How to find protestant church in Wroclaw

Protestant church in Wroclaw

It is always good to be in the fellowship of people of the same believe. When you get to new environment , one of the important thing to do is to locate a church where to worship God in spirit and in truth. In this article i am going to tell you how to find  protestant church in Wroclaw. Do you want to know protestant church full of power of God let go!

I will tell you how to find  protestant church  in Wroclaw where to pray


This is a protestant church in Wroclaw , it is a good church with lively praise team, and loving people, they have women department, children and teen department, also men ‘s fellowship .This protestant church is full of manifestation of God

Address : Sepia street 2/6

54-143 Wroclaw

Telephone :  717833319


Do you want to attend a protestant church in Wroclaw that is Spirit filled

The Redeemed Christian Church of God

Do you want to know: How to find protestant church in Wroclaw? This  is a Pentecostal church , it is a vibrant church , where God is worship in Spirit and in truth, this church is in over 170 countries of the world. They have a lively worship, their use of international instrument for worship make it very unique, you will dance and forget your pains. The word of God is being thought with the power of God, and member have their needs and desire attended to by the power of the most high God. in this church there are a lot of miracles taking place as member testify to the healing power of God. Also hold prayer and bible study every week. This church is one of the lively church in Wroclaw

You can watch online monthly prayer program  on every 1st Friday of the month livestreams

Address: Legnicka street 65 B

54-204 Wroclaw

contact: +48 571463222


Sunday service: 11 am

Slowo Zycie – church on Soltysowice

Do you want to know about the protestant church in Wroclaw i will tell you about this church on Soltyysowice. It is a lively church , where God is worship in Spirit and in truth, their praise team are lively, they have children department, women and men department. they also have prayer meetings on Wednesday by 7 pm. the church as being exiting for long time . This church has book shop loaded with inspirational christian books.



Address: Soltysowice 15 c

Telephone number: 50966226

Sunday service: 11 am

Best SPA places in Wroclaw

3 best SPA places in Wroclaw

Does anybody need a day off? You want to relax, have some rest and forget about your problems? Prepare yourself for a lot of pleasure for your mind and body. I recomend you 3 best SPA places in Wroclaw 🙂

Monopol Hotel – luxury place in the center of the city

Relax and revitalise with  Monopol Hotel.

SPA in Monopl Hotel is the peace of the body and spirit. In this luxury place we can find a variety of beauty treatments using the leading cosmetics Thalion – professional preparations will help you get the perfect shape and condition for your skin. Monopol Hotel offers for the guests a swimming pool, gym, dry sauna, salt cave and steam room. I think it is one of the best SPA places in Wroclaw.

Where: Heleny Modrzejewskiej street 2,

50-071 Wrocław

Telephone: +48 71 77 23 777

Opening hours: everyday 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

Topacz Castle & Art SPA

If you wanna take some rest in a peace and quite place, around the nature – this is a perfect spot for you. Topacz Castle is located near Wroclaw in the beautiful area. In its historic interiors you can forget about everything and just enjoy yourself. Topacz Castle & Art SPA compose indywidual and aromatic treatments, using the most valuable natural ingredients: herbs, fruits, caviar, pearls, flowers and precious oils. We can also find there treatments and ceremonies of the legendary Ingrid Millet brand – a synonim of luxury and perfect care.  Topacz Castle & Art SPA offers for the guests a swimming pool, gym, dry sauna and jacuzzi. If you are looking for the best SPA places in Wroclaw – this is it!

Where: Ślęza, Główna street 12
55-040 Kobierzyce

Telephone: +48 71 771 99 99

Opening hours: everyday 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Platinum Palace – awsome place

Platinum Palace invites you to the intimate hotel Wellness & SPA. You will experiance  the relaxation you deserve,  you will take care of your body and relax your senses.That beautiful object enables to relish charms of the South Park. Cosy Platinum Palace Spa proposes: steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, centre fitness and a lot of special treatments for your body and soul.

Where: Powstańców Śląskich street 204
53-140 Wrocław

Telephone: + 48 733 311 150

Opening hours: everyday 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Best swimming pool in Wroclaw

Best swimming pool in Wroclaw

How to find best swimming pool in Wroclaw?

There are a few places you have to visit in Wroclaw which is actually worth it. One among them is wonderful municipal swimming pool exactly in the city centre.

