What are the best running routes in Wroclaw?

Trasa biegowa w parku Leśnickim 

It is about 2 km long and almost entirely runs through parked, paved alleys. The only obstacle is several hundred-meter sections of asphalt and ankle, which must be overcome. In the park there are m.in. ponds, the Bystrzyca River flows nearby, but the biggest attraction is the historic castle, which currently houses the cultural centre. In my opinion, an ideal place for runners in terms of surrounding trees.

Trasa Money.pl

It is located between the Warszawskie and Trzebnickimi bridges. Its length is 3.5 km. It is led along flood embankments on the Oder. The signs are located every half a kilometre. This makes it easier to check your progress without professional equipment. This is the route I choose most often. In the evenings it is full of runners, which just makes us happy that there are many more.

From older people to younger people. Also, the terrain is fixed by a pavement slab, allowing a calm and relaxing run.

Park Grabiszyński

Its length is 5 km 320 m. It leads from Górka Oporowska. The route is very attractive. One of the most often chosen by runners in Wrocław. From morning to evening you can meet runners there. It is well marked, which allows the initial runners to control the distance travelled, unfortunately, does not have adequate lighting. That’s why running late in the day is a huge obstacle for me. The biggest advantage of the route is planting trees that create perfect protection from the sun.

There are also many opportunities for running in Wroclaw. A calendar of running events is available at www.kalendarzbiegowy.pl

Finally, I would like to share some important advice: when running, do not forget not only about proper clothing and protection from the sun but also about proper hydration. It is an absolute attitude of good training and avoiding serious injuries.