Mexican cuisine in Wrocław

Are you a Mexican food lover? Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy delicious tacos? Or maybe simply you would like to try something new? If you have answered YES to at least one of the questions, stay with us we present to you the 3 most popular Mexican restaurants in Wrocław.


YacoTaco is brand new on the map of Wrocław. The diner is located at Ruska 10. At first glance, the place looks like a fast food eatery where you come, eat and go. But when you enter, the ambience of the interior immediately takes you to a completly different world – the world of sombrero and tequilla! As a customer, right away you will notive that YacoTaco was created to save you time. If you are hungry and do not have time for a regular restaurant, yet still want to eat something more substantial than a hamburger, this place is perfect for you: the food is prepared in just two minutes!

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The main dish are of course tacos. Beside being relatively cheap, they are also delicious: the tortilla melts in the mouth, the meat is well seasoned, toppings are fresh – what else can you wish for? If you are in the mood for tacos, you must visit YacoTaco. The only disavantage is the number of seats for guests – there simply are not enough. But it is completly recompensated by nice service and delicious food!

Panczo Śniadaniowa

First thing you will see is the decor – it’s just magical. First of all, it’s bright and polished. It has its own unique charm! On the walls, there are mexican skulls, and plenty of greenery makes everyone more opitmistic. All you have to do is order a meal at the bar, sit comfotably at the table and enjoy Mexican goodies in a short moment.

Menu at Panczo Śniadaniowa is diversified. They offer traditional Mexican food as well as Mexican food with a modern twist. The menu was adatped to the breakfast style, because – as the name Panczo Śniadaniowa (Panczo Breakfast) reveals – this place was created with early birds in mind, people wanting to grab breafast on their way to work, or just people who want to eat delicious food for breakfast. One of the advantages of Panczo are really atractive prices – sweet breakfast starts at about 15 PLN. For a big burrito the price is about 22 PLN. The number of meals to choose from is really great, so you will find somethig delicious for sure!

Hola Burrito & Taco

Hola Burrito & Taco is a perfect place for those who love to eat outdoors. Why? Because it’s not a traditional restaurant, but a foodtruck! A friendly crew, meals prepared in a timely manner from fresh ingredients, availiable at really atractive prices. Most expensive taco dish costs about 12 PLN, burritos start at 16 up to 21 PLN. And although the menu may seem limited, Hola Burrito & Taco is popular among students as well as employees form offices nearby.

A big advantage of Hola Burrito & Taco is the number of ingredients in their tortillas. Burritos are filled up to the edges, which can actually make eating them a challenge! But for sure it will satify your hunger! Fresh and juicy meat, which is really well seasoned, with plenty of other ingredients in tacos, burritos and perfectly prepared tortilla. What more could you want? If you are looking for a quick snack outdoors, Hola Burrito & Taco will be your perfect choice!

There are many more places offering Mexican food in Wrocław. However, at this moment these three locals are worthy of recommendation. Of course, there are as many opinions as customers. Something delicious to you may not be so for someone else. Anyhow, it’s worth to discover new places and new experiences. Who doesn’t like to eat well after all?