Feel the spirit of old Wroclaw city 

Well, if you like active lifestyle, historical buildings, to explore new places and relax at the same time that place definitely for you. Because  Wroclawskie Centrum SPA is the best swimming pool in Wroclaw.

It is not only swimming pool that is the huge relax centre with plenty of activities. The centre was built in 1897 and that is one of the most interesting architectural objects in Wroclaw:

  • breathtaking exterior and interior,
  • the three-pool complex includes sculpted sandstone,
  • stained-glass windows,
  • artistic ceramic tiles,
  • polychromatic vaulted ceilings,
  • two-level arcades,
  • colonnades inspired by the ancient hot baths of Rome.
Have to visit
Swimming pool

Chose your own way to enjoy

What is the best in the best swimming pool in Wroclaw? Except amazing swimming pools you will find there ancient design, swimming pools, SPA, gym, fitness, aqua-aerobics, spinning, a wide range of available services include massage and rehabilitation. Everything above is under unique atmosphere that could make spend your time with pleasure for all ages. In additional plus is that a complex  located in the centre of the city that facilitates convenient access by public transport and attractive places around.

Take a break after your swimming exercises 

In case you have doubts about your diet plan after swimming sessions, just go to the dietary advice office directly into the swimming complex. Where the professionals will check your health and correct your diet plan.



Wrocławskie Centrum SPA SP. z.o.o.
ul. Teatralna 10-12, 50-055 Wrocław
tel. 71/348 80 10

Price: normal ticket 60 min – 16,50 zł

For students – 15 zł

Season ticket for 90 days – 348 zł

Swimming pool’s open hours :

Mo – Fr: 6.00 – 23.00 Sa: 8.00 – 22.00  Su: 9.00 – 21.00

SPA’s open hours:

Mo – Fr: 8.00 -20.00  Sa: 8.00-18.00 Su: day off

Gym’s open hours:

Mo – Fr: 6.00 -22.00  Sa:10.00-20.00 Su. 10.00-20.00


Visit Wroclaw – one day

Visit Wroclaw – one day

When You visit Wroclav and You want see the most important monuments in Wrocław – I invite You to travel with delightful travellers. This video is sightseeing trip in Wrocław.  Spend one day in Wrocław with delightful travellers! What we will see?

1. The University of Wrocław

It’ s not only the University also we can see the amazing viev of the all city. Beautiful, blue doors’re entrance into the University and perfect place to take a picture – Cheeeesseeeeeee 🙂

2. Cathedral Island- Ostrów Tumski

So let’s go to cathedral island – it’s the oldest part of the city of Wrocław.  Tumski bridge is a bridge over the north branch of the Oder river. So many padlocks, why? Because it’s Lovers Bridge. Unfortunately in the future the lock must be dismantled.

3. Wrocław Cathedral

When we’re  still  in “Cathedral Island” we must see Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wrocław.  1315 it’s very important date for cathedral because Ostrów Tumski was sold the church. All history about the church You can listen under:

Now we’re going to old town. In Wrocław find You so many restaurants, cafe, coffe-house and pubs because in Lover of Silesia live a lot of young people. It’s time to something eat! Let’s going to Vinyl! Delicious coffe and really good sandwiches.

4. Market Square

You visit Wroclaw in only one day we must go faster!  🙂 Music, colours of building, church, crowds and beautiful old architecture – it’s market square and the heart of pedestrian zone. This is obligatory poiunt our travel when we spend only one day in Wrocław. Now it’s time for polish beer and dinner in the market square.

Tip: Find a place where’s a lot of pepole – there will be a great food!


Best Shopping Centers in Wroclaw

Best Shopping Centers in Wroclaw

 WROCLAVIA – Best Shopping Centers in Wroclaw

Best Shopping Centers in Wroclaw


Wrocław is a beautiful city where each of use can find something special e.g. Musem, Theatre, Opera and something for shopping queen – City Centres.  In the  capital of Lower Silesia we can find so many city centres but  netxt to train station  to be located the best shopping Centers in Wroclaw – Wroclavia. It’s a perfect shopping venue for child and adults. In the best shopping center in Wroclaw You can find also exspensive  stores, brand clothes, toys, electric and electronic equipment, something for home and animals. Wroclavia’s shops offer everything what customers needs!

Are You hungry? Wroclavia invite You to 28 restaurants. It’s city center with entertainment at the highest level!

Best Shopping Centers in Wroclaw


Where is Wroclavia?

