Where to go kayaking in Wroclaw?

If you love water, sun, nature and beautiful architecture and at the same time you are in Wroclaw, this article is for you. Because here you will find some information about where to go kayaking in Wroclaw. So if you want to get know better Wroclaw, there is no better way than from the surface of its biggest treasure: The Odra River.

One of the beautiful views of an old architecture from the riverside that you can admire while kayaking in Wroclaw on the Odra River.

First of all you need to remember that the river can be dangerous and that its current can be really strong. That is why we suggest you to use existing marinas. They are arranged in whole Wroclaw. The Odra river near those marines is very calm and its current is very gentle.  Of course you need to be really responsible and remember about wearing your life jacket and that kayaking near weirs and dams is dangerous and definitely forbidden.

The finest marinas in Wroclaw to get  kayak are the Zwirzyniecka Marina, the Zoo Marina and the Bay of the Gondolas.

The Zwierzyniecka Marina

The Zwierzyniecka Marina is located near The Zwierzyniecki bridge. So if you pass the bridge just turn right before the zoo fence. You can get single and double or triple kayak for 15 PLN per hour. From this harbour you can go towards the Szczytnicki bridge and even further  almost to Warszawski bridge (before this bridge there will be a weir on your way). From your kayak you will see trees, parks and maybe even wild birds like heron or crane.

The Zoo Marina

The Zoo Marina offers you a double kayak for 15 PLN per hour. It is located under the Zwierzyniecka footbridge near zoo. On the other hand there is also a beach and a beach bar. From this place you can go kayaking even to the Ostrów Tumski (under the Grunwaldzki bridge) or to the Opatowicki wire to the other side. It is a great marine, because you can choose to watch the old town with great architecture or The Biskupinski Park with a lot of green and trees.

The Bay of Gondolas

Similarly, also a great place to go kayaking in Wroclaw is the Bay of Gondolas. You can get a double kayak here for 15 PLN per hour. Likewise from the Zoo Marina you can go from here upstream to old town islands or downstream to the Opatowicki wire. Also a great possibility is  The Olawa river. It is very calm small river and really great idea for lazy afternoon ride in green.

To clarify it is possible that when you borrow a kayak you may be asked to leave your personal document as under cover. So for example it can be an ID card, a driving licence or a student card. However any place you choose, please remember about your own safety and that the life jacket that you get from your lenders, is to put in on and not to put it next to you. Have a great time!