Wedding photography In Wrocław – top 6 places

If You are a beginner photographer or even no, You probably thinking about a good place to take a photo your models. In Wrocław are a lot of place which u can use to create a wonderful wedding, couple or test photo. Lets check it. I will show u my top 6 places list.

1.  Centrum Edukacyjno-Rozwojowe Pałac Wrocław Pawłowice UPWr in my opinion is the best place. Whatever You need, You can find it there. Its a very charming space. The palace itself is very representative and every woman being there can feel like a princess and every lady or bride wants to feel that way. In addition to the magical building we can find there beautiful forest, lake, bridge and garden. For the most part, these are the most-anticipated sceneries for wedding sessions. If you have not had the pleasure to be there, take the camera and do it! I guarantee you will fall in love with this place!

2. A lot of people thinking about the pictures in an old house. When your couple ask You about perfect place with a spiral staircase You can take them to the tenement house at Świdnicka Street without remorse.

On the corner – next to pizzeria Niezły Dym, you find a house with such stairs. If You want go inside wipe the call to any number on the intercom. There are many offices in the tenement house so I’m sure that someone will open you. However, the place is quite dark, so you should remember about the light up the place. So, The second place is: An old tenement at Świdnicka Street.

3. My 3rd favorite place to take photos in Wrocław is Dunikowski Boulevard. It is very close to the center  and thus, you can clearly see from this place Ostrów Tumski – one of Wroclaw’s most popular place. The boulevard is located on the river and has many green terns. This place is great also for hen parties. Below are some examples of how space can be used. The panorama is really wonderful!

4. Not far from Dunikowski Boulevard there is also a great place, for a change a bit in the urban style. If u have a little bit more of time, u can calmly walk to the… OVO Wrocław. Yes, OVO, this is my proposal number 4. Why? The building is so modern, but on the square u can find a lot of green places, hammocks, benches, blooming trees. All this can be used as a wonderful background and props during the session.

5. If you dream about a little more romantic atmosphere, it seems to me that there is no more ideal place than a forest. And there are quite a lot of those in Wroclaw. My favorite forest is the Osobowice Forest -number five. It is really big, it’s located right next to Odra river, which gives you the opportunity to use shaft  for sessions, and you can also find some really beautiful inside: hidden bridges, wooden houses or even … a football pitch!

6. The last, and at the same time giving the same possibility is place is…market square! And more generally  – the centre. If u want o take photo from the roof – u can go to The Monopol hotel. The tenement houses, seen from above, give a bit of mystery and show the city from a beautiful perspective. A bit further we can ride on the carousel in the Theater Park and feel like we are children again.  This short route can run through Oławska street, which is one of the most characteristic for Wrocław. There is a beautiful fountain there, which can also be used during the session. And if we talk about fountains, it is from Oławska, through the town hall, a straight road to the most charctricist fountain in Wrocław – the one in the very center of the market… By the way, beautiful tenement houses in the background give the photos a unique atmosphere.

The best places to taking photo sessions in Wrocław.