Mexican cuisine in Wrocław

Are you a Mexican food lover? Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy delicious tacos? Or maybe simply you would like to try something new? If you have answered YES to at least one of the questions, stay with us we present to you the 3 most popular Mexican restaurants in Wrocław.


YacoTaco is brand new on the map of Wrocław. The diner is located at Ruska 10. At first glance, the place looks like a fast food eatery where you come, eat and go. But when you enter, the ambience of the interior immediately takes you to a completly different world – the world of sombrero and tequilla! As a customer, right away you will notive that YacoTaco was created to save you time. If you are hungry and do not have time for a regular restaurant, yet still want to eat something more substantial than a hamburger, this place is perfect for you: the food is prepared in just two minutes!

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The main dish are of course tacos. Beside being relatively cheap, they are also delicious: the tortilla melts in the mouth, the meat is well seasoned, toppings are fresh – what else can you wish for? If you are in the mood for tacos, you must visit YacoTaco. The only disavantage is the number of seats for guests – there simply are not enough. But it is completly recompensated by nice service and delicious food!

Panczo Śniadaniowa

First thing you will see is the decor – it’s just magical. First of all, it’s bright and polished. It has its own unique charm! On the walls, there are mexican skulls, and plenty of greenery makes everyone more opitmistic. All you have to do is order a meal at the bar, sit comfotably at the table and enjoy Mexican goodies in a short moment.

Menu at Panczo Śniadaniowa is diversified. They offer traditional Mexican food as well as Mexican food with a modern twist. The menu was adatped to the breakfast style, because – as the name Panczo Śniadaniowa (Panczo Breakfast) reveals – this place was created with early birds in mind, people wanting to grab breafast on their way to work, or just people who want to eat delicious food for breakfast. One of the advantages of Panczo are really atractive prices – sweet breakfast starts at about 15 PLN. For a big burrito the price is about 22 PLN. The number of meals to choose from is really great, so you will find somethig delicious for sure!

Hola Burrito & Taco

Hola Burrito & Taco is a perfect place for those who love to eat outdoors. Why? Because it’s not a traditional restaurant, but a foodtruck! A friendly crew, meals prepared in a timely manner from fresh ingredients, availiable at really atractive prices. Most expensive taco dish costs about 12 PLN, burritos start at 16 up to 21 PLN. And although the menu may seem limited, Hola Burrito & Taco is popular among students as well as employees form offices nearby.

A big advantage of Hola Burrito & Taco is the number of ingredients in their tortillas. Burritos are filled up to the edges, which can actually make eating them a challenge! But for sure it will satify your hunger! Fresh and juicy meat, which is really well seasoned, with plenty of other ingredients in tacos, burritos and perfectly prepared tortilla. What more could you want? If you are looking for a quick snack outdoors, Hola Burrito & Taco will be your perfect choice!

There are many more places offering Mexican food in Wrocław. However, at this moment these three locals are worthy of recommendation. Of course, there are as many opinions as customers. Something delicious to you may not be so for someone else. Anyhow, it’s worth to discover new places and new experiences. Who doesn’t like to eat well after all?

Free places in Wroclaw

The following article presents the most-liked free places in Wroclaw. They are a great alternative to spend time without paying any costs.

The first place worth visiting in Wroclaw, if we do not have too much money, is Hedge Maze, in the park on Brochow. The maze will provide us with many positive impressions, as well as an adrenaline rush, because it is not so easy to get out of it as it might seem. It is a great option for people who like to rack their brains in the open air.

Another proposition, if you are looking for a free place in Wrocław, is the Ossolineum Garden. It is a place designed for people who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life from time to time. Since the garden is located in the center, its location is great, and what’s more, it allows you to really calm down and gather thoughts for further action.

If there are fans of water, lights, and music among us, it will be a great idea for them to choose the Multimedia Fountain situated in Szczytnicki Park. Throughout the whole spring-autumn season, at every full hour, we can enjoy this beautiful spectacle completely free.

Another idea for a free, yet interesting place in Wroclaw, which will allow us to spend time nicely is a racetrack at Partynice. It is a place that evokes emotions thanks to the horse races, which take place here regularly during the season. The time spent here will provide us with entertainment and a dose of emotions that will influence us positively. I would recommend taking a closer look at this discipline.

The last of the free places chosen by me in Wrocław is Słodowa Island. Despite the fact it is rather thought to be a place adapted to young people, it also makes a great impression on tourists. It is a small island located by the Odra River within the Old Town. Its relaxed atmosphere allows unwinding after a hard day. However, the atmosphere of this place cannot be described in words, so I recommend you to visit it yourself in your free time.

