The best outdoor gyms in Wroclaw.

There is currently a trend for healthy eating, lots of exercise, and sports. Everyone should training a bit every day, for a better mood, relax after a hard day’s work, and also for health. The proverb says “a healthy spirit in a healthy body”.

Every physical activity is good. In Wroclaw, we have many opportunities and attractions related to sport, among others, Aquapark, spa, gyms, fitness, swimming pools, bike and walking paths. There are also more and more outdoor gyms. This is a particularly best option for those who want to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. In Wroclaw, there is such a place in almost every area. Below are some suggestions of the best outdoor gyms in Wroclaw.

Magnolia street workout park.

Probably one of the most popular places to training. The park is located right next to the main entrance to the Magnolia shopping center near the fountains. Workout park is eagerly visited by gallery clients. There are always a lot of people training there. We have various installations, rods and ladders. Only creativity limits us. Visiting the park can be another attraction after shopping in the center.,16.9898912,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x470fea071fd15223:0x6f994219973d56d3!8m2!3d51.1205991!4d16.9920799

Parkour Park on the Anders Hill.

Another very popular place among fans of outdoor exercise. It is located between the Wroclaw Aquapark and the University of Economics thanks to which it is easy to get there. Here, we also have many exercise installations. We will also find special concrete blocks prepared for people who train parkour. An additional attraction near parkour park is the skate park.

Ladders and staves in outdoor gym on the Anders Hill.

Trainings in both places are free and do not require a special outfit. You can use them 24 hours per a day. We are only limited by the amount of free time.

These are just a few places where you can practice outdoors. It’s worth taking a look around and finding the best outdoor gym in Wroclaw for yourself.

Sports Events in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the one of the biggest cities in Poland. Wrocław have many sports clubs. Some of theme are proffesional. Some kinds of sports disciplines in on the top in the country. Many people loves football. To be honest football is the favourite discipline and community likes it. We have beautyfull stadium where playing Slaska Wroclaw. The club is under adress Oporowska 62 but the stadium is Aleja Slaska 1. Slask Wroclaw plays in the “Ekstraklasa”. Ofcours is the highest league in Poland. Last season wasnt wery well but we still belive the next season will be better. Stadiun is quite big. The captivity is almoust 43 thausand people but the average every week is almost 5 thausands fans. The tickets for the match cost between 10 zl to 60 zl. Depend on the place in the stadium. Presidend of Wroclaw have to do somethink witch that.


Next popular discipline is basketball. Mens team Slask Wroclaw was multiple Polish chamipons. They dominate the league between 1991-94 and 1998-2002. Now Slask playing in second league. The club hall is locatet at the adress Mieszczanska 11. The tickets on the game is very cheap and is somethink between 6 zl for the children and 12 zl for the adults.


If you wanna see volleyball game you have to go and watch some games Gwardia Wroclaw. Couple years ago they played in the first league calleg Plus Liga but now they played in second league. Propably the most exotic disciplines in Wroclaw is American Football. In Europ we called Rugby. The name of the club is Panthers Wroclaw. The history of the club starts in 2013 . They win european champions league in 2016 amd polish championship in 2016 and 2017. Phanters play in Stadion Olimpijski. The adress is Al. Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego 35/3. The tickets cost between 15 zl and 20 zl.

                          Wroclaw have many interesting places to go. Depend what disciplines you wanna see.

Mexican cuisine in Wrocław

Are you a Mexican food lover? Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy delicious tacos? Or maybe simply you would like to try something new? If you have answered YES to at least one of the questions, stay with us we present to you the 3 most popular Mexican restaurants in Wrocław.


YacoTaco is brand new on the map of Wrocław. The diner is located at Ruska 10. At first glance, the place looks like a fast food eatery where you come, eat and go. But when you enter, the ambience of the interior immediately takes you to a completly different world – the world of sombrero and tequilla! As a customer, right away you will notive that YacoTaco was created to save you time. If you are hungry and do not have time for a regular restaurant, yet still want to eat something more substantial than a hamburger, this place is perfect for you: the food is prepared in just two minutes!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The main dish are of course tacos. Beside being relatively cheap, they are also delicious: the tortilla melts in the mouth, the meat is well seasoned, toppings are fresh – what else can you wish for? If you are in the mood for tacos, you must visit YacoTaco. The only disavantage is the number of seats for guests – there simply are not enough. But it is completly recompensated by nice service and delicious food!

