Where to eat the best Ramen in Wroclaw – PANda Ramen

But…What is Ramen?

Due the international popularity of this unique Japanese soup in past few years, It became easier to find restaurants that serve this special. Right now, every big city has at least one restaurant that serve it. Ramen quickly became so called “comfort food” due its unique combination of rich soup and almost a full meal in one bowl. Every Ramen is different, all depends on the ingredients that you use for it. Broth can be rich and meaty, light and delicate or even completely vegan, all depends on the way you prepare it. Another thing that can differentiate ramens is what “floats” in your soup. Every ramen shop can use completely different pasta, some of them are even making their own. Also, they can serve different toppings on their soup, so it opens doors of countless combinations of tastes.

Ramen in Wroclaw? Where?

Here in Wroclaw we have at lest few interesting places to visit if you want to try Ramen. But this time I’m gonna focus on one specific place, which I find the best for first-time ramen experience.

First Place I would recommend to everybody who want to try it for the first time, it also my favorite place from all, it’s PANda Ramen. It’s almost perfect kind of westernized Ramen shop. First, they serve few kinds of Ramen here. On their standard menu they serve 3 kinds of soup, rich (on meat base), light (also on meat base but different) and Vegan. Besides that they have 3 other kinds of ramen soup that are serve in specific days of the week. For example, on Tuesday and Wednesday they have “PANda curry” which is spicy, curry based broth. Every Soup comes in 2 sizes, small for around 20 zlotych, and big for around 30 zlotych. While ordering, you can choose extra toppings for your soup. First 3 toppings are included in the price, next ones are paid extra. But hey! You can take as much as you want!

Besides soup, they also serve  3 kinds of Gyoza dumplings and all kinds of Asian salads like kimchi or gomma wakame . If you feel extra hungry, you can  order full lunche set. The location is also great. This ramen shop is in the center of old town, 2 minutes from the centre and it’s open for every day.

Not feeling so good today? Wanna stay at home? Good news, PANda ramen (and it’s sister restaurant, PANda Sushi) is delivering tasty soup directly to your doorstep. I highly recommend visiting this place if you want to at least try this new “comfort food” trend yourself!

Adress: Białoskórnicza 17/18, Wrocław
contct: +48 518 050 003
website Here

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday: 11:00-21:00
Friday: 11:00-22:00
Saturday: 12:00-22:00
Sunday: 12:00-21:00

The dishes from the furnace in Wroclaw restaurant

Kociołek – is a place, where they are doing most of the dishes in the furnace.

It is located in Wroclaw and you can find Kociołek in the northern edge of Rynek on the street Nożownicza 4.wroclaw, rynek

You can see directly on the map, maybe you’ve already missed this wonderful place while walking around the Rynek!

Even the sign of the restaurant  “Dania prosto z pecia” means Dishes made in the furnace.restaurant

It has a beautiful but simple design, very cheerful waiters, and surprisingly polish people. They are working there and are very confident in English, so for you, as a foreigner, there will be no problem to ask the ingredients that they put in the dish or anything else that is bothering you.restaurant

The prices at Kociołek are pretty decent…but! And this is a very big but. You are ordering a portion that is not that small as you got used in any other restaurant. For my personal experience, I ordered just a starter – a plate of nuggets served with BBQ sauce. I didn’t expect that already from a starter I would be full, and this is only the beginning. Every other dish is also very tasty and for that price, you are getting enough, to be satisfied.

This is how the real salad looks in this restaurantfood

There is also one surprise for those, who are interested in trying pierogi in Wroclaw. Actually, you can go to the special places called “Pierogarnia” but they cannot offer you what they’re making in Kociołek.  food

Maybe you think: “probably it is not that big, maybe like half of my palm”. Forget about those thoughts, you will be more than surprised when you are going to see this polish monster!


So my advice for every person who plans to try something new. Having a dinner together with friends in a nice atmosphere – you’ve found a place that you won’t regret your decision of visiting it.

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

In Wroclaw, there is still a lack of the best places for dogs, which would be welcome in this city. Much more often at the entrance to the store or restaurant you can notice the ban on dogs. Owners of premises usually hide themselves with sanepid. Fortunately, the situation about the best places for dogs in Wroclaw is slowly changing. There are many ideas for creating the best places for dogs in Wroclaw. There are currently 5 specially prepared dog runs, and more are already planned.

The best places for dogs in Wroclaw

5 specially prepared dog runs

We have prepared for you a list of the best places for dogs in Wroclaw that are worth visiting with your pet.

1.  A playground for dogs in Park Grabiszyński

Located in the picturesque Grabiszyński Park along Grabiszyńska Street. You will find here some things, which specially prepared for pets. For example a tunnel, obstacles from tires, palisades, wooden obstacles, that a dog can overcome in any way: jump over a mountain or crawl at the bottom.

2. A playground for dogs on the hill Słowiańska

Another the best places for dogs in Wroclaw is located on the hill Słowiańska, at Namysłowska Street. Dogs will definitely have a great time here. At their disposal are, among others, made of wood two equivalents, hurdles for skipping and slalom. All elements are durable and adapted for dogs of different breeds and sizes.

3. The dog runs in Tołpa Park

In Tołpa Park a fairly large dog runs was created this year. Is located at Nowowiejska Street. In the area fenced by double gates there is an obstacle course and a place where you can go out and save your pet. Of course, this place has its own regulations, primarily to keep its dog clean.

4. Park for dogs – Psia Łąka

The Psia Łąka dog park was created as part of the Wrocławski Budżet Obywatelski. Is located at Na Niskie Łąki Street 8. It is the largest dog runs in Wroclaw, fully fenced and safe.

5. La Habana Restaurant

You know that you can go to many restaurants in Wrocław with your pet. He will be a welcome guest there and will often receive a bowl of water. Do you know, that there is also a rather unusual restaurant in our city, where you will find a menu for your dog? Your dog will get here meat dog cigars, main dishes of fish, venison, and even ostrich and quails. Be sure to visit La Habana, which is located in Wroclaw’s Sępolno at 9 Maja Street 86 /1B.

“Pets welcome – Wroclaw meeting city”

The project has been run by the employees of the Biuro Ochrony Przyrody and Klimat Urzędu Miejskiego and editorial office of wrocław.pl, which is gradually introducing new participants to the database. The “Pets welome – Wroclaw meeting city” has been taking place for several years. Its purpose to encourage dog owners to take care of and raise their pets so that they do not pose a problem in public space.

This action is looking for restaurants, shops, offices and other places to go with a pets. There are already over 250 places in this database.

Anyone who wants to spend a nice time with their pet can check where they can go together: HERE

If you want to see how the husky dog ​​is doing in Wroclaw, we invite you to watch a short video.