Second hand tour in Wrocław

City of shopping centres

Wrocław is a city of shopping centers, but why go to the easy way? I know a better way to shop, demanding more creativity – second hand.

Second hand is a style of being giving new life a dress after grandma releases creativity. The times in which we live are individualism related to the music we listen to or the ideology we proclaim. The clothing store in the “Magnolia Park” or “Wroclaw” gallery gives us ready-made stylizations, clothing sets that limits our creativity. Lumpeks is a fun style, with a small financial outlay. His success is related to the fact that the buyer spends a lot of time to find something that suits his style, is of a specific brand, has the right quality and is not damaged. When a product meets these requirements, it becomes our treasure, which we are happy to boast about friends.

“I remember my anger when I came to one shop with used clothing, where I found polo identical, to the one from the gallery. The worst fact in this situation was that for the shirt I bought at Magnolia Park with the price of 329 zlotys for that which was worn once I paid PLN 15. On such examples of life, you can radically change your habits. “- says Marcin.

Eco alternative

The clothing store is a great alternative for people affected by the disease of the 21st century – shopaholism. Each of them has a different promotion for a particular day. I know from experience that “lumpeks” hides many pearls, and Jessica Mercedes herself would be quartered for some vintage handbags. Nowadays, eco, where most people realize that we are throwing away a lot of things, many of them give them a new life. Not only is it much cheaper, but it also does not create a large garbage dumb from our world.

Livia Firth speaks for one of the website, saying that the clothing industry has become one of the largest sources of waste because one consumes the most. It became the cause of dramatic working conditions of adults and, what is worse, children, as well as the suffering of animals. This fact is increased by the poverty of the Third World countries in which workers are exploited, secondly animal harm is another reason and an equally important pollution of the environment, which is constantly changing by the constant interference of people. Consumer awareness is growing in Poland, paving the way for ecological clothing that respects the Fair Trade environment. This awareness is still low, because clothes made of renewable materials are much more expensive. A good alternative for those who can not afford eco clothing is second hand.



Oławska 23


Cheap and chic

Most people do not know that for 15 zlotys you can get a polo from Ralph Lauren or a dress from Michael Kors for 25 zlotys. I will lead you after the best second hands  in Wroclaw.

World-famous style stylists use things from vintage shops. The stars themselves openly admit to using second hands:

Julia Roberts buys used baby clothes

Before he became a star, Kurt Cobain paved his unique style of cloththrough second-hand things.

Podwale 37/38


Let’s start our adventure now! 🙂


ul. Kilińskiego

Second Hand Sundays in Wroclaw

Second Hand Bazaars of Wrocław; Młyn Sułkowice and Świebodzki

In the early Sunday mornings, you can see some unusual crowd with bags and wheelbarrows. If you follow them, you reach the lively alternative places of Wroclaw: second hand bazaars!  In this article I want to introduce two of them. My first visit was in a very cold day on February 2018. I remember that my frozen feet didn’t allow me to having fun. However with warm weather everything has changed. Visiting these bazaars become my favorite activity on Sundays.

First one is located in Młyn Sułkowice.  When you see the old tiled building with flue from the bus’s window, you can understand that it is the right place.  You can follow the crowd to reach the entrance.

In the bazaar, florists and grocers welcome you first. They sell beautiful plants, fresh vegetables, fruits for reasonable prices. After that there are some benches with first hand products, such as clothes, shoes, repairing tools, etc. Then the main second hand sellers started to be seen. If the things are small enough, they use cardboard boxes. Generally kitchen tools, toys, frames, photo albums and vinyls are sold with this way. You should search for the deep parts of the dusty boxes to reach your treasure. Some people bring plastic gloves for this job.  Kitchen tools prices are very cheap. You can barrow nice wine glass for only 1 zloty.  Other than these, there are sellers with pick-ups. They sell everything that can be found in home such as ski set, baby cradle, bicycle, grass mower etc.

While you are spending hours in the bazaar, you may get hungry. Don’t worry! You can buy sweet and salty Polish foods from different sellers. Also there is a small restaurant which sells meat and bear.  If you think that it is too early for meat and bear, there is also mobile coffee pick-up. They sell various coffees. Other than these, you can do shopping for your house. There is a Turkish market that sells local olives, cheese ,tea and Turkish coffee. There is also a place which sells different types of bread. Interestingly, Junk foods are also sold for cheaper prices than markets. Chocolates, cookies and jelly tots will dazzle you. However don’t forget to check the date of expiry.

