Free walking tour – no boring tour guides


The idea of Free Walking Tour  has been around for a while, but started to be more popular nowadays. It’s a relatively new way to discover Wroclaw compared to the traditional tour concept.

A Misconception about Free Walking Tours

The word ‘free’ has obvious appeal to budget-conscious travellers but it’s also a word that can ring alarm bells.

Here’s a piece of advice from an experienced tour guide who did many FREE tours: A good FREE walking TOUR is interesting and useful even for locals, because a good FREE walking TOUR guide spends a lot time exploring the city, he knows hidden spots and places to show and speak about, so a tour will be surprising both for visitors and travelers and locals as well.

Plus there is nothing to lose apart from the calories you’ll burn with walking. FREE walking TOURs can`t be boring because their based only on donations!

Free walking tour available in several languages: English, German and Polish. There are also paid tours: CRAFT BEERS OF WROCLAW, FOODS OF WROCLAW – PRIVATE TOUR, CENTENNIAL HALL PRIVATE TOUR, OLD JEWISH CEMETERY PRIVATE TOUR, STREET ART TOUR.

How does Free walking Tour work?

Check our official site, where you can find the schedule of the tours.

For Example,


Sep-6th Jan: every day at 10.00 AM & 1 .30 PM
7thJan – Mar: the schedule will be available soon
Cancellations: 24th – 26th December, 1st of January tour at 10.00 am (join us at 1.30 pm)

Duration: about 2,5 hours


Oct – 6th Jan: every Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat at 4:30 PM
7th Jan- May: the schedule will be available soon
Cancellations: 31st December tour is cancelled

Duration: about 2 hours


It will be guide with yellow umbrella in the Market Square close to Aleksander Fredro’s statue.

You don’t need to book a tour in advance –

Second hand tour in Wrocław

City of shopping centres

Wrocław is a city of shopping centers, but why go to the easy way? I know a better way to shop, demanding more creativity – second hand.

Second hand is a style of being giving new life a dress after grandma releases creativity. The times in which we live are individualism related to the music we listen to or the ideology we proclaim. The clothing store in the “Magnolia Park” or “Wroclaw” gallery gives us ready-made stylizations, clothing sets that limits our creativity. Lumpeks is a fun style, with a small financial outlay. His success is related to the fact that the buyer spends a lot of time to find something that suits his style, is of a specific brand, has the right quality and is not damaged. When a product meets these requirements, it becomes our treasure, which we are happy to boast about friends.

“I remember my anger when I came to one shop with used clothing, where I found polo identical, to the one from the gallery. The worst fact in this situation was that for the shirt I bought at Magnolia Park with the price of 329 zlotys for that which was worn once I paid PLN 15. On such examples of life, you can radically change your habits. “- says Marcin.

Eco alternative

The clothing store is a great alternative for people affected by the disease of the 21st century – shopaholism. Each of them has a different promotion for a particular day. I know from experience that “lumpeks” hides many pearls, and Jessica Mercedes herself would be quartered for some vintage handbags. Nowadays, eco, where most people realize that we are throwing away a lot of things, many of them give them a new life. Not only is it much cheaper, but it also does not create a large garbage dumb from our world.

Livia Firth speaks for one of the website, saying that the clothing industry has become one of the largest sources of waste because one consumes the most. It became the cause of dramatic working conditions of adults and, what is worse, children, as well as the suffering of animals. This fact is increased by the poverty of the Third World countries in which workers are exploited, secondly animal harm is another reason and an equally important pollution of the environment, which is constantly changing by the constant interference of people. Consumer awareness is growing in Poland, paving the way for ecological clothing that respects the Fair Trade environment. This awareness is still low, because clothes made of renewable materials are much more expensive. A good alternative for those who can not afford eco clothing is second hand.



Oławska 23


Cheap and chic

Most people do not know that for 15 zlotys you can get a polo from Ralph Lauren or a dress from Michael Kors for 25 zlotys. I will lead you after the best second hands  in Wroclaw.