In the article above, I tried to put together a variety of places, which combine a very important feature for us – you do not have to pay for them. So if you have not known what to choose so far, then I highly recommend visiting one of the described places.

Place to remote working in Wroclaw

Everyone sometimes need to work outside of office. In Wroclaw are many friendly places to remote working. All of them  characterized by peace, comfortable and good coffee.


It’s a multimedia library. Space is full of books, multimedia and modern desks to work. In Mediateka you can work on your own computer or use computers that are avaliabe in library. The main advantage is working alone or with your friends or employees. If you work alone and you need to ask for advice, you can meet there very helpful people or use library resources. The atmosphere is favorable to remote working, lerning or just relax.

Location: Plac Teatralny 5

Opening hours : Monday – Friday 10-19, Saturday 10-15


Reception is very intresting place. During the day Reception is a space to remotley work, spend time with creativ people and carry out projects. In the evening Reception changes in something like a club where you can meet with friends. It’s place adapted to coworking, there is a big and comfortable  table.  Unoqe styl of Reception is full of original and inspirational  picures and green plants. There you can calm down and work with cup of good coffee.

Location: Ruska 46a

Opening hours: 9:00 – to close

Green Caffe Nero

Green Caffe Nero is chain of caffee shop. In Wroclaw are three cafes. Work in caffee shop can be productive. This cefe distinguished by big space, comfortable sofas and propitious mood to work. Each of cafes is diffrent, each of cafes has diffrent furniture and inside. If you need to meet with the client it is perfectly place. Do you need a new place to remote work? Just come to cafe, order coffee and work with pleasure.

Location:  plac Kościuszki 1, Galeria Dominikańska, Sucha 1 (Wroclawia)


Caffee shop and bookstore in one? It is Nalanda. Silence, antiqe climate and big choice od cake and dinner. The inside is very cozy. Shelves are full of books. Nalada is place where you can create, working and have business meeting. During the break you can read books, eat delicious cakes or site outside and relax.

Location: Plac Kościuszki 12

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 20:00

Sunday  11:00-20:00

Where to buy Yerba Mate in Wroclaw?

Certainly drinking Yerba Mate gives a lot of benefits. First of all it boosts energy, improves mental focus, enhances psychical performance and protects from infections. Therefore this tea has strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea and joy of chocolate.

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Special places in Wroclaw

Above all, drinking Yerba Mate is a tradition and a ceremony. If you are in Wroclaw, there are a lot of places where you can try this special tea. You can prepare it with bombilla, matero or yerbomos, which you can take anywhere you want. You can try making Yerba Mate by yourself – indoors, between pillows and blankets with loved ones. There are places in Wroclaw, where you can buy traditional dried tea.


Situated in Nadodrze, on Kurkowa 37, near downtown. It is a little shop but with huge assortment and a nice staff. The company has a stationary shop. In addition you can order teas online. In the store you can buy Yerba Mate, bimballas, starter sets, thermos and many other things. They are open from 10 AM till 6 PM, from Monday to Friday.


Also situated in the middle of the heart of Wroclaw, on Plac Grunwaldzki 22, Pasaz Gunwaldzki with a big selection of teas and herbs from all over the world. Light and soft smell of your favorite Yerba Mate will make you fell relaxed and happy. Above all things, there is a stand with teas, which can be tried by customers encouraging you to go to this shop.

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Czajownia is a brand of high quality clear teas, according to the native origins. Situated on Bialoskornicza 7. Licensed by Society of Tea Lovers. Furthermore, it’s also a network of professional shops with teas, ceramics and accessories. However, you can buy here not only dried teas, but also try them in this shop. After that you can enjoy your tea by yourself or with your friends.

Friendly places for pets in Wroclaw

Wrocław has currently over 350 animal-friendly places. You can take your friends to many restaurants, galleries, museums and shops. You don’t have to leave your dog at home anymore. But spend your afternoons and weekends with him. All branches can be found in the Internet by entering the password: Wrocław Pets Welcome.


In Pasaż Grunwaldzki in Wrocław you can enter with dogs to about 104 shops for over 2 years. Owners with pets can enter shops, eat meals in the restaurant area and bowls with water can be found in front of the gallery building. This is the first animal friendly gallery in Wroclaw friendly to animals. Dogs over 10 kg need to have a muzzle only, and all animals must be on a leash.