If you are reading this article, you are probably like “old”. In this bazaar you can find old memories of people. Ownerless photographs, letters, postcards and bills may whisper you something about Wroclaw’s history. Follow them! If you still have the energy, take the bus which is going old railway station.

Let’s look at the second place that I introduce in this article. It is  Świebodzki.  It is located in old railway station. First is first it is much more bigger than Młyn Sułkowice  so you should be patient. It starts from the station and continues through railways. In this bazaar ordinary people are also selling their unnecessary products in the beginning of market. After that first hand seller are seen. They sell generally cheap clothes for both male and female, first hand kitchen tools and shoes. There are also grocery and florist like the other one. Coffee and bear pick-ups and fast food are also in this road.   After you walk for 25 minutes non-stop you can reach second hand part of the bazaar. Don’t expect the order like the previous one. People generally put staff over sheets; there is not box system here. So you can feel more like in the treasure hunt.  You should check more carefully to find interesting objects. Doing a bargain can also save some money.  If you compare with the previous one, second bazaar has more books, magazines and photograph and less kitchen tools, foods, bicycles.

To conclude, these alternative places make your day with unexpected objects. If you are student it is also advisable to take your kitchen tools for very cheap prices. Other than this recycling helps both your pocket and environment.  Reaching the bazar at 8-9 am is advisable because of the weather and closing time. In summer time you should pay attention to sun lights. Huts and sun care creams are your friends. Also sellers prefer to leave there in afternoon.

How to find your individual style?

How to find your individual style - shops

How to find your individual style?

Finding my style wasn’t  so easy because fashion isn’t easy for anybody. Dear friends, I answer today your most frequent question: How to find your individual style? How to properly shape your style and wardrobe? This is a very deep topic and, of course, it is not possible to uncover it at once … But still, let’s start, friends!

Let’s get acquainted: I am Lana – designer of costume and fabric, shoes and accessories. I love painting, decorative creativity, design, architecture. I am inspired by music, books and communication with interesting people.

Individual image is important!

I would like to answer a question  how to find your individual style and to see that the individual image thawe form together gives you harmony and comfort every day.

Now there are a lot of proposals from the producers of mass-markets, and, in fact, it’s wonderful ! After all, over any brand there is a group of professionals. Therefore, you can easily take a catalog in the store and dress like a girl or a guy from his pages. Why not!?!

How to find your individual style

Unnecessary things

In our time the planet is just overflowing with things. The problem of materialism is global both for the individual and for society as a whole. You have money, you go to a clothing store and buy the first pleasant sweater of incomprehensible color, a pink dress that looks good on you, BUT! It is unlikely to be the time and place to put it on, trousers that were at a discount for half the price.

Correspond to your inner self

As a result, these things are a dead weight. There is a problem of combining them with anything. Or they do not correspond to your inner self at all? After all, it is possible to live someone else’s life, corresponding to the representation of all and all, not knowing what you want is you. Style and clothing to some extent this is your attitude to life, to the world around you. After all, agree, it’s nice to decorate the world with your presence.

Who am I?

To create a unique style that is comfortable for you, you first need to understand yourself.

Time to ask yourself:

  • I am a calm person who does not like publicity?
  • Or, on the contrary, do I prefer to be in the spotlight?
  • I prefer contrasting color combinations?
  • And maybe nuanced?
  • I am attracted to the 70s, 2000s or the end of the 19th century?
  • Am I a Cinderella or a Princess?

Practical advices how to find your individual style

To create your own style, as it is not surprising, it is not enough to have good taste, you need to at least a little navigate in history, art, design. These spheres are also granted to mankind in order to inspire the creation of things necessary for the existence.

And now, it’s time for practical advice: Perhaps now I will open America for you. The style is set by accessories:

  • shoes,
  • gloves,
  • hats,
  • bags,
  • scarves,
  • ornaments,
  • hairdress.

When you come to the clothing store, first of all pay attention to what accessories the manufacturer offers.

For example, your eyes fell on glasses with a round frame. Let’s start to argue: since the fashion is cyclical for the period of the XX century, the fashion for round glasses was repeated twice in the 70’s and 90’s. These years in the history of fashion are characterized by diversity and eclecticism. This decade combined many styles:

ethno, classic, romance, folklore, hippies, military, unisex, punk.