Sucha Street 1
50-086 Wrocław

Open hours:

9 am to 9 pm


WROCLAVIA in numebrs:

  • 156 shops
  • 28 restaurants
  • 20 screening rooms with IMAX, 4DX and VIP zone
  • 71 000 m2 area

What else is there?

  • children’s playroom
  • fitness
  • bus station

Best Shopping Centers in Wroclaw


Why should You visit Wroclavia?

I know in Wrocław find You  another city centres but Wroclavia located in the heart of Wrocław and everything You find so near:

  • 2 minutes walk to bus station
  • 1 minutes walk to train station
  • 10 minutes walk of the Main Square
  • new, and design architecture

GALERIA DOMINIKAŃSKA – Best Shopping Centers in Wroclaw

It’s city center near of the Main Square, located in the central part of Wrocław.  The  best shopping center in Wroclaw was opened in 2001 and is the oldest cinty center in Wrocław. Customers find that 100 stores,  19 restaurants and 30 000 m2 area.


MAGNOLIA – Best Shopping Centers in Wroclaw

If You looking for the best shopping centres in Wrocalaw necessarily visit Magnolia. Is the biggest shopping center in Lower Silesia. Everyone customer find something for You because Magnolia consist to over 260 stores, restaurants, cafes and is located in 100 m2 area.


IMPORTANT: only now in the best shopping centers in Wroclaw You can find SALE but  hurry up! 🙂

Visit Wroclaw’s centres to see how pleasurable shopping can be!

How to find house school and job in Wroclaw

How to find house school and job in Wroclaw

How to find a house, school and job in Wroclaw


How to find a house

If you are from Korea and in Wroclaw for the first time you will find house first. Also  if you have children you will find the school for them. Most of all you may need to find a job. I will tell you about them, which is based on my exprience. Whenever your going meets some blocks, don’t hesitate anyone who can help you. One of helpers can be a korean association in Wroclaw “Http//”

For the first place, How to find house in Wroclaw

There are several engins for seeking rental and buying house. I recommend to visit “”. It is very useful. You can find the house which you are satisfied with. Another way is to ask acquaintance to help you so they will give you a good information or help you with communicating with local people. Your helpers will interpret for you or translate polish in korea or English. But most people from Poland who you meet can speak English and only a few  can’t speak English. I think if you are a expat language skill is very important to accomplish your mission. Language is like a tram, which will ride you to a place where you want.

The second place, How to find school in Wroclaw

After you find your house you will find the school near your house. Primary schools have got named numbers. In my case my children go to 64school.  I recommend local school. If you start your life in Wroclaw you and your family need to learn the culture of Poland and get along with local friends. I think that it is very useful and important.  When your children apply for local school the school will welcome.

The third, I will tell you how to find a job

It will be very difficult to you if you do not apply for korean company in Wroclaw. If you are in Poland for the first time, it takes very long time to get a job in Wroclaw. You can consider that you try to work in company which korean runs in Wroclaw. Or you can start a small business in which you are interested. This means you have to go a self-employed. I think I prefer this way to stay in Wroclaw.





Wroclaw from the rooftops

Wroclaw from the rooftops

Wroclaw from the rooftops

Best places to see Wroclaw from the rooftops.

First two weeks in Wroclaw made me understand one thing: this city is for life. Comfortable happy life. And for work. Not for your career, but for stable work.  Everything here is so tiny, so calm. When you go to the main square of Wroclaw, it seems like you got into a fairy tale – all the houses look like they’re made of gingerbread.  But have you ever seen Wroclaw from the rooftops? I propose you 3 rooftops to visit, while you’re in Wroclaw.

1. Sky Tower – number 1 for seeing Wroclaw from the rooftops

Sky Tower is the highest building in Poland. It’s 258 m in height, and there’s a viewpoint on the 49th floor. The view is amazing, this place is worth to visit, even if you stay in Wroclaw just for two days.

Location: Powstańców Śląskich street, 95

Ticket: 12-16 zl

Open hours: 8 am to 4 pm

P.S. Don’t worry, they have the fast elevators, so it’ll not take too much time to go up there.

P.S.S. You can have a cup of coffee or tea on the top.

2. Mostek Pokutnic – number 2 in my list, if you want to see Wroclaw from the rooftops.

This place is in the main square of Wroclaw, named Rynek, and I think, it’s a very romantic one. Because you’ll see the city not from the tower, but from the bridge! However, be ready to climb the narrow spiral staircase. And believe me, you’ll not be disappointed.