World-famous style stylists use things from vintage shops. The stars themselves openly admit to using second hands:

Julia Roberts buys used baby clothes

Before he became a star, Kurt Cobain paved his unique style of cloththrough second-hand things.

Podwale 37/38


Let’s start our adventure now! 🙂


ul. Kilińskiego

3 pubs for gamers in Wroclaw

3 pubs for gamers in Wrocław

There are 3 pubs for gamers in Wroclaw, that I know of. If you are a gamer and want to spend quality time in a geeky place with your friends, Wroclaw has some very interesting options for you. Whether you want to organize a big meeting or just spontaneously go to a nerdy place, these are the places you can check out:

Padbar – the first pub for gamers in Poland

Padbar was founded in 2011. In time, it branched to three other cities. You can play here on an Xbox in beat’em ups and play FIFA with your friends, try the wide range of drinks and play board games for free. There’s also a Padbar Club. For 30 zlotys you can buy a membership card and gain points. For every 5 zł that you spend you gain points, that you can exchange for free drinks. I’ts good to make a reservation ahead of time, because of the sheer popularity of this place.

Location: Kazimierza Wielkiego Street 1 in  Time’s building


Cybermachina – franchise nerd pub

Cybermachina was opened in back in 2015. It’s the largest chain of pubs for geeks in Poland, it has a total of 8 locations in the country. There’s a wide variety of drinks, that reference pop culture. They have Czech and regional beer, you can also eat some snacks and toasts. There are many consoles, arcade games and board games free of charge.

Cybermachina has game tournaments, as well as regular sporting events (such as football matches on TV). Sometimes they also organize small meetings for people working in the gaming industry in Wroclaw. They are called Pog(R)adajmy and you have to check their Facebook page for more details. You have keep in mind that they close fairly early. Usually opening hours span from 2 pm to 1 am.

Location: Szczytnicka Street 52

Facebook page:

Hex – cafe mixed with pub for the board games enthusiasts

Hex’s origins are a cafe with board games in Cracow. Their second coffeehouse mixed with a bar was openend in Wroclaw in 2014. Since then they have presented about 400 different board games to their guests. Hex host board game competitions, they also have card games. On the occasions they organize Hearthstone tournaments – but you have to bring your own Smartphone or laptop to play. Sometimes they have special workshops for people interested in learning how to play board games. Also you can check out prototypes, that upcoming creators bring to the cafe. They even have their own game, called “Tawerna Hex”. You can also drink some niche beer and eat different meals. Hex is usually open to guests from 3 pm to midnight, but you have check whether they have spare seats before, because of the various events.

Location: Dubois Street 33/35b

Facebook page:






Live it like a Wroclawian

Why should you visit a city without even trying to live, like inhabitant, especially Wroclaw, the best European destination for 2018, according to Here there are some tips to live the most beautiful city of Poland – and by the term “beautiful” we mean “different”.

First things, first

Music at your headphones. Not radio, they are playing mostly mainstream English songs. TACONAFIDE and  is currently the #1 in Poland right now, so, connect to YouTube and start walking to the streets and feel the vibe in your ears.


The reason how your day will begin gloriously. Go to a “Cukiernia”, a bakery. Order one, two, three, it depends how much you want – usually one is never enough.  Chocolate, marmelade, toffee, rose, cheese are one of the choices. One of the finest “cukiernia’s” are situated close to Grunwaldski sq., in Skłodowskiej – Curie str. A little far from the Centre, but bus 146 and tram 10 can take you there, in Kliniki stop.


Just do not visit any of them. Feel the city. History is written and in Wikipedia. Just get lost to the streets of Wroclaw, take trams, buses, burn your shoe’s soles and wander in the city.


