Morning meal time in the Old Town

Wroclaw has probably one of the richest culinary offerings in Poland. You can find cuisines from all around the world by travelling to the Polish city. Breakfast is, of course, one of the most important meals of the day. It gives us energy to achieve daily goals and explore the unknown. In the perfect world, we would eat every meal at home and it’d only take a blink of an eye to prepare everything, but that’s a utopian idea. After all, we are spending the time of our life in the city that has so many amazing places to visit! There are so many options you can choose from and still be surrounded by the beauty of Wroclav Old Town.

Café Vincent, Oławska 8

A mix between cafeteria and bakery shop in Parisian style. The prices are around 25-39 PLN per dish. You can see some sculpted fake dishes next to the cash desk. Furnishings inside resembles French cafes. You can drink coffee and enjoy tasty Patisseries, cakes and warm breakfasts.
One of the dishes I tried there was named “Bon Appetit“,

which includes toast with a fried egg, mushrooms, cheddar, bacon and arugula. Tasty and worth a try!

1450 Smokehouse&Cocktail, Oławska 2

The second option, not so far from Vincent Cafe, is 1450 Smokehouse&Cocktail. The inside is really modern and elegant. You can feel really luxurious there. All breakfasts cost 14,50 PLN along with drinks. And this meal is served all day long!

Two dishes propositions – one vegetarian and one for meat lovers:

Waffles with poached egg, baked bacon, maple syrup
Waffles with caramelised banana, whipped cream, seasonal fruits, almonds.
It was my favorite for sure, I’ll gladly come back to try more.

Lot Kury, Ofiar Oświęcimskich 17

Lot kury is placed in between neighbourly pubs and drinks bars. Though – don’t worry, there also serve good coffee and cakes that change every day. Decorations are in a vintage style combined with moderns sits and tables. On the walls, you can see big murals and raw brick. You can eat here one of the most filling breakfasts, it’s dense and gives you a lot of energy!

Scottish Egg
Egg fried in breadcrumbs, Tatar sauce, Roman salad, Vinaigrette sauce, Honey mustard sauce.

Giselle French Bakery Cafe, Szewska 27

Another bakery with a strong French feel. Quite a small place with really good breakfast offers. Most dishes come in sets(breakfast+drink) and cost around 25-30 PLN. The cafe is mostly crowded and always busy. Perfect for small groups of friends or family.

Brioche with bacon, poached eggs, fresh rocket salad and tomatoes

If you have luck snagging a table here be sure to try this one, it’s great!

Best Home Dinner in Wroclaw

There is no thing like eat a dinner exactly same as in home when you are far away. There`s also no thing like taste traditional or just casual domestic polish food so that`s a good offer for foreigners to try flavours of Poland. I have chosen two bars which serves best home dinner in city centre. Two bars with similarly offer but quite different. These are rather popular places so if one of them is full, the second one is only 70 meters away just around the corner.

tomato soup

Bar Miś (Teddy Bear)
Adress: Kuźnicza 48

If you would like to try casual polish delicious pork chop with potatoes, coleslaw and almost perfect tomato soup you should go to Miś Bar. Abundant offer includes among others:
– tomato soup with pasta or rice
– barley soup
– mushroom soup with pasta
– sorrel soup with egg
– dumplings (!) with potato and cottage cheese stuffing
– various dumplings with no translation to English called pierogi, kopytka, kluski, knedle
– apple drop scones
– croquet
– bunch of salads
– bean with carrot
– fried beetroot
– cauliflower
– cucumber salad
– potaotes, buckwheat or rice

Fresh meat dishes:
– pork chop
– meat patty
– poultry chop
– chicken filet
– beef stew
– meat balls with muschroom sauce
And many others.

First of all, the best of all is price. You need to pay much lower than you expect. Soups are about 1,10 to 1,70zł (~0,3 EUR). Full dish includes for example soup, potatoes, some dumplings, chicken filer and salad costs 13zł (~3 EUR). And trust me, the servings are big. It`s propably no opportunity to leave local being hungry.
As a result, familar atmosphere, low prices and really tasty domestic food causes for many clients that Bar Miś is their beloved.

