Forests in Wroclaw. Relax in the bosom of nature.

There is many places to spend a free day with activities in Wroclaw, go for a long walk with family or friends or just explore. If you are in the mood to be far away from urbans noises and spend a time in a bosom of nature, you can go to the one of forests in Wroclaw arouding the capital of Lower Silesia.

osobowicki forest
  • Osobowicki Forest

The forest is located in the north side of Wroclaw, at the right side Odra river. The Osobowicki forest is not much far away from the metropolis and we can easly ride here with the public transport (tram nr 24,14 or bus nr 118). This forest has not much expanded infrastructure. I think it is a perfect object for a longer walks. The hinking trail starts from the small parking and along of the road you can find a seats and rest a little. On the eastern part of forest is a small chapel, where eucharist is taking place every Sunday. Going to the heart of this forest we can find some remains of ruins from 4500-1800 year bc. After that we can find here an archery range and fireplaces. I think it’s  the most mysterious place from all forests in Wroclaw.

  • Pilczycki Forest

This complex you can find at the west side of Wroclaw, close to Kozanow and Pilczyce neighborhood. It’s really easy to go on foot. Whole Plczycki area including leas and waters is on the particular protection. Pilczycki forest is in the neighborhood of plot gardens. It’s one of the smallests forests in Wroclaw,  flat terrain all around the forest. There are no fireplaces inside the forest. If you like to relax, for example you can burn some grill and rest in nature almost in the middle of the city.

enter to Pilczycki forest
  • Mokrzanski Forest

Mokrzanski forest is the biggest forest in Wroclaw. You can find it at the east part of the city. There are a lot of hills inside the forest, including the highest hill in Wroclaw (148 m). Mokrzanski forest float to the neighboor of Lesnica and there you should go with a public transport if you wanna visit this place. (tram nr 3,20) For instance In the forest we can find hiking trails for bikes and walks. Walking on this misterius area you can find a remains of war trenches and nameless graves. However in the Mokrzanski forest you need to be really careful. You can meet deers.

  • Soltysowicki forest

One of the most beautiful forests in Wroclaw. It’s not one of the biggest forests for sure. There is a lot of fish farms, moates, even a camp locations. Going through the forest near to the edge of the river we can find a memorial stones, beautiful bridges and we can visit the antique building museum with the remains of the borough from XII and XIV centuries. On the area we can find a interesting objects and wooden monuments. I recommend Soltysowicki forest escpecially for people who prefer short walks and rest on the nature.

Im sure Forests in Wroclaw are amazing idea for less or more active spend a free time in the bottom of nature. We are the guests on the wild animals area. Therefore most importantly is to remember that those are areas with a special protection and care.

way to Osobowicki forest