The best outdoor gyms in Wroclaw.

There is currently a trend for healthy eating, lots of exercise, and sports. Everyone should training a bit every day, for a better mood, relax after a hard day’s work, and also for health. The proverb says “a healthy spirit in a healthy body”.

Every physical activity is good. In Wroclaw, we have many opportunities and attractions related to sport, among others, Aquapark, spa, gyms, fitness, swimming pools, bike and walking paths. There are also more and more outdoor gyms. This is a particularly best option for those who want to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. In Wroclaw, there is such a place in almost every area. Below are some suggestions of the best outdoor gyms in Wroclaw.

Magnolia street workout park.

Probably one of the most popular places to training. The park is located right next to the main entrance to the Magnolia shopping center near the fountains. Workout park is eagerly visited by gallery clients. There are always a lot of people training there. We have various installations, rods and ladders. Only creativity limits us. Visiting the park can be another attraction after shopping in the center.,16.9898912,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x470fea071fd15223:0x6f994219973d56d3!8m2!3d51.1205991!4d16.9920799

Parkour Park on the Anders Hill.

Another very popular place among fans of outdoor exercise. It is located between the Wroclaw Aquapark and the University of Economics thanks to which it is easy to get there. Here, we also have many exercise installations. We will also find special concrete blocks prepared for people who train parkour. An additional attraction near parkour park is the skate park.

Ladders and staves in outdoor gym on the Anders Hill.

Trainings in both places are free and do not require a special outfit. You can use them 24 hours per a day. We are only limited by the amount of free time.

These are just a few places where you can practice outdoors. It’s worth taking a look around and finding the best outdoor gym in Wroclaw for yourself.