The best places for photoshoot in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is full of beautiful places for photoshoots. It doesn’t matter if you preffer to photograph in more nature or urban places – everyone can find something interesting here.

A little bit of nature:

If you want to take photos in green environment you can choose one of the parks in Wroclaw. Some of them owes their names the part of the city where they are located. One example is Southern Park. In my opinion this is one of best spots for photoshoot in nature. You can find many romantic or mysterious places there. For example, in the center of the park there is a lake with beautiful terrace. The additional advantage of Southern Park is the variety of unique trees and flowers that grow there.

The second place is Eastern Park which is located between creeks of Olawa river. Due to the fact that this park is situated away from the inhabited part of the city, the swans can be seen swimming in the river here.

On the eastern side of Wroclaw there is also Park Szczytnicki. There are few beautiful bridges which are great for romantic photos. There is also one place in this park, where trees are overgrown with ivy. That gives a mysterious atmosphere to the photos. Anojther big advantage of Park Szczytnicki is its location, as it is situated close to Pergola and beautiful Japanese Garden (entrance here is paid).

City with history:

If you prefer more urban photos you can go to the market square and nearby streets. Buildings here were built in various historical periods. A good example can be the differences in architectural styles between the Anthropology Institute of University of Wroclaw (which can be seen on the photo) and the Institute of Law, Administration and Economy. They are situated on the same street in a close proximity of about 30 meters, but are built in the totally different styles.

Another place for great photoshoots can be Sky Tower. On the top of the building there is a view of the whole city. Photos taken there have more modern atmosphere.

For a different atmosphere, you can also choose Puppet Theatre in Wroclaw. It’s an exceptionally beautiful building in neo-baroque style where you can take amazing photos, especially at sunset.

There are more places in Wroclaw that are amazing, like Ostrow Tumski, Slodowa Island or Pawlowicki park but the ones described above are the best for photoshoots in my opinion.