4 great watering places near Wroclaw.

It’s holiday time! The temperatures outside are like tropical heat, so it would be nice to cool off somewhere. 

But the question is: where, if the queue to the aquapark every day has 2km?

Fortunately not far from Wroclaw there are many nice lakes. Just have a driver’s license and car or know someone who has.  Nothing easier. 

Here is a list of 4 lakes that are worth visiting:

  1. Kamieniołomy in Sobótka – Road is Easy, nice and pleasant. Only 37km from Wroclaw. There is crystal clear water waiting for you and cliffs for the brave if someone like to jump. The beaches are quite small and wild so you can easily avoid the crowd of tourists.

2. Trzy Stawy Chrząstawy – It is so nice to be on nature side only 25km from Wrocław. There is 3 lakes so You have a lot of place for chilling. You can booking bungalow there and stay for few days. Just rest, stay calm and empty of leafing dullness of rapid routine. Touch the sky by your eye. See the vivid colours of surrounding. Trzy Stawy… maybe and even for sure it is not the most beautiful spot on earth but try use what is close to you to feel calm. Nothing special but just glance at sparkle surface of lake, feel the breeze and breath deep. So simple, not spectacular sourrounding is just 10 minutes away. Go tell if you could see wht I saw.

3. Zalew Mietkowski – This lake is only 38km from Wrocław – 40minutes by car – its still less than time what u should spend in queue to Aquapark. If somone asked me someday, what is the most beautiful place closest to Marcinowiczki. I would tell with no doubt, faster than blink of eye, directly from my still wondering heart: Zalew Mietków. Thanks God, we have that beautiful piece of nature so close to us. If you haven’t been here yet, just throw away your duties and come, come as fast as your legs can run. You will be moved by beauty of that magical place. It is not just great place to take your beloved family and rest. That place will give you full and rich spectrum of best what Mother Nature can offer us. Trees, water and that exlusive feel of freedom. No words to write down everything what you will get from there.

4. Wały koło Brzegu Dolnego -A quiet, little known place where you can rest and recreation in 100%. There is a volleyball court if You like to play. 34km from Wrocław – 40min by car. In the lake, the water is very clean, In the lake the water is very clean, and around you can find many wild beaches, which further adds to the charm of this place. My favorite destination that summer!