Exploring Armenian culture by food and beverages in Wroclaw

The evening is coming and you becoming hungry?

But you already tired from all these Polish karkowka-style dishes or  Italian, Chinese blah blah food.  No worries my friend- I have something special for you!

Feel the spirit of another country thru food and beverages.  Make you dine out in Armenian way. Visit Armine restaurant in heart of Wroclaw.

The place I’m talking about is located in the part of Wroclaw calling
” pod Nasypem”. It convenient to the city center or railway station.  Just check the location below to see where the flavor meets culture.

Explore Armenian culture by food and beverages

What is making this place so special? First of all they own “granny recipe” made dumplings called Khinkali with Armenian grape vodka called Chacha. If you do not prefer alcohol Armine has special non-alcohol drinks such a Baikal, Tarchun or Sayany. The wine cart is magnificent- from young white to gorgeous red. To deliver exclusive products and create traditional flavors Armine importing all beverages and spices directly from  Armenia.



After Khinkali you can start with traditional Armenian stuffed bread called  Khachapuri. You can choose from regular one with cheese to runny egg plopped in the center flapjack. The best beverage for this dish is a light beer called Kilikia. Armine is the only place where you can get it in Wroclaw.

For dessert take Gata- traditional Caucasian cake with different flavors. It is perfect with one those non-alco drinks ( try Baikal- it’s very delicious ).  The key to their baking dishes lies in the traditional oven called Tandoor.

Already hungry? Ready to Explore Armenian culture by food and beverages?

Here some extra info about Armine:

Opening hours : Monday-Saturday 13:00-1:00, Sunday 15:00-22:00

Average eater check is 15 EUR

Pets welcome

Free public parking in the area

Armine- Dine Out with the Spirit of Armenia