Location; Rynek

Ticket: 5 zl

Open hours: 9 am to 5 pm

3. Hotel Monopol – my number 3 in the list, where you can see Wroclaw from the rooftops

This hotel is situated in the heart of the city, next to the main square. I’m not telling about its suits, but about its summer terraces, which are surrounded by the Gothic church, with views on the Opera House and the National Forum of Music. Also there’s a bar, where you can drink your morning coffee or evening cocktail.

Location: Heleny Modrzejewskiej street, 2

Ticket: free entrance, but you need to order something

Open hours: 12 pm to 11 pm

P.S. The only minus of this place – it’s closed during winter times.

Some tips:

  • if you have time to visit a few towers, it’s better to do this at different times of the day – you’ll see different Wroclaw!
  • think about your clothes. Remember, it can be cold, windy, etc on the top.
  • prize yourself with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, when you reach the top.
  • if you have any doubts whether it’s worth – leave your doubts! I guarantee, you’ll enjoy each moment.

Wroclaw from the rooftops

And you’ll see Wroclaw right in the palm of your hand.

Where to drink the best coffee in Wroclaw – chapter one

best coffee in Wroclaw

My little coffee-journey in Wroclaw started at Café Targowa and ETNO. I will show you step by step not only where to drink the best coffee in Wroclaw, but also how to drink it. Coffee is not only an aromatic hot drink in a cup. It means culture, making new friends or meeting your colleagues and gives you time and calmness just for you.

Cafe Targowa in Halla Targowa


  • Piaskowa 17, Przy tylnym wejściu obok ksero, 50-158 Wrocła, Hala Targowa on the left side
  • open hours from 8:00 till 18:30
  • price for a flat white 8,00 zl.

It is:

  • a wonderful authentic place to drink coffee in Wroclaw
  • a little hidden coffee-cosmos
  • a good opportunity meeting new people

They offer:

  • a huge range of well-considered coffee-equipment
  • daily fresh home-made cakes
  • coffee- workshops starting again from January
  •  qualitative tea

Coffee preparation:

  • Espresso
  • Filtered (aeropress, chemex, handfiltered)
  • Cold filtered
  • French


  • they are starting to roast their own coffe
  • new coffee bar will open in 2018

My journey started uninspected in Hala Targowa

Finally a friend of mine from Berlin visited me in Wroclaw for three days. For me the best reason going out for drinks, lunch and coffee! Of course my polish kindness forced me to go with him everywhere, show him everything and also put every traditional polish dish, desert, candies and drinks in his mouth.

Rather  both of us are huge fans of traditional flew markets and market halls, where you can buy a lot of different trash and indeed little things you can drop in your mouth and are making you fat. After class I finally invited him to “Hala Targowa”, for groceries shopping and some home-cooked lunch. The hall was colorful filled with fruits, vegetables, flowers, candies…a little (expensive) food paradise with polish and also international products.

Find the little coffee bar next to “Ksero”

After we had lunch my body screamed for a coffee. And there it was! My coffee-radar led me directly to the other side of the hall, to the teeny wooden  bar called “Cafe Targowa” near “Ksero”.

It seems a bit rath and ready.  I counted five stools in front, where three people already chatted with the barista. When people are asking you, where to drink the best coffee in Wroclaw – right here! I had a really balanced flat-white. Aromatic strong espresso roast, full-bodied with lightly flavor of chocolate.  On top, a well done (not overheated!) perfect cream – you will love it.

Focused on Coffee

That´s how you drink here: A microscopic bar, enough space for one dimpled, diminutive blonde barista and five guest in front of it. But don’t worry. If you haven´t found a seat, in the market hall are tables placed too.

For sure you will find here a perfectly prepared cup of coffee in Wroclaw, if espresso, hand-or chemex filtered, french- or aeropress preparation.  Furthermore you can buy a piece of their daily home-made cake, coffee-beans, grounded coffee and well-chosen equipment for any way of preparation. From a golden aero-press or filter to their own merchandise products – this place is the answer for where to drink the best coffee in Wroclaw as well as where to buy a useful and approved gift.

The atmosphere and service

Furthermore what I love about this coffe-cosmos in Targowa Hall is the chatty atmosphere. The small place induces to conversation with all guests and the barista.

