay in Poland?

Any foreign employee can ask for a residence permit (karta stałego pobytu) after 5 years of continuous residence. However, each year is counted as 6 months for students! Thus, moving to Poland is not as complicated as you could think. Contact your regional visa center or embassy for more information!




Where to learn how to ice skate in Wroclaw

ice skate in Wroclaw

In winter one of the best and popular leisure activities is skating. A lot of people want to skate well and not to hang on the rink barrier all the time. Here I will tell where you can learn how to ice skate in Wroclaw.

Where to skate in Wroclaw?

There are 4 skating rinks where you can skate in Wroclaw and that unfortunately are open only from late autumn till early spring:

Indoor skating rink Orbita – ul.  Wejherowska 34

Indoor skating rink Spiska – ul. Spiska 1

Roofed skating rink Brücknera – al. Aleksandra Brücknera 10

Outdoor skating rink Centennial Hall – ul. Wystawowa 1

The price for 1 hour of skating varies between 7-11 zł for discount tickets and 10-13 zł for normal tickets depending on skating rink and day of the week. Skates rent cost 6 zł per pair. You also can rent a helmet or a penguin that may help children to feel confident and start skating on the open ice. Private skating classes with instructors are provided for additional fee.

Where to learn how to skate in Wroclaw?

There is a new figure skating school for children and adults at the skating rink Brücknera in Wroclaw. It is called Axel Wrocław and was founded in 2016 but already got lots of admirers.

In winter the school offers group skating classes as well as off-ice trainings which are very important for figure skaters. The advanced group has trainings twice a week: on Thursdays and Saturdays. Those who are just starting to skate are welcome on Saturdays.

Synchronized skating for the first time in history of Wroclaw!

In January 2018 the first group of synchronized skating started skating in Axel Wrocław. Synchronized skating is a figure skating discipline where 8–16 skaters skate together synchronously performing figure skating elements. If you are interested, able to skate a little bit and ready for fun, you can join the new team on Sundays.

Below you will find a video from the very first training in synchronized skating.

More details you can find on the website or Facebook page of Axel Wrocław.

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

In Wroclaw, there is still a lack of the best places for dogs, which would be welcome in this city. Much more often at the entrance to the store or restaurant you can notice the ban on dogs. Owners of premises usually hide themselves with sanepid. Fortunately, the situation about the best places for dogs in Wroclaw is slowly changing. There are many ideas for creating the best places for dogs in Wroclaw. There are currently 5 specially prepared dog runs, and more are already planned.

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

5 specially prepared dog runs

We have prepared for you a list of the best places for dogs in Wroclaw that are worth visiting with your pet.

1.  A playground for dogs in Park Grabiszyński

Located in the picturesque Grabiszyński Park along Grabiszyńska Street. You will find here some things, which specially prepared for pets. For example a tunnel, obstacles from tires, palisades, wooden obstacles, that a dog can overcome in any way: jump over a mountain or crawl at the bottom.

2. A playground for dogs on the hill Słowiańska

Another the best places for dogs in Wroclaw is located on the hill Słowiańska, at Namysłowska Street. Dogs will definitely have a great time here. At their disposal are, among others, made of wood two equivalents, hurdles for skipping and slalom. All elements are durable and adapted for dogs of different breeds and sizes.

3. The dog runs in Tołpa Park

In Tołpa Park a fairly large dog runs was created this year. Is located at Nowowiejska Street. In the area fenced by double gates there is an obstacle course and a place where you can go out and save your pet. Of course, this place has its own regulations, primarily to keep its dog clean.

4. Park for dogs – Psia Łąka

The Psia Łąka dog park was created as part of the Wrocławski Budżet Obywatelski. Is located at Na Niskie Łąki Street 8. It is the largest dog runs in Wroclaw, fully fenced and safe.

5. La Habana Restaurant

You know that you can go to many restaurants in Wrocław with your pet. He will be a welcome guest there and will often receive a bowl of water. Do you know, that there is also a rather unusual restaurant in our city, where you will find a menu for your dog? Your dog will get here meat dog cigars, main dishes of fish, venison, and even ostrich and quails. Be sure to visit La Habana, which is located in Wroclaw’s Sępolno at 9 Maja Street 86 /1B.

“Pets welcome – Wroclaw meeting city”

The project has been run by the employees of the Biuro Ochrony Przyrody and Klimat Urzędu Miejskiego and editorial office of wrocł, which is gradually introducing new participants to the database. The “Pets welome – Wroclaw meeting city” has been taking place for several years. Its purpose to encourage dog owners to take care of and raise their pets so that they do not pose a problem in public space.

This action is looking for restaurants, shops, offices and other places to go with a pets. There are already over 250 places in this database.

Anyone who wants to spend a nice time with their pet can check where they can go together: HERE

If you want to see how the husky dog ​​is doing in Wroclaw, we invite you to watch a short video.

How to find murals in Wroclaw

How to find all the murals in Wroclaw

How to find murals In Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the one of the best cities in the world If you want to see street art. Beside the colorful buildings, you can see very colorful murals or even you can paint one in Wroclaw. In this post you’ll learn How to find the murals in Wroclaw.

How to find all the murals in Wroclaw
Some Art in Wroclaw

But before searching all the murals you will need a few items:

1-) Bicycle

If you don’t like the walking like me, you can always use bicycle in Wroclaw. You can use  this  website to register and rent a bicycle. You must put 10 zloty as a deposit. Then you can rent a bicycle from nearest bicycle station and put it back after your adventure.


2-) Transportation Ticket

If you like walking and want to explore every corner of Wroclaw, you have to buy public transportation ticket for tram and bus. Tickets can be bought from stations or inside of the bus and tram.  And you’ll get discount If you are a student.


3-) Mural Map

If you wonder: How to find the murals in Wroclaw – this is the shorest way… And finally, the last but most important item is the Mural Map. You’ll need this map for your mural hunting game. You can click here and find all the murals in Wroclaw. Then you can enjoy your feast for eyes with these street arts.