Horse racing on the Partynice Track in Wrocław

The Horse Racing course at Partynice is one of the popular + places. All families come to the races in search of fun.

Partynice Track website

The Wrocław Horse Racing Track Partynice is one of three such facilities in Poland, next to Służewiec and the track in Sopot.


The track was opened in 1907, previously the horse race was seen by the inhabitants of Wrocław on the track at Szczytniki. In the interwar period of the twentieth century it was one of the most popular forms of entertainment, the competition was organized here until 1941. After World War II, the first races took place in 1952.

Brighter moments

One of the brighter moments in the history of the Partynice track was in 1969, when, in place of Czech Praga, the capital of Lower Silesia hosted participants of the annual meeting with English blood horses from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Poland, Hungary and the USSR. Partynice witnessed the huge success of Polish horses, which in terms of the amount of prizes won took second place behind Hungarian steeds, beating the rarely losing team of the Soviet Union.

Partynice is being revived

For several years, the trend of spending Sunday at Partynice is being revived. On racing days, there are even several thousand spectators of different ages. They are not only enthusiasts of sports competition, but also people who like to spend time in a friendly environment.

The Partynice track is primarily organized for English Thoroughbreds – a breed created specifically for races over three hundred years ago in the British Isles, but the program also includes Arabian horse racing, fence races, obstacles and trotting races.

The Horse Racing
The Horse Racing

In the season, the most important races are: Wielka Partnicka, Wielka Wrocławska, Lira – Oaks prize, the President of the City of Wrocław Award, the Ruthenian Award and the Constellation Award. Since 2016, races in the international Crystal Cup series have also been organized in Wrocław. More and more often horses from reputable stables in the Czech Republic and Germany come to competitions to Wrocław.

At the Wroclaw Racetrack Partynice there are also family picnics, dog competitions and other events.
During the racing days on the track, there are catering, beer gardens, food trucks.

Natural life in Wroclaw

Natural life in Wroclaw

Natural life in Wroclaw

When i came to Wroclaw for the first time, the temperatures did’nt let me to enjoy all the possibilities that this city offers. I started an “inside life” during the firsts weeks, which i enjoyed, but i needed something else. Because of that and with the arrival of good temperatures, i discovered all the things i was missing out during the frists days.

I can say that the Natural life in Wroclaw make the city a perfect place for everyone that loves to scape from the busy city life by enjoying the natural atmosphere that not all the big cities can show us. So for anyone who wants to come to this incredible city, there is some places that are a “must” to visit here.

One of the most improtant natural places to visit here is Szczytnicki Park. This park is one of the most diverse terrains in terms of nature. Here grow 350 species of trees from Europe, Asia, America and live here many species of animals: foxes, martens, 70 species of birds. More than one hundred hectares stretch between Różyckiego, Paderewskiego, Kopernika and Olszewskiego streets. In 1783, L. Hohenlohe, commander of the garrison of Wroclaw, founded the first park in this place, in the area of ​​the old village Szczytniki.

Secondly we can find another park in the neighborhood of Krzyki: Poludniowy Park. Natural life in Wroclaw this is it! In 1877, a wealthy merchant and philanthropist Julius Schöttlander donated 25 hectares to the city in an elegant district of Wroclaw.

A few years were enough to create a beautiful landscaped park, with a large pond and meadows. The Poudniowy Park is one of the favorite places of leisure of the Krzyki neighborhood, in which the inhabitants enjoy the walking paths. In the wide fields there are playgrounds, obstacle courses for children and suitable places to play petanque or badminton.

Apart of those two, there is another natural life in Wroclaw which i’d say is one of the most extravagant place of this city.

The Japanese garden is one of the most popular places for walks. In addition to hundreds of species of plants, trees, shrubs and original flowers, in the park there are also interesting Japanese elements such as the entrance door, the pavilion One of the attractive elements is a huge pond with carp and other species of fish. In the garden, presentations of the tea ceremony, concerts, outdoor events are often organized.

Apart from these, there are more natural places to visit that make Wroclaw a city where you can choose the way you can enjoy it, however, these three parks are the ones i like the most or the ones i found more interesting. As a final conclusion, Wroclaw offers an infinity of natural stuff that everyone should visit during their stay in the city.