Panczo Śniadaniowa

First thing you will see is the decor – it’s just magical. First of all, it’s bright and polished. It has its own unique charm! On the walls, there are mexican skulls, and plenty of greenery makes everyone more opitmistic. All you have to do is order a meal at the bar, sit comfotably at the table and enjoy Mexican goodies in a short moment.

Menu at Panczo Śniadaniowa is diversified. They offer traditional Mexican food as well as Mexican food with a modern twist. The menu was adatped to the breakfast style, because – as the name Panczo Śniadaniowa (Panczo Breakfast) reveals – this place was created with early birds in mind, people wanting to grab breafast on their way to work, or just people who want to eat delicious food for breakfast. One of the advantages of Panczo are really atractive prices – sweet breakfast starts at about 15 PLN. For a big burrito the price is about 22 PLN. The number of meals to choose from is really great, so you will find somethig delicious for sure!

Hola Burrito & Taco

Hola Burrito & Taco is a perfect place for those who love to eat outdoors. Why? Because it’s not a traditional restaurant, but a foodtruck! A friendly crew, meals prepared in a timely manner from fresh ingredients, availiable at really atractive prices. Most expensive taco dish costs about 12 PLN, burritos start at 16 up to 21 PLN. And although the menu may seem limited, Hola Burrito & Taco is popular among students as well as employees form offices nearby.

A big advantage of Hola Burrito & Taco is the number of ingredients in their tortillas. Burritos are filled up to the edges, which can actually make eating them a challenge! But for sure it will satify your hunger! Fresh and juicy meat, which is really well seasoned, with plenty of other ingredients in tacos, burritos and perfectly prepared tortilla. What more could you want? If you are looking for a quick snack outdoors, Hola Burrito & Taco will be your perfect choice!

There are many more places offering Mexican food in Wrocław. However, at this moment these three locals are worthy of recommendation. Of course, there are as many opinions as customers. Something delicious to you may not be so for someone else. Anyhow, it’s worth to discover new places and new experiences. Who doesn’t like to eat well after all?

Ballet class in Wroclaw

The Wroclaw Ballet Academy is the best place for adults who want to start dancing ballet as well as for those more advanced.

About school

At the Academy, they teach classical and contemporary dance at a professional level, but above all, they develop your passion for dance. Attention is paid to develop the correct posture, figure, coordination and condition.

Classes are held in small, closed groups, with the possibility of individual approach to the student.


During classes at the Ballet Academy you will have a chance to learn very well the basics of ballet and contemporary dance, work on the technique, strengthen your muscles, improve your figure and, above all, get familiar with the possibilities of your body.


  • Beginners ballet
  • Advanced ballet
  • Contemporary class
  • Stretching

There are also closed dance group that you can join in.

If you have never danced before I would recommend you to take beginners classes or first step.

If you are advanced dancer I would recommend you to take some master classes.

The stretching and barre au sol are lessons for everyone.


The WAB is located in the center of Wrocław – opposite the Świebodzki Railway Station. The cozy classroom and the warm atmosphere make it conducive to practice, dance and perform.

What’s the price?

One lesson
(1X lesson) – 40zł

(4X Lessons) – 100zł

Corps de ballet
(8X Lessons) – 160zł

(16X Lessons- month) – 250zł

(21X Lessons- month) – 290zł

(all lessons in month) –  330zł


Address: pl. Orląt Lwowskich 2 (Floor I), Wrocław

Free places in Wroclaw

The following article presents the most-liked free places in Wroclaw. They are a great alternative to spend time without paying any costs.

The first place worth visiting in Wroclaw, if we do not have too much money, is Hedge Maze, in the park on Brochow. The maze will provide us with many positive impressions, as well as an adrenaline rush, because it is not so easy to get out of it as it might seem. It is a great option for people who like to rack their brains in the open air.