Bar Misz-Masz
Adress: Nożownicza 14

self-service in Misz-Masz

Second option is Bar Misz-Masz. The one important thing what differs these two bars is that Misz-Masz is self-service. You`re bring the plate and puts what you want on it, then you need to weigh your plate and pay 3zł (0,7 EUR) per 100 grams, so that means full 0,5kg dinner costs you 15zł (3,5 EUR). Ain`t no cheaper places like these two. Bar Misz-Masz offers one soup of a day and also serves good Polish food but not only. Menu is similar to Miś but extended with dishes like:
– spicy chicken
– chcicken in sweet and sour sauce
– ribs
– poultry shoarma
– spaghetti
– fries
– fishes
and others.

Dishes are as good as in Bar Miś. Price is really low and you are able to take as much food as you want. Student have an extra 10% discount any time and even more, everybody pays half of price in last 30 minutes nearly closing the local.

So if you are hungry in centre of Wroclaw next to main square these two options allows you to eat tasty dinner in suprisely low price. I think you have to try its food. Huge recomendation from me. You surely won`t be disappointed.

Hala Targowa Wroclaw shopping center

Hala Targowa is a traditional a place of trade and meetings of residents.

A traditional place for shopping Hala Targowa (Wroclaw) – designed by Richard Plüddemann and Heinrich Küster.

Hala Targowa was built in 1908 and it is a valuable engineering monument. The design was very modern, the construction was supported on reinforced concrete arches, what gave the building a high durability. The external elevation is partly made of bricks, whereas from the south it is plastered. The window frames were made of steel. The building has two towers and a clock. The building has 4 floors, the most important is the main hall and the gallery surrounding it. In the cellars there are freezers and butchers’ rooms where there is quartered the meat. The hall towers are unfortunately not available for tourists. Many architectural elements of the Hala Targowa have been written in the list of the monuments. Starting from the main portals made of sandstone in the art nouveau style, through bas-reliefs, urban coat of arms, clocks. Ending with balustrades, stairs and even crates of meat stands also made in the art nouveau style.

Now Hala Targowa is a traditional a place of trade and meetings of residents.

After entering the main hall on the left side, you can find a few very large stands with fruits and vegetables, on the right there are meat, bakeries and dairy products. There are several stands with traditional products from Spain and Portugal. You can buy not only regional products but also high quality Spanish hams or feta cheese. You can buy here bread baked on natural sourdough, spelt buns, soy mingers, cold pressed oils, herbs and spices, birch juice. In the further part there are many stands with flowers and floristic accessories. There is a cash machine at the entrance, but for the majority of stands there is a possibility you to pay by a card. Apart from shopping, there are a few cheap bars and cafes in the hall, and a restaurant with  a craft beer in front of the entrance. In the hall gallery there are stands with chemical and household articles. In front of the building there is a tram stop (lines 8,7,17,9,23) next to it there are a few parking places, however, it is the best to walk on this part of the city.


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Trade Stand :

Art Hotel Wroclaw – good accomodation in the city center

Art Hotel Wroclaw - Great localization in the very heart of Wrocław, a few dozen meters from the Market Square

Delicious, family and classy in Wroclaw

Art Hotel Wroclaw is the perfect place for people that want to discover this beautiful city. Great localization:

  • in the very heart of Wrocław,
  • a few dozen meters from the Market Square,
  • next to the beautiful street Kiełbaśnicza
  • and the historic gallery Jatki.
  • Close to city hall, various institutions and business.

Both public opinion and guests give it great recognition. That’s why Art Hotel was given the title of Travelers Choice.

Art Hotel Wroclaw also incloudes the Art Restaurant and Café with unimaginably delicious food. Located just next to the Market Square, in a beautiful, Renaissance tenement from the 16th century, it constantly enraptures guests with butiful insides  and unique menus.

– We believe that the unique visual setting creates the perfect scenery for tasting dishes and desserts served by us, taken mainly from Polish cuisine. We also use the richhness and taste of regional and traditional products, offering culinary memories from Dolnego Śląska – they say about themselves.

A unique interior in Art Hotel Wroclaw

The friendly atmosphere is created by a carefully arranged, subtle in colors interior decor – in the Flemish-style main halls, in the Garden Hall in the style of the Italian courtyard. It is here that you can admire the original stone portal and antique door from 1520, as well as painting on boards from the eighteenth century.