Sport places in Wroclaw

Sport places in Wroclaw

Sport places in Wroclaw,  It all starts when you step your leg out of Wroclaw airport, you take a deep breath and then start your Wroclaw journey and adventure. You feel energetic and want do activities, you think it’s not easy to find, but you will find your way out to find your enjoyable places for activities and sport. Most sport places in Wroclaw and activities that was figured out it will be handled in the article. Let’s staaaaart ?.


As currently we are in world cup 2018 and its one of my favorite sports, I mention it first. So where can you find pitches to play? In winter there is not a lot of options for playing football as there is not a lot of closed pitches. The most famous football pitch is in stadion olimpijski. The price for the whole two teams around 25 euros (150 zloty) which means each will pay around 4 euros. As you can see in the below pictures the pitch is under a big balloon which I was amazed by, its water, snow, wind proof that makes you play no matter the weather conditions are. If I will recomend you best sport places in Wroclaw – it will be there.



In Summer you can play in a lot of outdoors pitches, mostly every Sunday internationals at early morning go to a pitch near Galleria Dominikanska and play there, the good thing also in Wroclaw in summer the night is  short, so you have the whole day with you to play football in any of the outdoor pitches, just open google maps, change the view to terrain or satellite and look for the nearest pitch beside your place. The photos below shows the places I go to play football there, 6×6 and 8×8 pitches.



Squash and Badminton:

Not a lot in my international friends know or like Squash, but in my country (Egypt) its so popular as Egypt has a lot of famous internationally players. They are considered the best players in the world for achieving a lot of prizes and as mentioned also in famous websites (ex. Wikipedia). By coincidence I found a very good place when I had physical education class with my university called “Hasta La vista”.
Hasta La vista is all in one sports place; it has Gym, Squash, Aerobics, Badminton and Ping Pong. The Gym doesn’t have machines that make a gym perfect in my point of view. It has the basic necessary machines for all the muscles in the body. It has around 8 pitches badminton, around 10 pitches squash, around 6 tables ping pong and rooms for aerobics.

I hope you enjoyed my sport places in Wroclaw tour. Wait for my next article for GYMs, beaches, running places, pools and street workout areas. For more info, feel free to send me at


Marathon running in Wroclaw: a new trend

Marathon running in Wroclaw

Today it seems that everyone is running in Poland. Thus, the growth of popularity of marathon races among the population of different countries over the past six years has increased by 300%.  If a couple of years ago the main sports trend was yoga, now this place, no doubt, took running. This summer, marathon running in Wroclaw will be much more popular than parties in nightclubs and other fashion events. So what is marathon running in Wroclaw: a new trend or a momentary tribute to fashion today? 

Ffirst, let’s look upon the pros and cons of the marathon running.

Pro: motivation

Training to run a marathon is a great tool to keep you motivated to exercise.

Con: risk for health

The training requirements can lead to muscle, bone and joint pain.

Pro: sense of accomplishment

Being able to say that you ran 42 kilometres is something you can be proud of.

Con: time

Training to run a marathon is a lengthy time commitment.

Pro: low cost activity

You only need a quality pair of athletic shoes for marathon.

Con: potential to get expensive

GPS watches, compression sleeves, running hats, sports sunglasses, and special foods and drinks, all have the potential to make marathon running more expensive.

So, you’ve considered all the pros and cons and are ready for the challenge, the next information you must know is where to train for a marathon running in Wroclaw. Well, I’ll give you a tip, and make the list of the running routes:

Skowroni Park  – 1,9 km
Tysiąclecia Park  – 4 km
Grabiszyński Park  – 5,3 km
Zachodni Park  – 7,5 km
Pasterska alley – 2 km
East Park (Park Wschodni) – 2.9 km
Park Południowy – 2 km.
Park Kleciński – 1.9 km

Finally, the most inportant information – marathon running in Wroclaw:

  • Wrocław Night Half-Marathon 16 June 2018, 10 pm; Olympic Stadium Complex
  • Wrocław Marathon 9 September 2018, 9 am; Olympic Stadium Complex
  • Survival Race Wrocław, from 1-2 September 2018, Morskie Oko bathing beach
Marathon running in Wroclaw: a new trend 2018
Marathon running: a new trend 2018

Now you are ready, but to run or not to run, that’s the question…

Where to learn how to ice skate in Wroclaw

ice skate in Wroclaw

In winter one of the best and popular leisure activities is skating. A lot of people want to skate well and not to hang on the rink barrier all the time. Here I will tell where you can learn how to ice skate in Wroclaw.