Another proposition, if you are looking for a free place in Wrocław, is the Ossolineum Garden. It is a place designed for people who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life from time to time. Since the garden is located in the center, its location is great, and what’s more, it allows you to really calm down and gather thoughts for further action.

If there are fans of water, lights, and music among us, it will be a great idea for them to choose the Multimedia Fountain situated in Szczytnicki Park. Throughout the whole spring-autumn season, at every full hour, we can enjoy this beautiful spectacle completely free.

Another idea for a free, yet interesting place in Wroclaw, which will allow us to spend time nicely is a racetrack at Partynice. It is a place that evokes emotions thanks to the horse races, which take place here regularly during the season. The time spent here will provide us with entertainment and a dose of emotions that will influence us positively. I would recommend taking a closer look at this discipline.

The last of the free places chosen by me in Wrocław is Słodowa Island. Despite the fact it is rather thought to be a place adapted to young people, it also makes a great impression on tourists. It is a small island located by the Odra River within the Old Town. Its relaxed atmosphere allows unwinding after a hard day. However, the atmosphere of this place cannot be described in words, so I recommend you to visit it yourself in your free time.

In the article above, I tried to put together a variety of places, which combine a very important feature for us – you do not have to pay for them. So if you have not known what to choose so far, then I highly recommend visiting one of the described places.

Place to remote working in Wroclaw

Everyone sometimes need to work outside of office. In Wroclaw are many friendly places to remote working. All of them  characterized by peace, comfortable and good coffee.


It’s a multimedia library. Space is full of books, multimedia and modern desks to work. In Mediateka you can work on your own computer or use computers that are avaliabe in library. The main advantage is working alone or with your friends or employees. If you work alone and you need to ask for advice, you can meet there very helpful people or use library resources. The atmosphere is favorable to remote working, lerning or just relax.

Location: Plac Teatralny 5

Opening hours : Monday – Friday 10-19, Saturday 10-15


Reception is very intresting place. During the day Reception is a space to remotley work, spend time with creativ people and carry out projects. In the evening Reception changes in something like a club where you can meet with friends. It’s place adapted to coworking, there is a big and comfortable  table.  Unoqe styl of Reception is full of original and inspirational  picures and green plants. There you can calm down and work with cup of good coffee.

Location: Ruska 46a

Opening hours: 9:00 – to close

Green Caffe Nero

Green Caffe Nero is chain of caffee shop. In Wroclaw are three cafes. Work in caffee shop can be productive. This cefe distinguished by big space, comfortable sofas and propitious mood to work. Each of cafes is diffrent, each of cafes has diffrent furniture and inside. If you need to meet with the client it is perfectly place. Do you need a new place to remote work? Just come to cafe, order coffee and work with pleasure.

Location:  plac Kościuszki 1, Galeria Dominikańska, Sucha 1 (Wroclawia)


Caffee shop and bookstore in one? It is Nalanda. Silence, antiqe climate and big choice od cake and dinner. The inside is very cozy. Shelves are full of books. Nalada is place where you can create, working and have business meeting. During the break you can read books, eat delicious cakes or site outside and relax.

Location: Plac Kościuszki 12

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 20:00

Sunday  11:00-20:00

Where to go kayaking in Wroclaw?

If you love water, sun, nature and beautiful architecture and at the same time you are in Wroclaw, this article is for you. Because here you will find some information about where to go kayaking in Wroclaw. So if you want to get know better Wroclaw, there is no better way than from the surface of its biggest treasure: The Odra River.

One of the beautiful views of an old architecture from the riverside that you can admire while kayaking in Wroclaw on the Odra River.

First of all you need to remember that the river can be dangerous and that its current can be really strong. That is why we suggest you to use existing marinas. They are arranged in whole Wroclaw. The Odra river near those marines is very calm and its current is very gentle.  Of course you need to be really responsible and remember about wearing your life jacket and that kayaking near weirs and dams is dangerous and definitely forbidden.

The finest marinas in Wroclaw to get  kayak are the Zwirzyniecka Marina, the Zoo Marina and the Bay of the Gondolas.