Delicious cuisine 

A unique advantage of the menu in the Art Restaurant are regional products. It is worth knowing that the kitchen belongs to the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage. I especially recommend the dish from Kłodzko trout, which is certified as ” Dziedzictwo Kulinarne Dolny Śląsk”. Homemade pasta and dumplings “jak u mamy”, in this kitchen are used modern culinary techniques that provide a wealth of natural flavors. In Art Restaurant you can try dishes made in the sous vide technique.

A glass of wine to taste

Selected wines from the wine list can also be ordered by the glass. For regular customers, their favorite wines are ordered, even if they do not appear on the wine list. And if you have your favorite wine, or you got a unique bottle as a gift? Take it with you and enjoy the taste of culinary Art Restaurant specialties. For opening your own wine, you will only be charged 20 PLN per bottle. IT’S NOT EVERYTHING!

Plan time with your family

Art Restauracja i Kawiarnia also includes: Free WiFi, unique sweet pastries from our own confectionery, diet menu, for example gluten-free (after previous order), summer garden, additional children’s menu card, children’s chair, bibs, special cutlery, crayons and coloring books.

Europa na Widelcu

Europa na Widelcu

Europa na Widelcu

Culinary celebration of freedom. Europa na Widelcu is a culinary festival which is organized every year, traditionally in Wrocław. The culinary festival was for the first time in the Market Square in 2009.

Europa na Widelcu arrange regional products

on tables alongside dishes from the UK, Croatia, Ukraine, Spain, France and Germany. We invite Wrocław residents and tourists to take part in the festival.

Every year, Europa na Widelcu consists of several basic events.

We will see the festival’s ambassadors – Robert Makłowicz and Piotr Bikont. They are great, very popular in Poland master chefs. We are arranging a new program of the festival.

Europa na Widelcu’s menu is a harbinger of what we will eat during the climactic point of the program.

The European feast is our idea to celebrate the anniversary of the so-called June elections. This vote also enabled us to enter the European Union later on, Europe, regions and cities. The official organizer is the Wrocław City and Tourism Promotion Office.

Wrocław went to emphasize its culinary potential by Europa na Widelcu

Project makes it possible to exhibit these trends in a nutshell. Local restaurant-owners cook for thousands of visitors and residents at the Market Square every year. The festival has its fans in Wrocław. People wait for this event all year. They want to try something new and discover new delicious dishes. This is where the true value lies.

Recently, Wroclaw has become a culinary power. The city is filled with fantastic restaurants, culinary events also become more popular. For example gourmet markets and food truck conventions, breakfast markets, fresh food fairs. Anyone can find something they really like. The City Hall is also feeding the youngest residents of Wrocław city. Its activities include training courses and modernising kitchens at nurseries and schools.

Breakfast in Wroclaw

Breakfast in Wroclaw

Breakfast is THE meal

The one that can make your day better already at the beginnig. Ususally, we eat breakfast at home, in our kitchen with our favourite coffee or tea. But sometimes you find yourself with nothing to eat and in a new city, Wroclaw. And here come the pressing question, where to eat my breakfast in Wroclaw?

As a new citizen of Wroclaw I found myself in this situation, more than once. Thanks to my friends, I found few places for a breakfast in Wroclaw. I will present them to you now, as a personal guide to your breakfast in Wroclaw!

w kontakcie

You enjoy hummus? The vegeterian restaurant offers a lot of variations of the hummus, which can help you enjoy your Breakfast in Wroclaw in style, with nice homish decor. Spending time with your friends, trying out as many kinds of hummus as you can definitely can make your day better 🙂  They use local bio food, preparing your meal with heart and trying to make it not only delicious but healthy and as good for you as they can!

One of the best places to enjoy your Breakfast in Wroclaw and the beginnig of your day!

bułka z masłem

Original decor, feeling as if you were eating your breakfast in intimate and private place, while being in public restaurant? Bułka z masłem is your place for Breakfast in Wroclaw! I adore their creative ideas for decor, using fresh fruits in aesthetically pleasing wooden boxes. You can chill on comfortable and homish armchairs and chairs, not worrying about anything but having the best Breakfast in Wroclaw.

They offer not only breakfast menu, and if you miss the hours for it, you can choose something for early dinner/lunch. Everything I tried was delicious and fresh.


Breakfast in Wroclaw: other places:

  • Vivian Restaurant
  • Di Cafe Deli
  • Dinette
  • Etno cafe OVO
  • Giselle French Bakery Cafe
  • Central Cafe