Where to skate in Wroclaw?

There are 4 skating rinks where you can skate in Wroclaw and that unfortunately are open only from late autumn till early spring:

Indoor skating rink Orbita – ul.  Wejherowska 34

Indoor skating rink Spiska – ul. Spiska 1

Roofed skating rink Brücknera – al. Aleksandra Brücknera 10

Outdoor skating rink Centennial Hall – ul. Wystawowa 1

The price for 1 hour of skating varies between 7-11 zł for discount tickets and 10-13 zł for normal tickets depending on skating rink and day of the week. Skates rent cost 6 zł per pair. You also can rent a helmet or a penguin that may help children to feel confident and start skating on the open ice. Private skating classes with instructors are provided for additional fee.

Where to learn how to skate in Wroclaw?

There is a new figure skating school for children and adults at the skating rink Brücknera in Wroclaw. It is called Axel Wrocław and was founded in 2016 but already got lots of admirers.

In winter the school offers group skating classes as well as off-ice trainings which are very important for figure skaters. The advanced group has trainings twice a week: on Thursdays and Saturdays. Those who are just starting to skate are welcome on Saturdays.

Synchronized skating for the first time in history of Wroclaw!

In January 2018 the first group of synchronized skating started skating in Axel Wrocław. Synchronized skating is a figure skating discipline where 8–16 skaters skate together synchronously performing figure skating elements. If you are interested, able to skate a little bit and ready for fun, you can join the new team on Sundays.

Below you will find a video from the very first training in synchronized skating.

More details you can find on the website or Facebook page of Axel Wrocław.

Best swimming pool in Wroclaw

Best swimming pool in Wroclaw

How to find best swimming pool in Wroclaw?

There are a few places you have to visit in Wroclaw which is actually worth it. One among them is wonderful municipal swimming pool exactly in the city centre.

Feel the spirit of old Wroclaw city 

Well, if you like active lifestyle, historical buildings, to explore new places and relax at the same time that place definitely for you. Because  Wroclawskie Centrum SPA is the best swimming pool in Wroclaw.

It is not only swimming pool that is the huge relax centre with plenty of activities. The centre was built in 1897 and that is one of the most interesting architectural objects in Wroclaw:

  • breathtaking exterior and interior,
  • the three-pool complex includes sculpted sandstone,
  • stained-glass windows,
  • artistic ceramic tiles,
  • polychromatic vaulted ceilings,
  • two-level arcades,
  • colonnades inspired by the ancient hot baths of Rome.
Have to visit
Swimming pool

Chose your own way to enjoy

What is the best in the best swimming pool in Wroclaw? Except amazing swimming pools you will find there ancient design, swimming pools, SPA, gym, fitness, aqua-aerobics, spinning, a wide range of available services include massage and rehabilitation. Everything above is under unique atmosphere that could make spend your time with pleasure for all ages. In additional plus is that a complex  located in the centre of the city that facilitates convenient access by public transport and attractive places around.

Take a break after your swimming exercises 

In case you have doubts about your diet plan after swimming sessions, just go to the dietary advice office directly into the swimming complex. Where the professionals will check your health and correct your diet plan.



Wrocławskie Centrum SPA SP. z.o.o.
ul. Teatralna 10-12, 50-055 Wrocław
tel. 71/348 80 10

Price: normal ticket 60 min – 16,50 zł

For students – 15 zł

Season ticket for 90 days – 348 zł

Swimming pool’s open hours :

Mo – Fr: 6.00 – 23.00 Sa: 8.00 – 22.00  Su: 9.00 – 21.00

SPA’s open hours:

Mo – Fr: 8.00 -20.00  Sa: 8.00-18.00 Su: day off

Gym’s open hours:

Mo – Fr: 6.00 -22.00  Sa:10.00-20.00 Su. 10.00-20.00