Where to offer of marriage in Wroclaw? The best places

Love is all around us. I think that everyone of us are dreaming about being together with his or her love to the end of our life. If you have a girlfriend and you are thinking about your wedding day you have to remeber that firstly you have to offer marriage for her. I have a top 5 best places to ask her: would you marry me?

  1. There are a lot of beautiful bridges in Wroclaw

    If you don’t have a lot of money to take your girlfriend to Venice or another popular romantic places in the world, you can go with her for walking around the Wroclaw. At the and of that you can take her for one of the pretty bridges in the city, for example: Most Redzinski. Let’s imagine, beautiful evening, city lights and river`s sound. You can’t forget about flowers and ring and about the most important question.
  2. Multimedia Fountain

    If you are affraid about too much cars on the bridges but you want to take you girlfriend near water you cant choose w Multimedia Fountain in Szczytnicki Park.
    A romantic atmosphere guaranteed. There are a lot of beautiful lights and inspirational music.
  3. Rynek – Old city

    If you are brave and don’t affraid about her answer for the most important question of our topic you can choose Rynek. This is one of the most crazy idea becouse there are a lot fo people always. The people can stay and watching you at that moment. If you are sure, that her answer will be “yes”, you can do that and impress for her. A lot of girls want a brave husbands.

    When you are a lot of meters abouve the ground everytime you feel like at another wolrd. The view from the 49th floor is impressive. You can take your girlfriend to the skytower and ask her about your common future. If you are sure that she has not fear of heights of course.
  5. Japanese Garden

    Every women like a flowers and your bouquet can be not enough for her. At that situation you have to take her to Japanese Garden in Szczytnicki Park. There a lot of beautiful flowers. Colors, smell and your love… it must be a story with happy end.