The Zwierzyniecka Marina

The Zwierzyniecka Marina is located near The Zwierzyniecki bridge. So if you pass the bridge just turn right before the zoo fence. You can get single and double or triple kayak for 15 PLN per hour. From this harbour you can go towards the Szczytnicki bridge and even further  almost to Warszawski bridge (before this bridge there will be a weir on your way). From your kayak you will see trees, parks and maybe even wild birds like heron or crane.

The Zoo Marina

The Zoo Marina offers you a double kayak for 15 PLN per hour. It is located under the Zwierzyniecka footbridge near zoo. On the other hand there is also a beach and a beach bar. From this place you can go kayaking even to the Ostrów Tumski (under the Grunwaldzki bridge) or to the Opatowicki wire to the other side. It is a great marine, because you can choose to watch the old town with great architecture or The Biskupinski Park with a lot of green and trees.

The Bay of Gondolas

Similarly, also a great place to go kayaking in Wroclaw is the Bay of Gondolas. You can get a double kayak here for 15 PLN per hour. Likewise from the Zoo Marina you can go from here upstream to old town islands or downstream to the Opatowicki wire. Also a great possibility is  The Olawa river. It is very calm small river and really great idea for lazy afternoon ride in green.

To clarify it is possible that when you borrow a kayak you may be asked to leave your personal document as under cover. So for example it can be an ID card, a driving licence or a student card. However any place you choose, please remember about your own safety and that the life jacket that you get from your lenders, is to put in on and not to put it next to you. Have a great time!

Where to buy Yerba Mate in Wroclaw?

Certainly drinking Yerba Mate gives a lot of benefits. First of all it boosts energy, improves mental focus, enhances psychical performance and protects from infections. Therefore this tea has strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea and joy of chocolate.

<img src="Yerba_Mate.png" alt="samples of yerba mate"/>

Special places in Wroclaw

Above all, drinking Yerba Mate is a tradition and a ceremony. If you are in Wroclaw, there are a lot of places where you can try this special tea. You can prepare it with bombilla, matero or yerbomos, which you can take anywhere you want. You can try making Yerba Mate by yourself – indoors, between pillows and blankets with loved ones. There are places in Wroclaw, where you can buy traditional dried tea.


Situated in Nadodrze, on Kurkowa 37, near downtown. It is a little shop but with huge assortment and a nice staff. The company has a stationary shop. In addition you can order teas online. In the store you can buy Yerba Mate, bimballas, starter sets, thermos and many other things. They are open from 10 AM till 6 PM, from Monday to Friday.


Also situated in the middle of the heart of Wroclaw, on Plac Grunwaldzki 22, Pasaz Gunwaldzki with a big selection of teas and herbs from all over the world. Light and soft smell of your favorite Yerba Mate will make you fell relaxed and happy. Above all things, there is a stand with teas, which can be tried by customers encouraging you to go to this shop.

<img src="Yerba_Mate_bombilla.png" alt="bombilla for Yerba Mate"/>


Czajownia is a brand of high quality clear teas, according to the native origins. Situated on Bialoskornicza 7. Licensed by Society of Tea Lovers. Furthermore, it’s also a network of professional shops with teas, ceramics and accessories. However, you can buy here not only dried teas, but also try them in this shop. After that you can enjoy your tea by yourself or with your friends.

Karts – extreme entertainment

There are many entertainment options available here in Wrocław. One of them is the card. For several years, go-karts have become an increasingly popular form of spending free time in our city.

         If you are a fan of adrenaline and fun, you will have the opportunity to combine these two things and take a chance to try this adventure! The availability of this karting tracks allows everyone to challenge their friends in the kart race and have a lots of fun during that. However, before you will try it’s worth knowing the basics of this sport. Literally the word ‘go-cart’ means a wheelchair (go-kart). Go-karts are small four-wheeled vehicles powered by a motor with a capacity of 60 to 120 cm six. There are also other types of karts like for example  electric motors, kids cards or double carts. The variety of choice allows you every time to get new experiences. The race take a place on specially prepared tracks build from tires which are permanently attached to the ground. Go-kart driving normally takes 5-10 minutes but its not a rule. It’s depends how much you will pay for it because the price depends on the time of entertainment. A go-cart are suitable for amateur, kids, families and everyone in fact if you just  meet the requirements of the karting track.