Two other galleries followed the Grunwaldzki Passage. “Renoma” and “Galeria Dominikańska” are also animal-friendly. The same rules prevail in them as in the pioneer shopping centre.

Galeria Wroclavia, despite its proximity to the PKP and PKS, is not so conciliatory. Animals can only enter if they are guide dogs or animals that are very small and can be carried on their hands. However, not all stores allow to visit them with animals. Permission must be issued by the tenants of individual stores.


Some time ago, the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław granted permission to introduce animals. The institution changed its regulations due to an incident that happened in their museum. Museum staff found a homeless dog at the entrance to the Museum. Since then, the Institution has become friendly to pets.


In Wroclaw you can also take your pet to playgrounds – created especially for dogs. The number one is a playground for dogs in Grabiszyński Park. It is the largest playground for tetrapods and the square is 1000 square meters. In the square there are various obstacles that will help to spice up the fun, and will serve as a good basie for learning tricks. The place is free-of-charge and the park is opened all year round.

Good playgrounds for animals are also the squares in Tołpa Park and on Górka Słowiańska.

If you are planning to come to Wroclaw, don’t hesitate and take your pet-friend with you. Wrocław has become a friendly place for animals.

Wrocław means ecology!

ecological vozilla cars

Ecology and pollution of environment is one of the biggest issue on the world right now. Humanity have a huge problem with excesive quantity of rubbish which we are producing. Tones of plastic are swimming in Oceans. Another kinds of animals are dying irretrievably. Most of polish cities also are struggling with this problem, espcially when we are talking about SMOG and air condition. We are destroying our planet day, by day. But there is still a great number of people, who can’t raconcile with this fact, and the inhabitants of Wrocław are also in this group. A trend of being eco and living in harmony with nature is becoming more, and more visible everywhere around the globe. This trend is also great chance for all sort of brands to promote themselves. Check how it looks in Wrocław.

ecological vozilla cars

Vozilla – environment-friendly electric cars for rent

Sharing is now a very popular trend. It also applies in ecology. This is known by Vozilla, an electric car rental company operating in Wrocław. Only in the last year Wrocław residents have rented Vozilla cars over 300,000 times, which significantly reduced the number of cars driving on city streets, and thus significantly contributed to the reduction of emissions and exhaust fumes.

nextbike bicycle rental

Nextbike – take care of your and city’s condition

From March to October, Wrocław residents take care of their own form, but also reduce pollution in the city. All thanks to another rental company, which has been serving the city residents since 2011. Nextbike, an urban bicycle rental, is an inseparable element of the city today. The company offers cyclists a few dozen stations and several hundred bikes throughout the city. This is another example of how companies can efficiently join to the environmental protection trend, so that customers will be happy to use their services.

Fitness World poster

Fitness World – Your ecological gym in Wroclaw

The Fitness World fitness center operating in Wrocław meets the expectations of its clients and shows that it is possible to care for the environment regardless of the type of activity. The brand is promoted with posters informing how choosing the right materials and cleaning agents positively affects ecology. Thanks to the use of paper produced by Econatural and Fiberpack, they managed to process over 115,000 beverage cartons, reduce CO2 emissions by over 3000 kg and save nearly 50 trees.

The green race is just accelerating

As you can see, brands are already actively involved in the trend of ecological life, and customers only encourage them to use their services. I think that with time more companies will appear with new ideas. After all, we are all well aware of how much ecology still needs to be done in Poland.

The three symbols that I notice in Wrcolaw

The three symbols that I notice in Wrcolaw


Wrocław is the historical capital of Silesia and Lower Silesia.  If you want not to forget this city forever, you have to see three symbols which this city shows you in its town. Did ever you heard ‘The train to Heaven’, ‘Passage’ and ‘The dwarf’? They cover each meaning which is contained by its’ sculpture.

The train to Heaven

I heard the meaning of Wroclaw from someone. It is too impressive for me to forget it. That is a “The Gate of  Heaven”. But I couldn’t clarify if its origin of the word means right “the gate of the heaven”. I Just could find the fact that there has been a sculpture called “the train to heaven “ in Wroclaw.

There are many old and historic church in the town in Wroclaw. Tourist may wonder why they build such many churches.  As far as I know, most churches of Europe are just for tourist and there the Catholic Mass is not held anymore. Sometimes even we can see it changed to a Cafeteria.  But It is easy to see that the praise of God is sprayed from the church in Wroclaw. One day, when I came across the train forward the sky, “The Gate of Heaven”  went through my brain. Automatically my brain matched this sculpture with Wroclaw. But I found out that this sculpture is called “The train to Heaven” and it’s meaning is as below.