In opposite to other coffee places, while drinking my flat-white the barista told me about their new plans creating their own coffee blend and also organizing workshops from Janauary again. The workshops will include everything what a coffee lover wants to know: What kind of coffee beans they use, how to choose blends, what to blend  and different coffee-preparation as well.

My conclusion for Cafe Targowa

Probably small chatty places are not everyone´s cup of tea, but I appreciate it.  Mostly smartphone interrupt our deeper communication, indeed this is our society we live in. Still you can find treasures like Café Targowa, where people understand that drinking coffee means to drink it in a pleasant company- that’s one of the best coffee in Wroclaw.

ETNO Cafe Wroclaw @ main central station – the best coffee in Wroclaw?


best coffee in Wroclaw


  • Piłsudskiego 101, 11-400 Wrocław
  • open hours mon.-fr.: 7:00-21:00, sat: 8:30-21:00 sun.: 9:00-20:00
  • price for a flat white 11,00 zl.
  • one of five other ETNO Cafe´s in Wroclaw

It is:

  • a cozy place with scandinavic interrior
  • a nice opportunity for  little breakfast, lunch or cake
  • a chance to escape from the office table

They offer:

  • a huge range of well-considered
    coffee-equipment and literature
  • fresh cakes, fruits and juices
  • many little gifts for coffee-fans
  • apples for free 🙂
  • Barista-Training for everybody and as a company event
  • not working WIFI

Coffee preparation:

  • Espresso
  • Filtered (aeropress, chemex, handfiltered)
  • Cold filtered
  • French
  • iced coffee
  • different flavors for your coffee to add

Food and other beverages

  • a lot of fresh cakes
  • well prepared hot and cold dishes
  • lemoande and juices from local producers


  • lottery during Chistmas
  • delivery to the office

For people on the way to the central train- or busstation

Before I entered the bus to Berlin, I wanted to work on my papers with a great cup of coffee in my hand and may have some warm late breakfast. ENTO Wroclaw 101 was on the way to the central bus station. Indead, a good located place for people who are in rush or have the need not to work in the office for a while.

A tasty shakshuka and flavourful flat white – I can highly recommend!

Best coffee in Wroclaw

Due to my hangover I needed something warm and healthy to repair my wodka-damaged body. For sure after a red beet shakshuka and a flatwihte i didn´t have to suffer long.

Finally my flat white was served plainly in a glas. A strong, full bodied taste with a lightly dark chocolate-hazelnut flavor. After only five minutes my shakshuka was brought to me. It was served nicely on a hot steel pan with fresh flatbread. A well balanced dish, which I really enjoyed.  Of course, before drawing final conclusions about the best coffee in Wroclaw, it is appropriate to attend the four ETNO cafe´s. 

My conclusion: Looks like a coworking space, but is not made for business-meetings

Sadly, the wifi-hasn´t worked, which is a big disadvantage for workaholics! I never understood locations, which are looking like big coworking spaces, but aren´t exactly. So, if a nice and well-known coffee is situated in the middle of an office area, why is there any internet connection? Aren´t they interested on running their business?!

Sure, on the one hand I am looking for the best coffee in Wroclaw, but on the other hand, if I would look for a place where one can feel at ease, I would prefere small cute café´s like Cocofli or Café Targowa instead of ENTO.









5 reasons to move to Wroclaw

5 reasons to move to Wroclaw

5 Ws: When, where, what, why, Wroclaw. One story.

The story of one gypsy girl, who’s looking for HER place in this world, or 5 reasons to move to Wroclaw.

1. When

Let’s start it from the beginning. A year ago I moved. Again. It was spontaneous. As always. I lived in Asia. In a 14-million city named Guangzhou. I’ve been staying there for 4 years, and was planning to stay there for another 4 years or more. But… Well, we all have this “but” from time to time. For me that “but” was the edge. I literally left everything, bought a one-way ticket and said “goodbye” to my 4-year Asian life.

5 reasons to move to Wroclaw

2. Where

I moved, and moved, and moved. First it was Dubai. An amazing city, full of sand, money and oil. And with the same feeling of loneliness as in China.

Then it was Ukraine. But staying there for a few months, I realised that I DON’T want to live there anymore.

Next, came Poland. So here we stop for a while, because this is where I am at the present. In the city of Wroclaw. And I like it. This is the first of 5 reasons to move to Wroclaw.