Go to Oder riverside, especially in summer weekends, where people are BBQing and… “riverbathing” in the calm waters of the river that gives life to this city. Take a walk in Podwale, see the hidden from the leaves of the trees sun and sit in a bench relaxing. Stare Miasto (Old Town) and the close islands are easy to walk them and the buildings, the brigdes, generally the architecture, will surprise you.

Bar Mleczny

The good thing about them is that they are cheap. So obvious in the city centre’s road but the decoration is simple that it doesn’t seem like a restaurant. The “Milk Bars” have cheap traditional food that really could make you full. The bad thing is that you have to speak Polish, because are owned by old women and they have the fame of “not tourist-friendly”, but you can see the menu in the wall and use Google Translate or to learn some special words, like “Pierogi z miesem” – Dumplings with meat or “Zupa Pomidorowa” – tomato soup with pasta.


Take a tram without knowing its destination and stop somewhere that inspires you. Learn new hidden shops, wander in the Soviet block of flats and see how people living over there. You will have an clear and very widespread idea of the city, something that tourists do not acknowlegde.

Hala Stulecia

From May till September, that UNESCO Heritage Building, the modernist Hala Stulecia (Centennial Hall) has behind a huge fountain, where at Saturday nights a spectacular show with colourful water and fires, under a specific theme, like “Earth and Water” or “One week with Marilyn”. Even it lasts for 10 minutes, definitely it worths visiting that.


Grab a MLE beer at “Mleczarnia” bar, in the yard of Synagogue. An calm atmosphere, under the trees, reminding a scent of an bohemian era. It will relax you.


Wander at night streets of Rynek, take one more Soplica shot and sit in a bench, watching Rynek. Your smile will be on your face and you have lived the ultimate Wroclaw experience.

When you leave Wroclaw, you will always wanna come back. Even you aren’t Polish, Wroclaw will be in your veins, because you have lived like a local here. That is the spirit of the trips. You see, you explore, you are living like a local. That is the reason of the trips.

Wroclaw is awaiting for you. Grab your chance.

Wroclaw – the meeting place for everyone

Wroclaw - the meeting place

Wroclaw – the meeting place, for science, business and culture

This movie is a great piece of work. It was made by AEKH, which stands for the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub. It is a great, established facility. The facility was has been established with the generous money support of the City authorities and the Mayor of Wroclaw. They are providing the Academia with a certain degree of focus for future endeavors and high-level Academic tasks. The main goal is to strengthen the bonds between Academic Communities between European universities. The Hub will develop a wide array of high-end multi-national activities such as:

  • conferences
  • summer schools
  • workshops.

It is providing a great support to European scholarship across multiple disciplines. The opening of this facility is considered as a decisive step towards maintaining unity and cooperation between different academic bodies. Academia Europea aims to provide true pan-European interdisciplinary academic dimension. It strives to fill in the gaps between different countries.  They are working to connect nationally recognized university in Europe in effort to provide better learning opportunities. It also aims to provide equal chances to all students.

Why Wroclaw – the meeting place?

What’s more, Wroclaw hosts the office for the Central and East European region. It supports scholars, establishes and consolidates relations between foreign and domestic researchers. Especially relevant,  Wroclaw is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland. It is thriving city and a true center of innovation. Furthermore,  Academia’s current membership count is around 3500 and it supports people from all around the globe. Consequently,  With a common effort they made a grand movie to promote this beautiful city, capitol of Lower Silesia.

The movie

First of all, you can see the movie in High Definition. It allows you to admire the beauty of Wroclaw – the meeting place. Furthermore, the shots are with vision and imagination. You can see Wroclaw from the perspective not accessible otherwise. Second of all, in the video you can see most of the points of interest.  Finally, creators used some advanced graphic post-production, which is quite breathtaking.  Furthermore, I can recommend the movie to anyone remotely interested in Wroclaw. Many Poles move to Wroclaw because of it’s greatness. In addition, Wroclaw has the most foreigners of all polish cities, except maybe Warsaw.