“The concept of the installation refers to the rich tradition of the locomotive industry that grew rapidly in the area of Wroclaw. Artistic styling of the locomotive and its history connects the past(area of the old locomotive factory) to its future.

For sure the “ Train To Heaven” is building the next stop on the artistic city map.

How do you find it?

“Train to Heaven” installation is located on Plac Strzegomski. You can either walk there from the center or jump on the bus, take 2~3 stops and get out of on Plac Strzegomski stop. You will easily spot it as it is placed in the center of the square.” (the source:

                                    The passage

 When you walk the streets of Wroclaw you might encounter the mystical looking status of people coming out of the ground. I ever took a picture of my child. I thought this status was a good place to do it. Those days, I didn’t understand what this status means. This monument is placed on the street, where there are many foot passengers. About 40 years ago, the citizens of Wroclaw rose against anticommunism and here now they still stand.


“ The bronze monument was installed in December 2005 to coincide with the 24th anniversary of the onset of martial law in Communist Poland. From December 1981 to July 1983, the authoritarian government imposed restrictive laws on everyday citizens to quash the burgeoning anti-Communist political opposition groups. 

Symbolically, martial law drove people underground in fear, and many were arrested in the middle of the night and disappeared. The pedestrians rising out of the sidewalk on the other side of the street is believed to represent the re-emergence of Polish citizens when martial law was lifted in 1983. Notably, the monument is based on a temporary piece by Kalina installed in Warsaw in 1977, so the martial law symbolism would have been added in for the new version. “ (source:

Nowadays, Wroclaw is a university city with a student population of over 130,000, making it one of the most youthful cities in the country. It is likely for us to pass by without noticing it.


                               The dwarf in Wroclaw

This status is one of the things that tourist most often find.  They find their interesting to find it when they walk on the path and on the square. Each dwarf has its’ special feature, very variously.

It appears with keyword “Wroclaw” in the searching web engine of Korea. It announces that the dwarf of Wroclaw is famous to Korean tourist.

“ Back in the 80’s, communism was still present in Poland and police were very strict about any sort of secret meeting and manifestation against the ruling regime. Luckily, a group of eccentric individuals began a movement called the Orange Alternative. Eventually, the movement succeeded in planting the seeds of peaceful opposition and now there is a relatively big statue of a dwarf (called Papa Dwarf by the locals) standing in Wroclaw and funded by the modern-day government of Poland.

Yes, this is the first time in human history where a government erects a statue honoring an anarchist group. Say hello to Papa Dwarf! “


Say Hello to Papa Dwarf!


Free walking tour – no boring tour guides


The idea of Free Walking Tour  has been around for a while, but started to be more popular nowadays. It’s a relatively new way to discover Wroclaw compared to the traditional tour concept.

A Misconception about Free Walking Tours

The word ‘free’ has obvious appeal to budget-conscious travellers but it’s also a word that can ring alarm bells.

Here’s a piece of advice from an experienced tour guide who did many FREE tours: A good FREE walking TOUR is interesting and useful even for locals, because a good FREE walking TOUR guide spends a lot time exploring the city, he knows hidden spots and places to show and speak about, so a tour will be surprising both for visitors and travelers and locals as well.

Plus there is nothing to lose apart from the calories you’ll burn with walking. FREE walking TOURs can`t be boring because their based only on donations!

Free walking tour available in several languages: English, German and Polish. There are also paid tours: CRAFT BEERS OF WROCLAW, FOODS OF WROCLAW – PRIVATE TOUR, CENTENNIAL HALL PRIVATE TOUR, OLD JEWISH CEMETERY PRIVATE TOUR, STREET ART TOUR.

How does Free walking Tour work?

Check our official site, where you can find the schedule of the tours.

For Example,


Sep-6th Jan: every day at 10.00 AM & 1 .30 PM
7thJan – Mar: the schedule will be available soon
Cancellations: 24th – 26th December, 1st of January tour at 10.00 am (join us at 1.30 pm)

Duration: about 2,5 hours


Oct – 6th Jan: every Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat at 4:30 PM
7th Jan- May: the schedule will be available soon
Cancellations: 31st December tour is cancelled

Duration: about 2 hours


It will be guide with yellow umbrella in the Market Square close to Aleksander Fredro’s statue.