5 reasons to move to Wroclaw

3. What

What was the second of 5 reasons to move to Wroclaw? I became a student. Again. In the age of 27. With two Master’s degrees. Well, frankly speaking, it wasn’t the plan for my future life, I was spontaneous as always.

For Ukrainians, Poland is a way to stay in EU legally and without preparing too many documents. This is our “bridge” to Western Europe. And to be honest, Europe suits us more than Asia, I believe because of the similar mentality. And this is number three of 5 reasons to move to Wroclaw (or another EU city).

5 reasons to move to Wroclaw

4. Why

Well, it’s difficult to say. This is the question I ask myself all the time. And I don’t know the answer.

I like to travel. I’m addicted to new emotions.  Of course, “travelling” and “moving” are not the same things. So, moving from country to country, from part of the world to another, I’m looking for a place, where I could settle down. The place, where I could feel safety, appeasement and happiness. I think, I could sacrifice many thing to find MY place. One more of 5 reasons to move to Wroclaw, isn’t it?

5 reasons to move to Wroclaw

5. Wroclaw

I was afraid to move here. Like a city citizen is afraid of moving to a village. You can’t imagine how it is to move from a 14-million city to a “city”, that has 600 thousands people. 14 000 000 and 600 000. So well, I was sarcastic a bit calling Wroclaw “city”, for me it sounded like a village.

But Wroclaw swept me off my feet. Totally. I fell in love with this city. I fell in love with its narrow streets, its impromptness, its affability. Wroclaw combines the history and the technologies, the “old” and the “new”. It made me speechless from the very beginning. And these are my 5 reasons to move to Wroclaw.

5 reasons to move to Wroclaw

And maybe one day it’ll become a place, where I’d like to settle down…


Best korean restaurants in Wroclaw

best korean restaurants in Wroclaw

How to find best korean restaurants in Wroclaw?

best korean restaurants in Wroclaw

It is easy with me, because I am from Korea. My name is Duckjae.  First time when I came to Wroclaw I wanted to find best korean restaurants in Wroclaw because I love korean food and my family also. I asked my friends and they helped  me. Just me right now I help you. This is my favourirte choice:

Kokoja – I recomend you very much

Kokoja  is one of the best korean restaurants in Wroclaw. They have:

  • Drinks: Water, juice, coke, soju * Soju is very popular alcoholic drink in Korea. Most of people drink soju, which is seems to be wodka of Poland.
  • Soups: Czampong, Tempura Udong, Kake Udong *These are with nudles
  • Menu: Teriyaki * each from  chicken, Tofu, Salmon, Duck./ Bulgogi, Donkatsu, Fried Pork, Chilly Chicken, Sweet Chicken, Spice Pork, Spice Kalmary, Hemuul Bokumbab, Kim-chi Bokumbab
  • Cost: Most of cuisine are from 32 zl to 45 zl
  • Opening days : From Tuesday to Sunday
  • Opening hours: From 12:00 to 22:00
  • Adress: Ul. Oltaszyska 93e, Wroclaw

I pay there only this money for all lunch, so it isn’ too much. Plus  you can  order sushi in Kokoja but it cost more than korean menu because fresh fishes and shrimps are very expensive. When you visit Kokoja, you can see korean people and people from Wroclaw there. It is very good place for Polish people and also for expats in Wroclaw.

Imone – my choice from best korean restaurants in Wroclaw

If  you like a food which your korean grandmother cook, I recommend you korean restaurant Imone. The chef is old woman who can’t speak polish as well as English but only in korea. I hope there is Poland clerk there. You may feel like your mother or your grandmother cook for you.  If you want to drink water, just say ” Please water”. It is for free.

  • Drink: Water (free), Coke, Juice, Soju
  • Menu: Kimbab, pierozki, Ramjon,  Bulgogi, Czeyukbogym                   Dzadzangmjon, Bibimbab, Czolmjon
  • Soup: Dzampong, Somjon, Kamdzasudzebi, Kalguksu
  • Cost : It cost more less than Kokoja
  • Opening day: From Monday to Saturday
  • Opening hours: From 11:00 to 19:00
  • Adress: Wawrzyniaka 9, 11-400 Wroclaw

Why I will tell you to  introduce Korean food?

Korean foods are good for your health. These are make from vegetable. Some foods are made from meat but are low in fat. I recommend  to use chopsticks because it is good for your health. Kimchi contain a lot vitamin C, so it is so healthy!