How to find your individual style?

How to find your individual style - shops

How to find your individual style?

Finding my style wasn’t  so easy because fashion isn’t easy for anybody. Dear friends, I answer today your most frequent question: How to find your individual style? How to properly shape your style and wardrobe? This is a very deep topic and, of course, it is not possible to uncover it at once … But still, let’s start, friends!

Let’s get acquainted: I am Lana – designer of costume and fabric, shoes and accessories. I love painting, decorative creativity, design, architecture. I am inspired by music, books and communication with interesting people.

Individual image is important!

I would like to answer a question  how to find your individual style and to see that the individual image thawe form together gives you harmony and comfort every day.

Now there are a lot of proposals from the producers of mass-markets, and, in fact, it’s wonderful ! After all, over any brand there is a group of professionals. Therefore, you can easily take a catalog in the store and dress like a girl or a guy from his pages. Why not!?!

How to find your individual style

Unnecessary things

In our time the planet is just overflowing with things. The problem of materialism is global both for the individual and for society as a whole. You have money, you go to a clothing store and buy the first pleasant sweater of incomprehensible color, a pink dress that looks good on you, BUT! It is unlikely to be the time and place to put it on, trousers that were at a discount for half the price.

Correspond to your inner self

As a result, these things are a dead weight. There is a problem of combining them with anything. Or they do not correspond to your inner self at all? After all, it is possible to live someone else’s life, corresponding to the representation of all and all, not knowing what you want is you. Style and clothing to some extent this is your attitude to life, to the world around you. After all, agree, it’s nice to decorate the world with your presence.

Who am I?

To create a unique style that is comfortable for you, you first need to understand yourself.

Time to ask yourself:

  • I am a calm person who does not like publicity?
  • Or, on the contrary, do I prefer to be in the spotlight?
  • I prefer contrasting color combinations?
  • And maybe nuanced?
  • I am attracted to the 70s, 2000s or the end of the 19th century?
  • Am I a Cinderella or a Princess?

Practical advices how to find your individual style

To create your own style, as it is not surprising, it is not enough to have good taste, you need to at least a little navigate in history, art, design. These spheres are also granted to mankind in order to inspire the creation of things necessary for the existence.

And now, it’s time for practical advice: Perhaps now I will open America for you. The style is set by accessories:

  • shoes,
  • gloves,
  • hats,
  • bags,
  • scarves,
  • ornaments,
  • hairdress.

When you come to the clothing store, first of all pay attention to what accessories the manufacturer offers.

For example, your eyes fell on glasses with a round frame. Let’s start to argue: since the fashion is cyclical for the period of the XX century, the fashion for round glasses was repeated twice in the 70’s and 90’s. These years in the history of fashion are characterized by diversity and eclecticism. This decade combined many styles:

ethno, classic, romance, folklore, hippies, military, unisex, punk.

Wroclaw for expats – inspirations and lifestyle

Wroclaw for expats

Wroclaw for expats is very interesting city with a lot of opportunities.  Each of us is the creator of our life and Wrocław is a great place to start

Hi! My name is Ivanna, I am 21 and I want to tell you where I have found my inspiration. As everyone has understood from the title of my blog, I live in Wroclaw. I want to tell you about Wroclaw for expats – the best place I ever found abroad.

  • Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland.
  • The population of the city is more than 600.000 .

There are a lot of foreigners and students from all over the world. It is a university city with many well-known universities such as the University of Wroclaw, the Wroclaw University of Technology and other famous institutions, all of which enjoy an enviable reputation in Poland and abroad.

This is my 5th year here. And you know, I am not bored at all. Wroclaw has a great history. The history of the city dates back a thousand years, and combines almost all religions and cultures of Europe. At various times, it has been part of:

  • Poland,
  • Bohemia,
  • Prussia,
  • Germany.

It became part of Poland in 1945 as a result of the border changes after the Second World War. The city is new and old at the same time. This place is an alive history, which u can touch and feel.

Wroclaw for expats – just try!

The next question, which has already existed in your mind is :”What she’s doing in this city?”. I came here when I was 17 to get higher education. So I am a student, and i am from Ukraine. The first problem which all expats met abroad is language barier. For me it also was a problem to speak polish, but Wrocław for expats is an friendly city where many people speak different languages and are very helpful. So during 1 year in Wrocław I have learned polish. More information about how to learn polish for expats I am going to tell you in my next text.

In 2016 i have graduated Wroclaw School of Banking(WSB) and got B.A. of political science. And these student years run as fast as a mouse from a hungry cat. So in 2017 I have entered the University of Lower Silesia (DSW) to become M.A. and to enjoy my student life next 2 years. Now mouse is far from cat, at least for 2 years. I like to be a student, to meet new people, to learn something new. And I like to be a student in Wroclaw. Why? Because Wroclaw for expats is best. When i have got my bachelor degree i was feeling lost. I didn’t know what to do in my life. I even was thinking about moving from Wroclaw. But this city hasn’t let me go. I am thankful for that. Wroclaw don’t allow me to feel depressed, because there are many opportunities, smart people, places to go. No depression only inspiration.

My plans as a foreigner

I am in love with Wrocław. My plan in future is to live here. For the nearest future I want to have got my M.A. degree in the University of Lower Silesia and find good job in field of my specialization. Also as usual girl, I am planing to build family and have children, with my boyfriend, whom I met here. Wrocław for expats is the city of love, new people, dreams which becoming real here. I as a foreigner want to share with you my experience and show that every expat could be happy here.There everyone will find something useful and interesting, everyone will find here their own way of inspiration. Come to Wroclaw – be inspired!