You don’t need to book a tour in advance –

Roller skating? Yes, it is the “new old” thing in and around Wrocław

”You can’t buy happiness but you can buy roller skates and that’s pretty much the same thing”

With more and more fancy skating shoes in sports shops  and new skate parks being built it seems that the roller skating is back in town again. Since there are many parents who used to skate quite well and now want their children to get to know the feeling of pleasure skating can give you, more and more people are learning how to skate professionally. And at this time of the year sun is still spoiling us with opportunities to spend our time outdoors. If you haven’t done it already now is the best season to dust off your roller blades and skating boards.  So, if you’re looking for the best places to roller skate, look no further. Me and my little son have done all of the heavy lifting (you’re welcome) and found the most unique places to go roller skating in and around Wrocław.

1. Bielany Outdoor Skate Park

Located just outside of Wrocław, this outdoor skate park is situated in Bielany, between Fiołkowa and Jasminowa Street. 800 square meters of concrete equipped with two quarter pipes, three bank ramps, a funbox with a grindbox, a funbox with stairs, a simple grindbox and a bench. You can skate away regardless of time of day or night, as the authoruties secured the park with a set of surrouding lamps and the admission is free. Great place for families with children as the park is located in close vicinity of a basketball court, many playgrounds and an outdoor fitness park.

The best place to skate in Wroclaw! Fot. Violetta Lamot-Majewska, Bielany Skate Park, just outside our house

2. Bielawa Outdoor Skate Park

Another outdoor skate park situated only 50 kilometers west from Wrocław. With its 800 square meters it is one of the best skate parks of this type in Poland. It is lit from March through October till 10pm and during summer it hosts the Polish skating championships for non-professionals. It is a wonderful place for families as its located next to a municipal park filled with playgrounds, rope parks and a scenic kayaking route – all available free of charge!

Another great place to skate close to Wroclaw Fot. Violetta Lamot-Majewska, skate park in Bielawa is almost always empty

3. Wrocław, ”Legnicka” Indoor Skate Park

If you love skating, regardless of the weather, Zajezdnia 31 or the so called ”Legnicka” Skate Park is the place for you. It is one of the most modern indoor skate parks in Poland located in Wrocław at Legnicka Street 65. With its 3000 square meters, it has 100 square meters covered in skating equipment such as but not limited to: grindboxes, a bank, a few quarters, funbox with pyramide, a rail, many banks, stairs. The admission ranges from 2 to 4 zlotys, depending on the day of the week. Apart from the dirt cheap tickets and the central location there is one more exceptional thing about this skate park – there is a professional skate trainer who will teach you or your children new tricks during skating classes, available for very little money. But remember: Wearing a helmet is obligatory, so don’t forget to bring one for yourself!

For more info visit the skate park web:

Trip with old tram

old tram

If you like trips around Wroclaw, this is the topic for you.

An interesting offer in Wroclaw are the trips of old trams. This is possible with the organization “Towarzystwo Miłośników Wrocławia” and “Klub Sympatyków Transportu Miejskiego” (Urban Transport Enthusiasts Club).

The city of Wrocław has the oldest system of electric trams in Poland.  Most lines lead from the center to individual districts. The length of the routes is about 190 kilometers.

Special routes are available for tourists. You can choose four different routes for travel: A B C D. By going along the routes you can see many interesting historical and modern places of architecture. For example:
Racławice Panorama  , Centennial Hall , Japanese Garden , Opera , National Forum of Music  and many others.
Route maps are located below in the picture:

The courses are divided into a guided tour or without. Of course, a guided tour is more interesting. While traveling, the guide tells you about the places we see.

Traveling by tram is a great fun for children. That is why it is a very good proposition for whole families. The cost of travel is also not high. We buy tickets directly on the tram:

For example –  prices for route A and B:

Normal Reduced Family
One-way 8,00 zł 4,00 zł 16,00 zł
Return ticket 12,00 zł 6,00 zł 24,00 zł

The central station where we can start the trip is the stop at the opera. This is the place where the puppet theater is located. Here you can wait for the arrival of the tram. During this time, we can admire the city’s architecture.

For those interested in more detailed information about the historic transport in the city of Wroclaw, I refer directly to the website of Urban Transport Enthusiasts Club. On the website you can see exactly all routes. You can see photos of trams you can travel. We can also read about interesting events related to urban tranportation.

I cordially invite you to such an old tram ride because it is worth it:)