The best Aquapark in Lower Silesian


The best Aquapark in Lower Silesian

Wroclaw’s Aquapark, one of the largest of its kind in Lower Silesia, combines recreational and sports swimming pools, saunarium and a gym. Everyone will find something for themselves and it is probably the best aquapark in the Lower Silesian.

The best Aquapark in Lower Silesian

If you do not know what to do with yourself in Wroclaw for the next two hours, and by accident you have a towel, swim trunks, flip-flops and less than 30 PLN, you should definitely go to the best aquapark in Lower Silesia.The following description is my subjective feeling. Also taking into account that I usually visit Wroclaw Aquapark on weekends, in the evening time. I will deliberately omit the sauna and gym to focus on the strictly water offer of this place.
Available to lovers of water craziness is:

  • 8 slides,
  • lazy river,
  • artificial wave,
  • swimming pool,
  • 4 Jacuzzis,
  • children’s play area,
  • outdoor pools connected to a large garden, water jets and bubble massages aquajoga, aquaaerobic and hydrocycling classes.

I would not omit the restaurant point, where you can eat not only a home-made dinner, but also a cup of coffee combined with a delicious dessert. Fees for meals are consumed after leaving the pool and are calculated on a token placed on the watch. This watch is obtained by going to the pool.The same chip is also the key to the cabinet you choose.


Definitely, this is the strength of this object. A wide slide is a lot of fun, in which you can easily travel in groups on large oval pontoons. For people with strong nerves there is a “Turbo” slide (yellow – remember). Here, no description illustrates the feeling that accompanies the user after the end of the convention, although the name speaks for itself. Anyway, everyone will find something for themselves. 

Each of the slides has properly made joints, which allows you to develop a large speed. So big that actually none of them is suitable for congress with a small child (less than 6 years old). And this is just a minus.

Children’s play area

Since we’re already at the topic of children. It promises to be great, but I would not get lost in the dark. There is a small catch – “We inform you that the Children’s Bay is a zone for swimming lessons organized by the Wrocław Aquapark.During swimming lessons, access to the Children’s Bay, in recreational pools, guests have limited access.

The organizer also posted a swimming pool schedule, but with the reservation that “* The attached schedule is indicative and may change.” Well … As in life. Nothing is for sure.
Yes or no, even in the least optimistic scenario, children should be satisfied using the other attractions.

Price list

A relatively low price combined with a wide range of the object makes the Aquapark Wrocław a place that you must visit while in this city.
With a detailed price list, opening hours and adress, you can read HERE.
I wish you a wet experience 🙂

Remember, Wroclaw’s Aquapark is one of the largest of its kind in Lower Silesia. I belive that everyone will find something for themselves. It is probably the best aquapark in the Silesian region.

what after leaving the water?

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