How much its cost ?

Price list:

Adults and adolescents from 16 years of age

  • 10 minutes – PLN 39
  • 20 min. – PLN 70
  • 30 minutes. – PLN 99

Children from 4 years and young people up to 16 years of age

10 minutes – PLN 30

  • 20 min. – PLN 54
  • 30 minutes. – PLN 76

Tandem (double go-cart)

  • 10 minutes – PLN 45

How to dress up with go-carts?

Cloths – you should have comfortable cloths, they should be tight. You should not wear a skirt, dresses or other type of no sport cloths.

Helmet – Almost you need wear a helmet but you can always get it at the racing track.

Shoes – Sport shoes only ! girls should forget about high heels

Gloves – it is unnecessary but should have some also you can get them on spot

Hair – Always should have pinned up hair and hide them under helmet

What speed do go karts achieve?

The power of a standard type varies from 4.5 to 13 hp. Recreational driving reach speeds of up to 60 km / h Sport type of Go-karts are accelerates up to 180 km / h!

Do you need a driving license for karts?

No you don’t need to have any documents you can drive go-cart without license. Even kids can drive it if the go-cart have less power.

Go-cart driving technique, or how to drive go-karting effectively?

You move from the outside to the inner side of the track to overcome the shortest possible route. Before the bend, you should slow down to don’t put the kart into a slip, because every squeaking of the tires is equal to the lost of seconds.

The sooner you make a turn, the faster you leave it, which gives you full speed right after you make a corner.

Rules on the karting track?

  • Always sit in your go-cart don’t leave your vehicles
  • Always listen the stuff and follow the instruction
  • Look at flags which stuff show to you
  • Keep focus on track
  • Don’t hit into another go-cart
  • Don’t hit into tires


  1. Stadion – Le mans
  2. Buforowa – Go Kart Racing Center Wroclaw
  3. Czekoladowa- Le Mans

Cheap accommodation in Wroclaw

Common room mleczarnia

Plannig a few days trip to another city we need a place to stay. What categories will we be guided by when selecting accommodation? Each of us has our own personal feelings when it comes to choose, the elements that I pay attention to are the location, the nature of the place, and the price. In my opinion, the most suitable option for accommodation is hostels, wchich have no exorbitant price, the atmosphere is mostly homely and it is easy to get one that is not far from the center. I’ll describe three which I had to deal with and which I can recommend for accommodation seekers in Wroclaw.

Moon Hostel

I think it’s a great place to stop when you planning accommodation with somebody. Elegant and simple rooms, equipped with TV. Common living room with kitchen where when cooking meanwhile you can play on table football or spend time with a book.
An interesting option is the possibility of ordering breakfast at a day before. Shared bathrooms, wi-fi, availability of parking. A well run website with a simple possibility
to book a term we are interested in. An important element in acommodation there
is that the hostel is animal friendly, which for me as a lover traveling with a dog lover
is a very important element.


Situated in the center of Wroclaw, it is a great option to stay in with a package of friends. You can rent a room, with lots of beds at a cheap price. The heart of the hostel is a kitchen combined with a living room made in the former, currently built-up courtyard, which gives it an amazing atmosphere. Kitchen equipment allows you to prepare almost any dish after you have purchased the right ingredients. We should emphasize the very stylish decoration, giving the impression of being at home. All day reception, shared bathroom, wi-fi, pet friendly and right next to the restaurant, with delicious food, all in the same climate.


Good localization in addition two minutes to downtown, the name of the hostel is well chosen: Friendly Hostel. The handling of that place facility  were all really helpful and nice. They provide excellent information about Wroclaw and help encourage a passion for exploring city. The interior is decorated in a modern and youthful style. It has
a baggage storage, bar, parking, wi-fi. Common kitchen on the first floor. You need
to know that it can be noisy becouse hostel is located in the center od the city, it is a plus and minus however there’s a lot of bars nearby. It’s non-smoking hostel and animals are not acceptable.