Oceanarium in Wroclaw

If you want to find a different modern-day pleasure in Wroclaw, probably you would like to visit the oceanarium of the city. It is one of the best places and the main sightseeings in Wroclaw. Moreover this oceanarium  is the oldest aquarium in Poland and it is an unique place worldwide.  Virtually it is part of the  Wroclaw’s zoo. One memorable fact about it is that it survives even though the destructive wars could have destroyed it.

The zoo  is created in 1865, the oldest zoo in Poland. As a prosperous sightseeing It has a membership in plenty of organizations like the European Zoological Gardens, the Aquariums Association and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The oceanarium has 21 pools and roughly 250 specious of fish and different water animals. The amount of  water in the pools and the aquariums is about 15 millions litre. In other words this is the amount of water for 6 Olympic pools. You can find a  real fun and leisure with 6 different ecosystems and an african water envirorment.

The author and its main creator is Radoslaw Rataszaczak. He works for a period of 12 years at the zoo of Poznan, Poland as a biologist and a director at the same time. His main idea of the ocenarium in Wroclaw is to combine the conceptions of Africa and an aquarium. Presumably his ingenuity and ideas have given to the attractions at this place an unique competitive edge.

At the ocenarium you can face  the worthwhile places for Lower Silesia like  the Penguin pools, the Muzambic canal and the East Africa pool. The tunnel is built on a muzambican canal called a tunnel with a transparent surface. Surely this will be the first time in your life that you’re so close to bloody-minded sharks and it’s absolutely safe for you

The red sea canal  located at the inner side of the Afrikanarium. It also reveals an ecosystem of different coral reefs, including about 20,000 peculiarly colorful fish which belong to  different species.

The ultimate adventure in Afrikanarium is the Congo Rainforest. Its temperature is reaching 30ºC and humidity of 60%.  The outlandish flora affixes an exotic sense which is amplified by the freely flying birds.  It is also unusual that at this place you can meet  at last two rare species living alongside. These are the deadly crocodiles and admittedly the docile manatees.

In general, the Africarium is a creation where every single ecosystem is a new escapade. It persues and represents the main idea, called “life-giving waters of Africa”. In other words it is a variety of animals, plants and naturalistic displays, surrounded by a serenity and peace which create one overall feeling of timelessness and pleasure. In addition to these specific weather conditions and complexity of ecosystems is built one realistic concept of Africa which posses all details of the perfect escape from reality.

Apart from these amazing attractions, you can enjoy the gorgeous nature at the food and drinks outlets of the oceanarium. Owing to the elevators of the building, the accession for people with disabilities is absolutely achievable.

Reference: http://www.zoo.wroclaw.pl/en/africarium.html